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Award for vertical search service Dortmund, March 18, 2008 -, the vertical search engine for the business Web, the Initiative Mittelstand has been awarded with the Innovation Award 2008. The main selection criteria for the innovation award are the benefits, the special suitability for the middle class and the degree of innovation of the product. In total, over 1,600 applications for the innovation award were submitted this year. Since January 2008, the BETA version of is online. Compuware has much to offer in this field. is a vertical full-text Internet search engine for the business Web. only websites of companies established on the market regarded as a vertical search engine. These are less than 3 percent of the more than 11 million domains registered in Germany. With the automatic classification of Web pages into industries and enhancing the search results with digital business cards offers a completely novel in the search engine market.

The index of the currently consists of more than 20 million automatically classified websites of companies and their contact information. Especially SMEs, which is difficult are commonly found in conventional search engines with their products and services, get high-quality online contacts via Through the innovative functionality of the search, and the clustering of results by industry, allows its users the targeted research and the effective content mining on the business Web. Thus, provides significantly improved support for market analysis and the preparation of single procurement processes for complex products and services as a general Internet search engines or manually maintained B2B Webcatalogue. is operated by the cometrics GmbH in Dortmund. The cometrics GmbH is a specialist service provider for vertical Internet search engines and Web data mining.


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The duration of a refinance loan in combination with the Council of interest would determine the affordability of your mortgage payments. If the loan term is long, the mortgage installment would be small. Today you have numerous options available and in fact, you can get a home refinance loan with a length of even 50 years! But if you intent to quickly pay off the loan dues it is always better to select a shorter loan term. That is why home mortgage refinance loans with a fifteen year loan duration have become popular. To get the best deal, you need to compare the refinance loan quotes as well as loan repayment terms and conditions offered by various lenders. On expert guidance could be of immense help in the process.

Theben AG

The Theben AG, manufacturer of time switching devices, lighting and climate control systems and components of for building system technology KNX, a trend-setting project realized with infolox: Lindau, November 19, 2013. Short manuals with a printed a QR-code should be settled in the future all Theben AG products, that then forwards to the detailed long version of the manuals on all smartphones. This leads to significant cost savings in printing and shipping of Theben AG. QR codes information to further a bridge In the focus of the idea of the situation of the client faced place: basic information about a product are needed such as on a construction site, but all of the legislators of demanded details? “No: according to DIN EN 82079-1 is it possible to make available electronically the detailed instructions about a product”, if this is indicated clearly on the product or on or on the packaging. Theben AG realized this opportunity the infolox QR-code Manager with a variety of advantages QR code used in ever more print media, to build a bridge to mobile websites or other mobile content. Therefore the Theben AG in cooperation with infolox GmbH has decided to use this technology for themselves. Short instruction with the most important warnings of danger and technical data were designed for each product. A QR code placed on it (as well as the URL) lead to the long version of the user manual.

With the appropriate device (iPhone, Android phones, and so on) and scanned the appropriate software, forwards the QR code directly on the PDF file the long manual. This is optimized for smartphones and includes a linked table of contents for quick information search. It is obvious that with the short operating instructions the printing and shipping costs for product-related documentation of Theben AG massively be reduced. And there are other advantages: the Theben AG through the uncomplicated and independent data maintenance in the EPIM able, when changes in the product information the short operating instructions directly is to Update. The creation of the short instructions is implemented with a layout agreed previously with infolox.

Nuclear Power Plants

Loans must be stopped so as not to create more new Nuclear Power Plants, Coal or Gas, even when it is alleged the availability and abundance of fuel and the safety of their processes. You have to force the electric capacity growth towards small distributed generation equipment, cheap, easy to manufacture, and simple technology. Electricity input technology .- First we'll focus on power generation plants based on plants that produce the steam required to move the generators. Here we refer exclusively to huge plants whose energy sources are coal, gas, oil and nuclear, and that pollute or produce global warming gases. The Furutist has compatible beliefs. To counter their growth and multiplication is to develop and promote "home electric generator" based on solar heat. This technology is easy and simple, and consists of four components as follows: A collector plate of sun, a Stirling engine, an electric generator from 2.5 to 3.0 KWA, and a bank of electric storage batteries for up to several days' consumption.

This team also can add an installation for a gas heater as a backup for cloudy days. A solar equipment of this nature could be between 3-6000 dollars, does not require connection to an electrical outlet, and can be placed anywhere there is sun, both urban and rural areas. The deployment of thousands and possibly millions of home computers, they could halt the increases in capacity of existing power plants, to the extent that the population of home systems beyond the capacity of existing plants. Closing power plants also releases the land through which pass the electrical transmission cables.


