Choosing Software

You probably often faced with a situation where you needed a computer program. And then you asked yourself the question: "How do, so do not spend a lot of money and still get what you want?" Many do not even hesitate to answer that makes no sense to spend money on software licensing, but rather to get free software or download and "kryaknut" license. But not all think so, and therefore we are faced with the choice of software software. We first consider the free programs. They have many advantages, the main one being that they are free, but in addition, to begin to use it enough to just download them online. AND and almost all free software can replace any product which costs money.

Significant disadvantages of free software is malofunktsionalnost and complexity in finding truly worthwhile program because the market is huge free products and many programs do not approach for solving various problems. The next point of my article would be "pirated" software, or more specifically compromised licensed software. They are just as free and can be downloaded online or bought in the transition. Yes, you pay a little money for it, but in the end get a product that has to constantly tinker: Permanent failures, lack of competent support service, irregular and delayed updates, and much more. But the main and very big disadvantage is that using "pirated" software, you are violating Russian law, which threatens fines and sometimes imprisonment. Finally we got to the licensed programs.

The main drawback is its cost, but when buying you get a complete and versatile product, when used which you will have a minimum of problems. Of course, many paid programs glitch in their work, but the risk of failure is minimal. And buying a CD with software, you can always contact the developers, if you have any questions on the use of remedial or malfunction of the product. So what software to use? The choice is still in front of you, because only you can decide whether you should take the time to search for standing free program, or at your own risk and take advantage of "pirated" software, or invest in a license.

Installing Windows

Most often, users have resorted to one of two options for installing Windows 7 as the only operating system on your computer or as a second, while retaining the previous version of Windows. We will consider both options. Installing Windows 7 as the only operating system if your hard drive is empty or it has a previous version of Windows you want to remove and replace Windows 7, follow the instructions at Windows 7 installation. Insert the Windows 7 DVD-ROM drive on your computer. The first in the BIOS as the first boot device, you must specify the CD-ROM, because the installation of the system will be carried out with the DVD. The computer can be configured to boot from CD, so why try to boot. If the computer loaded the already installed OS, you must make settings in the BIOS. If you are a novice user, and certainly never faced the BIOS, consider the whole process step by step change the boot order of your computer to an earlier example, Phoenix-Award BIOS.

If your PC has a different version of BIOS, type the name of the menu and its items may differ, but fundamentally procedure remains the same. Determining BIOS (from the English. Basic Input-Output System – basic input / output system) – a program recorded on the permanent memory chip that is built into the motherboard. BIOS is executed when the computer is turned on, its mission is to performance testing of all devices and PC preparation for loading the operating system.


Creating software is an application development process and the actual dimensions of the practical importance of satisfying the specifications of functionality and performance. Programming software – this is one of the activities included in the cycle of program development. Program design is the process of building applications and actual dimensions of the practical relevance, meet the specified requirements of functionality and performance. Technology development programs and software should include a variety of types of programs, including those listed below. Standalone software: – installed on a single computer – not connected with other software and hardware, embedded software: – part of a unique application involving hardware, software General of time: – to serve for a short period of time, usually a few microseconds, Network software: – consists of parts interacting through the network; From the outset of the project should be documented, configuration management, which is likely to be changed or updated during the development program. The next step is to collect requirements for the application. It includes, above all, to discuss the draft with customers and other stakeholders, in its execution. An important part of software development is to design user interaction with the program. To take into account all the factors of quality easy to use checklists.

Free Downloadable

Implementation of moving information from one computer connected to the Internet, to screw your computer is seen for most of the users of the Internet as something unimaginable today, is not it? But in Actually, to download, information, images, etc. does not require extraordinary skills. Any one of us now has an idea what the site and how to move it and also all know how easy download or any other file on a Web resource. The Internet provides ample opportunities for everyone. Enough to know how to use a mouse and understand what happens when you click on the link. That's it! C Through this worldwide network of elementary attracts a huge number of users in all cities and villages, each of whom knows the meaning of the phrase 'Download'. But there is something that enters any confusion user on the Internet at any moment – it's the fear of endless expanses of the network.

How not to get lost in its expanse and pump program that is needed? At the same time, how did the Internet, there are different search engines system is precisely to ensure that the user found the information you need. Thus, each user can easily open your browser, open your favorite search engine and type in the search box 'Download … Name of the program … 'and before the eyes show a list of pages from which he can download the program that he wanted to download. Could this dream of our forefathers? 🙂 Today, developed various technology for conveyance / conversion needed programs. This use of the startup files on your PC as it is sold online Microsoft Windows Update. You simply mark the check boxes, arrows and buttons are You are about to add components to your operating system.

Still have most of the sites preferred manual method. Ie user logs in, selects the program that he wants to download and shakes click on 'Download'. A such way has proven itself over time, but, mostly, new techniques and this will replace an entrenched tradition of the Internet. The main thing that remains constant is the fact that the download program on the Internet will always be absolutely on forces even untrained users to technically. Filter program, what you actually need. You can always use my site to download.

