New Arcade Switchball

Switch ball travels a unique clone of the popular kolobok, it is possible to clearly see the result of the use of powerful accelerators on the chip from Ageia PhysX. The predominant goal of Switchball, is to pass from the initial point and the destination with it rolled through the various obstacles in the Switch ball is not allocated to the number of health and one of the regime is not restricted to a timer. Along the path set location autosave, and when you failed attempt to return to this point. In this computer game have a couple of varieties koloboks: inflatable, iron and rubber. The main innovation was a unique ball-changing, using some charging structures, such as magnetization flexibility, rapid acceleration. Great minds do not demand a player almost all very linear and clear. The best method of passage – the peace and quiet motion without any fast movements – the game by trial and error. It happens that many place looks incredibly hard, but just enough to approximately 10 calls, in order to understand the ideal velocity, note perfect line and fly heavy plot for a few seconds.

Still, this game is different its bright and unique graphics, dynamic gameplay. Sometimes it may be several ways in which it is possible or that place, and at this time nachinaesh think, to go the easy way out, or more complex. Despite his not great size, system requirements for this computer is not small, to play at the highest resolution will require a powerful computer. The player must roll the ball on different surfaces, from the frosty snow, up to warm. Depending on the nature of the surface of each type of ball behaves differently.

CPU World

Quite often, we just need to kill time, especially if time stretches like rubber, and there is no possibility of a move away from the computer. Of course, you can just stare at the monitor, a thousand times, looking at the photo wallpaper, which unknown waterfall spewing tons of water. But there is one effective way to make time compressed to make agonizing minutes in the fleeting seconds. Open educational games, choose the most favorite quest or another option, and get to work. Of course, sometimes, office chiefs are against the employment of the employee in such a way and a new batch of podkidyvayut securities, that the subordinate was not bored.

But we were not born yesterday, turned away in a little screen side, explaining to others, that today the sun hits the most intense. Looks around, taking the most intelligent of the face, we find that cherished Daddy, where are hidden puzzle games, and again immersed in the world experiences and think through the next turn. The working day ended, the favorite office game remained behind the doors of the cabinet, but at home, it so happens that catches us completely free time. Well, let's try and at home organize their leisure time. You can download the mini games on the computer more difficult, which requires more attention and thoughtfulness. The peaceful hum of the CPU calms down, flowing from the speakers soft music, dim lights conceals space of the room, and on the monitor again and again, we are trying to unravel the puzzle, go through the locked door. Looking at his watch. Wow! Unpretentious mini game dragged us so that two hours passed quickly. Strange, but did not feel tired, my head is fresh, as if we had a rest while lying on the couch. Apparently, those doctors are right, what they say about the usefulness of the periodic disconnect from the outside world by immersing the lungs in mini-games.

Best Gift

Let's say we came up with a useless odds and ends to push as a gift to Aunt clave. But here's hoping that she was in retaliation spihnet us a brand new IPAD is not necessary (so that the purchase is entirely at your shoulders, but in the future). And what also indulge in this … not to just give all salary, especially before the Christmas holidays, when more and regular film premieres will need to put a decent amount? As long as you think and calculate family budget, I'll tell you about their purchase. "What, already bought?" – You ask.

Yes: he bought, unpacked, and is already enjoying his gift. And what to expect, because the drunk under the tree gift is not to enjoy:) think about his gift, I started yet fall. That's bad luck – all I need, I already have (someone from the audience vykriknet "you have no boat," I reply, "I swayed on the waves, so that a boat, thank you gift is not necessary"). I have had the benefit of clear criteria need something that will to divert my eyes from the monitor, as well as converted me from a consumer of information who exudes creativity. LEGO I was a child. A bearded uncle, as you know, you need something more serious than duck out of blocks collect. It was then that I remembered his passion for geodesic domes.

