Martial Arts

Popularized in the movies of Jackie Chan. The style of the drunkard, is a genuine and unique technique of Chinese martial arts, which is based on Buddhist and Taoist traditions. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as LEGO Papert Professor by clicking through. Although there was a separate style, specifically as it appears in almost every style of Kung Fu that developed after its appearance. The forms of Drunk are well-known "lost forms, ie techniques for its deadly effects should be transmitted to only a few students in which it was placed much confidence. Origins The origin of this mode of struggle to give an intoxicated person, goes back nearly a millennium ago.

In the period of the Sung Dynasty (960-1206), by this time lived a well-known wrestler Lu Chi Sam, who took refuge in the Buddhist monastery of Wu Tai Mountain and became a monk, to escape the authorities after one night by his drunken accidentally killed a man. Once installed in the monastery Lu continued drinking, until one night was more drunk than usual, and the monks fed up with this situation decided to ban the entry, which infuriated Lu defeating more than thirty monks and tearing down the gates of the Monastery. The next morning began to recall everything that happened the day before, thinking about the kinds of movements and fighting techniques he had used to reach such a devastating result, and decided to practice in a diligent and organized. It was then decided to teach this new method of fighting, thus giving rise to what today is known as the drunken style.

Spiritual Medicine

The third major milestone of Pergamano is Claudius Galen (129-199 AD), whose work is a comprehensive overview of scientific medicine of old Greco-Roman, creator of the concept of physiological Circulation, many texts Anatomy and the theory of four humours, his work lasted more than a thousand years. The appearance of Jesus, as a physician, recognized by the Magi rays with the offer of the Mirra, gave a conception Religious-Spiritual Medicine. In addition to these milestones, there have been notable distributed to doctors throughout history, in that medicine has known, from superstitious ideas, Magic (Witchcraft), Religious-Spiritual (faith, as an instrument of healing), herbalists (properties Nature), Empirical (observation), Science (Galen), until our days, that these conceptions co-exist, that despite the tremendous development of science and technology, the FE remains a powerful instrument Healing, which is not excluded of Science, but complements. ORIGIN AND EVOLUTION OF HOSPITALS 1 .- in the twilight of the primitive community, the consultation rooms are IATREION calls, which were physical settings, located in central locations of the city, large, comfortable bed with a bed for the sick and toilet, a little away, also had good ventilation and lighting, these rooms meant an advance in the Health Organization of the peoples represented the centralization of Health Service are the more remote history of the outpatient clinic. 2 .- shrine of Asclepius, these are about 400-500 BC, sprout in Pergamano, Cos and Epidaurus (Asia Minor), buildings were designed and built to serve the sick, had divisions that included consultation rooms (to meet the patient), Terrazas (of Rites) and wards (For Internment of patients), which had Cline (Bed in Greek, from which derives the term Clinical), where patients were asleep, after which appeared Aesculapius who examined them and gave guidelines for treatment, which were carried out by the Therapeutic (Doctors in Greek), the patients healed, they should do donations (Fees) to the shrine, which was run by doctors and monks, thousands of people came throughout the year, this system lasted for the slave regime. .

RosesDigital Neighbor

A name with meaning, which can be translated as "laughing" or "river". A beautiful smiles language or channel that contains water droplets and leads to our beautiful sea. A neighbor tells me his first encounters with the priest of my people. Wanted me to be computerized and knew he had a computer on his desk. But he found that he lacked connection. Ray Kurzweil is actively involved in the matter. "Connection?. Yes, that little thread that comes out from behind your computer that enables communication with the outside and call it "Internet". It is curious that in my town over the past two decades has been the chance that we could play with the meaning of several names to define (rightly or wrongly) to our illustrious characters.

"Paramo" the former mayor who was alone, Riu "the cure" that directs the faithful and joins efforts. He laughs hard when the neighbor tells me that when looking at the computer more thoroughly cured, not that he lacked only the thread to connect, it would not I had no network card. As we take another drink at the local pub (and considered a city), my neighbor back to those beginnings, and how it was resolved the questions raised the priest seems to cost a bit to come to know and even had to spend a few months after a trip to holy land that had organized the parish, the village priest will be satisfied and convinced of the importance of the Internet. It was in those lands where it had been thrilled to be on a small screen that he spoke of his parish and setting out the photos of his church. In recent elections, change the "Paramo" (the loneliness of the leader) by the "Casamitjana (halfway house), if that mayor who touted the participation and left without it. If he had waited for the WiFi system was implanted in tophus the town and had proclaimed political odd people, even my neighbor would be waiting for the priest's computer could connect to the internet … Just around the holy land, were made Working together, the priest had written a diary about the trip and had a CD full of photos as a souvenir.

