Light Aviation

Flowmeter (with the dispenser) is designed for installation in vehicles sprayed fields chemicals, ultra low volumes (ULV). In particular, can be installed on machines having a board voltage from 9 to 16 volts, ie, automotive power. In our time, a widespread technique which make ulv (ultra low volumes) is the als (Ultra Light Aviation), ultralights, aircraft and land vehicles (any kind of lunar rover):) Name device already speaks for itself and serves to calculate the actual instantaneous flow rate in liters per hectare as well as sumarnogo fluid flow. It’s all about flow! And finally the main function of the device – this dosage liquid, or chemical solutions per hectare for a given preset. As you work all the presets can be easily modified. In the presets you can set the speed at which it only needs leash for the shedding of chemical solutions while standing on one place when driving speed is taken from the testimony of a gps module built-in dispenser. Just not a few important parameter is preset width.

Dosage happening in two ways 1-d) The main method of control duty-cycle voltage applied to the himpompu (shown in a very good side), 2 nd) Managing electro-cock The panel has 5 buttons (design of the case and buttons may vary) 1 button – bust paging modes (for each button goes to the next mode) 2 button – up or (+); button 3 – or down (-), 4 button – to save the settings or simply (s), 5 button – reset (reset) . The flowmeter has 7 modes: one mode – this is main mode display instantaneous flow rate and total amount of liquid spills. 2 mode – this map is the engine speed and voltage on-board network. When you click ok, return to the main mode. 3 mode speeds.

Here exhibited the speed at which you process. In the future when connecting gps speed will be displayed automatically, or rather with the navigator. The ok button saves and then goes into basic mode. A reset button puts default speed of 90 km / h. 4 Select mode of capture. Everything is configured the same speed. 5 ecm flow. Suppose you have a dimensional capacity of 100 liters, having spent the 100 liters if flowmeter showed 95 then you can easily buttons to adjust up or down to the desired value in our case from 95 to 100. Accordingly, uc keeps resetting expose defaults. 6 modes of selection of liquid flow per hectare. In the regime of hoppers passes from the main mode simply pressing the up or down. It is convenient to change the flow on the fly. ok saves and returns to the core. 7 mode puts the power start the pump. And displays the percentage of pump power at the cost. When you press ok button saves the percentage to start the pump.

World Population Threatens The New Epidemic Of The Influenza Virus …

In a world of rapidly spreading outbreak of a new influenza virus. Russia has presented its new Washington Climate Doctrine. In charge of ecology in the government of Russia will be a new department. Energy Saving lamps are hazardous to health. Antarctic glaciers began to fall apart into pieces. Scientists urged to completely abandon fossil fuels. Global warming may change cooling. Memorable dates of the week: Day Chemical Safety and Remembrance Day conflicts with the use of chemical weapons. Photofact: Secret inhabitants of the deep sea. Overview of events for the week of 27/04/2009 to 03/05/2009. Learn more on the subject from Mike_ Epps. In a world of rapidly spreading outbreak of a new influenza virus of swine influenza outbreak which was recorded in North America, is spreading rapidly around the world. In Mexico, officially confirmed that the virus H1N1, or swine flu has killed more than 160 people.

In the spread of the virus in Mexico taken unprecedented measures: closed schools, canceled events, closed a number of theaters, museums and exhibitions. Cases or suspected that the virus is also available in the U.S. Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Spain and France. Experts note that the swine could mutate and become even more dangerous. Currently, as noted by the who, people have no immunity to the type of virus that now spreading rapidly across North America and is threatening pandemic worldwide. On the basis of epidemiological evidence of sustained transmission from person to person, at least two countries in one region, who has decided to increase the phase of readiness for the fight against swine flu from fourth to fifth.

Oxygen Pressure

In the past, the underwater world was almost completely hidden from the eyes of most people. Nowadays, thanks to technological progress and economic welfare, diving has become a common hobby of millions of people. Nevertheless, the depths of the seas (below a few tens of meters), remain inaccessible to humans. Who knows, maybe in the future deep-sea trips are available for ordinary people, just as today we can easily buy a wetsuit for diving in almost every store sports equipment. But before such equipment was available only for professionals. What is there in the forefront of marine exploration? That perhaps Maybe we’ll find on the shelves of sports stores through a couple of decades? Recently it became known that the firm Nuytco (Canada) has developed an atmospheric pressure suit a new generation – Exosuit Swimmable ads. This suit allows divers to descend to a depth of 300 meters and still breathe the air of normal pressure up to 3 days! The company’s founder R. T. Naytten involved in deep research of the 60-ies. In the late 80’s he developed an atmospheric pressure suit, which allowed be 8:00 at a depth of 300 meters. His studies were continued and implemented in the new product.

