Market introduction of the so-called "shoot cameras" allow almost anyone to acquire affordable, but equally desirable camera. However, even the low price of these cameras can not compensate for the quality of shooting. But situation saved the emergence of digital cameras, which became a breakthrough in the whole world photography. Digital cameras in front of "film" have a number of advantages. First, is the presence of the screen, which makes use of the camera very convenient and allows you to then view the footage shot. Secondly, the absence of the film, lets make a time around 1000 photos than can not boast of film cameras, which limits the film is in 36 frames.

Y the usual "shoot cameras" if the object is closer than 50 cm from the lens when shooting loses focus. In digital cameras there is also a function as a macro that allows you to photograph objects at a distance of 10-20 cm (as in some cases even 1-2 cm), which will allow to remove even very small objects. Another important feature is the ability to connect the camera to the computer. Now the owners of this camera is opportunity to throw and store photos on your computer or on disk, but this and the possibility of downloading to a PC and editing. New step in the photographic world has become digital SLR camera (CZK). The quality of the pictures became much better and the ability to shoot very different from digital compact cameras. In fact, "DSLRs" prints shot at the professional level.