I pay that documentation that copying and scanning and may gradually be publishing on the website of the parish. "Teacher Where do you live?. Come and see. " The page of the trip was published to great acclaim in diary form on the parish website under the title "Come and see. Since then, I account as they went beyond the technical difficulties presented themselves, and as the priest knew entering the Internet world and connect with the outside, even shows me who has written several articles on the web as a neighbor Roses, and as some of them were published in the magazine that publishes RosesDigital the contents of the website of the village. And one, you are left with the desire to go to meet the priest of my people, because you can read their articles, phrases well brought to its context, such as: – When writing about hunger, says: "Being so repeat with the disagreeable news, we can slip, with the risk of becoming insensitive ahead of the problem – Writing about the uprooting and tradition, said: "We buy the latest model of mobile computer, but tomorrow comes another with more and better features. We are confident that tomorrow will be totally different "- Writing on the responsibility, defines:" A citizen is one who is a servant or slave of others, but is master of his own actions …. "

Democratic Justice

Moreover, in policy area, the Roman "jusfilosofia" Cicero seems to be the consummation of the facts and truths that tend to confirm the victory of the democratic republic in monocracy of emperors, which would make the republic more just and virtuous, as popular is its merits. Monocracy on the contrary, the foundation is the will of the sovereign. With a wide field of Greco-Roman history, Cicero concludes that only the courts can make the government of the republic. It is clear, however, have common concerns: Cicero analyzes the work of the two Greeks. Aristotle was a critic of Plato, Cicero is that it is implicit criticism of both. With the distance, communication and transport difficult, away from the complex problems facing States today, ensuring a reduction to the philosophical principles that are insurmountable, and are being studied as bridges for access to modern and contemporary theories justice.

In conclusion, two of these principles is found in Plato and Cicero as a most important element of the concept of Justice of the stability of the state. Aristotle, in turn, establishes the concept of justice (Nicomachean Ethics) in equity. The two will join the Democratic Justice, updated course content. Bertrand Russell, reports that the main purpose of the book The Republic, Plato, is to define the concept of Justice. The word justice has much more content than Socrates and Plato joined Justice, equality (democracy), the other used as a synonym of Justice Act (Act). In fact, Plato introduces a new version of Justice, that is not based on the Socratic principle of equality, the Platonic ideal as equal opportunities for different skills between individuals that belong to the Hellenic Republic, seeing is not an injustice, because the power and privileges of the tutors (Rulers) and the other citizens would be established by a law first.

Digital Storage Data

Today, it is so (or more) to fcilencontrar pendrives as it is to find medias optics, that if spread porprateleiras of markets, store and even though peddlers. Capacity: 0 variable, in Brazil the common one is to find with easiness between 1 GB and 16GB, however in the exterior more robust equipment, with up to 256 GB (more than 50 DVD-Rs) already they are found Durability: 0 variable, but some promise to store given without loss per 10 years Reverse speed-usability: 0 variable, with some allowing to cycles between 500 a thousand and 1 million of writings Advantages: cockroach, fits in the pocket, durable and without frescuras, it can chacoalhar that the data are not compromised Contras: very easy to lose, constant target of virus creators and, therefore, vector of attack Band of price for device: R$ the 29,90 R$ 279 (being first of 2 GB and last one of 16 GB) Cards of similar memriDetecnologia to the one of pendrives, the cards of memory soutilizados by diverse portable devices, as tocadores MP3, digital telephones cellular and cameras. To be inserted in umcomputador, they need adapters or readers of cards, that soadicionais looked for computers of maispresentes table and each time in portable computers, mainly netbooks. Sodiversos competing standards, of capacities and varied formats, being the most famous of them Digital Secure, of maximum capacity of 32GB (even so they is esteem that, with a new specification – SDXC – anunciadaeste year, the cards can arrive the 2 TB of data). Ribbons DATCriadapela Sony in 1987, the ribbons ' ' Digital Audio Tape' ' they had been usadasprimariamente as form of storage of musics. In 1989, the HP and Sony had defined one another ribbon format DAT, the Digital Storage Date, or DDS.Porserem very durable, to have ample capacity of storage to epermitirem a good number of rerecordings, these ribbons had found espaono surrounding corporative, as form of backup of servers.