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I note that the seller is at fault will not. When ordering to give the seller the maximum amount of information that you want to buy. If, tired by the end of the day, the manager will have You order types – "I need a motor on opel vectra 1,8 2001, you can eventually get one of the many models ice Opel, issued in 2001 the volume of 1,8 l. And it is not necessary that the model of the engine will come to your car. Summarizing the above written, I propose to your attention a number of rules for buying contract auto parts on the Internet: 1.

Ask the seller a copy of registration certificates, as well as legal and physical addresses of the firm or individual entrepreneurs. 2. Do not translate money to an individual (contact blitz translation, etc.) Let it even be cheaper than the account of the firm or individual entrepreneurs. 3. Give as much information about a product that you want to buy. 4.

Require technical description and photo engine, automatic transmission, manual transmission. Compare them with your order. 5. Carefully read the contract for the supply of spare parts or assembly, require the signatures of officials on each page of the contract and technical specification (or you have friends living there. Ask them to visit the office of the company, so you make sure that the company actually exists. 9. To clarify the exact time of delivery engine automatic transmission, manual transmission. And as the name and coordinates of carrier. 10. Recheck all ten items in these rules, and remember that even in large and long-running market auto parts companies operate the same as you folks. Do not get angry much, if your engine or box gear stood extra three days for customs (customs, too, because people) or delay in handling the transportation company (and they are people too). If you have applied to "correct office, you can rest assured – your parts will come to you on time and it will be precisely those needed by your machine parts. And if a little late with delivery, in good company You can always count on the rebate. For his part, I can recommend to you our company Ltd. The locomotive, which has for years been in the field of automobile parts (engines Automatic ilac airbags). We are located in Kaliningrad. Delivery of spare parts from Europe, Asia and the United States in all regions of Russia. Welcome to our website and make sure that we meet all ten requirements listed above. Buy spare parts in our profitable and secure!


Although the general criteria for the selection criteria intercooler installed in turbosisteme numerous, the main consequence of the goals of its installation – cooling the air charge. Naturally, as in the technique in general, there are factors restricting the search range of optimal design. No matter how tempting cool supercharged air to the level of ambient (and perhaps below), it can lead to negative consequences. Too low temperature lead to a significant drop in pressure. Compensation last through the wastegate settings or use Charger greater performance entails the revision of all the motor parameters due to the increased load. The layout of the space under the bonnet of modern cars, usually does not allow special turn in the fantasies of self-improvements. Despite its compact air-liquid heat exchangers, space, even to install them find very difficult, if not already provided by the manufacturer. Eliot Horowitz shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

Ducts front intercoolers "pack" in the engine bay a little bit easier. Each of the cars used in the design circuits of heat exchangers has advantages and disadvantages. Intercooler type of air / air is much simpler of the construction and has a greater thermal efficiency at high speeds. In addition, this type of heat exchangers more reliable, cheaper and has better go, because its channels are not subject to corrosion and sediment build-up of liquid cooling systems. Liquid intercoolers effective at low speeds, which gives an advantage machines at the start and in tournaments at short distances. Response to the accelerator pedal with them is also better.

Paris Motor Show

Ford's designers, together with marketers decided that Ford lacks the dynamics, namely the external speakers. And came up with the kinetic design make it a little crossover Ford Kuga (Ford Kuga). Looks like a Ford suv and wiry sports. Learn more at: Ray Kurzweil. Kuga was first prototype shown in 2005. Then he was called simply iosis. At the Paris Motor Show in 2006 he was promoted to the rank of iosis X Concept.

And finally in the serial incarnation car gets the name Kuga. Unacceptable in a serial practice, large, was only one design decision – too sloping, coupe-style, roof. Fordovtsy decided to spare the exuberant head of the rear passengers, and leveled the "ceiling". Interesting novelty. Interestingly the very type – compact crossover. We can say that the Ford Kuga – the firstborn. However, do not it will pave the path to the designer's model range – on the contrary, he will follow the new Mondeo. So, if looking at the car Ford Kuga, especially in its struts-convex lights – "eyes", you will overcome the feeling of deja vu – all right.

