Financial Education

If Ud study closely the curriculum of their children, you will find that they will acquire knowledge about many areas of life, but not the financial area. Why? It’s a good question, since it is assumed that the effort to teach them as much matter in order that might earn a living someday, should be accompanied with a minimum of instruction about what to do with that money once it is in your hands. (Besides spend it, of course.) However, my intention is not to question the system’s current education, but just to demonstrate that we as parents we cannot expect our children to learn something about the handling of money in school. Therefore, it is our task! And it is a matter of utmost importance. Just look at the level of indebtedness and poor preparation for the old age of the adults around us to understand it takes more than a good salary to ensure economically. Do then we teach them about this topic if we ourselves have received little education in the area of management and investment of money? The easiest thing is to learn alongside them. Then give you several data that my husband and I used to prepare our children in the financial area: 1.-Since we were pretty ignorant on the topic, we started to instruct with financial books and shared what they learned with them.

2. Les count our way of planning our expenses since we had married and together with them we analyze our mistakes and our misconceptions. We carry 3 to Bank with us and teach them the language Bank: rates of interest, deposit term, mutual funds, etc. We also carry them to know our account executives to be able to ask them questions. We instruct 4 in the proper handling of the money. Always inspiring them to think how they can generate money instead of just spending it.

Storage Techniques

As you well know, this new technique of storage, it has become one of the most popular today, and this is because it is considered as favorite by many who have already enjoyed its wonders. Among the major advantages of vacuum packaging I can say that through their implementation, food manages to keep its original texture and appearance and similarly, freshness and taste of the food are kept up to 3 or 5 times more than normally, because manages to avoid the stored property to come into contact with oxygen. Similarly, any bug or bacterium can grow that need oxygen, in this storage vacuum they cannot survive. Likewise you agree with that sugary foods do not become hard or those containing high levels of oil become rancid, since at any time they come into contact with the air; in this way food does not dry out or nor merman. For more information see this site: Ray Kurzweil. What will more than like to vacuum packing, it is the best way of not wasting neither money nor time, already that food will last longer and are will not miss to lose. This is how I invite you to buy products vacuum-packed for which you already start to enjoy the benefits that you will give this technique of storage in your home. A. Verastegui hold.. Futurist brings even more insight to the discussion.

International Summit

Scientists are confirming the high level of threat by many species of fish and freshwater plants. True, exposes us Natalichio, that the Earth no longer able to withstand the pressure of humanity on the nature of the planet. The result is a critical mass extinction of species, the largest occurred since the disappearance of the dinosaurs, 65 million years ago. The loss of primary forest by livestock agricultural expansion, overfishing, water pollution, invasive alien species and climate change are some specific reasons, but the main cause of destruction is a political-economic system in which nature has no allocated space, its healthy existence does not have the least importance.It is a system in which only measures are taken to preserve the well-being of natural resources if there is a law that instructed him, if there is a penalty economic for not doing so. Or if somehow an economic revenue can get in return.Since long before the man outside man, the nature we have provided food, everything you need to cure our diseases and how much you require to protect us from any risk factor.Today we face an unprecedented instance. It is nature that is flimsy and we who have the resources to help you recompose is. We can and we must heal and protect it if we want that future generations of humans have a healthy environment in which to develop their lives.Today more than 100 environment ministers are meeting in the International Summit of the biodiversity in Nagoya (Japan) with a mission to achieve a rescue plan for nature.They are gathered to show world that their countries have an interest in nature that does not truly exist. Because Governments at the behest of the big multinationals that have taken over from the decisions, follow subordinating it to the money.While earn more and more money is the main objective, the nature and we as part of it will stay in the background. (Extremely disturbing and it is a tragic reality)Climate change, loss of biodiversity, acidification of the oceans; they are all branches of the same tree, with a same trunk and the same root.No Summit of Ministers of environment is going to solve the problems of the environment, because none of them has the power of decision on the real issues that affect the environment.Definitely, facts such as those mentioned, with alarming figures, they show that the future of humanity, is very dark since environmental balance may be broken definitely as it says, as a glass cup that already can not be arranged, and by what could only manage the environmental consequences of our own acts with very negative impacts.

Movies Online

Returning to the previous post, I had stopped pending talk pages of internet nowadays offering thousands of movies to download or watch free online. They operate in the following way: a user enters, chooses a film, and you can not only download the, but that they offer to view it online. This is newer, and avoids having to first download the movie, with the delay that it implies, for just then see it. New shape, the user is seeing it as you are downloading, so the only thing you need to do is search the catalog of films, select one of your liking, and you can immediately begin to look at her. These sites also offer television series. Some of them are: pH, PelisPedia, sdd-Fanatico, etc. Internet has become a source of potential business.

And this people has managed to obtain benefits offering free movies. Obviously most are still illegal, although it is very difficult to check piracy, since films over the Internet are stored in other totally different sites whose purpose is to be a place for users to upload large files and internet anyone can download them. These sites make money because on the one hand they offer a download option free but slow and limited in terms of amount of downloads and on the other, a quick option without limits but pay. Some examples are: Megaupload, Hotfile, Rapidshare, FileServe, UploadStation, etc. Uploading and downloading of files, of these sites also pay people that upload files in them.

