Decoration Rooms

To decorate one infantile room is something aliciante for many parents, and it does not have nothing entusiasmante of what the child to be able to give its opinion. Now it grew, and starts to sleep alone in its proper space. She wants a bed great of its favourite color: this in the hour of it to decorate infantile room. Of fact its opinion in the decoration of its room is sincere and spontaneous. With the great advances of the different medias with for example the Internet, it has a great responsibility for the substitution of the diverse activities that before were considered purely infantile or considered youthful.

We will go to try therefore, to create and to decorate a destined environment to be one infantile room where the activities are privileged correctas for the good development and growth of the children who in them will go to inhabit. To grow and to learn must be made of a healthful form. Immense parents exist who make question of that its children, still small, do not possess in its room, any type of electrnicos devices such as televisions, you console of playstation, portable computers or dvds. They leave this for the next stage of decoration of rooms and the development: the adolescence. We also know that many children adore to move almost in everything what it is electrnico device, and make it since early, since that nascem& but it will be able and have to keep moved away them, leaving them in the room or an office, in any I besiege of the house, since that they are not in the rooms of the children.

It is an excellent concept, this to deal with children and to decorate one infantile room of form the one that can stimulate the child to develop its proper aptitudes, capacities, dons and fancies. To live the phase of the infancy of a full form, without it has to jump and to jump all the stages, will make with that the children if transform into young very better adults. To initiate its decoration of room of its he drinks girl or boy, must decorates it with the colors and dolls with that the child if identifies more. All the boys costumam to like cars, motas, balls and soccer, even so for times prefer other things as convoys, helicopters or airplanes. No longer infantile feminine world, reigns the fancies of the dolls, the princesses, of adorable casinhas of dolls, roupinhas, the maquilhagens and everything what he is directamente on to these subjects. Such as adereos of kitchen, books and another type of toys exist other passions. Independently of the gostos of its child, it stimulates it of form to develop greater interest for one determined objecto. It stimulates the tricks and the coleces of these toys, books or articles, therefore the truth is that while plays and fantasiam, leaves of side last infinite hours in front of a TV or a computer and its imagination will be more fertile and more stimulated so that it has a risonho and happy future.

Write Texts

Everything started for not obtaining to say the people what it really felt, and since it did not obtain it to say I started for writing in the computer what it really wanted to say and did not obtain. I always kept them until one day I started for obtaining to say what really it felt through these texts, gave to read the person and it was to perceive what she felt until a certain point arrived who I started to gain courage to say in the face of the people what it felt, what found well or badly, everything depending on the reaction of them, exactly most of the times being difficult to obtain to say! But from I continued there to write texts but on one definitive subject or person, from the day who I started to write I started to feel me another person, more alliviated, more ' ' vazia' ' felt as me and feels well and it leaves me to this happy I continued to write, but all the texts having certain a meaning special of somebody, or of that I feel or I want to state! Because I write reality and fancy, and is not therefore that much people admire my texts! At the outset she wrote, but never having courage showing of them to somebody, until a certain height when I perceived because it wrote and the meaning that had for me, I started to show them my family to it, until later I obtained to show to all people, it leaves what me happy for having obtained to fight the shame and the fear to say what I feel the people, but it leaves what me happyer is that I obtained alone through my texts!.

Charles Darwin

To enable itself to plan with them is coherent and necessary for the success in the practical one, already it was evidenced, the pupils appreciate technologies and if they feel will interacting with the same ones is a reality and the Brazilian public education cannot run away from she herself that the Brazilian educational past has not prepared it for this. ‘ ‘ In the nature nothing it is lost, nothing is created, everything if transforma’ ‘ Charles Darwin However we are not beings that sprout of the nothing and the situations that we also live are not consequences of perhaps, all the things and facts have bedding and origins they had influenced that them, we live one same process that either in a country whose invasion aimed at the exploration, either of wealth, either of strongest for weakkest, nor that for this its ignorance had that to be preserved, this type of settling influenced the education in our territory, and to want that of an education of ideology imperialista always directed toward the preservation of the system whose culminncias had been as for example technocrat, formadora of molds giving still now the first steps in direction to a release for the thought partner-construtivista of learning and mainly in a scene full of inaqualities as what we live, that the professor and proper the prxis pedagogical obtain as in a magician pass to adjust-and to the technological and social rupture of our time he is to ask for that if he gives a jump without the mechanisms for this, it is a work that asks for to qualification and requalification, update and modernization of the professor while its practical but also in its professional qualification. To deny the urgency of the necessity of updates and change of position is to deny the inevitable one, the bolder technologies is and will be each time and fast, our pupils will follow also them do not import the inserted context where they are financier or socially, only they they are part of this new society, democratic, fluente and cativante: the virtual society. It remains to the public education this new rescue to prevent the dichotomy public education enters technological world, carrying in fact these resources to inside from the pertaining to school walls, in one exploration and convivncia profcua of good results. Bibliographical references: ALMEIDA, Daniela IN ‘ ‘ In the screen of the computer, the art of the whole world ‘ ‘ New magazine School.

