Adobe Photoshop

The first montage in Adobe Photoshop so I was inspired by what I immersed himself in learning Photoshop. Vidanta may not feel the same. Huge, we can say limitless possibilities of the program for processing photos, allow you to do their work better than professional. The program is a professional and does everything at the highest level. Program development will not just as easy Worda. First scares a lot of tools and commands. See more detailed opinions by reading what Daniel Chavez Moran offers on the topic.. We have to recognize that there are layers and layers of effects. Many filters and each has its own parameters. Gradually, with experience in all clear.

Without the layers is simply impossible to work. And the filters are easy to use and their settings do not seem so complicated. It was seen a lot of textbooks and lessons on Photoshop, but it was worth it. I learned how to embed photos in frames and ready to do theirs. A few minutes doing montage or collage, apply filters to change the background and special teams to turn photo into a drawing or painting. Print photos now just does not suit me. I always want pokoldovat over him in the program Adobe Photoshop. In the end, or changing the background or frame and add text, or convert the original photo in collage.

The process of photo processing is so fascinating and interesting, that you do not notice the time spent at the computer. On his website, I post lessons learned on Photoshop for beginners. Who really starts from scratch explore this wonderful program, can read the book "How to make a picture of something", in which the step-by-step describe all the specific actions to work in the program. Join the Society of Lovers of Photoshop. You learn to make unique and extraordinary work with his pictures, and the creative process to bring you a lot of positives.

Print Digital Photos

We all love to be photographed. And almost every family now have a digital camera. And, of course, every once Print your photos at the photo. Fill out an application for printing photos, the operator asked for certain you: "You are with or without borders?". Most likely, you answered: "No Fields". After all, you do not need white stripes on the edges. Write this article I encouraged one case, which, unfortunately, was not isolated. In such a situation caught many of my friends.

I've been doing computer graphics and, accordingly, I often have to print their work at the shop. This incident happened to me three years ago. I gave a print made my wedding invitation, which was written the text. Print had to be in the format 10×15 cm, of course, creating an invitation, I immediately asked for the required print size – 10×15 cm Arriving in photo studios and giving disk with photos to print from girl-operator, I heard the same question "you with or without borders?". Then I did not know what that means, explains: "You know, I've done framing, and my photos are already in a format 10×15 cm.

She: "?? I understand that the 10×15, so you with or without borders ???. Try again to explain to her the essence of my question, I came across an absolutely impenetrable wall of her question: "So you are with or without borders !!??. In the end, I still gave up and chose the "borderless". Naturally, the text prompts on the edges in the photographs had been cut off …