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I have so far not been mentioned such a possibility cameras like digital zoom (Unit focal length). Previously, this function simply deserve sympathy (especially in devices with 0.1 or 0.3 MP), is now becoming a fairly handy tools, especially when the subject to which can not be approached. When using the digital zoom noticeable deterioration in quality occurs. That is, in the cells of this class of little flaws, former so clear, pale into insignificance. Examples phones with cameras – Sony Ericsson K600i (1.3 MP), Motorola RAZR V3m (1.3 MP), Samsung D830 (2 MP). And, finally, to the hi-end class consists of phones with 3 megapixel camera and more. What can I say? The quality of photos you can store them on your home computer or in a "solid state" version – in the album. These photos are not ashamed to show your friends and send it by e-mail.

And after the company announced the Samsung V600 with his monster 10 (!) MP camera and a triple optical zoom lens … There are no comments. The only drawback, which can only come to mind – is the price. Yes, the phone with such a camera would be expensive. However, the camera you get a great range of features (Bluetooth, TV-out, PictBrige – direct print to a printer bypassing the computer and much, much more), so you do not pay for the camera, and for functionality. This class is already possible to exclude the poor quality of the optics of the drawbacks, though, again, the price may scare.


This tiny device is extremely many different features: WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, 3,2 megapixel camera and processor to 528 MHz. Tale, and more! Few of TouchFLO 3D TouchFLO 3D interface includes the following function and purpose, "home screen" (with the usual hours of TouchFLO, a list of meetings, call history, date, time, etc.), connection speed, text, text messages (grouped into chains by Windows Mobile 6.1), e-mail, storage music files, Web browser Opera with a list of bookmarks (which is very convenient), weather and more. However, if we are talking about a significant improvement of this model compared to the classic, then it is worth noting that a smartphone certainly become much prettier, but not faster. Telephone Touch Diamond – is a GSM phone, which supports 850/900/1800/1900 MHz. He has also formats GPRS, EDGE and HSDPA 3G. And quality of incoming and outgoing calls is excellent, the sound is average. Microphone functioning well, there are no sharp loud sounds.

The sound in the headphones (designed specifically for this model) is excellent. The phone works with headset Bluetooth. The phone uses a technology Cyberon Voice Speed, which allows you to make voice calls. She works as a headset and the phone. In addition, there is a proprietary technology HTC (which is called People – People"), allowing to use when calling or mailing pictures just pictures symbolize them. They can be viewed as an album or in a small format to the right on the display. Opera 9.5 Mobile Internet can be characterized as one that has its pluses and minuses.

The Story Of Mobile Phones

Even 15 years ago people could not even imagine what will be in phones that can be carried around everywhere, taking pictures, shoot video, and most importantly to call from any place where there was not a man. Then appeared the first mobile phones that are frightened by its size and the battery had to wear a travel bag with soboy.Smeshno? And before that it was a sign of prosperity, the more "Mobila", the steeper the status. After the phone started to improve, become small, fits in palm, and the charge could be 1 every 3 dnya.Poyavilis translated into color phones with polyphonic sound, then with the camera. I remember how much happiness it was personally for me, when I was on Birthday gift mobile! And by the way, with the advent of advanced mobile phones, and plenty of man is estimated by the model? the steeper the phone, the richer people. What happens now? Does this an important role in the life of your phone man? Now mobile phones are available to all, and there is even the poorest people.

A lot of my friends who are very secure, are the most conventional models without 'navorotov'-only would be called. Are people tired of the scientific and technological progress? I think not, just select each cell according to their needs: those who love-taking pictures and shooting video, choose a quality camera phone. -Those who often goes on the Internet and does not want to carry a bulky laptop, choose the phone with WiFi. -Those who only make and receive calls, selects the phone with a powerful accumulator. -Those who lead extreme lifestyles or simply a who often are falling out of the hands, picks the phone with a steel body. In modern life the phone plays a big role and it's hard to imagine life without him, what would people not engaged. I wish you make the right choice when buying a mobile phone. Good shopping!


Some time ago, just a couple of years, many appeared on the lips of a manufacturer from China, as the Fly-Ying, what is a company operates. It was formed in 2006, taking place in the niche of modern high-tech and mobile phones. Products of this company today meets all the latest trends in wireless communications and mobile communications. In his Chinese phones they use most advanced technologies. Here fundamental especially popular models of this company. Fly-Ying F003 This phone is a matter of fact a copy of the famous brand Iphone, and has the ability to work with two active SIM cards, which of course, very necessary for those who prefer to use the services of two operators of mobile networks. The body of the device is made in the form factor of the iPhone and external dimensions are rather big connected with the presence of the touch screen (3.4 inches) to more than 260 000 tones and colors. All transactions on this screen may perform not only with the use of a stylus, but the banal – a finger, for this purpose all the icons are made in a few large size.

