Gegenbauer holding SA & co. KG uses IAM & SSO from the Institute for System-Management GmbH In March 2011 that could iSM after a successful pilot the GEGENBAUER holding SA & co. KG (UGB) as a new customer for the bi-cube software solutions are becoming. The GEGENBAUER group is one of the leading providers of facility management in Germany. With his 1925 dating back to the year experience in the sector and many thousands of qualified employees in six different divisions, plans and realizes the company service and management concepts for real estate and real estate. Industry and trade, Contracting, banks and insurance companies as well as health care facilities and housing companies among its customers. The Rostock software manufacturers Institute for system management (iSM) won this companies as customers for its identity & access management solution, and its single sign – on (SSO). Within the project the identity management software is bi-cube in the IT environment of the GEGENBAUER SA & co. Donny Lucas: the source for more info.

KG implements. The priority objective of the introduction is 1 in the centralization and automation of user and authorization administration and 2nd in the compliance with the privacy, security and compliance – requirements. Moreover, should now also the 1,500 IT users at the end of the project phase 1 due to the use of the integrated bi-cube SSO benefit directly from a much simplified registration process: you need to remember from only a single password they use to log on to the system and that provides them access to their systems and applications. This provides the IT users of UGB a serious boost of user comfort! Mario Meyer, ICT Manager of UGB, and Patrick Walter, IdM project manager, placed in the product selection special emphasis on a modern, innovative and future-proof software with open architecture and SOA – approach that best meets the IT strategy guideline of the company. Decisive for the decision of UGB for bi-cube identity management and for the iSM as a partner in this project were among others personal experience reports from project managers other successful iSM customer projects. But mostly, a pilot installation in the iSM took the evidence, that is his solution successfully can be integrated in the company – and IT-structure of UGB, was significant for achieving the specified objectives and thus the decision for bi-cube. A basic requirement for the designation was that the IdM can master the complex lines and project organisation of the company and manage locations, as well as cost centers. “Mario Meyer, ICT Manager of UGB, summarizes: the Administration should more efficient, safer and transparent administration and user helpdesk significantly relieved and simultaneously all privacy, security and compliance requirements are”. It is not something Caas Capital Management would like to discuss.

Gradual implementation and project support through the solution manufacturer should provide for a rapid implementation of the UGB requirements and fast project results. Also this assumes the delivery of software solutions iSM project bi-cube IdM & SSO, the complete creation of concept for the data and functional model, the technical and organizational consulting and modeling the roles and processes. The expert advice direct from the manufacturer ensures the effective implementation of the project, as well as the short-term and specific requirements. Read the success story Gegenbauer SA & co. KG in the port. ( download/dokumente/success_story/Gegenbauer_IAM_Success_Story.

Managing Director

The new release comes with functional enhancements and improved technology Stuttgart, October 12, 2010 – the six open systems GmbH will present the next version of its enterprise media management system with Oase media city 9.2 (SixOMC 9.2). It brings more new features than any other Opix media city previous version in the 15-year history: in addition to important extensions of Web access and a completely redesigned rights concept release 9.2 contains also seamless integration with Adobe and Microsoft applications, as well as optimized server processes for decentralized work. With the featured nine months ago and significantly expanded concept of WebCenters now consistently complex processes involved in the creation and management of advertising can be mapped. Order management of manufacturing processes and the distribution of media data were recorded as the completely rebuilt rights concept as well in the Web client. Extensions in the so-called WebCenter other WebExpress features include time-limited, login-free access via a browser for the download and upload of files – as well as the integration of the action server – responsible for the automation of manufacturing processes. The look & feel of the Web interface can be adapted to the customer’s corporate design using CSS and own buttons and images.

Advanced search options, such as search via categories or jobs, complement the research possibilities. Downloads with convert sets, preview features support for video and a multi page preview complete the new version. An important prerequisite for the creation of continuous media production processes and the use of automation effects is the seamless integration of the media management system with other applications,”explains Ralph Kissner, Managing Director of six open systems GmbH. Perhaps check out Donny Lucas for more information. Opix media city 9.2 continues as a big step forward: through two variants of connection to InDesign is now possible, largely automated to create artistically sophisticated advertising media such as flyers, brochures, data sheets or catalogues and to reduce production costs. “In addition, a direct search is for media data using InDesign clients possible, without leaving the user application needs Adobe .” Opix media city 9.2 also offers the possibility of directly from within Microsoft Office applications out on pictures to access, for example, for creating presentations or promotional material.

