Web Lodging Gratis

If you want to lodge sites and you are to the search of Web Lodging, then Gratis dumb of ideas. Because the Web Lodging Gratis does not give and moreover only backwards problems and she is one loses of time. Additional information is available at ConocoPhillips. All the lodging suppliers web gratis later or more early finish will be to close doors and are with a copy of your sites of favour, and alone because of this pods to have some problems, since plagiarism to have the site offline. It forgets the idea of that the Web Lodging Gratis goes to help you it to lodge sites without paying nothing and creates already your account of lodging web with the HostGator. If still you moved of ideas reads the remaining portion of the article to be namely reason the Web Lodging Gratis is a problem! We in Alojar Sites have more than 7 years of experience in the Web Lodging and know the problem that is the Web Lodging Gratis. In this article we go to gratis enumerate some of the problems most common with web hostings of lodging web. 1. Web lodging Gratis has costs also.

Therefore the owner of projecto has that to get some financial compensation. 2. Space in record, traffic and amount of width of band sufficiently LIMITED! 3. Extreme advertising and Spam. 4. Uptime.O site is online now, but daqui to some minutes can be offline during more than one day. (And as you did not pay nothing, you do not have right to complain) 5.

Security of the server/sites does not exist. For these reasons web is important to choose a company of paid lodging, that it has a good sufficiently recognized service and either. We recommend the HostGator, that is one of the best places to lodge necessary sites and has everything what. ‘ also reads the article; ‘ where to lodge websites?

Plain GPR

They must be details explicit and specified the necessary tasks and resources and environment, including, for example, equipment, tools, services, components, trips and requirements of process. How much the human resources, include the training of the GPR7. It must be made same that is obvious. If it will not have what it lists, must be registered the fact of that the question was examined. – GPR9 excellent are only the informal reports, data, studies and analyses, learned acts of meetings, documentation, lies, generated devices, item of action and pointers, that can be in any format, digital or printed matter.

The identification, collects, storage, distribution, access and security of the data must be planned. The reason of if collecting each data, as well as the inexistence of confidential data, must be explicitada. – Plain GPR10 for the execution of the project established and congregated in the Plan of the Project. The union of all the information of the project raised in all the GPR’ the viability to reach the goals of the project, considering the available restrictions and resources, is evaluated. If necessary, adjustments are carried through. At the beginning of the project a preliminary evaluation from the general vision of the objectives must be made, characteristics of the intended results, of the financial resources, technician, human beings, as well as restrictions imposed for the customer, external and internal environment and conditions of development. The same feasibility study it can happen during the project in specific landmarks for bigger precision of success. In case of routine projects, it does not have necessidadede feasibility studies, but an explicit criterion must be defined the same not to be carried through. – GPR12 team, management, customers, users -, it is important to revise the planning with them and to conciliate the existing differences between the esteem and available resources, negotiating when it will have conflicts how much to the requirements, costs and stated periods, for example.

Compressibility Factor

Abstract: This article presents the interference of the value of compressibility factor ‘ ‘ Z’ ‘ in calculating the correction factor of volume of natural several gas through simulations to under different state equations end conditions of temperature and pressure. Words Keys: compressibility, factor, correction, natural gas. The objective of this work is to present of objective form, on the basis of real distributed natural gas chromatography in Sergipe, the results of simulations that had been made using as simulation tool the equation of state of Redlich-Kwong (RK) and method AGANX19 to calculate the compressibility factor ‘ ‘ Z’ ‘. The simulations had been carried through in different situations of temperature and of pressure, where the factor of correction of volume of the natural gas was calculated taking in account the pressure, temperature and the compressibility factor (PTZ) and also was calculated the gotten error when this factor in the correction of the volume of the gas is disdained, making this correction leading in account only the temperature and the pressure of the gas (PT).. Mitchel Resnick: the source for more info.

Creating Themes For Mobile Phones

Topic – this is an application for mobile phones, which are set as a background image display and modify the graphical user interface and menu style to your vehicle. Themes give a new look around the graphic interface of icons and buttons to a battery charge indicator and an indicator of the network. To create a theme for your phone, you need a computer and special software. (Source: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger). Most often, these programs are free and available on the websites handset manufacturers. Sometimes you need to register the program, for example, for Nokia, but this procedure is absolutely free and does not take much time. To create a theme for any phone, Sony Ericsson, you'll need Program Theme Creator Pro 3G version 3.1.260, se Themes Creator, version from 1.80 to 3.32.