That way they are able to have a good base to then capture users who subscribe to download pay. Anyway, I do not think that it makes easy money longer than obivamente these sites are not stupid and what they earn by subscriptions and advertising is a lot more than what you pay. For example, Megaupload every 1000 downloads would be paying around $10 a person who climbed the file.

Guide To Purchasing

If you want to make a purchase, you have to ask for the sale, and if you have a copy of the site or style catalog, don’t make the mistake not once you ask! You have to provide many opportunities for visitors to purchase your product or service. All your web pages should include multiple links to your order or shopping cart format, as well as phrases, such as urgencia-accion as a purchase today!-now-limited time offer!-what are you waiting for? Click this link to request your own – get started today just click here! IF! I want to order now (remember, the sales letters are the only exception to this rule. With these types of web sites for sales, you usually want to include a single call to action at the end of his letter. For more specific information, check out Petra Diamonds. One more thing: you have to leave all references to buy off the top of your web site. That’s the part of your web page that appears on the computer screen when someone reaches your site for the first time.

If you mention the purchase there, people will not have enough time to know why they should buy your product, and will probably think that you only want your money. OS requirements for your potential customers to learn about the benefits of your product before asking for the sale. Ask the sale is simple, but the impact that can have on your income statement is enormous. By adding a simple call to action, it becomes easier for your visitors to understand what they are supposed to do. And once you know that supposedly should buy you something, your benefits are fired by the clouds! By an effective entrepreneurship. Miguel Dominguez original Autor and source of the article


Since some time ago have come a lot of pages that promise big profits working at home. The idea is that you send material to assemble, manufacture, Pack or ship goods to their buyers, who already paid for that. Hence, you get a good Commission for the work. Although it sounds attractive to work in your home, the great majority of these companies have been a fraud or, at least, a job that should not be, from the point of view of the worker. Although I am not personally involved, if I have commented much of these companies, to the point that was worth investigating a little. More to me to say that they are a fraud only by doing so, will follow the path of the money.In a manufacturing business, you have several concerns, such as: best buy, transport and storage of raw materials a controlled and effective production process in cost and work a process of quality control that avoiding you losses at times man and material a sales and distribution management for all the relaxation process there are a lot of standards that have been able to control all these rolls (call ISO 900 x and others) and almost all serious companies handle something like this.

Manufacturing competition is fierce for quality and price, so companies increasingly more reduce their costs increasing your efficiency. After this roll, we see the super companies that are going to hire. Raw, sent you your guns to your time and convenience, you return it to where it sent it you, they review you and send you your Commission. Easy, isn’t it? However, there are many problems in this model, that make it untenable. ConocoPhillips may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Shipments, shipping and more shipments.

Send you the raw material: 1 day. The weapons, say, on the same day. Return it: another day, they reviewed it: who knows how much. You take at least 3 days to assemble a dirt that a customer could buy online immediately and receive it the next day. As they compete? Quality control. At that time can see if all is well? Until the product is assembled, that is, if not turned with the rules you give, all the product already is spoiled. This is the most inefficient way of working, and all manufacturing companies that know what they are doing to control this from the beginning. Production control. Which one? Your decide that hours can do all things, so they cannot have the slightest idea when you’re going to deliver them the goods. They do not know if you do well, if you steal you parts, if you meet a schedule or anything. That reputable company can work as well? Administration. There are so many variables that are out of the hands of the company that arguably does not exist. Management is to have control and the company cannot control you. And best of all: you finances everything! Your pay raw material, your shipments you pay and you do the work. Excellent business, no? So you run the risk and, even if the company is not fraudulent, practically them they paying you because they sell their product. Which can be better than that? Visit the link if you want a more detailed description of these job scams At home.

Computer Support

Now for many jobs just need a personal computer, the PC has become quite commonplace. Computer controlled by a variety of techniques, it greatly simplifies the work of accountants and people of other professions, related calculations or computations. It is therefore important that the computer all the time was up and running. It is therefore important regular maintenance on your computer. A lot of companies provides services for maintenance of computers. Approximately half of these firms are artisanal, ie do not have the appropriate certificates and people involved in maintenance of computers in the firm, are not specially trained specialists. Be very careful when choosing companies involved in maintenance of computers that do not appeal to just such a 'primitive' firms.

'Proper' company, as a rule, having ascertained the cause of computer crashes, provide you with a list of possible repair, replacement computer will give guidance on the maintenance of the computer in the future. Since the maintenance of computers is a complicated process, the wrong choice of firm Computer Support strongly affect the stability of your PC and can lead to fatal errors, be careful. Find out whether a company involved in maintenance of computers, the corresponding education and certifications. Only after that you can be sure that given your PC in safe hands. A guaranteed way to find a reliable company engaged in repair and maintenance of computers – search the World Wide Web. Reliable companies have their own personal page, where detailed written list of services, contact information, certifications. Under this option, the risk of running into a 'cottage' firm is zero, vryatli because such firms will be spent on the placement of pages on the Internet. Use the services of reliable companies, and your computer will always be 'on alert'!

