Ink-Jet Technology

Supplies include printheads (in ink-jet technology) and the feed rollers – in the laser. Toba calculate the total cost of ownership technology, you need to know how many prints to the device is designed (resource), and the resources of its main parts and components. Calculate the total cost to purchase replacement parts, electricity, scheduled service services (for replacement parts and components). The resulting amount is – the cost of ownership of the unit. If to this sum add the cost of ink cartridges (toner) and divided by the planned number of prints (resource unit), we obtain a complete the cost of copies.

As a rule, cost per print and total cost of ownership inversely proportional to the initial cost unit, ie, the cheaper the unit cost when you buy the more expensive it will cost during the operation. The argument against the acquisition of low-end machine to run a large volume of published works can be a higher printing costs. In addition, the excess of the recommended loads leads to rapid deterioration of the device (which, as we know, there is a certain resource), which, thus, can serve as a pretext for the service center out of warranty machine. The acquisition of the recovered equipment – quite a big risk: first, the guarantee given by the seller, will never be complete, and secondly, the complexity of the acquisition of supplies and spare parts (most manufacturers in 5-10 years ceases to produce spare parts and consumables to previous models), and thirdly, the cost of prints from the old models are generally more expensive than "contemporaries." Method two: buy aftermarket (compatible) consumables. Again, the benefit is obvious. But the sale of consumables is an essential part of the income of producers of office equipment (the device is purchased once and for a long time, but "rashodka" needs constant), so producers care about is to "protect" their material from counterfeiting.

Hair Accessories

I think that is a twenty-first century, technology is largely marching in the future, and girls as previously used pins and barrettes, as fifty years ago. More surprising is perceived success of the 21st century jewelry – pins Easy Com, change representation of the ladies that have to do a traditional hair-slide. Let's see what kind of requests is to expose girls clip? To begin with, hair must keep a bunch of hair perfectly, because this is its main purpose! In addition, it must be attractive, fashionable, beautiful – this is the right factor, which often has an impact on the appearance of women. And hair-slide should be easy to use, because every time there is not much time for slaughtering. Barrettes Combs izi ideally combine these basic standards, but their main benefit is that the only means of pins you izi Combs can generate a huge amount of various forms, and you're limited only to its sophistication! In addition, may take over the beautiful scenery while taking advantage of hair barrettes Easy Cowm in the video, either by taking variation models available only from the base, create their own unique! Consider for example the well-known version of "shell".

Put the hair into a tight puchochek from below the neck. Strongly twist beam at the base clockwise. It tightening the foundation can be placed closer to the head of hair that will help us after some time. Hold the basis of hair in one hand, slowly rotate the tail toward the ceiling. Continuously look for in order to tail lying close to the head. You will catch the other parts tails, which are located above the head and lower it to the nape.

Gently press down the right hand bend of the connection. Need to put your hair in the seam until it is is completely hidden, keeping the beam, and bending over the separate hairs hairstyle and hiding them in the seam. Place the first comb barrettes in a tuft of hair, strengthening the right model. Place the ornament on the shell, secure the second item on the left. Whether you have red hair or black, thin or thick, long or medium length, hair that was ordered at our online store will be your favorite accessory!

Professional Projectors

Technical PATTERNS future seasons now – in our time, global brands offer us an unimaginably wide range of cutting-edge technologies to our everyday life has become easier and more enjoyable. And we decided that all certainly try to do everything so that you can take advantage of today's GSM-alarm system, visual mini-projectors, the best technique for prezentirovaniya your product. These innovations, as well as excellent technique and club world, you can buy from an online store Bogodor. What's special about us? Not only prices but also an exclusive range of products to suit your desires. From this moment you receive a lump sum all: excellent quality, online store prices and professional service is the same as in the chic salon. What we offer We have a superior electronics at the lowest prices in the city of Moscow. We offer you order from our online store home cinema key. Our experts will not only find you a suitable option, but will also carry out all necessary installation work, will show you how to activate and operate machinery.

In addition we have a compact screens, which are important for visual presentation. For example, to the device for you to become a small tech light Club, which will give you the opportunity to at a good distance to project a good display with sound and show any of the standard formats. If you are looking to decorate their own impressive stand at the exhibition stand or in a store, then Here you will benefit rear-projection screens. It really is a miracle of technology, so you get the opportunity to demonstrate the image accuracy and delicious juiciness. In addition to business and training companies, we offer a rear projection screens – one of the most visible at the moment methods for presentations, exhibitions, display of working materials. We also invite you to purchase GSM-alarm system – a mini-devices, which immediately send you an alarm if anyone else had encroached on your property.

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Computer Embroidery

The art of embroidery from ancient times is widespread among all the peoples of our country. It was used mainly to decorate clothing and household textiles. Embroidery techniques were elaborated by many generations of artists, carefully preserved all that was valuable. Previously, embroidery, of course, held by hand, but it also created works of art. In modern times there is also a computerized embroidery. The speed of the computer Embroidery will not give anyone a type of embroidery, but with the help of computer embroidery are also works of art.

And it took its place in the advertising and souvenir industry. Computer embroidery replaced the manual, but a man-made process is preserved, just moved to the first phase of the embroidery – on programming, roughly speaking, to hand stitch laying, looking at the monitor and not holding a needle and thread, and the mouse with keyboard. Computer embroidery done on a pre-developed computer program for the modern embroidery machines. Products made by computer embroidery, beauty, refinement and high performance. One of the most important element in the computer embroidery is a needle. Computer embroidery turns a normal thing in the unique. Just look at any daily or sports, or working uniforms to souvenirs and promotional products.

