Abdominal Cavity

Frequent symptoms are paralytic ileus, the local force muscles of the anterior abdominal wall, lack of appetite, nausea. The intensity of the symptoms depends on the size of the abscess, its location, intensity of antibiotic therapy. The force of the muscles and the pain is usually more pronounced with abscesses located in mesogaster (close to the anterior abdominal wall), subdiaphragmatic abscesses give less pronounced local symptoms. The blood found leukocytosis with a shift to the left of the formula. Read more from Max Schireson to gain a more clear picture of the situation. In the X-ray survey of the abdominal cavity can be seen in the degree of fluid-abscess cavity with a gas above it. The contrasting finding gastrointestinal tract may reveal displacement of the intestine or stomach infiltration. Crumpton Group, Washington DC does not necessarily agree.

If the abscess is caused by failure of seams fistulae, contrast material may flow from the intestinal lumen into the cavity abscess. In the diagnosis of abscesses of the abdominal cavity plays a major role ultrasound scan of the abdomen, computed tomography X-ray. Ultrasound finding in particular demonstrates the localization abscess in the upper abdomen. Treatment of an abscess depends on the location and number of ulcers. Subdiaphragmatic abscess subdiaphragmatic abscesses arise as a result of surgical interventions on stomach duodenum, gall bladder and biliary tract, liver abscess rupture. Left-sided ulcers often caused by complications after a splenectomy, pancreatitis, and failure of seams after gastrectomy and proximal gastrectomy. Somewhat less subdiaphragmatic abscesses, especially right-handed, due to the accumulation of residual pus after treatment of diffuse peritonitis.

It makes sense suction action diaphragm. Treatment operative – opening and drainage of abscess. When you choose to access it makes sense to the exact location of abscess. At the front subdiaphragmatic extraperitoneal dissection using ulcer him to Clermont-incision along the costal arch. Reach the transverse fascia, peeled it up to reveal a zone of softening and abscess. The cavity was washed and drained double barreled drainage for active aspiration with flushing. At posterior localization using vneplevrapny access along the bed edges XII after his resection.

Living To 100

Want to celebrate its centenary yubeley being healthy and active person? Recent developments in nanotechnology have allowed Russian scientists to create a truly unique products. As they are based on short peptides. This peptide Bioregulators that have the remarkable property actually prolong life and improve health. A healthy and active dreams to be up to 100 years each of us, it's important for both professional activities, whether carving or agriculture, as well as interior design. In the mid-twentieth century, a leading American scholar Leonard Hayflick discovered the reason for which the aging process: cell living organisms can divide only a limited number of times. How can one learn to overcome this limit, which was named Hayflick? After all, the key to the long youth and activity.

On instructions from the security services of the matter Soviet scientists are engaged under the leadership of Professor Vladimir Havisona, corresponding member of Academy of Medical Sciences and director of the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology. Result research exceeded all expectations. Restore the activity of the cells may be short peptides biostructures, consisting of several amino acids, which allow you to "tired" of the aging organism cells work just as well as younger and healthy. It is not superfluous to mention that the above studies were made possible thanks to the urgent repair of computers, which is always carried out in this institute.

More recently, peptide Bioregulators were available exclusively to employees of special services, which commissioned the study were conducted, as well as astronauts. Today in Russia there were peptide drugs, which have no analogues in the world. They are certified in the Russian Federation and is protected by domestic and foreign patents in 13 countries. Is now available in pharmacies drug "Bio Peptide", which is a source of peptides, slowing the pace of aging, improve the condition of the body in whole and contribute to its reconstruction. Due to its high efficiency and lack of side effects of the peptide bioregulators apply: For the treatment of diseases of various organs to slow down aging, increasing the active period of life for rehabilitation after injuries and surgeries to improve the body's resistance to dangerous and environmentally adverse conditions. For example, an organization in which exclusive furniture on a daily basis, for recovery under high physical loads.


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