Technology and Water Consumption

Of all the water consumed worldwide, 67% is used for agriculture and 19% for the industry. With this new method will replace a large percentage of industrial production and moved much of agriculture greenhouses. In addition, domestic water can be treated and recycled to nanoscale physical filters that can eliminate 100% of bacteria and viruses. Thus, water consumption would be reduced at least by 50%. The molecular nanotechnology will make computers less expensive and more powerful for medical research and could regulate the taking of drugs by continuous and intelligent administration of the dose. For transport, this science will achieve the use of vehicles with less weight thanks to nanomaterials, lighter than at present.

Computers and mobile phones could be affordable for the poorest people in the world. It could also lead built enough processing capacity to create voice interfaces for illiterate users. Nanotechnology facilitate digital connections worldwide, which would be a huge step towards redressing the digital divide. One of the main keys to understanding nanotechnology is which offers not only better quality products, but a manufacturing process that improves the current level of cost, pollution and space. However, there are only advantages. The enormous impact of nanotechnology may become a double-edged sword if mankind is not ready to face these major changes or prevented for the risks may involve: increased production of weapons and surveillance equipment due to its low cost, over- Cheap products can damage the environment, the possible proliferation of black markets who traffic young as nanofabricas products, etc. In addition, recent scientific studies have shown that components of nanotechnology as nanotubes could threaten human health.

The graphite sheets that are made could cause a cancer that affects the lungs, according to a report published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology. The company unknowingly assists a technological revolution that, if it meets expectations generated and can eliminate the risks of use, lifestyles will change in a radical way. Only a matter of time because as A computer Can Make copies of data files-Essentially as many copies as you want at little or no cost.pequeno lies the mystery and the mysterious man moves. Rocio Ruiz-Calero Journalist

Cataloging Data

Find a good profession in our time – the most important goal for all of us. Maximize the ability to realize the potential and how to get the biggest financial success – it is able to be more important? Especially in Nowadays, when state enterprises are more often claim not only the vacancy, but rather about the upcoming reductions. But every one of us, who for some reason looking for the post – in connection with closing the proceedings or even the desire to acquire the profession more than he has at this moment – gets a chance to pick up really relevant personal abilities place of work. The real practice shows – work in , Kiev, there! It is important only to find it true. What are the rules for selecting the best job? First and foremost, is to look systematically and without interruption. In this case in particular I would like to – on information database, which collected as soon as possible to more suggestions.

Of course, for those who would seek to find an adequate job in a particular firm – even though such a little – the right thing to pay attention on such ads from working with the staff service organization. When the same question can be no child support and social status, and about career and economic growth, it is the involvement of complete electronic database is the most effective. For the employer the most convenient is to place data on the positions it is important to catalog data. After all, it is clear that the work in Kiev and Kiev lure extremely large number of candidates. Clearly, if an organization has a working office with the candidates, they may pay particular attention to the summary of the candidates, which are located in the same database. and Yet often it can require a long and meticulous work, big waste of time and effort. That's because that often agents of employers decide to go the path of least resistance – advertise on office and study obtained in response to candidates' resumes. Hence, the search for a vacancy in any desired region can begin to view the existing posts and writing a summary for each of them.

Of course, the summary is usually writes to standard laws, and it even allowed to use in mass e-mail newsletter on all relevant positions. However, work in or Kiev will be a more significant measure of the opportunities offered candidates who may not have difficulties with housing in such areas, and at the same time may offer some experience in the required field. Even if some jobs the applicant is not present the same job, it is important that the proposed summary listed all of the knowledge of the candidate's life experience. Only if the proposed summary will be detailed – but not too detailed – the employer will pay attention not only to the primary list of places of work, but also on other features and capabilities. In order to find work that is best able to meet least skills and opportunities necessary to learn a new profession – the candidate. And this absolutely not a joke, and extremely valuable set of skills. How to create a resume, how to behave at an interview – the knowledge and skills in this industry are extremely important in order to get a seat. A professional knowledge – in order to keep there.

Dr.Web 5 Portable

Dr.Web (Doctor Web) – one of the most famous and popular domestic anti-virus programs. It is a powerful anti-virus, with very frequent updates of antivirus databases. Has a heuristic that allows a high degree of the probability of detecting unknown viruses. The main pluses Dr.Web: – Powerful tools for detection of both known and unknown viruses. – Using the unique testing techniques can detect viral attack stage of penetration. – Cure of infected files, not just their block or delete.