Besides embroidery now has more than one purpose, and specifically a method of advertising. Bright and colorful logo on your clothing brand than not advertising. In this computerized embroidery wear, durable, it has rich colors,,, high color fastness of thread, three-dimensional texture, expensive and spectacular view, as well as computer embroidery can be used complex patterns. Computer embroidery capabilities are almost unlimited. Logos and emblems of any complexity, multi-color and monochrome on silk, velvet and terry towels, embroidered initials on your family dining room and bed linen – all it can do computerized embroidery.

Protective Glass

If you frequently expose your eyes from dust, wind, water, and the danger of mechanical, thermal, chemical or light damage, safety glasses for you – it means the primary necessary. Optimal choice of points depends on the health of your eyes, so take this procedure should be with the utmost responsibility. Overalls and individual protection. Protective goggles are closed and open. Closed glasses have a special cuff around the lens, providing a tight seal to the skin. Used for attaching them broad band. The main disadvantages of closed points are the problem sweating and weight.

The need to tighten tight rubber band is uncomfortable, but remember that the glasses closed for maximum protection against external influences and this is more than offset inconvenience. These glasses, made usually of a strong, sticky plastic, used to work with woodworking or metalworking equipment. Points are only partially open adjacent to the contour of the human face. On his head they fastened with bows. These glasses are well ventilated. They are often used in plumbing or lathe work.

In contact with a source of bright light (such as welding and work with laser) is used glasses with filters. The spectral characteristics of filters are selected depending on the nature of radiation. Sunglasses familiar to us also belong to the category of points of light filters. Filters are used to protect your eyes from computer radiation, and motorists are saving from the glare of headlights. Another form of safety glasses are the glasses for protection against high temperatures. They are able to delay thermal radiation and hot air, they are used, for example, glass-blowing. For eye protection against chemical damage are special types of glasses, inert to the chemical reagents, used in the course of the work. This kind of glasses should fit snugly and tightly to the eye sockets, as well as water glasses, used for swimming or on the decks of ships during a storm. So, what to look for when choosing goggles? Durability, reliability and comfort – these are the main characteristics of protective eyewear. Certainly one of the most important parameters in choosing their points should be transparency. Lens goggles are constant mechanical impact and gradually grow turbid, so the choice is desirable, in addition to the strength of the lens, to draw attention to the possibility of its further replacement by a new one. Arm strength is just as important, as well as the strength of the lenses. If damaged during rim glasses, a strong lens, alas, can not protect your eyes. If you need heavy-duty goggles, use double lens or a special film increase the strength of the lenses. Be sure to try on glasses with the purchase. Ensure proper and secure fit gum closed points. Please note that glasses are not pressed and not cut into the skin. If you have vision problems, you can choose the glasses used in conjunction with diopter glasses. In this case, you must thoroughly test points on the subject of "slippage" – in this type of glasses can be problems with fixation.

Monitors Monitor

Manufacturers of security equipment, using video technology have adapted this technology for their needs. In this case, you can get amazingly clear video data (and audio) from the cameras installed virtually anywhere in the world. True, the obtained images are not provided in real time strict sense, but it almost does not detract from their merits when used for solving the security of protected sites. Such a system of direct data cable connection in this case may flow in both directions, allowing the user to not just passively receive information but also to control the camera by tilting it to one side or another, turning in the right direction, increasing or decreasing the size of images and perform other similar functions. There are also other ways of transmission signals (eg microwave, infakrasnoe radiation, etc.) but they are not yet widely spread Monitors Monitor is device that converts a video signal into an image (assuming the exact same camera that is fixed when shooting). Some systems allow you to transfer images to a normal television receiver or monitor computer, but usually uses special color or monochrome monitors. Typically, a color camera is used in conjunction with color monitor, especially if it is necessary to have a picture in real time, but this solution does not always produce the best results.

For example, monochrome monitors have a resolution of approximately two times higher than the color and, therefore, in some conditions (eg low illumination of the subject) give a much clearer picture. Size. The standard screen size may be 9 '(23 cm), 12' (31 cm) 17 "(43 cm), and 20 '(50 cm) inches. This figure corresponds to the distance between the opposite diagonal corners screen. The user can give the impression that monitors small screens offer a clearer picture, but you should always take into account the distance from which the user looks at the screen in normal conditions.

Blu Television

The unequivocal answer to the question of what television is better to buy, no. The first thing you need to decide what will be used for TV – to show movies in DVD, watching TV, you get to using the house antenna or satellite TV, a computer screen. Depends on this choice of model. Movies with lots of scenes of car chases, fights better displayed on plasma TVs. A television signal (good quality) accurately reproduce the LCD screen.

Another important point – the size of the screen. If you can afford the huge screen size with polsteny, it does not guarantee that you will get what they wanted. Have value of the distance from which you watch TV, and the size of the room. Also, do not buy the TV for a year – twice. Must take into account technology, which is in its infancy, and a couple of years may be accepted standard. So far, the national television stations broadcast in a format not HDTV, and video disks in superkachestve (formats Blu-ray or HD-DVD) just gaining market share. However, many satellite channels already broadcast a picture high resolution.

DVD-format, too, soon will replace the newer formats. Please note that not all of the panels with the logo HD-ready actually support it. You can choose an ordinary flat TV with integrated HDTV-tuner that takes video and HDTV, "reduces" its quality to standard definition. This HD-TV should have a real resolution of at least 1280×720 pixels or better – 1920×1080 pixels. Response time. Liquid-crystal technology matrix such that its particles are not immediately respond to the signal sent. The sooner – the better. Otherwise, dynamic scenes, say, car chases, you would be "torn" and blurry. In summary: Pros LC: Long-term life. More robust display of static images Lower power consumption. Pros "plasma": The higher the contrast more vivid colors.