Mr. Fuller's architectural creations are so impressed my mind that I knew – I want to personally build a dome. Heavier rods I can not pick up anything, so I will not construct concrete mixers, and magnetic designer. Thing remarkable: from the computer pulls at all, not least because the magnets have to keep him away. A creative potential is activated at maximum. While nothing more sensible than cubism, primitivism and I was not able to create, so that the pictures do not show.


Market introduction of the so-called "shoot cameras" allow almost anyone to acquire affordable, but equally desirable camera. However, even the low price of these cameras can not compensate for the quality of shooting. But situation saved the emergence of digital cameras, which became a breakthrough in the whole world photography. Digital cameras in front of "film" have a number of advantages. First, is the presence of the screen, which makes use of the camera very convenient and allows you to then view the footage shot. Secondly, the absence of the film, lets make a time around 1000 photos than can not boast of film cameras, which limits the film is in 36 frames.

Y the usual "shoot cameras" if the object is closer than 50 cm from the lens when shooting loses focus. In digital cameras there is also a function as a macro that allows you to photograph objects at a distance of 10-20 cm (as in some cases even 1-2 cm), which will allow to remove even very small objects. Another important feature is the ability to connect the camera to the computer. Now the owners of this camera is opportunity to throw and store photos on your computer or on disk, but this and the possibility of downloading to a PC and editing. New step in the photographic world has become digital SLR camera (CZK). The quality of the pictures became much better and the ability to shoot very different from digital compact cameras. In fact, "DSLRs" prints shot at the professional level.

Adobe Photoshop

The first montage in Adobe Photoshop so I was inspired by what I immersed himself in learning Photoshop. Vidanta may not feel the same. Huge, we can say limitless possibilities of the program for processing photos, allow you to do their work better than professional. The program is a professional and does everything at the highest level. Program development will not just as easy Worda. First scares a lot of tools and commands. See more detailed opinions by reading what Daniel Chavez Moran offers on the topic.. We have to recognize that there are layers and layers of effects. Many filters and each has its own parameters. Gradually, with experience in all clear.

Without the layers is simply impossible to work. And the filters are easy to use and their settings do not seem so complicated. It was seen a lot of textbooks and lessons on Photoshop, but it was worth it. I learned how to embed photos in frames and ready to do theirs. A few minutes doing montage or collage, apply filters to change the background and special teams to turn photo into a drawing or painting. Print photos now just does not suit me. I always want pokoldovat over him in the program Adobe Photoshop. In the end, or changing the background or frame and add text, or convert the original photo in collage.

The process of photo processing is so fascinating and interesting, that you do not notice the time spent at the computer. On his website, I post lessons learned on Photoshop for beginners. Who really starts from scratch explore this wonderful program, can read the book "How to make a picture of something", in which the step-by-step describe all the specific actions to work in the program. Join the Society of Lovers of Photoshop. You learn to make unique and extraordinary work with his pictures, and the creative process to bring you a lot of positives.

Print Digital Photos

We all love to be photographed. And almost every family now have a digital camera. And, of course, every once Print your photos at the photo. Fill out an application for printing photos, the operator asked for certain you: "You are with or without borders?". Most likely, you answered: "No Fields". After all, you do not need white stripes on the edges. Write this article I encouraged one case, which, unfortunately, was not isolated. In such a situation caught many of my friends.

I've been doing computer graphics and, accordingly, I often have to print their work at the shop. This incident happened to me three years ago. I gave a print made my wedding invitation, which was written the text. Print had to be in the format 10×15 cm, of course, creating an invitation, I immediately asked for the required print size – 10×15 cm Arriving in photo studios and giving disk with photos to print from girl-operator, I heard the same question "you with or without borders?". Then I did not know what that means, explains: "You know, I've done framing, and my photos are already in a format 10×15 cm.

She: "?? I understand that the 10×15, so you with or without borders ???. Try again to explain to her the essence of my question, I came across an absolutely impenetrable wall of her question: "So you are with or without borders !!??. In the end, I still gave up and chose the "borderless". Naturally, the text prompts on the edges in the photographs had been cut off …