– Timely completion of the antivirus database. – Compact updates. – The small size of the distribution of anti-virus program. – Small amount of consumed system resources and the opportunity to work even on older models of computers. – Intuitive interface.

Unique assembly Dr.Web: Integrated software for database updates from the official site, bypassing the validation key (update in the background every hour or on demand) Build fully portable, all paths are relative to both the scanner and monitoring program and to update the database (ie the folder DrWeb can be placed anywhere) to install SpIDer Guard (monitored in real time) and AutoUpdate – run the file ! Instal.exe, and all the way to the bases and the scanner is already registered and are relative. Rebooting the system is not required. From functional anti-virus removed all but a file scanner and monitor. From anti-virus signatures are excluded potentially unwanted programs (HackTools, RiskyWare) This portable scanner antivirus Dr.Web, which after running 'magic' file turns into a full-fledged anti-virus with real-time protection and automatic database updates. Language: Russian Tablet: a key to 01.22.2011

Autostart From A Mobile Phone .

Many motorists choose car alarm with obatnoy bond (with pager) try to find and select the car alarms as much as possible with a greater range of action, on the same car alarm on the box says 1000 km, and on the other even 1500 km, all these distances are measured somewhere far away from the field, radio interference and power lines, in reality, the range of all modern car alarms in urban areas about 300-400 meters for example from 25 ground floor to the entrance, it is restricted to the small size remote control transmitter and battery should stick. But do not be upset, for lovers of long-range connection, many manufacturers began producing firms and sale of car alarms with the function to connect the gsm module. When you connect the gsm module to a car alarm you will be able to fully manage and control the car alarm from his mobile phone and receive cmc messages about the causes and areas of operation of car alarms on your mobile phone within range of its gsm network operator ie will link you are always in touch with your car where ever you are in the country, in another city or even in another country. Sending and receiving messages to control the car alarms going through the communication channel gsm. Management of alarm systems interactively using commands entered from the telephone with direct dialing or sending sms messages. Execution or performance of any team is confirmed when you send a voice message or sms response, respectively. Control of car alarms and receive alerts triggered signaling during the invasion of the car. Signal transmission from the car alarm button on the phone programmed. Ability to listen to the car interior on and disarming car Pre-operative off or ground-level shock sensor Remote start and remote stop of the engine (for systems running the engine) Enabling (remote engine blocking) request the current state of car alarm notifications, sent by the module when an alarm is triggered: Dial the programmed number and notification of opening doors, hood, trunk, ignition is switched on, off the parking brake or foot brake is pressed, firing the level of shock sensor and additional sensors Russian-language voice message alert about opening doors hood, trunk, turn on the ignition, turn off the parking brake or foot brake is pressed, triggers the ground-level shock sensor and additional sensors sms message c Russian-language text of the notification disconnecting the battery or the battery voltage drops below a certain threshold by SMS

Spain People

A new concentration for the day of reflection on Saturday is called. The protests and the vote for the next 22-M. LIST: The best slogans VIDEOS of the mobilizations. As if it were of the groundhog day, the Puerta del Sol returns to live this Thursday the same scene that in these past days.

Thousands of outraged the movement 15-M people have returned to filling the square to ask for changes in society and the political organization in Spain. Time: again eight o’clock in the afternoon. But before that moment the accesses to the place were already collapsing. Everything after a full day of meetings in which the camps have decided to stay indefinitely concentrates in the plaza, even after Sunday’s election. They have also summoned a new manifestation for the day of reflection Saturday. Also fly over the decision that the Board take in the environment Election Central, gathered from 17.00 hours at the Congress to discuss the convening of these concentrations. The outraged is clear, continue with their protests and their claims regardless of the adopted opinion. Camping is going to continue to say what they say the Electoral Board.