In this Chinese phone there TV-tuner SECAM, which is adapted to operate in Russia. And if you do not have time to view the transfer then it is possible to record and for later viewing at your leisure. This model is very promising and already won enough popularity. Another popular model is the Fly-Ying F006, it is also made in the form factor of the iPhone and also supports two SIM-cards, designed for smooth operation without recharging in active 3-4 hours talk time and 300 hours of standby time. Also, equipped with a touchscreen and a stylus through a special technology in general is not needed. It is possible to use the e-book reader, and install and play JAVA-games, including Air Combat.

This manufacturer is another interesting model of Fly-Ying F008. This apparatus, as well as two of its predecessor, it features the same touch-screen supports two SIM cards. Equipped built-in TV tuner SECAM, it implemented the function, and Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi (802.11b / g) and as a receiver and it is equipped with the standard battery Li-Ion 1000 mAh. Of the program elements, it also supports JAVA and it may be applications such as Opera, Jimm and the like. As assert the founder and director of the company, and in the future the company will strive to improve the quality and functionality of its products and to please all of the wider population. You just have to follow the the advent of its new products and quality of Chinese handsets.

Amp Mobile Phone Ring Tone

– Mom! You're alive? … The third day of the calls do not answer! – Yes, alive, alive. A call can not hear you – so all day or in the garden or in the house and the phone on the porch. – I asked you many times, always with a phone carrier or luggage series. – But how to wear and where to put in a garden. I lost it many times – barely find the last time me and without worries completely. A loud call to a mobile phone – a necessary option when you can not always have it with you, but it is not so much mobile as the main and only means of communication.

Companies that produce the most expensive phones, equip their machines up to 105 dB bell and highlights this feature in the description. For example, the phone Vertu Ascent White Special Edition. But it is worth this phone is around 6000 USD. However, to solve this problem for the Russian mass user, you can. To solve this problem, the device is intended MobidoM sirena,, notifying the user of incoming call, a loud beep. The device is designed as a universal desktop cradle for the phone and runs on batteries. Source:

Skins USA

Literally every day in the world, there are many new products and technologies. And with the spread of the Internet we have the opportunity to learn about updates and to purchase them without leaving home. We offer you one of these novelties, which is very popular among American consumers (see website), but in Russia is still little known. In America, this product is called skins, so we decided that the Russian language and will use the word Skins. Now that it is. Skins is a kind of vinyl covers a great variety of designs for mobile phones, music players, laptops and game consoles. This is not a hard case, Skins – a soft, high-strength vinyl cover, which is glued to your cell or laptop. Conspicuous wonderful design to suit every taste will make your phone or laptop completely nepovtorimymTsveta always remain bright and not fade in the sun or light through the use of high-krasokVy Skins can withdraw at any time, and on your phone or your laptop will not show any traces of high-quality vinyl kleySdelany, so the process of imposing your phone does not leave any bubbles vozduhPokryty quality glossy film for more prochnostiVy Skins can change as often as you change odezhduVelikolepny design does not increase the weight and volume of your phone or noutbukPraktichny as hide old scratches, and protect against novyhTransformiruyut all your electronics: your mobile, laptops, iPods, game consoles look not only new but unique and 100% made in Skins USA – is also unique gifts for the whole family! Why is this a good idea for a gift? These accessories are inexpensive, original, no wear, no fade.

And those whom you gave them, will think of you every time they use your phone or laptop! Skins are very practical. How many times a day do you respond to phone calls, write reports, call themselves, taking his cell phone out of your bag or pocket? In the end, your phone will look pretty shabby. Protect your technological marvel from scratches and smudges with the Skins. Phone will always look new! In our online store on the site you can choose any design you like from more than 200 models!

Mobile Phone Radiation

Imagine that a person faces the constant wearing of a mobile phone in the pocket of pants. Others believe that while talking on the phone's head is irradiated as well as if it were to stick to a running microwave. Studies that examined the influence of mobile phone radiation on the body, give very conflicting results. Some organizations claim that the phones can not cause cancer. And some believe that the use phone for ten years can cause brain tumors and salivary glands, as well as serious psychological problems.