For Piaget

Today, to work these two aspects in only way is the key so that if reach a full development and a full learning, in all the stages of the life. 4 the GAME IN DEVELOPMENT COGNITIVO the game also is a great ally of the cognitivo development. Beyond being diversion, the game allows that the child is in contact with the reality, collates ideas and searchs solutions. Piaget (apud There TAILLE, 1992, p.49), affirms that: The games of rules are paradigmticos for the morality human being. In first place, they represent an activity interindividual necessarily regulated by certain norms that, even so generally inherited of the previous generations, can be modified by the members of each group of players. (…) In according to place, even so such norms do not have in itself moral character, the respect they had, are it yes, moral (…) Finally, such respect comes from mutual agreements between players and not from the mere acceptance from norms imposed for strange authorities the community from players.

For Piaget (1992), much more of what to stimulate the cognitivo, the game also allows the conscience of the rule, that is, exists the acceptance of the other, the loss and the duties that this child will follow until the adult life. When a child plays a traditional game (for example, amarelinha), it is keeping an infantile culture that exceeds generations, beyond, is clearly, to learn other abilities as numerical sequence, dexterity, attention, etc. The games also allow that the child learns with sufficient easiness concepts of some worked contents. But the professor has to lead in consideration if the same he is pedagogical, if he stimulates the intellectual and affective development, if it is adjusted to the etria band and if it possesss challenges that take the pupil to reflect on what he is being played and as that game can intervene of positive form with its learning.

The Mathematics

We will sanction so great mathematical evolution correlation the prime numbers, we see as the work of the mathematics in our daily one is efficient, to it we will know the security that the criptografia provides in them can now, terms each time more the certainty of that we are with our money kept in ‘ ‘ seven chaves’ ‘. However, exists some threat, against this fabulosa form of criptografia? Perhaps yes, something that the technology promises bringing in them in the future; the calls quantum computers. According to site of the Wikipedia, quantum Computer ‘ ‘ it is a device that executes calculations making direct use of properties of the quantum mechanics, such as overlapping and interface.. They are sufficiently different computers of the classic computers, these computers will have an advantage of the classic computers in question to decide problems of a form much more efficient, and much more fast, where the classic computers would take much time to decide them. This due to its unit of information qubit, which works of a different form, to understand this form let us see what it says the site Wikipedia.

A classic computer has a done memory of bits. Each bit keeps one ‘ ‘ 1’ ‘ or one ‘ ‘ 0’ ‘ of information. A quantum computer keeps a set of qubits. One qubit can contain one ‘ ‘ 1’ ‘ , one ‘ ‘ 0’ ‘ or an overlapping of these. In others words, can contain one in such a way ‘ ‘ 1’ ‘ as one ‘ ‘ 0’ ‘ at the same time.

VOIP Gateway Services

Then you can hire a VOIP gateway service to connect to the outside world and make calls at low cost. Continue to learn more with: futurist. If the company has multiple sites can implement the solution so that all calls between sites are not recorded at all. The implementation of services such as caller ID, voice mail, voice mail, video conference between two or more participants, call forwarding and many more are available and each company is free to implement them. Some disadvantages of IP telephony VOIP technology offers a myriad of advantages, but also offers an occasional drawback that still have not been remedied and that slow down a little explansion the use of this technology. Power supply: IP telephony should not be very convenient if such a disaster were present when the power grid remain inoperative since this impossible turn on the computer or IP phone and router to make an emergency call. The circuit-switched networks do not have this disadvantage as it has no power or phones running following so that the voice over IP in its entirety to replace the analog phone should be built stable sources of energy. Exact geographical location of a call: If you achieve turn on the computer and call the emergency line, there would be no way to accurately trace the call to learn how to respond most effectively to the emergency.

It is perfectly possible to trace an ip address and place it in a broad geographical area but this can only inform us of the city where the call originated most of the neighborhood or street is not accurate. On the other hand the companies providing internet access to assign IP addresses to clients dynamically to make best use of limited amounts of IPv4 addresses which are currently available to the global implementation of the successor ipv4 ipv6. So the allocation of unique IP addresses for each dwelling would be needed, which would only be possible with the global introduction of next generation IP protocol IPv6 which allows each individual on the planet has an ip address the growing supply of services over copper wire: As did the ADSL and VOIP also exist a number of other services that make use of traditional phone networks such as relatives of service monitoring, home automation, television, radio, and other Services to may compete for the use of bandwidth and detract from a quality voice call over IP. So it requires a higher bandwidth and consensus among all vendors of services industries that employ the same channel to refine protocols or policies that ensure QOS (Quality Of Service) or quality of service based on services VOIP standards. Andres Sanchez I have served for more than six years as administrator of Linux systems and micro. I'm a fan apacionada free software and new technologies in general, extreme sports and languages. I practice a discipline known as the BMX flatland. Currently recido in Bogota Colombia from which development projects based on free software.