Educational Procedures

Therefore, the freudiana theory deals with on the development personality, in the reflection and respect of the educational procedures. According to Skinner the science of the behavior, guideline also in the social order, the cultural reorganization. Where the scientific conception emerges a scientific analysis, that fortifies the education institutions, becoming them interpretativas in the organization of the functional individual of the chain of actions co-ordinated with sights the productivity of the system. As Piaget the good of the truth, in a set of formulated teses to answer the questions related with the origin and the development of the cognitivista capacity of the human being, explaining the evolution and ability of the individual to abstract apprehend the world that the fence. From the studious Vygotskiy it emphasizes the intellectual development from the conception of the sciointeracionismo or socioconstrutivismo, leading the social pedagogia to the field of the knowledge of relations and interrelaes, in the process of learning and teaching to theories and practical aulsticas.

Pablo Freire emphasizes that education does not modify the society, but the society is that it can change the instrucional system. Therefore, the educational system can have a paper of prominence in a cultural revolution, by means of the conscientious participation of the people in the classroom and organization process politics. It is a pedagogia of subordinated social conscience of classroom. According to speech of Pablo Freire is verifiable its point of view in educative practical relation the critical one, where the reflection must exist on the theory and practical in the process the teach-learning. Edgar precusor Morin of the theory of the complexity in the philosophical and epistemolgico field, deals with the vision to interdisciplinar, about the adaptativo complex system the behavior, the balance and the autorganizao in the scientific context, pautado of form contemporary also in the technological education, transforming the behavior human, where the world is seen of form of boarding and indissocivel and to multidiscipline in the construction of the knowledge.

Virtual Servers

The Web Host are companies that provide space on a server to its clients. () The web hosting is divided into six categories: free, shared, reseller, virtual servers, dedicated servers and co-location. a Free Accommodation: Free accommodation is extremely limited when compared with the lodging fee. These services usually add advertising on sites and have limited space and traffic. a Shared accommodation (shared hosting): In this type of service customers are hosted multiple sites on one server, thanks to the web server configuration program. It is a good alternative for small and medium customers, is an inexpensive and has good performance. a Image hosting: This type of accommodation is offered to save your pictures on the internet, most of these services are free and pages worth of advertising placed on your page to upload the image. a Accommodation dealer (reseller): This hosting service is designed for large users or people who sell the hosting service to others.

These packages have plenty of space and domain names available for each account. a Virtual Servers (VPS, Virtual Private Server) by using a virtual machine, the company offers the control of a computer apparently not shared. So you can manage multiple domains easily and economically, as well as choose which programs are running on the server. Therefore, the type of product is suitable for companies design and web programming. a Dedicated Servers: The term dedicated server refers to an advanced form of web hosting in which the customer rents or purchase a complete computer, and therefore has complete control and responsibility to administer it.

The Food

The book base is divided in 317 pages, with three segments: ' ' The power of the cognitiva therapy for emagrecer' ' ; ' ' Programa' ' ' ' Continuidade' '. Pear tree (2008, P. 159) says that, In the introduction, the author presents to the patient the proposal of an day in set, with the objective to make possible the individual to recognize its alimentary standard, its related cognitivas distortions to the loss of weight and its body and as the model of reorganization of the cognitiva therapy she will be able to help to emagrecer it and if to keep lean. The form used for the author to write establishes a tone of privacy and complicity between the patient and the therapist, characteristic of this type of boarding and proposal. Initiating the program, Judith displays in the first segment of the book four chapters: The key of the success, What in the truth, makes you to eat, As the lean people think and As to use the definitive diet of Beck. In the first Beck chapter it presents the cognitivo model, working directly the cognitivas questions of thought and emotion. It makes a reflection in relation to the beliefs that the individual acquires in relation to the food and as the process to submit to a diet will go to influence in the behavior, in the emotional one of the individual.

In as the chapter are worked directly the disfuncionais thoughts? in the program nominated as? computer hacker thoughts? – making a relation on the hunger, will and the uncontrollable desire to eat. It brings concepts for systematic analysis of the computer hacker thoughts that are automatic in the individual, allowing already a self-knowledge. In this I modulate it presents the base of identification of the external stimulatons that influence the interns for the act to eat. According to Beck (2009, p.28) If you will be able to identify stimulatons that provoke computer hacker thoughts and they take that it to eat in inadequate way, you you will be able to minimize its exposition they and to change the form to face them. .

The Personal Sales

Each one of them can observe the reactions of other well of close. b) Deepening: the personal sales derived from interpersonal relationship, since the simple professional relationship of sales or until a personal friendship. c) Reply: the personal sales make with that the purchaser if feels, in certain way, debtor to after buy to hear the argument of the salesman. The Personal Sales are characterized by Churchill (2000) as the communication face the face, the telephone, fax, computer or any another way that makes possible a personal interaction with the customer, beyond making possible that the communication is adjusted to satisfy the necessities of the situation. The representative of the company can in accordance with adapt the message or presentation of sales the necessity of the situation.