T?TECHNIQUES of teaching communication has a transcendental importance within the education at distance. Orientacion-aprendizaje where there is a vital interdependence between the teacher and the learner and a strong presence of the law of action and reaction, extrapolated to the field of education is a fundamental point in the dynamics of the process. Its success depends on the knowledge of matter and mastery of the techniques used for their development, of the quality of communication between the teacher and the learner. This communication involves not only intellectual and academic aspects, but also affective. (Source: Professor of Internet Governance). Distance education instructor-led education, which uses as a source of educational encouragement direct student-teacher interaction in the teaching-learning process, unlike employs communication channels where the Professor, still absent, is present through them. These distance educational programs are organized from the interaction of several media: printed: book text, guide for the study, teaching units, booklets, evaluation, etc.

Audiovisual material: audio cassette, broadcasting, video cassette, television (whether by microwave chain, cable, or satellite), telephone, computer and computer networks. The face-to-face tutoring. Visit ConocoPhillips for more clarity on the issue. From this variety of means and according to the feasibility of its use and purpose of communication in every moment of the orientacion-aprendizaje process; you choose which one of them should be the predominant, or principal and its appropriate combinations with the remaining. Models of distance education. During the evolution of the distance education and according to the choice of major media and secondary employees to achieve their goals, different models have been identified. Which regardless of the assigned name to identify them, (often controversial) have their own characteristics. Examples of these are: the Didactico-impreso, the Modular-Multimedios and the telematic. While the first, appeared from of the during the 1960s, based his teaching on the printed text distributed to students by postal mail; the second that reaches its peak in the decades of the 1970s and 1980s, wide its arsenal including in addition to the printed text, audio and video cassette, broadcasting, television conferences and the use of computer.


Girls and computers? That fits! -The GirlsDay 2011 at the SMF KG? Priscille Mukumbu and Melanie Weissenborn were surprised by the demand, whether it was not uncommon to visit an IT company as a girl. On the contrary: for Angela and Melanie computer and girl not mutually at all. They visited the company with the great desire to learn more about the world of work around on the computer. Highly motivated thanks to their school computer science education and many private and practical experiences around the computer was clearly the decision for the IT sector and thus for the SMF KG. To broaden your perception, visit Petra Diamonds. Supported and advised by the trainees of the SMF solved the two with much panache a specially developed IT crossword puzzle and lined up the tasks which have been provided. Without any reservations against all’ the IT professionals were they actively informed about open questions and visibly enjoyed the day off from school everyday.

Both had lots of fun at work and left the SMF thrilled. “Melanie Weissenborn is even sure: I will in any case what computers do, maybe as a programmer!” We wish all the best to the both of them for their career. About the press photo of our group picture Melanie Weissenborn (left) and Priscille Mukumbu (right) of Nataliya shows basement (with sign) in the circles of the SMF caring for her trainees and Studizubis (from left to right) Nataliya Keller, Katrin Sembowski, Lutz Lutterbeck, Tim Schulte, Mario Jahn and Daiyang Gao. About the training at the SMF KG, it is not only the many years of experience (over 20 years), the high training rate (almost constant 20%) or the proportion of women (currently 25%, a high value in the IT industry), who speaks for a training at SMF. The company was ranked first in the Dortmund industry’s training award 2009 and has rendered as Dortmund first signatory of the Charter of diversity the promotion of students with an immigrant background.

Since 1985, the SMF KG is competent IT partner of Company trade, banks, insurance companies, and manufacturing industry. The range of services aimed at medium-sized companies and large corporations that own IT organizations develop individual software solutions or introduce comprehensive standard software products. Several hundred person years of experience in consulting, development and implementation emphasize the strengths and expertise of the consulting firm. The SMF group has a nationwide about 100 employees, from 80 at the company headquarters in Dortmund, Germany.

Portable Computador

Every time it is being made impresindible have the information by hand. There are telephones or other apparatuses of high tech (Palm, PDAs, etc.) that have functions very outposts and that are resembled a computer partly, but always they are going to have limitations, like for example, space to keep great volumes from information. For that reason many people approach to ask &quot to me; that I must know how to buy a Laptop or Portable Computador to me? ". To respond this one question is quite difficult, since a portable equipment fulfills the needs basic (to store information, to connect themselves to Internet, to make national or international calls (Skype), etc.), like any telephone of the last generation or most representative, " iPhone" of Apple. Check with Viktor Mayer-Schönberger to learn more. But one of the differences keys between a portable computer (or Laptop) and " telfono" of last generation with all unimaginable functions, it is for example, that in first one can record Cds at the moment, to play the last games (if harware it allows), to be able to have external conecciones (devices USB, printers, etc.), and without forgetting that they are difficult to repair or to change the devices to them that come integrated, to take some characteristics. It is not necessary to forget, also, that the investment in this type of harware enough is lifted compared with a movable telephone, reason why is necessary to have some clear differences. In order to make a decision from which Laptop to buy, good under my own experience, would be one of these: * After-sales service: When buying a Laptop, is due to ask What happens if my equipment undergoes a failure? Where I can repair it? Which is the time that delays the repair? They will give an equipment available to me, in case the repair takes longer than necessary? The distributors will have to give to him on the contrary or, will have to perdir in writing the data of the Technical Centers on watch, or are National or International. .