It is one of the slogans that Korean in the Puerta del Sol and many followers of this mobilization which repeated from Twitter. Same thing happened Wednesday when the Provincial Board of Madrid decided not to authorize the manifestation of Sun: deaf ears. Even so, note that all persons gathered in the plaza are quieter in previous days. They shout, but less. They displayed their banners, but also less insistently. The shadow of the possible banning of the Central Electoral Board weighs. In addition, continued problems with the telephone network, very saturated to make calls or connect to Internet from the plaza. That Yes, not missing the pans, while roofs are busy of curious people. The campers camp He is appreciated thanks to the giant blue tarps that cover it. Not missing the police, although there is less than on Wednesday. Ask the DNIs nor record bags and backpacks. The statue of the bear and the Madrono, the Plantigrade wears a flag with the colors of the Rainbow with the symbol of the Sun camp and posters with legends can be read on his pedestal as the future is now, take the street so that they cannot silence us, all power for assemblies or less police and more intelligence. Video clips at Ustream en Barcelona in Barcelona, from seven o’clock in the evening the plaza Catalunya was a hotbed of people. More than a thousand people of all ages were in place, as it could see An en of protest was planned late in the afternoon. Most of them said they were going to stay at the plaza at least until Sunday despite what they told the Central Electoral Board. In Seville, Zaragoza, Murcia, Salamanca and Valencia, among other cities, repeated the same scenes that in Madrid and Barcelona. Many people are still camping in the main squares and with the intention to continue them indefinitely. Source of the news:: Sun continues to bring together thousands of people despite what you say the Central Electoral Board.

Computer Connections

In addition, connect the camera is easier, without any extra wires that extend from the monitor to the computer. Connectors for filing video, audio connections and built-in USB-hub on the back panels and oriented downward. A pair of usb connectors are mounted on the left side of the case, the same place where headphone output. A third usb located at the top – it is designed specifically for your camcorder. In general, everything is organized very convenient and logical.

Detected on the monitor cabinet speakers are not so easy. They are on the bottom and facing downward. Management functions of the monitor control buttons – mechanical, placed on a monitor on the right and not stand out general style. Only five keys, two of them by default adjust speaker volume, there is also a button will automatically adjust the picture for an analog signal, the button to enter the menu key and enter, which does not only the function of statements, but also lets you quickly switch between video inputs. All the buttons are large in size, pressing is clearly recorded and tactile feel. Control Menu – a color that is pleasant to look at, the font is large enough, easy to read with great distance. The menu is rich in sound settings, images and additional parameters. Management functions of the monitor, in our opinion, quite comfortable and ergonomic. Methods of testing Tests monitor, we conducted a computer with video card nVidia GeForce 9800GT at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Computer Hardware

Computer Hardware – a 90 per cent of your computer. As a rule, usually referred to a set of all the physical parts of a computer, without the inclusion of information and data that they present. This may be a video card, memory module, modem, motherboard, cpu cooler, hard drive, various fees, etc. It turns out that comparing the power of computers, we compare them to the stuffing, because the monitor, keyboard or mouse does not affect the performance of the computer itself. These parts are said to have a computer peripheral devices. Hardware influence the amount of information a computer can process and, at what speed. Each component parts is a small brick in the overall picture of performance, which gives us the appropriate software.

Modern programs show a gap, that is components that need to be replaced in order to get away from the computer the best performance. This is not a "divorce" of man, that he was buying and buying computer components. All computer components, when installed, should not cause conflicts with other equipment. Buying a faster processor, but having a small amount of memory, we get the classic swan, cancer, and pike. The computer may become even slower than it was. Components for computers becoming more affordable, take, for example, liquid-cooled, of which 10 years ago we could only read in magazines and see the long figure for such systems. Now, such computer components can be bought in the nearest computer store for quite a normal price. And remember, these dual-core processors? With them the situation is similar. Everything that we once could only see in tv or in the magazine became available and, quite possibly, is not the first year costs in your system unit. This all shows that computer components are becoming more affordable, thanks to rapid advances in technology. Improving the performance and price – falls.

Cloud Computing Backup

The online backup and storage in the cloud are every day safe and they are becoming essential. Is known that the benefits of software, saas and cloud computing (or cloud computing) are numerous, but if you want to really know? The reality is that the world of computing and technology is directed toward Cloud Computing, so that the customer pays only for what they need and forget about updates, since these are automatically. The software implementation is immediate and you only need a browser and internet connection. Companies are running all kinds of applications in the cloud, from CRM, ERP Software Business Management Software accounting, online business intelligence service BI, data capture Software in plant, application online of mobility that allows that the technicians of SAT, management properties, etc. Each day there are new Software Saas on Backup and storage, for example: backup Carbonite online backup their unlimited of simple, safe way.

