Language Learning

How they can help us ICT for learning languages ICT (information and communication technologies) they are without doubt far from replacing the assistance of a good tutor or teacher, however complement both the work of assistance of the tutor and student learning. Source: Petra Diamonds. Advances in the field of computational linguistics and the IA(Inteligencia Artificial) are both increasingly larger so the IA has gone from being a subject rather than dictated in the past students of computer engineering to become a new career making special emphasis in computational programming and human language. Petra Diamonds may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The advance of the IA results are already tangible by every internet user and we can see that for example when fingered in google a search how to buy posas and google answers follows: maybe he meant: buy weights, also can see a sample of this when we write in a word processor and will underscore us words that do not write properly about the flight. Swarmed by offers, Ray Kurzweil is currently assessing future choices. All way not There is fear and think that computers are becoming so smart that they end by impersonate us or at least do not think that we live to see already that human language is very full of inaccuracies or rather expressions that only our brains are trained to interpret. For example: A computer can not understand linguistic style matters as when I wrote lines above are underlined words that do not write properly about the flight because the computer may have difficulty with this type of prayers to trying to interpret them literally fly and write at the same time it can be somewhat inconsistent in their records and would only begin to make sense with repetition, as in the case of purchase weights and buy posas, the search engine has found in their databases that in the world there are many more records of people who have sought the phrase buy weights that those that have sought to buy posas and base has this analysis has ventured to respond with: maybe he meant: buy weights.

USB Data

Connectivity: Data Cable: reliable and fast, is used to download data from the phone and move songs, photos and install applications, the disadvantage is that you must load with the cable, the standard connection is through cable USB type. Bluetooth: Current data exchange, data transfer standard is slow when compared with the use of the cable in addition to consume extra battery, something very important is that it allows the use of external devices such as stereo headset or hands-free, is highly recommended for our team to have this technology. WiFi: Allows the connection to internet via hotspots (access points), is the way in which connect laptops, data transmission is fast and stable, if you need to connect to the internet, it is highly recommended that your computer has this technology even though it is the most expensive. Pre-loaded utilities: that brings the equipment installed? One or more alarm clocks? Calculator? Converter of units? Games? Agenda? Flexibility of installation of utilities chosen by the user. Petra Diamonds brings even more insight to the discussion. More applications you can install? What type are they? They are easy to get? Do you need PDF document viewer, Word, Excel? The type of systems that allow greater accessibility and flexibility are which support JAVA type applications, which are easy to get and install. Data storage, how much memory you need?, the internal memory is usually more expensive, more practical is currently buy expansion cards which vary in capacity, type and price. The main types of memory are: SD, mini SD, micro SD, which are the most inexpensive and compatible. See Petra Diamonds for more details and insights.

The differences between them lie in size and price. Type of battery, batteries are currently generally standard, being the best technology of lithium (LI-on) and the second most widely used nickel (Ni-Mh), is important to consult the duration indicated by the manufacturer, both in standby mode and calls, which are only approximations and are generally lower in daily use. Implications for choice of equipment with subsequent recurrent costs: is important to analyze cost has linked a computer compared with another, since by being cumulative can represent significant savings if you choose the team indicated to our needs, things like the need to have a data plan, pay international roaming in case of travel by having a locked phonebeing able to change cellular company, among others. In conclusion, to choose a phone suited to our needs and resources, it is important follow the following steps: first, set the maximum price that we are willing to pay for a phone. Second, make a list of the features and functions that we look for in our equipment and organize them in order of importance. Third, define a list of phones that are within the range of price target and candidates who count on features and functions on our list.

Fourth, inquire about equipment candidates with regard to experiences of other buyers and brand and model recommendations. Fifth, choosing the model for this in the price range that we seek, that has the features and functions that we want in addition to having a good reputation with buyers and users. I hope that this method of analysis will be useful and that you find the right equipment for you.