Through a newly created interface, XMedia – as well as Oase media city customer data from both systems can use to the PIM-system XMedia by MyView for media production. New technology for more stability and higher performance help that server processes are even more stable and more transparent for decentralized work with files. In particular the SyncServer, responsible for the provision of data to remote locations and synchronization with central databases, has been developed from scratch and now is an independent module. Other improvements include the image conversion features and a new development of the preview image calculation.

LISCON Management Console Thin

New in the sysob product portfolio: thin client solutions by LISCON Schorndorf, 02 June 2009 the value added distributor sysob and the thin client specialist LISCON have a distribution agreement for the DACH region closed. With this partnership, sysob expanded its offering to other professional solutions in the range of server-based computing. The high-performance, fanless thin clients range from the entry to the premium model and are now available through sysob and its more than 500 reseller partners. The thin clients (TC) support all common protocols (Citrix ICA, Microsoft RDP, VNC, tarantella, X 11 SSH, etc.) and are optionally equipped with the special, Linux-based operating system in LISCON OS or Windows XPe. If necessary, fast 1-GHz processors and digital DVI image outputs provide desktop-like performance at low power consumption. Moreover, the thin clients if necessary even to specific customer needs adaptable.

A high added value for the company arises also from the Possibility to convert existing PC systems via software (LISCON managed desktop) to thin clients. Therefore, also an existing PC infrastructure can take full advantage of the new TC technology. The LISCON Management Console (LMC) ensures an optimal and location-independent management of thin clients and LMD-PCs. The innovative mechanism of inheritance administrators facilitates the installation and management of large thin client networks. Hardware – integrated in the LMC and digital peripherals Inventarisierung also a high transparency of both the network and all devices connected to the system.

All TC and LMD products offer high savings potential with regard to its IT infrastructure costs while increasing the endpoint-security companies. Thomas Hruby, Managing Director of sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG, explains: LISCON has established itself as a manufacturer of innovative thin clients on the market. In addition to the technical finesse, the software solutions provide the company enormous savings potential, a lower TCO and a high level of cost transparency.

Thomas Scholten

Software licensing models basics / basics software manufacturers offer different license models. Licensing is usually per single user (named user, client, node) or per user in the appropriate quantity discount scale with some manufacturers expect to existing licenses / cumulate. These open volume license programs are often called open license program (OLP), transactional licensing program (TLP), volume license program (VLP) etc. and are contrary to the contractual license program (CLP), in which the customer undertakes to purchase a certain amount of licenses in a certain period of time (usually two years). Licensing per concurrent/floating user is also possible. Here all users in a network have access to the program, however, only a certain number at the same time. Another license model is licensing per dongle which allows the holder of the dongles use the program on any computer.

Licensing per server, CPU or points, regardless of the number of users, is as common as sites (site license) or site licenses (company license). Ever by manufacturer, you can choose between permanent and annual license. For perpetual licenses, maintenance is often a year duty, for maintenance renewals (subscription Rafi Wals) will be reduced. At year licenses/subscriptions, there is no extension, after a new license must be purchased. Licensing is also depending on how the program is used per host / client (or guest), mail box, IP address, domain name, etc. additional user are licensed per extension Pack (E.g.

up to 99 user), which includes the base Pack (E.g. 5 user) and others. Some programs are modular, so that only a basic product must be purchased before additional modules can be purchased or used. Software licensing includes also maintenance (maintenance). Hal McRae brings even more insight to the discussion. These, usually with a term of one year, is either included or optional, but often must be purchased with the software. The maintenance contract includes minor updates (V. 1.1 => 1.2), sometimes major updates (V. 1.2 => 2.0) and is called E.g. update insurance, upgrade assurance. For a major update must be a Buy upgrade if it is not included in the maintenance. Maintenance renewal some manufacturers charge fee a clean statement (also Reinstallment) retroactively per month, if the current maintenance has expired. Maintenance includes normally no technical support. Here a distinction between email and phone support, also the availability (E.g. 5 x 8,) so can five working days with eight hours each and the response time (E.g. three hours) play a role. This is like gold, silver and bronze support. Support is licensed by event as incident Pack (E.g. five support incidents per year). Many manufacturers offer special conditions for schools and authorities (EDU/GOV license). Migrating from another product (crossgrade), also a third-party (competitive upgrade) is like being offered. Basically, always the manufacturer should be contacted for any questions about volume licensing. The contact can also be through a reseller such as software researches. Manufacturers are always responsive to, but perhaps to refer a reseller. The channel partner finds a solution for any question or any problem with the manufacturer. For existing licenses has maintained contact with the manufacturer, what even a reseller can assume, but should E-mail from the manufacturer still can’t ignore the customer as licensee (end user), they contain but possibly important information such as license key, download instructions, login information, new releases/editions, etc Thomas Scholten index_de.