The backup is performed automatically on your PC or Mac. Try it risk-free for 15 days. IDrive is an intuitive interface that will provide you with the selection of files and folders to remote backup and restoration activities. Thanks to FilesOverMiles you can send files directly to other users (P2P) using your browser.

Computer Repairs

What you like computer hardware consists of a formidable army of a variety of electronic components, failure of one element can microscopically be the main cause of failure of a computer. A break here Multifunctional machines actually not difficult, just need to negligent attitude to her own. Say with absolute certainty that, in principle, absolutely all variants failure of computers is human factor, as the user is fully impossible. Often the failure of a personal computer could in principle be caused by power surges in the power failure in the transformer substation. However, despite these variations directly, we must note that mostly all versions of the sentence of his computer equipment 'shall' in person by the user, in addition, significant differences do not exist, it would be own computer or laptop, or the same computer office equipment. Follow others, such as Ray Kurzweil, and add to your knowledge base. Negligence of any person in a position to eventually lead to an all-consuming disaster, such as man-made, and a failure of personal computer in addition to all, even more. For example, it is difficult to explain the actions of a man who casually throws in basket important file and then for a long time wondering, actually, the reason that it pc or laptop can not boot. Much to our regret to the full often faulty personal computer and laptop in reality is the lack of resistant virus program, in addition, with the pc user is a regular visitor to the global Internet.

In the ultimate personal computer or notebook occupy any viruses, or more precisely Malware, and as a result of their active work to save your pc or laptop will actually result in a full format the hard drive, while at full strength, it is clear what happens to has information on directly to disk. In some cases, to bring whatever personal computer or laptop is able to down the absence of mandatory, routine maintenance, a certain part property is in any case must be clean boards and interior surfaces of a personal computer or laptop from the explicit dust. In principle, from school must be aware that the actual dust carries electric charge, and, in turn, its presence on the motherboard can actually be a cause short circuits between certain parts and subsequently spoil board and, accordingly, the entire computer. When This is not uncommon when grossly err, actually that is what is now servicing, cleaning alone computer or laptop by their own efforts or trusts are not qualified professionals. As a result of a personal computer or laptop itself after a given service is not included.

In principle, solve any problems with the computer in isolation to produce repair of computers, specifically as individuals, including elementary and companies without any additional complexities. Say, for instance, in order to place an order for laptop repair is sufficient to refer to a special services that provide this service. Directly to residents of the capital of Russia and the Moscow region and it can be issued through the internet web, looking at the organization's website for the complete repair of computers. In addition to this fully permissible to order the employee to your home or office. In principle, there is an opportunity for firms to make long-term contract for regular maintenance of computers and laptops.

Computer Screen Monitor

Computer work involves constant eye contact with the surface of the screen. Obviously, it is necessary to ultimately reduce the burden on the eye, in order to extend the safe time and not the main cause of fatigue sensory apparatus of man. Following the relatively simple rules, this effect can be achieved. To ensure good quality work, you need to choose the correct size of the monitor screen and its type. Surprisingly, and so many "not on the eyes" modern LD and plasma.

It is connected with the physiology of the eye, and should not try to overcome itself. Simply return to normal screen. In any case, when working with monitor equally increase the burden on eyes as a bright background light and total darkness. If the monitor is relatively light sources so that part of the screen or full screen "illuminates" it should in some way shut out natural light: blinds on the windows, thick curtains, shielding of the monitor and so on. At night, to make space for the monitor was slightly highlighted, and the reflected light – the specialists in ophthalmology ago already recommended backlight for TV. No less important is the very position of the screen relative to the eye working.

It is imperative that the center of the working field were right on the horizontal line of the eye or slightly below. If you have to work to lift up his eyes, eye muscles tense up unnecessarily, that quickly causes fatigue and reduces efficiency. The distance to the screen surface of the pupil should not be less than half a meter, but it is, as you know, depends on the size of the screen and the features of view. If possible, choose a font or image size should be favored increased – this reduces load on the eye, which, accordingly, increase the time-free with this type of screen.