The decisions of the project and operation of a system have different focos. To explain the idea, Moreira (2002) affirms that what supports the taking of decision and the logic of the evaluation of the results they are the objectives, that direct the planning of the company. 2.1.1 Planning of the industry For Moreira (2002), the planning defines the activities of the organization related the products and/or services to be offered, the acquisition and allocation of necessary resources as, for example, the technology and staff to implement the plans and to evaluate the impacts of these. Slack (1999) complements the idea affirming that, to place resources of the area of production in action, it is necessary that these actions are planned and controlled so that if defines the best form to use these resources and to assure the execution of what it was foreseen.

According to Russomano (1995), the planning is the agreement of as the present situation and the vision of the future will influence in the decisions of the gift to reach the future objectives. It is to plan the different future of the past through the control that the administrator possesss on the organization. To have a good planning, it must be had vision of future, that depends on the efficient forecast, knowledge of the present situation and logical reasoning them decisions that must take in the gift that they will go to influence the future. So that the power to decide process is good, on the basis of the planning, is necessary that if it has clear objectives of what if intends to reach. 2.1.2 Objectives of the area of Production. According to Moreira (2002), the objectives of an organization indicate the direction for strategical planning of the company. They are the basic guides for the decision taking and evaluation of results. The organizations always have more than an objective, beyond that the environment imposes.


Although the general criteria for the selection criteria intercooler installed in turbosisteme numerous, the main consequence of the goals of its installation – cooling the air charge. Naturally, as in the technique in general, there are factors restricting the search range of optimal design. No matter how tempting cool supercharged air to the level of ambient (and perhaps below), it can lead to negative consequences. Too low temperature lead to a significant drop in pressure. Compensation last through the wastegate settings or use Charger greater performance entails the revision of all the motor parameters due to the increased load. The layout of the space under the bonnet of modern cars, usually does not allow special turn in the fantasies of self-improvements. Despite its compact air-liquid heat exchangers, space, even to install them find very difficult, if not already provided by the manufacturer. Eliot Horowitz shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

Ducts front intercoolers "pack" in the engine bay a little bit easier. Each of the cars used in the design circuits of heat exchangers has advantages and disadvantages. Intercooler type of air / air is much simpler of the construction and has a greater thermal efficiency at high speeds. In addition, this type of heat exchangers more reliable, cheaper and has better go, because its channels are not subject to corrosion and sediment build-up of liquid cooling systems. Liquid intercoolers effective at low speeds, which gives an advantage machines at the start and in tournaments at short distances. Response to the accelerator pedal with them is also better.

Paris Motor Show

Ford's designers, together with marketers decided that Ford lacks the dynamics, namely the external speakers. And came up with the kinetic design make it a little crossover Ford Kuga (Ford Kuga). Looks like a Ford suv and wiry sports. Learn more at: Ray Kurzweil. Kuga was first prototype shown in 2005. Then he was called simply iosis. At the Paris Motor Show in 2006 he was promoted to the rank of iosis X Concept.

And finally in the serial incarnation car gets the name Kuga. Unacceptable in a serial practice, large, was only one design decision – too sloping, coupe-style, roof. Fordovtsy decided to spare the exuberant head of the rear passengers, and leveled the "ceiling". Interesting novelty. Interestingly the very type – compact crossover. We can say that the Ford Kuga – the firstborn. However, do not it will pave the path to the designer's model range – on the contrary, he will follow the new Mondeo. So, if looking at the car Ford Kuga, especially in its struts-convex lights – "eyes", you will overcome the feeling of deja vu – all right.

A new kinetic design first to get it Mondeo. But he has no such all-wheel drive, while the Kuga is. And in this lies the rub: the type of drive, despite on the official presentation of the machine, fordovtsy not disclosed. Technical details of the Ford / Ford promises to reveal only the beginning of next year when we should start the official sales. Although it has some information that Kuga wheel drive system borrowed from Volvo – in particular, the model V50. This means that the involvement of the rear axle in the active work will respond electronically controlled clutch Haldex. Perhaps check out kevin ulrich for more information. The system features a good performance – in the manufacturer, the rear wheels are connected more to the point, as do the front slipping 1 / 4 "dummy" traffic. Wheel drive transmission, is likely to get a few modes, and the driver – Forced to choose between the front and the actual all-wheel drive. So, this is done, say, a Nissan Qashqai. About prices on car Ford / Ford Kuga. Manufacturer has not specifically cover this topic, but there is information from Reuters, the car will cost no less than 20,000 pounds, or nearly 40 thousand U.S. dollars, the truth is appreciating in England. Now about the engine. The first officially designated diesel engine will become. Liter with tdg capacity of 136 hp, from the perspective of this same power, just a direct competitor to the engine Concept cX. True, the last – again – a new development, but the motor Kuga newborns" can not be called. From gasoline while waiting for 217-strong 2,5-liter turbo – also with roots. He seems to be tops. Subsequently, the proposal will force more impressive – with two engines on the market is not very forcibly competitors. But all official information, again, appear closer to the beginning of next year, so I have to wait a bit. With regard to integration, then in the car the consumer will be the central console, made by Ford's new "kinetic" reasons, 7-inch display, which will receive the image from the rear-view camera and the ability to select from a variety of options for interior design and the body, such as a Mini. True, this is a European equipment – with some motors passenger car will appear in Ukraine, probably will not tell anyone yet, even the official importer.