In high-risk are children, whose brain is still developing. American Communications Commission, FCC, assures us that all new phones have the level of SAR (Specific absorption rate) – not more than 1.6 W / kg. For Europe, an indicator of the power absorbed by the body while using the phone is 2 W / kg. In Russia, the use own system – in watts per square centimeter. EWG has recently stated that the FCC improperly testing the phones, given their impact only on the head and not the whole body. Moreover, the organization noted that the safe the radiation level established for the phone, only 2.5 times less than the level of radiation, which causes abnormalities in animal behavior. Whatever it was, but there are some simple ways to protect against radio waves, emitted by mobile phone.

1.Obraschayte attention to the signal level. If it's one or two "sticks", say less. Phone to "dokrichatsya" to the base station, it is necessary to raise the level of radiation, which is also faster consumes the charge of battery.

Immunity Mobile Phones

At that time virtually everyone who develops software antvirusnye focused interest on the security question for mobile devices such as such as nokia china developments here being both Belarusian and foreign companies the market there are devices such as anti-virus program F-secure and others. In almost every case it is the decision on the basis of cross-platform, running under Symbian and Windows Mobile. Unusual operating systems, for example Linux, are not sponsored by capital corporations because of the strong prevalence of no cell variants based on this operating basis. However, it is likely with a lengthy extension for web tablet WiMAX Sprint in the U.S. who use it Linux, location This market area will change. It must be noted that the characteristics of these programs are very commonplace. First, you need to raise more functionality build constructions. If a few years ago, sort of software consisted of primitive parser code and, perhaps, the monitor, which is in the Wind, for today, not counting the full protivovirusnika with the prospect of healing infected by a mobile Antivirus include a Brand Mauer, filter apparatus spam for SMS-ca and encrypt the information accessible through a password to the system (much more serious performance tuning, and robust algorithm for comparison with ordinary abilities OS). The data on cell unit at the request of the client is able to effectively test the internal memory, SD card or phone completely eliminating the virus program. Secondly, mobile antivirusniki allow you to view files and archives email.

EShop Mobile Phones Accessories

Today more and more people use the goods and services, online shops, it is logical, because buying over the Internet today is:-fast search for the product (no need to even leave the house, that would make a purchase) price of Choice (Always in front of you all the offers to sell and you can choose the price, which suits it for you! Moreover, this leads to increased competition between the companies from which the buyer always wins!) Ubobnaya delivery or EXW (for you can always come to the goods carrier or you can pick up the goods on their own, knowing exactly where and what time to arrive, and most importantly – you know exactly what goods are in stock, its features and price!) There is only one disadvantage – you can see the goods only when purchasing it. It is at this point and the focus of our shop We always check the quality of goods purchased by us, certificates. Our online store retailer of mobile phones, accessories for mobile, zapchastvey, such as batteries, cases, car chargers and network ustrooystva, touchscreen, stylus, protective films and much more. We value our customers, which is why the store provides for a system of cumulative discounts. We deliver the goods on Mosvkve and Russia, so do not worry if you're from out of town, it is enough simply place an order on our website and our manager will immediately contact you shortly and tell you about all the possible delivery methods, will provide information on narantii on our products, offer additional products to your mobile phone, as well as talk about the discount, valid in stores. Our range is constantly updated variety. So in addition to mobile phones, we plan to sell handheld (communicators), netbooks, notebooks. As well as conduct Various actions and promotional activities for regular customers!

China’s Coolest Phone

We consider several possibilities of how to transform a cell unit of China's coolest phone at least in appearance. Cell phone water scrubbing in the kitchen is not very useful if you are definitely not the master cellular communications nokia e73 tv or Ericsson 250 and 310 – water easily get through a cell phone, that probably makes you a thorough repair. of course, much depends on the corporation, and of a certain modification, and basic, on luck. It is permissible to use alcohol. But it is better not to use it as a quick thanks to the evaporation of the mobile unit may remain gray stains and plaque – so that certainly does not gloss over the machine. Where applicable discuss substances such as fuel and diesel oil.

Can not indulge in them! Once on the outside of the cell phone, these drugs are eating away at one-minute-sensitive plastic. About all kinds of solvents as launderers tools for cellular devices can always forget. Mild brining. In most cases, sends a small grease and dirt, dust in the crevices. If you have a model with removable panels, it is easy to pull them out, soap and brush thoroughly in the sink.

The main thing – then they both should be drier, so that the liquid did not penetrate the PCB and micro-chip phone. If you can not remove the panels, then take a small and the small piece of cotton to help her in the soapy water. Off ahead of time recommended by the mobile device and get the battery.