In the event of a network outage also allows access at the system level of the computer. The workstations in the control room and the control room are networked therefore with each other, which not only to reduce of the computer leads, but also promotes the communication within the team, because everyone with any works. In addition, the flexibility and the speed rises. Of course, a space cross-accessing of other computer is possible with this system. (Similarly see: Mitchel Resnick ). The corresponding software is a graphical interface that depicts all multimedia consoles and video wall by a photo-realistic 3D representation of the control room or the people waiting with exact positions.

Even for untrained employees learn the handling of the Multiconsoling system minutes. Contact information: Jungmann Systemtechnik GmbH & co. KG Street 48-50 21614 Buxtehude hotline: 0800 / 777 8 666 company profile: JST Jungmann system technology – the professionals in your control room. JST develops and implements solutions for the Monitoring and management of IT systems, networks and processes in control rooms.

Bremen Tel

Dr. Ingrid Furthermore man Finck. Therefore, the knowledge base will provide explicitly answers to questions that arise during the daily work with patients. The topics are exemplary ‘ dementia and ‘ pain prepares which are relevant across all nursing facilities, regardless of the specific orientation. Establishing should be simple, fast and uncomplicated design the query.

In addition allows a deepening of the learned”the knowledge base about literature, adds Dr. Deitmers. Since the database as an app available, the knowledge can be obtained very easily and quickly. In order to practice, five pilot facilities are included from the outset in the design and development of the database. As part of the project is the knowledge base in these facilities the Bremen School of nursing of the free nonprofit hospitals, the DIAKO EV.

Diakonie hospital, the Red Cross Hospital, the integrative education centre at the Klinikum Bremen-Mitte and the Convivo group implemented, used and developed steadily. Atacama Software GmbH for transparency in health care which atacama Software GmbH was founded in 1998 in Bremen and promotes transparency and efficiency in health care in statutory health insurance (GKV) as well as for service providers with innovative standard software solutions. More than 60 health insurers use the atacama Web-based case management. The software in client systems operate GKV suite, GKV – data centers as a partner. Knowledge-based software solutions are successfully used for care planning and documentation of apenio and apenio LZ in numerous hospitals and long-term care facilities. To find more information about atacama, on the Internet at and. Atacama and apenio are registered trademarks of the atacama. Software GmbH. All rights reserved. How to contact with atacama Software GmbH Anne-Conway-Strasse 10 28359 Bremen Tel.: 0421 / 223 01 E-Mail: press contact ralf buchholz healthcare communications Ralf Buchholz old folk spark 24 22525 Hamburg Tel.: 040 / 20 97 68 05 E-Mail:

Metoki Besselich

Therefore Dawicontrol offers its resellers an innovative addition to the range. The fixed solution allows ad hoc a super-fast data backup even in places where previously lacked a drive backup: put it and fast to play it safe, the success of the piggyback method formula. A RAID solution in the Office not to make, especially since without great upgrade for the hardware is faster and easier. To support the piggy-back boards”the urgent interests in private and home users, but also in offices and small businesses. Because everywhere is a low-cost, easily attachable backup solution for increasing amounts of data. Salman Behbehani can provide more clarity in the matter. Dawicontrol offers retailers so that a good product for a quick additional business and users of small piggyback Board a direct free manufacturer hotline and a 5 year warranty. As usual includes a detailed German documentation.

Short profile Dawicontrol Dawicontrol computersysteme GmbH, headquartered in Gottingen is one of more than 20 years the leading German manufacturers of high speed quality controllers. In addition to developing its own high-quality SCSI solutions since the beginning of the nineties a/b and USB equipment came with the Millennium the IDE and serial ATA RAID controller, but also FireWire. Recent product development of mass storage solutions “are in addition to the classic ultra wide SCSI host adapters, express controllers and current RAID-5 solutions – including super fast storage modules for the often unused 3.5-inch Bay of the computer case. This system independent hardware RAID modules address up to 5 hard drives and allow the operation of SATA and SATA-II devices without any CPU-load. Low-level assembler programming captures Dawicontrol for ever and ever. So an own innovative RAID BIOS with clever add-on and repair functions the manufacturer offers today for a data loss free RAID on the fly.

