Peter Drucker

For the Chinese crises also it represents opportunity. The key to handle the problems when they appear is to have the correct perspective. You can see them as a threat or like an opportunity. So that when you see difficulties not only you think about problems, it also sees the opportunities. The difficulties can bring hidden opportunities underneath the sleeve. Now, it is important to be able to distinguish when one is in front to a problem or against an opportunity.

Not always it is clear if what faces the leader represents a problem or an opportunity. And this is very important for the management of the leader How knowledge that is against a problem or an opportunity? Peter Drucker has the answer, he says: solving a problem simply recovers normality, but the progress necessarily comes to operate opportunities. And the mentioned author adds: a problem is what it puts in danger the capacity of the organization to reach his objectives, and when they appear it is necessary to solve them; but the opportunity is what offers the possibility of surpassing the objectives. The opportunity represents important in term of growth and the result superiors; the problem represents what there is to correct. On the other hand, the form as answer occurs him to a problem, like resolution alternative, will be oriented based on which you want: you want to reach the objectives or you want to surpass them? There is a difference in how they solve the leaders and in how they solve the managers. The manager, the man of the management, tends more to focus in the problems, his necessity is to solve what affects the management; but the leader tends to focus more in the opportunities, since its necessity is to raise the level of the organization. In this sense, the answer of the leader is of more long reach, because not only the one of the day to day is thinking solving: the immediate thing, but also is watching the long term.

Of Route In Car By The Croatia

The Republic of the Croatia is a country of central Europe and that belonged to the old Yugoslavia that more divided extraction of the tourism. Their coasts and their archipelagoes are their main attractiveness. The form of the country causes you can cross that it in your own car or a car of rent without fear to perderte. The main highway of the Republic of the Croatia is a1/E65. This highway reasons parallel to the coast of the country until the north, until the Zagreb capital. Eliot Horowitz: the source for more info. On the other hand, in the opposite northwest it connects with a6 to go towards the west, to Rijeka. Altogether, about 500 km that allow to cross the best thing of the country without worrying about the maps: Dubrovnik, Split, Sibenik, Zadar, Rijeka and Zagreb. Without forgetting the national parks Krka, near Sibenik; and of Plitvice, halfway between Zadar and Zagreb.

To rent a car is the best solution to cross the Croatia, because the ferries are much more slow and the buses for long-hauls leave only a few times to the day. This not to mention the comfort that supposes, because some interesting places are little accessible by these two methods and because the luggage is become an annoyance. In the Croatia usually there are problems of no transit except in great large cities like Zagreb. The indications are easy to follow and the conduction is pleasant, safe in some sections of curves that reason by the line of the coast. These are few and very located (in the zone of Dubrovnik), nevertheless are inevitable unless you decide to do the Dubrovnik-Split section giving a considerable roundup by the interior of Bosnia (tuna, on the other hand, if you have time). The route of the coast is a wonder, but it is not necessary to forget another option, something slower but very advisable if you have time: the passage by the archiplagos. The ferries allow to cross from an island to another one and to return to mainland. That yes: better llevaos on board the rent car, because within the islands the connections in bus are good, that they are already is much, because sometimes there are nor them.

A very recommendable option in case of arriving or starting off from Dubrovnik is to be useful to visit the near Montenegro, a mountain country green enchantment plenty. That yes, you take the passport by hand because to enter the zone of Dubrovnik it is necessary to cross the border Bosnia. Insofar as car to rent, will depend a little the number of passengers, that if, he is better to reserve it previously, to assure to us that when we arrive we have it available. A good option can be to rent it online, nowadays is numerous Web of car rental in which you will be able to make your reserve.

Margaret Beckett

The House of Commons has 646 members each one of as he is elect representing a district. With this uninominal system the winner in each part remains yet. Thus in the elections of the 2005 laborismo he obtained a 35% of the votes in all the United Kingdom but it remained with 55% of the parliament, consequently can govern without making coalitions or concessions. Tony Blair abiertamente led to its party in the three consecutive elections that the laborismo won (1997, 2001 and 2005) and he arrived at the headquarters of his party in the 2004 after gaining his internal elections competing with two rivals (John Prescott and Margaret Beckett, who soon would serve to him in their cabinet). However Gordon Brown got to be leader of its party and after his country without no election mediates. Inside of the laborismo he managed to avoid that there is any process of internal voting because a series of clauses prevented that two parliamentarians of their left wing postulated themselves (and even after which both decided to be united in the candidacy of John McDonnell). Once Brown was crowned like leader of their then party 55% of the parliament that the laborismo controls gave unlimited power him so that he replaces to Blair. Brown, as well, took their position in a public event and not giving a speech before the nation, so she did what it Raul I castrate or any other American president, but in a meeting to doors closed with the queen, who was the one that trusted the position to him. Brown arrived at the British premierato the 27 from June from the 2007 and both main parties of opposition (preservative and liberal-democrats) asked to him that he called to elections, because the last ones had been realised more ago than two years (May 2005) and in these the population had voted by the laborismo led by Blair that promised to finish all their third mandate.

