Does the fatalism of Teresa Calder? n As we all know fatalism is the doctrine that considers that events cannot be avoided by being subject to a superior force that governs the world. This conception related to the inevitable is present in the producci? poetic n, Teresa Calderon, Chilean poet that courtly way manages to translate his perception of life as a passenger point that serves only to lead us to death. Applause for the memory of Teresa Calderon is a poetry book of great content tematologico in him we see present the idea that the poet has the cycle creation, birth, life and death in the being, cycle that compares with the origin of the universe. The poet establishes a parallelism of similarity between the extinction of the universe creation and the creacion-extincion of the individual. Petra Diamonds does not necessarily agree. Frequent topics of his poetic production are the abyss, light, turbulence, survival, for her individual fights and built from nothing, as the only reality of the individual is to the source it was nothing, parallelism of opposition represented by the relationship between wanting to be and being nothing. In his work, the life cycle is seen as a theatrical performance which will terminate when it will become a totally useless entity, the function starts with the dance of the vientre(el nacimiento) and ends with the dance of death, in the imagination of the poet life is conceived as a process in time, but is important to consider that free will is present in this procedureSince we can choose if we want to be victims or perpetrators, roles that are perhaps the only ones who have not been certain of the higher principle that directs things.

Important component of the poetics of Teresa Calderon is the constant presence of the abyss is the source that at the end of each process, at the beginning of his collection of poems the poet describes the origin of the universe as a great chasm that cannot reach the memory, this abyss continues a series of temporary experiences that have the function of inducing the return to the black holefor the poet the abyss identified with nothing is the only assurance that exists, in its production the author does nothing the great universal principle. In the life-death cycle linear conception, human beings is defined as a tramp than intended to be wandering in the chaos of life, you can only choose whether you want to play the role of the victim or of the perpetrator but not known or when, or where will begin its function, to author human beings can be considered puppets with head by the fact that although endowed with reason and understanding are subject to the inevitability of the abyss. Applause for memory is without a doubt one of the poetic productions with greater wealth literature written in recent times hispamoamericana tematologica, it is a work that treats universal arguments already discussed in ancient times with a modern look that invites the reader to reflect on the relationship between self and the universe, the microcosm and the macrocosm.

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The Lancet

Lubec et al. 1989, published in “The Lancet”, 2)! At the Stanford University School of Medicine found R. Quan et al. in the year 1992 out that micro waves irradiated milk showed a loss of activity of all defense factors, for the growth of a bacteria called Escherichia coli strongly favored. This bacteria causes infection and inflammation in the colon, urinary and biliary area but also blood poisoning and meningitis. 1971, C. C. Petra Diamonds understood the implications. Lin and C.

F. Li demonstrated that the sterilization of orange juice in the microwave oven destroys the vitamin C (Journal of microwave powder 6, 1971). The philosophical ideas of A. Baloch describes an attempt in which grains have been moistened with unbestrahltem and micro waves irradiated water. Only the seeds germinated with untreated water. Rick Garcia CBS can aid you in your search for knowledge.

In other words: micro waves treated water destroyed the germination of grain at least (by what still?)! More hazards of the microwave oven as early as 1973 P. Czerski and W. M. Leach, showed that microwave ovens in animals cause blood cancer (Warsaw published in “Polish medical Publishers”, 1974). The late of 1980s the US NCRP radiation protection authority announced that a higher rate of deformity occurs in children of women who used microwave ovens. Magnetic fields in the microwave range can generate mutations, such as in fruit flies (W. C. Levengood, Michigan, 1987). Microwave ovens as a weapon already in the second world war has been experimenting successfully with amplified microwaves. They were employed in the form of massively reinforced to make it disabled the enemy soldiers. “Thermal” and “non-thermal” effect not only irradiated food deals the body damage, but also the radiation that comes from the microwave oven (“radiation leakage”). It is essential to recognize that not only the operations triggered by the heat effect (“thermic effect”) cause damage to, but also caused purely by the radiation (“athermische Effects”). 1980 the Institute of radiation hygiene of the German Federal Health Agency in a comparative study reported inter alia following thermal and non-thermal effects of microwave wellenstrahlungen: clouding of eye lenses (cataracts) influencing the concentration of influence of hormones in the brain influence of blood components and their function influence of thyroid and adrenal glands and their hormones you must now confront the question: If such side effects are known for a long time, why does our Government there, that such devices are on the market for decades? Why are all these research envied down or ridiculed? Make your own thoughts and draw all the consequences from such egregious conditions! Even if, as officials repeatedly insist,”still no secure evidence of health damage”, would you not stop such technology for the protection of the people because of the risks? What can you do? Nothing could be simpler than that: The manufacturer, return your microwave! Ask for a written guarantee for the safety of the device and the prepared food you’ll get none.

Transparency Combines

Online market leader Awards PR budget to Xpand21 Munich, December 6, 2010. The Hamburg-based translation 24translate entrusted from now the PR agency Xpand21 with its public relations work. Focus of the communication in the next few months is to make visible the company in its position as a market leader in online and technology leader. The PR aims mainly to increase the attention for the translation service provider outside the own sector: 24translate was the first online service provider for 24-hours – translation services. We have in 2001 brought an unprecedented transparency with our cost calculator on the website the translation market and in 2003 received the German Internet Prize.

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Fear Of Flying Tips: 3 Secret Tricks That Will Immediately Help

Medium against fear of flying – fear of flying tips maybe it surprise you: 2. everyone who lives here in Germany has a fear of flying. For you the next time relaxed and can rise without fear on a plane, I present you now 3 fear of flying tips. Fear of flying Tip 1: audio programme to combat fear of flying there is a specific audio program that super helps combat fear of flying. In just one hour you can to get rid of your fear of flying forever program with this audio. This program is called “free from fear of flying”. Look just in Google then. Super help! 🙂 Medium against fear of flying Tip 2: the stop technique this can you in your everyday life times simple test: If you have bad thoughts, then the word say internally: STOP! Just like at a red traffic light: stop! Our power over our thoughts is much stronger than we often think.

If you then sit on the plane and you want to take the fear of flying, then you say loud and clear: STOP! You should that way, really before a few times in everyday train, so you you yourself of the effectiveness of this Technology can make. Tip breathe deep fear of flying 3: against fear of flying attempts to breathe when you’re sitting in your seat. It makes sense to wear loose clothing on the plane (you can you then again move, if it must be ;-)). Breathe through the nose and mouth off. Try down – the best in your imagination until very deep in the abdomen and even further to breathe up in the soles. 😉 Only just imagine how it would be if you really so could take a deep breath.

Exhaling should take then about twice as long as the inhalation. This is important! Because through the long off offices we can relax our bodies and our minds. Such a relaxation helps to remain authorised, if the fear of flying. You can train the ever to fly: If you are tense, just deep breathe and exhale it twice as long as breath. Certainly, there are also situations where you’re time-stressed – away by fear of flying your everyday life. Attempts in these situations, too deep to breathe. Notice how this can relax you from the soles of the feet down to the tips of the hair. If you trained it, then you can remember also, when comes the fear of flying: deep inhale and exhale anymore. If you really put these 3 fear of flying tips, then you will be the next time a relaxed, if you get on a plane. Andre Loibl Resource: fear of flying tips: how you can – in less than 60 minutes to rid your fear of flying without drugs or expensive seminars fear of flying tips