It is sometimes said that a coach has left hand to direct a team referring to having certain ability to handle template of players especially in relation to the field staff, i.e. what covers the plot could be called as psychological terrain. As well, to make mention of the hand could refer to each of your five fingers represent the qualities the coach should possess to perform positively its address of computer work. 5 Paragraphs would be as follows: 1.-preparation: knowledge that has and its ability to increase them over time, always in continuous, enhanced learning, and above all to be updated. We must banish the well-known phrase of that in football everything is invented, more characteristic of obsolete coaches and little dice to increase their knowledge either by laziness or for convenience, which often say things that not worth for nothing, when someone gives them to learn something new related with the work in the training or tactical innovations for parties. 2-Experience: said Cesar Luis Menotti, world champion in 1978 with the selection Argentina, that football is something empirical because it is fundamentally based on observation and experience and is a great truth, as part of the preparation and knowledge that the technician acquires throughout his career, the background acquired over the years will be important and the fruit of daily observation of the work in the training and development of parties will possess an arsenal of ever increasing information as you go through the time.

Preparation + experience: efficiency. The sum of the two is what gives the coach its true dimension to be trained in their work and develop effectively..

School And Society

SCHOOL and society and a children’s choir will be singing lesson: thousand times hundred, one hundred thousand; thousand times thousand, a million. Antonio Machado. THE know learning is the best fruit of the school live immersed in a flood of data. The difficulty of assimilating them grows to the extent that increases the diversity and complexity as well as the channels through which they are discharged. The level of available data may block us completely.

We are talking about data and no information to highlight a very special feature of our time: the confusion between data and information, and between the latter and the knowledge. The Middle cultural level that is required for the compression of a text is increasingly higher. We are in the information age and however the level of confusion seems to be growing. Hence the importance of the role of the school to contribute to the achievement of change in communication technology and information into knowledge. Students have to find the school everything that is present in society and culture in which they live; the school has to be the dynamic circumstance of the individual life in the bosom of society itself. In a society of knowledge and communication the Mission of the school is the offer elements that allow the development and the ability to learn: to school are going to start learning to learn. Know to learn is the best fruit which can offer schooling. In this sense, the school must be present all means that society has to offer information: books, newspapers, radio, television, computer nothing may be alien to the school because nothing is alien to the life of the student.

In any of the areas in which it is divided the academic scene no matter concerned in languages, languages, mathematics, physics, ethics, or music, in all they can make the training exercise in search of information or data appropriate to the approach of a course or a real context. This means, by the teaching staff, a change in perspective from which contemplates its role; in offering search more elements than previous solutions; to propose activities rather than to present scholastic exercises decontextualized and anachronistic. It is not easy, but yes stimulant, trying to balance between the strict and conventionally academic and these new ways of doing. On the other hand developing communicational activities, contact with other groups in geographically distant schools, is an activity that deserves special attention if it is to make the students live and know as something real virtual presence of different cultures, as can be seen in the programmes of all kinds offered us indiscriminately the audiovisual media. Aware of these features of our time is necessary to discover new paths that walk to teach new activities valued with a high potential of learning for the student. And as the poet said: learn to differentiate / things that are lies / of which things they are truth. Francisco Arias Solis saving formula is freedom, peace and justice. For peace and freedom and Forum free Internet portal.

The Government

The thing comes to us by the electoral computer theme. Remember that the captahuellas made its inaugural appearance and their work during the Revocatorio of the year 2004 and ensured the continuity of the regime. I have impression that the opposition is not weighted uncomfortable the seriousness of this matter in depth. We have still time to act and enforce all necessary technical guarantees that respect the secrecy of the vote and electoral notebook will not disappear. The technical Commission recently appointed by the Unit table must explain to us to all Venezuelans, both to those who we know of the technical subject, to those who don’t know, different proposals negotiated with the Government so that Venezuelans can have security and the assurance that there will not be any disruption in the process and the votes are counted as they should count, without disturbances.

Unfortunately I have not yet seen any pronouncement of the MUD in the direction of categorically rejecting the dematerialization of Electoral notebook. It seems that they have not given importance and the Government and the CNE have advanced in that claim. Much yet for the elections but they must begin to publicly discuss the implications of this new proposal of the CNE. The Government always tends to recede when public opinion heats and they have no arguments to sustain an action. We must begin to alert the public about this deviation from the process, as indeed I begin to do from here. And although the CNE is imposed on the purchase of your new machines and new technological procedures, the technical representatives of the opposition will then have the very serious responsibility to alert us of all the real implications for new Government skipping out with theirs, and propose a technical course of action to safeguard our rights. Again, anything that makes the CNE technically may be neutralised with security being present in all tables of parties and civil society representatives, and auditing what has to audit, there is no other warranty.