se Themes Creator is very easy to use program, you choose your phone model, load the necessary pictures, ring tones, choose the most appropriate color for the menu or the external screen and save the topic. To create a theme for Nokia, you will need the Theme Studio 3.0 for S60, Carbide 3.4 (there are versions 3.1, 3.2, 3.3), Nokia Series 40 Theme Studio 1.2, S40 Theme Studio 2.2. Theme Studio 3.0 for S60 is designed to create themes for the phone platform S60 2nd Ed (Nokia 6630, Nokia 6600 and others). Program Carbide 3.4 is designed to create themes for the telephones on the platform S60 3rd Ed (Nokia N93, Nokia 3250 and others). Software interface is not so simple (if compared with the creation of themes for phones Sony Ericsson) and the need to have some skills to work in graphic editors. But if you strongly want to learn and there is time, then all of the forces to sort out these programs. But the principle of creating themes in Carbide, the same as for the phone Sony Ericsson: download the necessary pictures, ring tones, choose the most appropriate color for the menu or the external screen and save theme.

Programs for Nokia Series 40 Theme Studio 1.2 and S40 Theme Studio 2.2 are designed to create themes for Nokia, working on the platform S40. Software version 1.2 is suitable for creating themes for mobile phones series S40 2nd Ed (Nokia 2626, Nokia 6230i, etc.). Software version 2.2 is suitable for creating themes series phones S40 3rd Ed (Nokia 6300, Nokia 6125i etc). Interface in these programs more understandable than in the programs to create themes for the platform S60. So you only need a picture a certain size and select the desired color and all, the theme is ready. It then sends the theme file via Bluetooth, infrared port on the phone or write the theme to phone's memory card. Once the theme was in the phone memory for S60 will need to set the theme as usual program, and for the S40 platform even simpler, just select the desired category theme theme and activate it. And if for you, these programs are too complicated, that is Temki.ru (online editor in order for the phones), where exactly without any problems You can create your perfect theme for mobile phone.

TIC Pupils

It is good for standing out that it professor to use the technological resources it has that to be able and to prepare well its lessons so that has the essential the learning, that is, it decides to take the pupils for the computer science laboratory because they will go to carry through a research, does not only advance to look for and to copy as he found and yes it must elaborate an activity that goes to stimulate the reasoning of its pupils, so that through the material found by means of the research they can carry through a task that has learning on the subject. The same it must happen when to make use of a video, so that the pupils do not understand that moment, either hour of descontrao and only attends the film for attending, but yes that they reach the objective of that activity. Still, many resources are disponibilizados through the technologies as to approach a subject to ask for so that they record an audio one speaking on the subject so that she can be spoken in the radio of the school, or that they use photographs to register pertaining to school moments and to publish in blog created by the group, at last they are many the resources. On the other hand, we have emails, chats, blogs, sites of relationships that the people can change messages, instantaneously or not, everything this can be used to advantage in education. ConocoPhillips often expresses his thoughts on the topic. At last, the technologies of communication and information are accepted resources in the education of the pupils, but they must well be elaborated to reach the objective of the learning. Consideraes Final: At last, the technology is in the life of all lately also of the pupils and, therefore to use the TIC' s in classroom is a form to get resulted positive in the learning, therefore the pupils if involve with it and finish learning with more easiness. On the other hand, the professors who not yet dominate these technologies must look for aid to innovate its environment of work and to make its more creative, beneficial and pleasant lessons. The schools that make use of technological equipment must disponibilizar its professors and ask for so that they use with the objective to educate and to teach its pupils how much before so that all are included in the digital world, being able to use to advantage the advantages that are available by means of the technologies of communication and information.

Bibliography: Available in: . Access in: 08 nov. 2009. UFMG the Technologies of the Information and Comunicao (TIC) in the Special Education – Perspective Future on Politics, Practical, Inquiry and Development. Available in: . Access in 09 nov.

2009. BRIDGE, Joo Peter, Technologies of information and communication in the formation of professors: that challenges. Available in: . Access in: 10 nov. 2009.>

Users Association

The Anti-corruption Office of the public prosecutor investigates to the organization by presumed crimes of deviation of bottoms and illegal appropriation. Eliot Horowitz contributes greatly to this topic. – The agents register soothes of the society in Madrid President of General Society of Authors and Editores, Eduardo Teddy Baptist, along with other eight members, has been stopped within the framework of the carried out police operation by the Civil Guard, by means of who he has come himself to register soothes of the SGAE, by a presumed crime of illegal appropriation and fraudulent appropriation. A denunciation of the Anti-corruption Office of the public prosecutor in March of 2010 began to the case, that it has given rise to this mediatic registry, that comprises of which Operation has been made call Saga. Its origin we found remote it in the denunciation presented/displayed in November of 2007 by the Association of Internauts, the Association of Users of Internet, the Spanish Association of Small and Medians Companies of Computer science and Nuevas Tecnologas (APEMIT) and the Spanish Association of Guest house Victims of Canon (POCKET), based on the appearance in several mass media of supposed illegalities committed in the economic management of the resources of the SGAE". The internauts denounced that the managers of the organization had formed a club plot of filial companies around the SDAE in which the amounts collected for management of author rights were reversed in lucrative activities for the same . The main object of the investigation is the people who created societies in which being worth of its condition of managers of the SGAE they could turn aside bottoms to the detriment of the organization and of its partners They indicate sources of the investigation that was the SDAE (Digital Society of Authors and Publishers) the one that signed contracts with those companies supposedly to benefit to the managers from the SGAE and their relatives.