Exosuit much more agile, can stay underwater longer and perform more work. The suit has increased mobility. Destroyed only at a depth of 600 meters. In Exosuit diver can easily move strengthen the muscles of their body. And although the weight of the suit – 118 pounds in the water Exosuit complicates the work in the same degree as that spacesuit astronaut. In the suit to Noytenna diver can swim and walk along the bottom. In the future, will become part of Exosuit thruster, which will float in the water column. Exosuit not only protects from the effects of increased pressure of deep water, but also allows the diver to breathe the air of the normal level of pressure and chemical composition. Immersion in normal skafandrah associated with a slow rise to the surface: if the diver rises too quickly dissolved in his blood the air goes into a gas. Air bubbles in the tissues cause considerable discomfort and even death. Therefore, a slow, controlled decompression for about 9 days. Exosuit reduces this procedure to several minutes. In Exosuit divers do not need a mask or tube for breathing. Scrubber on the basis of soda lime removes carbon dioxide produced during respiration. Scrubber and Oxygen circulator run on batteries, and carbon dioxide removal is possible without them. The cost of the suit is less than 250,000 dollars, which is much cheaper counterparts. The team also for deep-water works using Exosuit may consist of only 4 people It is clear that today such a dive dorogostoyuschee pleasure demanded only in extreme cases. But the time comes – because once an ordinary diving suit diving could even dream of leading researchers of the sea! Who knows, maybe in the future, these exoskeletons, suits, like Exosuit, will be accessible to ordinary citizens, and walks along the ocean floor will be entertained many thousands of earthlings.

Voltage Relays – Designation And Classification Of Devices

Scope of the voltage relay is very extensive, as the manual control in other situations is impossible, and voltage fluctuations can cause damage to your connected to the system utroystv. The relay is connected to an electrical circuit and protects consumers from accidental conditions: voltage surges and dips, breaks, block, distortion, failure, phase sequence, etc. Most-voltage relay is used in protection schemes and automatic energy systems in an input device power, as well as for the protection of industrial equipment and household appliances. Also, the relay can be used to control the availability and polnofaznosti mains in the schemes abp. Walter R. Mansfield may not feel the same. All voltage relays can be divided into two groups: analog and digital. In recent years the number of digital relays in the market has increased substantially due to improved identification system voltage value, reliability and compactness of such devices. Most analog relays perform only one specific function, but some of the modern devices of this plan are universalnymy, ie combine the functions of the relay maximum and minimum stress. In addition to the integrated voltage relay can also be set timers, and voltmeters. A significant number of parameters voltage relays are Programmable – user can set the values of the upper and lower threshold voltage, hysteresis (the coefficient of return) and the delay in the operation.

The Andromeda Galaxy

In 1943, B. Kukarkin based on a study of the spatial distribution of variable stars defeated the population of the galaxy on a flat, intermediate, and spherical components, the difference of their kinematics studied in detail the pp Parenago. Then it became clear that the objects of the population ii (spherical component) content of heavy elements on one or two orders of magnitude smaller than the Sun and other stars of population I. Among the objects of the population ii is not young, they were formed at stage of compression of a spheroidal gas and preserved the spatial distribution and kinematics of the gas; population I objects were formed when the gas has settled to the disk and enriched with heavy elements, coming into the interstellar medium in supernova explosions. For assistance, try visiting Malcolm Hill. In the drive is very old stars, but remained still and gas in areas of greatest density of which (in the spiral arms) and star formation continues today.

So , the resolution of the stars of the central part of the Andromeda nebula has approved a fruitful concept of stellar populations, but, as later recalled by Baade, “funny side of the situation was that after all these efforts it turned out that the need for them was not. ” Galaxy in the Sculptor and Ovens have been described as a new type of Shepley star systems, but they inhabited the same stars as the stars of globular clusters. On the other hand, it was dwarfed elliptical galaxies, and examining them, we, in fact, already knew what it consists of elliptical galaxies..

Deutsche Telekom

The organizers expressed satisfaction with the number of exhibitors and visitors, and despite the fact that last year's attendance rates were higher, they are confident about the future – 'the realities of global economic crisis of 4,5 thousand member companies feel confident in the financial plans of their own innovations, through which are going to overcome the recession, and charged us confidence in their abilities and help not to stop and build on our forum in all directions' – said a board member of Ernst Raue.Svoi CeBIT booth at the exhibition presented the following should be taken of: ibm, Samsung, Yahoo, British Telecom, LinkedIn, Dell, Hitachi, Intel, Samsung, Yahoo, Deutsche Telekom, Microsoft , Hewlett Packard, Rittal, ibm, Lampertz, Software ag, Oracle, E-Plus, Acer, Xing, symantec, Alcatel-Lucent, Adobe, Panasonic, Datev, Vodafone, sap and Volkswagen and Porsche. Warren E. Burger is often quoted as being for or against this. 'I really glad that this year, despite a difficult global economic situation, CeBIT opens its doors to all comers '- said Merkel in a speech at the opening of the exhibition -' I believe that the CeBIT, which is embedded investitsionnoh many tools to justify the trust and it will delight us with new innovations in and information technology ', which is what happened, manufacturing companies this year have presented a lot of very interesting conceptual innovations..