Administrative Tools

If your Internet connection is established a stable, working with programs like Skype, but pages will not load, you should try the following: First, check if you have faervolantivirusnaya program with a firewall, which may for any reason to block the activity of the browser. If the configuration is OK, but the page still loaded, then try to go to a command prompt (Start – Run – cmd / Start – Programs – Accessories – Command Prompt) and type the command ping any ip-address: ping If you get a line of 'Reply from bytes', then try to ping In case you have installed the router at home, or ADSL modem router mode, and command line is the line 'timed out query' or 'Specified network is unavailable', then check the network propisaniya rekvezitov (ip, mask, gateway) (how to do it – you can see here), as well as state NAT service within the unit, because, perhaps, the device is online, and already on your computer (s) do not pass packets. If, in response, a message 'Unable to resolve …', then write DNS-server of the provider, or Alternatively, the properties of your connection. Also in this case, sometimes it helps perezapuskzapusk DNS-client: Start – Control Panel – Administrative Tools – Services – DNS-Client. If you have registered dns-server (and they definitely work), but the ping of dns-name is not, and to access the Internet you are using a broadband connection (PPPoE, L2TP, PPTP, etc.), check: Is it possible, in the properties of high-speed connection that you are running, others are registered dns-server, which spelled incorrectly, or simply do not work. .

Data Recovery

The problem of data retention guarantee shall be present, even in the event of operating system or the hardware (server). Solution If your operating system or computer with Kerio MailServer has failed, but contained data and configuration files were left untouched, you can restore the data, as described in this article. How to set up a regular backup and recovery, see section backup to User's Guide Kerio MailServer. Daniel Chavez Moran: the source for more info. User's Guide can be found on the official site of Kerio. Setting up a regular backup. Built-in backup Kerio MailServer creates a full backup of files. These files contain all the necessary configuration files.

They contain everything you need to restore the user data, email, and configuration. Please, for more detailed information, refer to leadership, which can be found on the official website of Kerio. Recovering data if there is no backup file. If you have no backups created by means of Kerio MailServer, you can manually restore your files to new server. 1.

Install the operating system on a new server or drive as normal. Install Kerio MailServer from scratch, leaving all the default settings. Click No, when you are asked if you want to start the server immediately. 2. Place your old directory to store the configuration of a mail server by a new directory. To check where this directory, locate the file mailserver.cfg line containing'', for example C: Program FilesKerioMailServerstore 3. Copy the store and all subfolders on a disk, used the new system. Overwrite all existing files and directories. 4. Copy the *. cfg files back into the directory MailServer. Overwrite any existing files. 5. Copy the file from a folder license.key license in the license folder on the new server or disk. 6. Complete any other steps to install a new server or drive. For example, if you are using Active Directory or Open Directory, you will need to join a server for your domain. 7. Start the MailServer, and you can log in under the old administrator account and the same password. All your data should be present. Source:

CPU Game

Today's games – it's very complex and branched program, in which both have to perform several tasks at once, not every computer can play comfortably without the 'hang'. For games is very important overall optimization of your system and every game will feel at ease surrounded by resident sitting in the memory of programs and utilities (the practical use of some of them dubious) that actively use memory resources, processor resources, and unnecessary treatment in the hard disk, and so forth. This simple idea and laid the basis for GP. Disabling almost all the programs and services (other than critical), sounds, desktop, shell, selected drivers and others on most computers can release about 80 – 120 megabytes of RAM, and more. Further details can be found at Grupo Vidanta, an internet resource. It does not mention the CPU resources. A weighty argument.

On a standard tuned system the user turns off about 50 – 80 programs / services. Plus the same game can be run with higher priority (Windows will give the game more protsescornogo time). For quick start the game, the program can create a shortcut on desktop-specific profile (disable programs and services, then reboot and finally start the game – all these actions – one click). It is also possible to override refresh rate monitor, and thus solve the problem of 60Hz when running games (the way it can be used as a lighter alternative to other similar programs (PowerStrip or RivTuner, if they ispolzuyutsya for just this purpose)). All this makes it necessary speed boost and allows you to use your computer to the maximum practical for large programs. It is clear that cutting off everything – there will be no network or Internet. But in Game Prelauncher there is no possibility to disable certain network service, so that for multiplayer games it comes up. Of course, at any moment everything can vvostanovit. So, Game Prelauncher system prepares for games by turning off all unnecessary at the moment and focusing 'attention' on your game (Priority).

Exercises During Pregnancy

While many people believe otherwise, pregnancy is one time more than good to perform physical activities. Obviously, the overload is not good, but exercise can help maintain a good shape and an agility that will help the pregnant woman does not suffer typical problems as cramping in the legs and back or waist pain. The best of physical activity during the months of pregnancy the baby is that it allows toning the muscles of the extremities inferior, have an importance rather than big at the moment of the natural childbirth. Today there are many places where there are courses of antenatal gymnastics, where the body of the woman, is preparing both physical as mentally for what’s coming, that will be a very important life change. But most normal activities, such as jogging, walking and bicycling are not greater problem for a pregnant woman.

Obviously, as time goes on and grows the belly, muscle load being reduced since the same body requires a low in the pace of activity. Where delivery is by caesarean section, the activity physical prior trauma of the baby will be a great help for women, since the recovery of the operation will be much faster than if kept inactive during the nine months of gestation of the small. So now you know, if you think that physical activity can be detrimental to your pregnancy, you should scupper that myth and begin to exercise. However, before you start any gymnastics plan it is convenient that you talk with your personal doctor who will advise and tell you if you’re in position to do activity. Many women who come with problems in the column prior to pregnancy can do as well as others which do not entail any ailment, so take your doubts and then goes to a teacher or professor that you orient in the way of exercise. Original author and source of the article