He can receive immediate feedback from the process and corrigiz it, if still in time necessary. In the personal sales to the objections they can be answered at the moment where they appear, thus helping it to awake the desire of the consumers for the purchase of the product (WOOLS HOUSES, 1997). Thus, Lamb (2004) writes that in the Communications of Marketing all the elements (personal sales, advertising, promotion of sales and propaganda) must be lined up, and thus, transmitting one same message (or concept). 6.2.6 Direct marketing For Kotler and Keller (2006), all the forms of direct marketing? direct mail, telemarketing, marketing for the Internet? they possess three characteristics in common: ) Personalized: the message can be prepared to attract the person to who is addressed; b) Brought up to date: the message can be prepared quickly; c) Interactive: the message can be modified, depending on the reply of the person. Sampaio (1999) complements that the Direct Marketing is the sales of any product or done service directly through the propaganda of direct reply, saw announcements, brochures, letters, commercial, telephone or another part/media, without it has physical intervention of salesmen, representatives or retailers.

Hospital Residues

The System of residues is as a computer and the statistics, has a continuous flow with entrances or input of the data, that are the source or origin of the residues, the way or phase of guiding and processing given them that they are the collection and the transport of the residues and the exits or output of the data that are the presentation of the given ones or discarding and/or disposal end of the residues in the case. Thus the importance always to compile and to collect given statistical for a management of the residues. Thus I show below the synthesis of the data, not as inference for a population universe, but yes as norteadoras statisticians of a route for the hospital administrators. I also clarify the aspects statistician-mathematicians of the hospital residues are mentioned in subitens 4,2 and 4.2.1 and 4.2.2 and 4.2.3 of the Resolution of Direction Student body RDC n 306 of the Anvisa that deals with minimum pointers (tax of accidents with residues perforate-cutting, variation of the generation of residues, variation of the ratio of residues of the Groups, B, C, D and and variation of the percentage of recycling) in its chapter V? Plan of Management of Residues of the Services of Health? PGRSS. A hospital together with other services of health answers for 1% 3% of all the residues produced in the city. Thus it does not represent Ambient Liabilities, as many want to boast. On the basis of given hypothetical that if approaches a little of the reality of a hospital x of great transport (n of stream beds > or = 150 and 500 surgeries/month), esteem in 2.000 people/day (between interned, accompanying patients, visiting, atendimentos ambulatoriais of less 24-hour of permanence, servers and employees of rendering terceirizadas companies of services and/or suppliers) the flow in this unit of health.

A Good Store Of Clothes

Well they are come to the future, to acquire articles for you drink in the current days, you are gostoso and interactive, macacozinhos, footwear, enxovais, kits for cradles among others, are now, easily found direct of telinha of its computer. It is very important to discover as soon as possible, if he is boy or girl, therefore to leave to buy the enxoval and articles of first necessity in the last minute, can become a great migraine. For the afobados papayas and papas more than they want to buy the first parts, they look to use products unissex or accessories that if adjust to any one of the sexos. Better still, for if dealing with companies online, these virtual commerce offer imbatveis prices, with the same conditions of perfection and guarantee of a street store. Beyond the price much more in account, the baby companies on-line, tend will offer a bigger diversity to it of products for its son. These comparisons will not be detailed in this article, but we could enumerate hundreds of advantages when compared the physical store.

A good store of clothes of drinks on-line, offers to a great variety of clothes and accessories. You can find diverse drawings, styles and colors. With an enormous variety of prints, the navigation for these store becomes pleasant, therefore as it does not have the necessity of being followed by all the store for a salesman, the freedom is bigger to choose the will and to look at all the parts that to find interesting. If treating to roupinhas for girls, the most found they are the vestidinhos of lacinhos, incomes, dribbled and ribbons and is clearly, the classic macacozinho. Passing to the babies boys, the same thing, beyond the primordial one demanded for enxovais, clothes and intens. of first necessity, also we count on many exclusive accessories for leaves its baby in fashion.

Chaos Theory

LeGuin The Late of Heaven and the film of the same name about the subject, gives us Paul McGarr, Edward Lorenz, who was doing work on simple models of the climate of the Earth at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the early 60, took a step that was key. He used a computer and a simple set of deterministic equations to try and understand something about the weather. The rise in the use of fast computers after the Second World War was, and remains, vital in the joint development of chaos theory. Specifically, as noted a members. tripod.

com, in 1960, the meteorologist Edward Lorenz was, unintentionally, the second step towards the Chaos Theory. Enthusiast of the time, was studying law and atmospheric simulations from their most basic parameters. One day, to look more closely at a series of data, copied the numbers from the previous printing and introduced into the machine. The result was shocked. His time, a short distance from the starting point, differed somewhat from that obtained before, but after a few months-fiction-like patterns were losing completely. Lorenz discussed his numbers and discovered that the problem was in the decimals, the computer kept six, but to save space it just introduced three, convinced that the result hardly impaired. This innocent act established the end of the long-term forecasts showed the extreme sensitivity of nonlinear systems: the so-called "butterfly effect" or "sensitive dependence on initial conditions." It is the influence that the slightest disturbance in the initial state of the system can have on the outcome (Lopez, 2002).