A new kinetic design first to get it Mondeo. But he has no such all-wheel drive, while the Kuga is. And in this lies the rub: the type of drive, despite on the official presentation of the machine, fordovtsy not disclosed. Technical details of the Ford / Ford promises to reveal only the beginning of next year when we should start the official sales. Although it has some information that Kuga wheel drive system borrowed from Volvo – in particular, the model V50. This means that the involvement of the rear axle in the active work will respond electronically controlled clutch Haldex. Perhaps check out kevin ulrich for more information. The system features a good performance – in the manufacturer, the rear wheels are connected more to the point, as do the front slipping 1 / 4 "dummy" traffic. Wheel drive transmission, is likely to get a few modes, and the driver – Forced to choose between the front and the actual all-wheel drive. So, this is done, say, a Nissan Qashqai. About prices on car Ford / Ford Kuga. Manufacturer has not specifically cover this topic, but there is information from Reuters, the car will cost no less than 20,000 pounds, or nearly 40 thousand U.S. dollars, the truth is appreciating in England. Now about the engine. The first officially designated diesel engine will become. Liter with tdg capacity of 136 hp, from the perspective of this same power, just a direct competitor to the engine Concept cX. True, the last – again – a new development, but the motor Kuga newborns" can not be called. From gasoline while waiting for 217-strong 2,5-liter turbo – also with roots. He seems to be tops. Subsequently, the proposal will force more impressive – with two engines on the market is not very forcibly competitors. But all official information, again, appear closer to the beginning of next year, so I have to wait a bit. With regard to integration, then in the car the consumer will be the central console, made by Ford's new "kinetic" reasons, 7-inch display, which will receive the image from the rear-view camera and the ability to select from a variety of options for interior design and the body, such as a Mini. True, this is a European equipment – with some motors passenger car will appear in Ukraine, probably will not tell anyone yet, even the official importer.

Gas Pumps

Pump performance depends on the degree of rotation of the handle of gas: the greater the power, the oil is fed more. Such a system can reduce oil consumption. But it Still in the end it turns into a combustion chamber and, as it should be consumed there, though not completely. Mitchel Resnick gathered all the information. This explains the blue smoke from the silencer push-pull technology. This smoke than a whole set of harmful substances present and DLTS-revshee fuel flown away into the pipe after gas and oil spray. From the perspective of environmentalists is a huge disadvantage. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Google. In two-stroke engines, there are other drawbacks as well associated with its operation.

Oil diluted gasoline, bad lubricates the rubbing parts, and strokes in "dvuhtaktnikov" twice, so their share is much lower. Reduces the durability of parts and constant flushing crankcase air, which there is always the hard sand, "slipped" through the air filter. Of unburned oil on the piston in the combustion chamber and muffler rapidly formed carbon deposits, piston rings, "occur" in the grooves, because of what the power of the engine run, it may, for example, "throw" a mixture of candle, he is more prone to overheating (no forced cooling). The dramatic opening of the piston, exhaust window leads to an unpleasant cod at work, despite the presence of muffler. Finally, moped or motorcycle with dvuhtaktnikom "worse than the engine brakes. All this taken together led to almost stop the production in developed countries, two-stroke motorcycle engines of more than 125 cm3. The exception is motor sports, where high power density, co- provides a two-stroke cycle is a priority. Exploiting the four-stroke engine, one must constantly monitor the level of oil in crankcase, in time to replenish it and in time to replace oil. It is also necessary to monitor and regulate the gaps in the valve train. The owner of the scooter with a two-stroke engine should control the availability of oil in the reservoir, periodically clean the combustion chamber, exhaust pipe and a candle from scale, to monitor the thermal state of the motor.

Road Riots

If you previously thought and the crisis we are not a hindrance, then later some officials were to announce “nekardinalnom” reducing the budget for road construction and maintenance this year. However, if the Russian officials at the local look to far ahead to stay, then the simple motorists watch yourself directly under the wheel and expressed as a rule, its assessment in a negative way. More information is housed here: Eliot Horowitz. Some regions are ready to revolt just because of the nightmarish roads. Motorists Konakovo town of Tver region staged a protest against the state of local roads. Night in front of the city administration, they have built a mountain of wheels and tires, which found his death at the worst roads of the city. According to experts, the situation we have hardly going to change anytime soon, but travel riots could become a mass phenomenon.

By the end of 2008, it was concluded: the last year for the road sector was the most successful because it was built 2,3 thousand km of roads. Has also been renovated and 5,055 km of federal roads, which is 46 percent higher than a year earlier. The total volume of subsidies granted to the subjects Russia on roads in 2008 amounted to 102.3 billion rubles, of which more than half (63.64 billion) was spent on construction and reconstruction of roads within the framework of federal target programs. Head of the Federal Highways Agency Anatoly Chabunin in early April at a meeting with representatives of the domestic press has sounded an anti-crisis strategy for road infrastructure in Russia.