Leaders and Strategies

This it is an essential aspect in the effectiveness of the leader: its strategic sense at the time of solving problems. The idea is to anticipate the problems and that they surprise the leader they do not corner like a scared animalito, which reduces capacity to him of effective answer. The leaders need to be proactive and to learn to identify the potential problems and to even anticipate their resolution before they appear the problems. Otherwise, they will be moored to a management of crisis, that acts reactively taking care of what firemen the fires that appear, with a style to lead of firemen, extinguishing fires where they arise; but without getting to solve the causes origin of the problems, but fighting against the symptoms. On the matter Joel Barrer comments: the success of the management, resides in the capacity to lead a suitable strategic reconnaissance, which is obtained rejecting the attitude to make decisions like a reaction to present problems to dedicate to the anticipation of future problems.

Thus the leader needs to analyze: If he is proactive, the change can mean an opportunity, but he is reactive, the change can become a tremendous threat. I want dejarte three suggestions end: The leaders need to work the habit of the action, which is in opposition to deferring the decision making. To the problems it is necessary to leave to him to the step, because they are not going away to fix single. The leader needs to develop his capacity to solve problems. It remembers that a decision is not so while it are not expressed in action. It separates the problems of the people, mainly when you are in a committee of problem analysis.

The idea is to attack the problems and not the people, which does not solve them, besides generating conflicts. You do not decide in the heat of the moment the important decisions. If it is possible, tomato a prudential time to analyze the situation and to see the possible options. The leaders are responsible to solve the problems of the organization.

Code 39

Code 39 is also known like ” USS Code 39″ , ” Code 3/9″ , ” Code 3 of 9″ , ” USD-3″ , ” Alpha39″ , ” Type 39″ , ” Code 93″. It is the 9 symbolism of bar code that can codify the letters in capital letter from a to z, numbers from 0 to and a handful of special characters as the sign $ . The bar code in himself does not contain a control digit, in resistance for example as it happens to Code 128, but can be considered of automatic control by some, on the base of which a bar interpreted erroneously single cannot generate another character valid. Possibly, the most serious disadvantage of Code 39 is its low densidad of data, since more space is required to codify data in the code 39 that, for example, in code 128. This means that the very small products cannot be labellings with a bar code Code 39 as bases. Nevertheless, Code 39 is still widely used and can be decoded with almost any reader of bar code. An advantage of Code 39 is that since there is no necessity to generate a control digit, it can easily be integrated in the system of existing impression adding to a source of bar code to the system or the printer and soon to print the raw data in that source.

Code 39 (also known as 3 9 of bar code) is a variable, discreet length, alphanumeric bar code. Its set of characters contains 43 significant characters: 0 – 9, AZ, -. , $,/, +, %, and space. Each character is made up of nine elements: five I sweep and four spaces. Three of the nine elements are wide (binary value 1), and six elements are narrow (binary value 0). Nevertheless, the additional common character (*) is used to initiate and to stop delimiters. The name code 39 derives the fact that three of the nine elements that constitute a word in key they are width elements and the six rest are narrow. Code 39 was developed by the Dr. David Allais and Ray Stevens de Intermec in 1974. Later it was standardized like ANSI MH 10.8 M-1983 and MIL-STD-1189.

The People

As leader needs to inspire to his followers, for which it is not sufficient to inform; you need to share his heart: its dreams, their expectations and yearnings. To speak not only of arguments and data, but also of their perceptions, feelings and experiences, which includes no to share a vision, expectations about the future, but also only to express sincerely its fears and uncertainties about that future. The idea is to be authentic in the expression of its heart; real, without masks, screens nor stereotypes. People are thankful for the sincerity and the authenticity. To the people they do not like to feel manipulated, which is not in the long term, because people finish perceiving our duplicity like leader. Their followers need to be informed to give the best thing of himself and to acquire commitment. To people it does not like to give the best thing of himself in which it does not know. So that he speaks abiertamente than he worries to him, of that one and so he is fighting.