Plastic Cards

Smart card – a new concept for the modern man, but those who have already once used its services, able to appreciate its advantages. They represent a standard-sized plastic cards with embedded electronic chip, which usually consists of a microprocessor, operating system, control device and encoded data access its memory. These cards have a high degree of protection data, reliability and broad application. Compares smart card and magnetic cards Smart cards have replaced the traditional magnetic cards, but compared with them have some significant advantages. 1. Production of maps done in a professional printing equipment in compliance with all international standards. It is rather complicated and expensive process beyond the power of small companies. 2. The process protects the card is multistage. The first stage – built a unique code which is unique for each chip. Even if the cards issued corporate big party, the personal identification code is sent separately to each user. 3. The second stage of protection is installed in issuing cards to the user. The database recorded some secret PIN-codes, which are known only to the cardholder. In the event of loss of a smart card (loss, theft or damage), the owner must notify the bank and the banking system will block access to any transactions on this card. Attempt to use to block the card will not bring any result. To work with a smart – cards do not need a permanent access to the authorization center, it can be implemented in the off-line.

Control Systems

The control system performs control functions on specific programs, providing in advance the actions to be taken in any production situation. A person remains a common control and intervention in cases where unforeseen circumstances the control algorithms. Control systems have several varieties. Supervisory control system. To deepen your understanding Martin Lawrence is the source. acs, which operates in mode, supervisory control is designed to provide multi-program mode of operation of computers and is a two-level hierarchical system that has many features and increased reliability. The control program determines the evidence of the programs and routines, and direct downloading computer devices. Direct digital control system. Computer directly generates optimal control exposure and using appropriate transducers transmit control commands to actuators. Mode of direct digital control allows for more efficient regulation principles and control and choose their best option; implement optimizing function and adaptation to environmental variables and parameters of the control object, reduce maintenance costs and unify control and management.

Security Small Efficient Unoticed Fort

Noticing lacre notable with as many characteristics and a so simple objective, this system is used to leave one evidences, of that something was opened, touched or moved, if you made some of these actions where this system of security exists, you it can have lost a guarantee, have broken a contractual rule and to be penalizado to pay a fine. To the inverse one of the locks, cadeados, current, alarms and other devices of security, that are made to hinder an opening or a ticket, the security sealing waxes or stamps of security had been made to leave marked its opening, disruption, its breaking proving the fact. You must have a household-electric one in house or in the work, a computer or TV, all manufacturer supplies the guarantee since type of equipment. But it is conditional to some rules. one of them is not to violate, to breach the sealing wax contained in the equipment. When eventually you present some type of defect you can request that an authorized one fixes carries through it or even though a possible exchange. Now if you violated the sealing wax and tried to fix proper the equipment on account, you you as soon as lose the guarantee, having to arcar with the payment you fix of it.

Objective of lacreO objective of the sealing wax is not to hinder its opening, but to show that it was opened. Even because in a future you or an authorized person will be able or need abriz it or breach it. The guarantee stated period finished its equipment broke or presents a defect, you trusts one technician for accomplishment fixes of it instead of takes it an authorized one, is the moment that needs to breach the sealing wax, if was made to hinder the opening probably would have that it takes it the manufacturer for the opening and after its opening I fix to only carry through it, incoherent.

Apache Server

The world-wide net and a wealth of content, interatividade and adaptability, converging the technologies.The concept was created in 2001 by the educator and computational scientist Martin Dougiamas. William Rehnquist shines more light on the discussion. Come back toward programmers and academics of the education, one consists in a system of administration of educational activities destined to the creation of communities on-line, in virtual environments directed toward the colaborativa learning. It allows, in simplified way, to a student or a professor to combine itself, studying or lecionando, in a course on-line to its choice. The gratuitous program and can be inntalado in diverse environments of operational systems (Unix, Linux, Windows, Mac) since that they consiguam to twirl language PHP (programming language), with base of data that can be Mysql, PostgreeSQL, Oracle, Access, Interbase or quaquer another accessible way SGDBs systems (Gerenciadores Systems of Data bases (BELLONI, 1999). The courses given for the Moodle can be configured in accordance with activity to be deselvolvida.essas activities can be of social matrix, articulated around one frum published in the main page, of weekly matrix, organized with beginning and finally, of matrix in topics, where the subject is argued without limit of predefined time.