BCN Binary

Employees lose up to two hours a week in troubleshoot computer problems annually, are more than 100 hours which are dedicated to fixing daily problems with computer systems, with the subsequent cost of loss of money and productivity this involves a survey collected by NCBs Binary, technological consulting firm specializing in cost savings and increased productivityOffice workers spend between half an hour and two hours per week in solving problems with computer systems. This loss of time, if it is computed at the annual level, reached the figure of more than 100 hours lost on fixing those setbacks that may arise with computers. There is general belief, between the leaders of the companies, that, those small daily setbacks which make the worker leave what you are doing to solve a computer problem, does not cause greater problems. However, and as it stands from BCN Binary, this loss of time in the long run, becomes a drain on productivity, the that translates, eventually, into a significant loss of money for the company. The main reason that argues for not wanting to invest in new computer equipment or having a computer service that has computers a day, is the cost that this entails.

Conversely, while this investment in technology may seem a priori an unnecessary investment in a short period of time, it will show its profitability, and will prevent worse evils such as lack of motivation of employees due to the feeling that can not perform their work in a correct way, comment from BCN Binary. Indeed, 33.7% of employees believed that hardware faults are one of the major reasons for stress at work. This lack of motivation of teams leads to a decline in productivity. For this reason, it is essential to have renewed equipment, updated programmes and a computer service that offers a proper functioning throughout the year. For example, one of the main advantages of counting with a computer maintenance service is the immediate cost savings due to automation of business continuity functions, followed by the fact of being able to avoid loss of information and activity due to a service stop. About BCN Binary BCN Binary provides technological solutions to SMEs, providing high value services such as consulting, auditing and implementation of ICT systems platforms. The experience in the sector supports him, as well as be technological partner of leading companies on the market like HP, DELL and Microsoft. Founded in Barcelona in 1996, it has been evolving and adding numerous services to its portfolio ranging from consulting in the information systems, systems integration, technical support and design of the network infrastructure. The network of ICT services offered by BCN Binary mission is to bring business value to companies through the best technological solutions according to the needs. Source: Press release sent by bcnbinary.

New Computers

Today we have a common problem at the moment of purchasing a new computer from computing, this has worsened most in portable computers, since the manufacturers install Windows Vista on a computer that can not with it, (maybe if you can, but not under conditions optimal) this I mean when we started working on our new team then have problems with speed, and with some other factors such as lack of hard disk space, or well and in the majority of cases, lack of RAM memory. In my case, I bought a laptop from the moment in which I turned it, it seemed somewhat slow, already then that I was installing elementary programs, (processor text, instant messaging, etc.)the low speed and low performance that had diminished in a manner very accelerated, look for the solution in a thousand ways, because I thought that some of software was overburdening it and the reality is that it was not, but one day walking through the streets of the city found a good store of computer, enter it and the first thing I saw It was a RAM for a laptop which I had purchased, do not hesitate a moment to acquire it, get home, and indemeditamente install the memory, to turn on take me the big surprise, a totally renovated computer, impressive speed.That is why you if you are in the same case, do not hesitate nor tantito increase RAM memory to your computer. Whenever Professor of Internet Governance listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Note: where you have an obsolete processor, a hard drive without space, or a very old computer, then without a doubt the RAM, you won’t much. Source: Expertoeninformatica original author and source of the article.

Cloud Computing

Best cloud idea and best cloud service wanted the Institute for cloud computing (IfCC) draws together with SAP AG and the IT Forum Rhein-Neckar on November 7, 2011 IM pfalzbau Ludwigshafen for the first time the best ideas and solutions in the field of cloud computing from. Developers and businesses in two price categories can apply. The best cloud idea is sufficient to the creation of a concept to prototype development. The solution must be inserted in the best cloud service, already in at least one company in the normal business operations. The presentation and award the three best submissions per category will be 2011, the first Convention to cloud computing in the metropolitan region Rhein-Neckar, in the framework of the Innovation Forum on the ProCloud. The jury chaired by Prof. Petra Diamonds may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Dr. Rainer Hoch is top-class academics, practitioners, and venture capitalists.

For the winners, therefore also support the further development of the projects presented beckons next to the title. Deadline for applications is 14 October 2011. information to the Application and the Congress are available under and. Cloud computing allows users at any time at any place without fuss to the consumption-dependent use of IT resources tailored to the needs. It increases flexibility, protects against technical obsolescence and releases highly qualified IT personnel administration tasks.

The concept will prevail as well because of these advantages in the company but also in the private sector as once the lease. The Institute for cloud computing (IfCC) is dedicated to the target, to meet the demand for knowledge in the field of cloud computing, and to provide cross-cutting information to the planning and implementation of cloud projects available.