He speaks of his own experiences. It is important that their followers know which are their convictions, their beliefs and their values with respect to certain subjects. In other words, which are its position against the management, the vision of the organization, integrity, East etc. aspect of the communication is vital, because the people first accept and they are committed with leader and soon with the visions. The alignment is first with the leader and soon with the organization. The leader needs to include/understand that the people to his around want and need to know: Towards where goes the leader? Which is its trajectory? Me can east leader make arrive there? He will love to me throughout the trajectory? He is the leader sensitized about my needs? Which are their convictions and beliefs? What is nonnegotiable for the leader? The information and the shared knowledge eliminate the suppositions, the bad ones understood, the doubts and uncertainties and causes the alignment process.

National Institute

– Place and moment in which the occupation of the drug has been realised: The apprehension of the drug in zones in which the drug traffic on small scale is habitual (zones of punteo, in expression of the STS of 3 of October of 1996 – RJ 19967810-) is considered by a repeated jurisprudence, like an indication of the will to deal very particularly, if the possessor of the drug does not allege the reasons from his displacement to this place, if the subject seems to show a clear predisposition to visit those places, or if the apprehension takes place when the subject goes towards that zone. Peculiarly the hour is a circumstance that also is considered to deduce the traffic will, instead of private consumption. Thus, if one is a small amount owned by a person who consumes the class of narcotic substance makes specific that she is had, when there are no other indications, will not be possible to affirm the destiny to the traffic. If we were with an amount of several grams, sometimes it will be able to be the doubt, with this unique indiciario data, and also would be necessary to suppose penal that its destiny is private consumption, therefore unpunished. However, the Jurisprudence has declared, that even in the cases that the carrier of the narcotic substance is consuming, will be considered destined to the traffic, when the quantity of the same exceeds the average storing of a consumer. The jurisprudence, when other indicative acts of the traffic do not exist, has taken care of the table of the National Institute of Toxicology of 18 of October of 2001. This table establishes the mean doses of consumption of the substances, indicating the T.S that a consumer usually provides itself with substance for about 5 days, reason why the possession that exceeds this amount is conceited that he is destined to the illicit traffic (STS 281/2003 of 1-10). The jurisprudence has demanded, on the other hand, that such amounts have to consider taking care of the pure substance. Therefore, the single possession immediately than amounts of drug that does not exceed the forecasts of consumption of up to 5 days, with general character, is atypical. In spite of it the SSTS are numerous that consider for the hashish that the amount has to surpass the limit of the 25 grs.

Crisis New Opportunity

The human beings we tend to an equilibrium state in which we can predict everything and take an suitable control of our lives. While everything passes of the same form we are calm and safe because we already know as it will be the morning; Without embargo exists many factors that can be threatening elements to this security. But what happens when something unexpected arrives a our lives? Many adapt to the new but a the majority costs to them to do the change that facilitates this acceptance to them. By all means that all the crises are not going to be of the same degree; some are common to all like they are the evolutionary crises of the human being and others are situacionales and depend on external factors. We have the crises like the adolescence, the arrival of the retirement as well as other that depend on external factors like the death of a relative, the crisis of pair, economic, etc.

The situacionales in addition can be foreseeable as they are them the pregnancy or also unexpected. Nowadays we suffer quite often the unexpected ones concerning natural catastrophes, monetary, diseases, losses of objects and others. Nevertheless everything happens by something; after the problem the opportunity comes. Meaning that beyond dark that sees the everything then it is inevitable that at some time the light arrives. At the outset we happened through a negation of the situation, to feel rage and fury against the destiny, God and the others; to ask to us why? After to give thousand returns to the same question we found a brief moment in our interior that says to us and makes us to remove a force that we perhaps did not recognize until that moment.

We can see that everything what happens is by something and that when being open we know that something good will come. That good one not always will arrive immediately but we are open we will know to recognize it at the opportune moment; as it says the saying it’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good. This clear that way in which of this acceptance and answer it is not only depended on innate factors but also on the lived thing by each of us. For that reason as all we are not equal not all they pass through the call existential crisis. Some are observed themselves in the end of their days solely making positive or negative a summary. At present the great majority is not observed itself at the end of the day because the superficial things maintain them still more occupied and for that reason they do not happen or they avoid to live somehow is afraid it then to face the lived thing. All moment for evaluating to us same and for happening through this type of crisis we are going to find really new things in us or otherwise also it can happen until the totally dark summary of our existence. Beyond all the crises and in the form that appear they are the motor that allows us to learn new things, to renew to us, to be still better.