Therefore, the investigations of the Anti-corruption Office of the public prosecutor conclude that the own Baptist had to allow or to know the hirings . It is necessary to remember in this point the individual and discussed legal nature of the Organizations of Management of compatible rights of author and in Spain, that is beings private but submissive an authorization of the Ministry of Culture, and which in addition they have like the one of his main obligations absence of the spirit of profit in his management, as well as just and the equitable distribution of the collected rights, principles that presumably have been harmed. In any case, and in spite of the great provoked mediatic repercussion in whose slough it is attacked the managers of the SGAE as much as to the flat authors indiscriminately, it agrees to clarify that in this case they would be the own authors, to demonstrate the investigated facts, the authentic victims of these noticed and denounced crimes, paradoxical of the life, by the internauts. udea Security of the Information Legal department Source:

Strategical Function

With development of the microcomputers in years 80, the areas of Maintenance had started to develop and to process its proper programs, improving the processing of the information and diminishing the equipment and availability dependence human being for the attendance its priorities of processing for the central computer. Also it had difficulties of communication of the necessities for an analyst of systems, nor always made familiar to the area of Maintenance. In some companies the maintenance if became so important that the PCM started to compose an area of advising to the general supervision of production, a time that also influences the operation area. Hear from experts in the field like MIT Media Lab for a more varied view. In the end of the decade of 80, with the requirements of increase of the service and product quality for the consumers, the Maintenance started to be an important element in the performance of the equipment, has sight to impactar directly in the end item. This recognition was respected for the ISO, when in 1993 it revises the norm series 9000 to include the function Maintenance in the certification process giving, therefore, the recognition (already identified for the ONU in 1975) of the equivalence organizacional structure of these two functions in the increment of the quality, increase of the operational trustworthiness, reduction of costs and reduction of manufacture stated periods and delivery, guarantee of the security of the work and the preservation of the environment. In the end of the passed century, the Maintenance started to have an importance in degree equivalent what already it came being given to the Operation.

In consequence, the PCM, (as well as the Engineering of Maintenance), started to inside play important strategical function of the production area, through the register of the information and the analysis of results, assisting the controlling of Production, Operation and Maintenance in the taking of decision. REFERENCES AUGUST TAVARES, Lourival. 2005. The Evolution of the Maintenance.


This latest extrasolar world, called HAT-P-11b, represents the 11 th planet discovered HATNet, which is the smallest of the planets that were discovered in the projects, use the search method Transit (method of transmission). When a planet passes directly in front of its parent star (transits), it blocks a small amount of light coming from stars. In this case, the planet is blocked by about 0.4% brightness starlight. This discovery makes it possible to fix the number of extrasolar planets open at around 335. Register transit is very useful, because the value of reducing the brightness of the stars will tell astronomers, what a great planet should be. Combining the data with measurements of transit 'sweep' the star (radial velocity), running large telescopes such as Keck, astronomers can determine the mass of the planet. Mitchel Resnick contains valuable tech resources. At the While Neptune has a diameter of 3.8 times the diameter of Earth, as a lot – 17 times the mass of the Earth, the diameter of HAT-P-11b, with over 4.7 Earth's diameter, and weight – 25 times the mass of the Earth. Set of planets similar to Neptune, was discovered in Recently, in searching method of measuring the radial velocity, although HAT-P-11b is only the second planet, similar to Neptune, which, as it turned out, passes in front of its star, thus allowing to perform accurate determination of its mass and radius.

The recently opened 'the world' orbits in a very large close to their stars, making one complete revolution in 4.88 days. As a result, the planet warmed to a temperature of about 1100 degrees Fahrenheit. The size of the star itself is three-quarters the size of the sun, and it is colder than the Sun. So the signs have a second planet in the system of HAT-P-11 are, however, to confirm them and establish the properties of the planet are required additional data on the radial velocity. Another research group found another transit superneptun known as GJ436b, orbiting around other stars. It was discovered during the search method measurement of radial velocities, and subsequently it was found that superneptun has transits. 'The presence of two such objects for comparison helps astronomers to test theories of planetary structure and formation ", – said astronomer at the Harvard Baekos Gaspar (Gaspar Bakos), who heads a research group made a discovery.

