FCX Sorts

For some reason, male infidelity, perceived by the public is much easier, almost quietly, while the women are treated with a magnifying glass and passed from mouth to mouth. Overgrown, with each successive listener, like a snowball, new terrifying detail, female betrayal. And picking up speed avalanche descending from Mount Everest, the humiliating gossip, sweep their prey with stable vital positions. So what do like this 'neumnitsam', which actually are not as bad and just vybivshiesya of generally accepted standards, ours is not such already and civilized society? The overwhelming number of my clients – it's a woman who turned to me and try to defend and make a difference in their lives for the better. The longer I talk with each of them, the better I know their soul, which is most often a tired, bruised and persecuted.

Why, if a girl is talking to more guys, then it must, of easy virtue? And if suddenly, she was just fun with friends, not with your girlfriends? Maybe she does not want to discuss all sorts of tank tops, mini, sale, and blue-eyed newbie with a parallel course. And it is much more interesting to discuss this most novice, a concept car 'Honda FCX', Schwassmann-Wachmann comet or the possibility of a new computer program. A 'old maid'? Maybe it is not man-hater, at all? Just a girl looking for his ideal, and does not want to waste your time on all sorts of random connections. Of course, we can say, 'What is it, all right, but she is waiting for a prince on a white Mercedes.

Living To 100

Want to celebrate its centenary yubeley being healthy and active person? Recent developments in nanotechnology have allowed Russian scientists to create a truly unique products. As they are based on short peptides. This peptide Bioregulators that have the remarkable property actually prolong life and improve health. A healthy and active dreams to be up to 100 years each of us, it's important for both professional activities, whether carving or agriculture, as well as interior design. In the mid-twentieth century, a leading American scholar Leonard Hayflick discovered the reason for which the aging process: cell living organisms can divide only a limited number of times. How can one learn to overcome this limit, which was named Hayflick? After all, the key to the long youth and activity.

On instructions from the security services of the matter Soviet scientists are engaged under the leadership of Professor Vladimir Havisona, corresponding member of Academy of Medical Sciences and director of the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology. Result research exceeded all expectations. Restore the activity of the cells may be short peptides biostructures, consisting of several amino acids, which allow you to "tired" of the aging organism cells work just as well as younger and healthy. It is not superfluous to mention that the above studies were made possible thanks to the urgent repair of computers, which is always carried out in this institute.

More recently, peptide Bioregulators were available exclusively to employees of special services, which commissioned the study were conducted, as well as astronauts. Today in Russia there were peptide drugs, which have no analogues in the world. They are certified in the Russian Federation and is protected by domestic and foreign patents in 13 countries. Is now available in pharmacies drug "Bio Peptide", which is a source of peptides, slowing the pace of aging, improve the condition of the body in whole and contribute to its reconstruction. Due to its high efficiency and lack of side effects of the peptide bioregulators apply: For the treatment of diseases of various organs to slow down aging, increasing the active period of life for rehabilitation after injuries and surgeries to improve the body's resistance to dangerous and environmentally adverse conditions. For example, an organization in which exclusive furniture on a daily basis, for recovery under high physical loads.


I think many people get tired eyes from the monitor, especially for webmasters (I am also a web – the master, and I have my own website) for those who work a lot on the computer, or who have a lot of kids play video games. I will help you set the maximum monitor under your eyes! Let us consider a few standard rules to be followed! – The monitor should be away from your eyes at a distance of 50-70 cm, – you should not see a reflection, glare, created by an external light – Monitor advice that should stick to whatever your eyes get tired less! Our eyes are unique, so adjust your monitor to fit your eyes! The brightness of the monitor. Do not display much or very dim bright. Your eyes should not strain when you read the text, watch videos or play video games. Screen refresh rate. Personally, I made myself the screen refresh rate 75 Hz (in Russian television standard refresh rate 50 Hz) of the eye people should not see a flicker, so I think that the maximum frequency is better! but if your eyes get tired, then it is better to do less! Do not forget to do exercises for eyes, compresses of herbs and plenty of rest. I used to also neglect the exercises and these rules, but he felt that the vision became worse, I began to 'rush', so it's best to do all the time! And lastly I want to say friends, at your computer as soon as possible less. Indeed, health can not be returned!.

Internet And Clients

This effect allows a person to submit through the text. When advising face to face, many experts are trying to establish parity with the client, we are with you, I understand you. Through The Internet is easier to reach, as is neutralized status. When the correspondence is not visible trappings of power (fashion office, expensive clothes, diplomas on the walls and books on the shelves). Reduced fear of punishment for misdeeds on the part of "Power" figure.

Sense of trust can openly talk about what matters, not fearing that the specialist does not understand. Neutralization of the important status of the eighth instrument online therapist. Ninth tool can be called psychological space. Online therapist comes to your house, its site is loaded on your computer, you will find the letters he sent to his inbox. This creates a sense of intimacy, the therapist is directly into your living space.

People often feel the text relations as the intermediate zone between themselves and others, as the interpersonal space of another. Indeed, the very nature of relationships – reading, writing, thinking, feelings all inside our heads. All messages, which sends a client, the therapist can maintain, in contrast to the real world, where it is difficult to conduct a permanent record of what was said. So, the online therapist can always review the correspondence and follow psychodynamics of relationships. Write a response to a qualitatively different level. This tenth instrument – archiving, provides great advantages in the work. In addition, you can always use Customer quotes to illustrate ideas or tells you to reconsider what your partner said, refresh your memory. Vida Vacations has much to offer in this field. The therapist may encourage the client to create its own archive and invent a variety of exercises, based on analysis the client's own texts. For example, an online therapist can draw attention to what pieces of text, the client puts more emphasis, it is an important moment for the diagnosis, because it shows what information is customer is especially significant and emotionally loaded. Re-reading old posts, you'll find different nuances, look from a different point of view. People are always pleased to know that you will remember what they have written to you sometime. Of course, the above conventional tools and the list could go on, because the most important thing is to render assistance, call your man. Especially that the most important tool for any specialist, as before, remains head.