Barack Obama

Bush has inherited of the administration of its predecessor. In order to remove ahead his strategy will look for approach with Pakistan where it will try to defeat to the militiamen of the terrorist network To the Qaeda, that according to has said the own Obama, glide to attempt again against the United States. Although he has already announced his interest to send 17,000 troops extra to Afghanistan, the renter of the White House recently said that he would appoint other 4,000 people, among them civil, who will be in charge to train to the Afghan Army in their fight against the insurgency talibn, that he has reached his higher tip from 2001 when they were expelled from the operative power in of troops led by the United States. The mission of NATO in Afghanistan has been criticized hard by many members although some European leaders begin to shuffle the possibility of increasing the troops in the centroasitico country Recurdese, that the minister of Outer Subjects, Miguel Moratinos Angel, has announced who Spain will send a new contingent from soldiers to Afghanistan to be in charge of the formation and the training of a battalion of the local Army. Moratinos has assured that &quot will be a group of the military; pequeo" , although it has not needed the amount, when considering that the one must be the Ministry of Defense will have to make specific that it. Spain at present has 778 soldiers who participate in mission ISAF of the NATO, integrated by 41 countries and around 55,000 soldiers. Besides this new military contingent, the Secretary of State has reiterated that the Government is studying the possibility of sending Civil Guards to Afghanistan to also contribute to the formation of the local forces of security.

It is necessary to also emphasize that have occurred serious protests by this Summit, thus tens of thousands of demonstrators were congregated in two towns of the southwest of Germany and in Strasbourg, in the east of France, to protest against the summit of NATO, on the occasion of anniversary 60 of the alliance. AP remembers that 28 leaders will attend the summit of two days that begins Friday today, with the presence of the American president, Barack Obama, and the French, Nicholas Sarkozy, as well as of the German chancellor, ngela Merkel. In a effort to avoid the violence, France has restored temporarily its border control with its neighbor for the meeting. In Strasbourg, a ANTI-NATO hundred of militants was stopped at the end of a manifestation against the alliance. The protest, that reunited to 2 000 people, according to the organizers, and to means thousand, according to the police, it finished in incidents with the forces of the order, which they used tear gases. Original author and source of the article.

Digital Secure Storage

This type of Technology it was developed by Hp and LiteOn. It is easy to know if my Unit counts on this capacity we can look for the logo that identifies this characteristic in our unit and to remove the maximum benefit, only Basque to buy Cd or Dvd to him with this layer and to learn the small software that allows to fit the designs and the device is in charge of the rest. Storage in Memories USB or " Pendrives" Created by IBM in 1.998 to replace the diskettes in IBM Think DAP, the pencils of memory (also calls Memory Pen and Pendrive) they work under Standard USB Mass Storage (mass storage Serial USB-Universal Bus). Present the Pendrive uses standard USB 2,0, with a transference of up to 480 Megabit/s, although actually they work to 160 Megabit/s. They are in favor compound basically of: – A male connector USB – A controller USB, who incorporates a small micro RISC and mini ram memory and ROM – One or several Chips of flash memory – An oscillating crystal to 12 Megahertz for the flow control of exit of data.

In comparison with the Diskettes, CD, Dvd have great advantages like their rapidity, the exhibition to the dust, ralladuras, blows, humidity, etc. This type of very popular storage devices can be found in diverse capacities, designs, colors and styles. Memory card storage Digital Secure (SD) Memory based of the type flash, but, unlike the memory pencils, without controller, reason why need reading units to be able to work, with several capacities of storage of Mb until Gb, are used. Also they are but fast that the MMC and has an insurance of protection of writing in the lateral part. TransFlash or Micro SD Used in Cellular telephony. With adapter to be inserted in the card reader in the computer Compact Flash (CF), Card Multimedia (MMC), Average Smart (SM), Carries far Digitalis Picture Card (XD) With diverse capacities and of frequent use in digital devices like video cameras, some others in portable, own digital cameras or average of some manufacturers Olympus and Fujitsu, with a capacity of even.