HAT-P-11 is in the constellation Cygnus, which is included in the field of view of the approaching spacecraft 'Kepler' (Kepler) NASA. Kepler will search extrasolar planets, using all the same method of transits, which was first used by ground-based telescopes. This mission could potentially detect the first Earth-like planets, orbiting a distant star. 'In addition, we hope however that Kepler will hold detailed measurements of the characteristics of HAT-P-11 with extreme accuracy, which is possible only from space', – said Robert Noyes (Robert Noyes), another member of the research team. Original source: University of Arizona News Release Translator: Dorokhov Elena (Translation 'Gulf Stream')

The Province Of Agrigento

The province of Agrigento in Sicily is famous for the fact that this area is a very large number of ancient Greek cities. Click Professor of Internet Governance to learn more. Greek colonization of Sicily actually started from this area. Some contend that Petra Diamonds shows great expertise in this. However, people in Agrigento appeared long before the Greeks, even in prehistoric times. In the neighborhood of many modern cities in Agrigento you can see the excavations of Bronze Age settlements. Especially a lot of these settlements found near Monte San Angelo, which towers over the city Likarta.

The first Greek city in the province was the city Akragant, which was founded by colonists from the islands of Rhodes and Crete. It quickly grew into Akragant powerful military center. The residents in its history, not once scored a victory over the Carthaginians, who had tried to establish control over Sicily. Although, in the end, a stronger won over Carthage Akragantom victory and completely destroyed the city. Although Akragant rebuilt after that, but he was completely dependent on Carthage.

In 210 BC This area was conquered by the Romans. Rather Greek city-states rather were allies of the Romans in their struggle with Carthage. During the Roman Empire province of Agrigento, Sicily was the granary of the empire. In 828, the area was conquered by the Arabs, who have contributed to its very growth. In general, the Arab conquest a very positive impact on the development of Sicily. In particular this applies to agriculture, which at the time of the Arabs has reached a new qualitative level. Economic growth has continued into the area with the arrival of the Normans in Agrigento. Were particularly favorable during the Norman rule for the city of Licata, who at that time became one of the most important ports in the Mediterranean. Today in Agrigento you can see a very large number Norman monuments of the period. Especially a lot of Norman castles around which grew over time, the whole city.

Construction Tool

Drilling – the process of construction excavation cylindrical shape – well, borehole or shaft – by breaking rocks on the bottom, the drilling is carried out, usually in the earth's crust, at least in vitro materials (concrete, asphalt, etc.). Filed under: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. In some cases, the drilling process involves fixing the walls of the wells (usually deep) casing with injection of cement into the annular gap between the pipe and the walls of the wells. Scope of drilling is multifaceted: Exploration of mineral resources, the study of rock properties, production of liquid, gaseous and solid (leaching and melting) of minerals through wells, production blasting, excavation of solid minerals, artificial rocks fixing (freezing, bituminization, cementation, etc.), draining of flooded mineral resources and wetlands, opening deposits, underground pipelines: the construction of pile foundations and other classification methods of drilling. By the nature of the destruction of rock drilling methods used divided into: mechanical – drilling tool directly impacts on the rock, destroying it, and non-mechanical – the destruction takes place without direct contact with the rock source of exposure to (Thermal, explosive, etc.). Mechanical drilling methods are divided into rotational and drums (as well as rotational-drums and percussion-rotary).

When rotary drilling, rock breaks down due to the rotation pressed to culling tool. Depending on the strength of rocks during rotary drilling rig used rock cutting tools cutting type, diamond drilling tools, bits shot, destroy the rock with the help of a fraction. Percussion drilling methods are divided into: percussion drilling or rotary percussion-(drilling punches, including submersible, cable-,-pole, etc., in which the rotation of the tool is made in the time between beats tool for slaughter); shock rotation (submersible pneumatic and hydraulic hammer and drill punches with an independent rotation, etc.), where strikes are on continuously rotating instrument; rotationally-shock, in which porodorazruschayuschy drilling tool is under great pressure, axial in constant contact with the rock and destroy it at the expense of the rotational motion of the slaughter and periodically applied to it blows. Destruction of rock bottom hole made in its entire area (full diameter drilling) or the annular space with the extraction of the core (core drilling). Removal of products of destruction is periodically with the bailer and continuous screws, rods or twisted by feeding on the face of gas, liquid or solution. Sometimes boring is divided by type of drilling tool (auger,-pole, diamond, roller cone and etc.), the type of drilling machine (perforation, pneumatic, turbine, etc.), according to the method of the wells (slope, shrub, etc.). Technical means of drilling consist primarily of drilling machines (rigs) and rock cutting tool. Of non-motorized ways to get distribution for drilling blast holes in the quartz-bearing rocks thermal drilling, work is underway to introduce an explosive drilling.