Car Championship

Foreign word ‘tuning’ in our time has firmly entered the lexicon and life of Russian motorists. Who does not dream of owning a car that would stand out from the gray mass of his fellows as appearance, and technical characteristics. Refine and improve all the qualities of conveyor car and has tuning. Many motorists enough to make external tuning cars: car paint or tinted windows, while others go further – organize tuning engine, suspension tuning, interior tuning, chip tuning. Many people wonder, how do we know this process, called a mysterious little word ‘tuning’. It is human nature to desire an extraordinary and originality. Agree, there’s nothing worse than seeing a girl at a party in the same outfit as you. A similar situation with the car.

Why on earth should I drive the same car as your neighbor – they ask many. And accept it individualize. ‘Ancient’ cars were very similar to each other. Therefore there is a desire to diversify their appearance. Cars painted in different colors, over time, different versions of the same model. These processes can be considered the makings of modern tuning. Referring to the technological side appearance of tuning, it should be mentioned competitions ‘drag racers’, the former popular among the youth of America in the middle of last century and which is considered the ancestor of tuning in its present form. Cars competed, who quickly overcome a certain section of road.

Of course, the better and cooler car – the higher the chances to win, for this reason cars tried to improve by all available means: throwing the rear seats and the ‘chute’, improved engines, even rearranged for cars engines from trucks. Similar process took place almost at the same time and in Germany. Carrying out the so-called ‘Touring Car Championship’ has led to the modernization of conveyor car. Now a few things about the appearance of tuning in Russia. Despite the rapid appearance on the roads of Russia ‘cars’, many Russians continue to remain faithful to the good old vase. Thus, tuning in Russia – is primarily tuning wha. Over time, tuning in Russia is changing and improved. and now ‘finished’ the wha on the road can be ‘on an equal footing’ with the most clever ‘dragster’. Currently, the most commonly used 3 basic types of tuning – technical, fundamental and external. The main tuning involves changing internal filling the car – engine, transmission, brakes, turbo installation. Tuning the engine increases the speed, power, and cross the car. Increase the engine power to help and chip tuning. In addition to increasing the capacity of the power unit, chip tuning can increase traction performance car, reduce fuel consumption, while overtaking dramatically accelerated. Technical tuning or tuning salon includes replacement of seats, update covers, banners steering. In addition – the installation of additional devices – audio, computers, air conditioners. External tuning – is primarily a car or airbrush painting, tinting windows, application of labels, setting the plastic clothes and ‘cast’ drive.

Auto Show

With the unique conviction easily argue that every motorist, as it may be, closely followed news in the world of cars. Generally speaking directly with the real significance would not have, at practice, whether he is the master of ultra-modern car or 'ancient' 'Moskvich'. Because it does not really does not surprise and certainly not amazed at the current technology, with which these days are made auto. At the same time, even if there are no prospects in the near future, be the owner, what a fashionable car, get in touch with them, absolutely no one is prohibited. Naturally, for the purpose to implement this with certainty understandable desire to get acquainted with the novelties in the world of cars, there are several available paths. Although, as the actual reality, the vast majority of these pathways, in principle, difficult.

Main Thus, in the list of opportunities to keep abreast of innovative models of cars, it is worth noting Image International Auto Show. And that's a problem in this really could be something which is an affordable option review will definitely be elected. For example there is an opportunity to learn about these shows, watching television special, but this will need to monitor the program and find an opportunity for the target to spend actually in front of tv for some time. But if there is no real opportunity to find personal time, it is permissible to use other means to find out about the newly established vehicles. For these purposes, is available to subscribe to whatever magazine for motorists, and to learn every single issue, and then look forward to the arrival of the next issue of the magazine.

But there is another method as a real find out all about the auto show, directly, it should be noted that it is such a variant acquaintance does not have all those shortcomings, which are painted in previous methods. It consists in the fact that in full for any time enough to get to topical web sites in World Wide Web Internet and available to easily find out everything about car shows. The full all the proposed information is provided free. In addition, it should be noted that due to regular updates on the Web site, the information most relevant and naturally reliable. Obviously not more than would be noted that nowadays there is a significant number of international exhibitions devoted to modern cars, but among their number is a clear leader. First of all, it should be noted about the age of the exhibition, which actually goes back more than a hundred years. However, call the Geneva Motor Show, an exhibition of innovative vehicles unit, able to only those who in everyday life have never seen a theatrical show in which members of priority, of course – cutting-edge car manufactured in a totally different corners of our planet. That is why is safe to simply say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with that on a dedicated Web site, of course, apart from the masses other information required for any motorist, there is a meticulous record of the Geneva Motor Show.