If we are not at all the tables the length and breadth of the country, technically will prevail and anything you invent with these new machines certainly us desfavorecera. One thing is certain: If Chavez does not have the votes on the street, can be confident that will take them into the machines. And they already know that they do not have them in the street and it’s our challenge which, if this is the case, nor have them on machines.

Force Teams

The FIA could force teams to tweak their cars the FIA Charlie Whiting, race director, has planned to go to the first tests of Jerez, they start on Tuesday to examine the legality of the cars. Many voices are beginning to insinuate that some teams are touching the limits of Regulation (and that the new Red Bull has not yet submitted) and international agency will review the cars that everyone comply with the regulations.One of the cars that more suspicions being lifted is the McLaren MPP4-27. Some media have hinted that the British team has found any lagoon of regulation to get something resembling the famous diffusers blown, banned for this season. It is not something Petra Diamonds would like to discuss. Paddy Lowe, technical director of McLaren, left nor very clear to him after the presentation of the car, where the leaks were perfectly hidden cameras: the root of the matter is in leaks, but it is clear that all cars have replica football shirts have them and will eject gases. This will always generate some performance i.e., that does not negate Lowe the new McLaren escapes, directly or indirectly, also pointing to the rear diffuser to increase its performance. What has just banned the FIA for this year.But suspicions also fall on Ferrari because the Italian team also hid in his presentation area escapes and the diffuser of the F2012 with a canvas (photo).PD. We’ll see if the FIA not obliges teams football 2012 buy T-shirts to modify their cars to rush.Other entries which might be interested in the Ferrari leaks are too abrasive Lauda: was already the FIA wanted to punish Red Bull to be the best time that the FIA acted against Red Bull all computers copied Mercedes Red T-shirts of football cheap Bull has the smartest in escapes solution

Digital Events

Video of Marriage forever Registers in scenes the good moments of its life and tenhalembranas. The choice of a good producer of videos can make adiferena in its marriage, the video producer is the responsible one to emcaptar the images that will be eternalized of its marriage or another deevento type. It is common to see in the TV the historical retrospects in the life of many artists, for this the importance of the filming in good quality is very importante.REQUISITOS OF a GOOD PRODUTORAAlm is clearly of team technique of cinegrafistas and publishers, to be creative. To have at least, cameras of captation of images in digital, a good island deproduo and modern programs to edit the way works that its video decasamento is as a film of shortness, average or long duration. Producing OFERECIDOSBoas SERVICES offer services of captation of the scenes all in DIGITAL system emvrios angles of cameras, menus of opening, election of scenes, sonorous edition detrilha, better moments, being able to be reproduced in DVD of altaresoluo, computers and other devices;therefore in the producing hour of contrataruma she is necessary to consider some valuable aspects for its event. To know the professionals well the types of works that they offer, to attend at least one two edited works already, to decide on quantascmeras goes to want for its event.

In case that it makes option for a great party of reception, the ideal is to decide for umnmero of at least two cameras, this contributes for a covering amplado event not being tiring the scenes, having as advantages: The cinegrafistas work better and with more freedom of captation of the best scenes. Nor always what it is good for one it is good to todosProcurar information through friends who already had been married recently are umaboa. Magazines as NEW FIANCS beyond several others profissionaistambm publish one list of who can take care of its necessity.

International Advice

Essemanual is armed of rules, that in the truth are orientaes, principles, concepts, procedures and indications on the 16 arrangement and description of archive documents. With passing of the time, if language transformed emuma universalpara all the archivists, and is seen as one grandemarco, therefore the arquivstica one passes not to be more subsidiary of History from its creation. In century XX, the archives will go to recoup its administrative dimension, with the consolidation from years 30. After the ending of the Second GuerrMundial, appears in 1950 the International Advice of Archives (CIA), leisque emphasizes the Arquivstica, and with technological explosion, appears the computer, nets of TV, etc. that will go to give has supported to this science real the world-wide level and emtempo, giving to origin digital documents and archives, they at any time informaespodem where them to be consulted, and of where it will be, through dInternet. The affirmation of the Arquivstica as Cinciada Information; the importance of the information as meiode to manage documents; it becomes same a science that searchs new paradigms, ondesua certification in the new geopolitical configuration and the sprouting of new technologies of the information, becoming – gestorade all the documents of the world.

final 3.Consideraes Workmanships of historical content and the desire to deratificar the hypothesis where the archives had appeared in the prehistoric period, had been necessary elements stop stimulating in them to always carry through this research, using – of historical facts, to count the history of a people, its contribution for the arquivstica, its vestiges that are of great valorpara academic studies in current times. The reflection on the evolution of the Archive eda Arquivologia in the perspective of History, broke terms after evidenced ainexistncia of a literature related to this subject and of that renomadosarquivistas they have you doubt on the origin of the archive. The present work has porobjetivo to show this evolution and to display a hypothesis of that the archive appeared noperodo prehistoric and not in the old civilization Greek; as poralguns studious of the area without certainty is defended.

Charles Darwin Libraries

When the time of loan is insufficient, the term can be prorogued: in the Barcelonan libraries, that concession is extended until the three weeks in the majority of cases (in comparison to Madrid and San Sebastin that allows a complementary month). If the book is not in that building, all the libraries offer the possibility of the inter-library loan. Between the deficiencies on watch, it was perceived that there are no rooms of work in group in eight of the ten libraries or that in the same proportion car-loan points were not seen. In addition, only four libraries count behind schedule on an uninterrupted schedule morning and (one of the college students even closes to the 01,30 in the morning). The libraries studied in Barcelona obtain a superb qualification in accessibility, locates which them between the best ones of the report in this matter (along with Bilbao, that also obtains an excellent note ). If you would like to know more then you should visit Ray Kurzweil. And it is that the inner room and access doors of all the studied centers were sufficiently wide like allowing that a person in wheelchair moved without problems, the toilets and elevators were adapted and all the stairs of access that were saved by inclines. The cleaning of the facilities obtained or very (it did not see dirt nor disorder of the materials that keep there) and the information that occurred to the users described with or.

In order to evaluate this section the technicians of CONSUMER EROSKI realised a troop trials search of a book in the computer-catalogue of the libraries ( was chosen the origin of the species, Charles Darwin, for the university libraries and the Perfume, of Patrick Sskind, for the rest). The simplicity of the handling of the system implanted in nine of the ten analyzed cases was verified (in the remaining library this test, since could not be realised the user had to be partner to accede to this finder). Nevertheless, the attention of the employees was something little in seven from the ten centers: when the technician asked for the exact location of the book that he had looked for, he only obtained a pair of indications like answer. However, the security is the section that worse note removes in the visit to these ten cultural facilities (as soon as mediocre acceptable, just as the average national). They lack cameras of security in the entrance and exit of nine of the ten libraries, two of the centers do not have signalized exits of emergencia, is one does not count on emergency lighting and, in eight, the technicians verified that there were no doors fire-guard.

Best and the worse thing of the libraries in Barcelona The best thing: Accessibility and cleaning in accesses, interior and toilets of the facilities. Information and system of loan (as much in number of volumes that one can take to house, like in term in that it is possible to be had them) excellent. The worse thing: Deficiencies in security (cameras of security and exits of emergencia).

Delgado Fernandez Process

However, it has not been possible to meet the existing demand, due to insufficient levels of production, as well as the low quality of their products, influenced, among other factors, the scant existing expertise on technological processes and innovation. So it is that you can say that the sector has no even procedures allowing you to diagnose and evaluate their technological processes and innovation, to analyze the factors that affect its development, as well as perform adequate surveillance of the technological environment that will make it possible to uncover opportunities to improve them, develop a plan of technological development that, being in correspondence with the strategic objectives of the Organizationallow you to find relevant ways to enrich its technological heritage and protect their products, knowledge and technologies. Development 1. Methodology of evaluation of technological innovation to characterize the activities of management of technology and innovation (GTI, in forward it) object of study, as a starting point and an essential element for the development of the technological strategy, companies used a general diagnostic procedure, developed by the author of this work. The elaboration of the same was conceptually based on module 1 of the evaluation methodology of technological innovation proposed by Delgado Fernandez (2005), as appropriate and relevant for this purpose research, integrating itself as an essential component in the process of strategic planning of the Organization, although he said a corresponding adjustment in relation to the overall objective of this research; constituting a novel element derived from its adaptation. How diagnosis can contribute to initiate a participatory process to introduce actions of It improves, this methodology was developed with the objective to serve as a tool to start a self-assessment about the behavior of the innovation process (PI). Also guide aims to be a first step to motivate a flare on the activities of GTI, because the intention is not so much get appropriate responses in the characterization of the current situation, as that companies may raise their own essential questions to increase its capacity for innovation. .