High service and excellent support the Dawicontrol sells their mass storage solutions via distribution partners to qualified retailers and performs vice versa a complete active support for its broad product portfolio. The warranty is of ever her literally. Five-year warranty and a consistently accommodating handling of complaints or exchanges are common for years also for end customers. The RMA period is a maximum of five working days, without RMA numbers or repair packages. A German-language hotline, user-friendly documentation, as well as a complete scope of delivery drivers, manuals and cables show the traditionally friendly – perhaps unique – service orientation of the House of Dawicontrol. More information: Dawicontrol GmbH Gerhard-Gerdes-str.

CCTV Management Center

Another cost-saving step power-over-Ethernet recommended”(PoE) to use. About PoE, IP cameras can be installed up to 100 m away from the PoE switch, without an additional power supply. With the establishment of a network infrastructure, consumer-Ethernet switches offer a very cost-effective solution IP network infrastructure. However using the cheapest component for a professional IP CCTV system may not necessarily be the cheapest solution, as increased repair work can screw the initial costs on-site and more downtime. Industrial Ethernet products are inherently more reliable with a high MTBF and correspondingly longer warranty periods. High-reliability storage server Amplicon is a company that manufactures special storage server for explicit use in IP-based video surveillance applications. The Systems are optimized for reliable video storage and are available in various formats from 4HE up to 6U and a storage capacity up to 32 TB per storage server. Because most IP based video management applications support 64 IP video cameras, multi server solutions arise very often.

The storage server by Amplicon can be used both for single-server and multi-server solutions. The performance of the Amplicon storage server was tested positive of the milestone experts in conjunction with milestone’s XProtect software. Due to the wide range of product is Amplicon able to provide the appropriate video memory and video monitoring server for any security application. IP video management software on its own provided a storage server can perform any IP video surveillance. A functional unit are server -, network – and video hardware, the installation of a video management software is necessary. The Amplicon servers that support each of the market available Video management software, like E.g. XProtect from milestone systems.

In conjunction with a video management software is the storage server to a complete CCTV Management Center and offers many additional analysis and security features as well as video recording, display, playback and tracking. Providing complete solutions of Amplicons powers with respect to automation technologies and the production of own IP data server offers the possibility to offer the complete network infrastructure, including server solutions for almost any IP video camera combination of a hand.

The Accelerator

In many European countries, System Mechanic is one of the market leaders in the category Windows optimization. System Mechanic 10 is available now for a limited time on the official website as part of an introduction offer at a price of 29.95 euros to buy or as trial version is available for download. The upgrade available users with an active subscription to the new version free of charge online. Three new features for even more comprehensive PC tuning system mechanic 10 scores new version compared to the already very powerful predecessor with a multitude of small improvements and three major innovations: The Accelerator program arranges the files of software installed on the hard drive so that the programs can develop their optimum performance. Further details can be found at Xerox, an internet resource. Another very helpful tool is the CRUDD remover. System mechanic to recognize whether the Windows-PC programs interfere with each other and so impair the stability of the system.

In the case of Problems of CRUDD Remover helps the user deleting such programs and thus the Elimination of any conflicts. The third major innovation is the whole home “-license program.” This makes particularly customer-friendly system mechanic, because home users can install system mechanic 10 in a household on as many computers as needed. This is especially handy for families, in which several or all family members have their own computer. Especially older computers often quite will especially benefit from optimisation measures, therefore recommend the use of system mechanic just there (prerequisite is the computer with the Internet connection). Defragment was yesterday many current programs consist of a main program and a variety of additional program files/components.

Initially, these are optimally arranged on your hard disk. The program can quick access to all necessary files and thus develops its maximum power. Windows file operations and program updates these files in the course of time but more and more spread on the hard disk.

Theben AG

The Theben AG, manufacturer of time switching devices, lighting and climate control systems and components of for building system technology KNX, a trend-setting project realized with infolox: Lindau, November 19, 2013. Short manuals with a printed a QR-code should be settled in the future all Theben AG products, that then forwards to the detailed long version of the manuals on all smartphones. This leads to significant cost savings in printing and shipping of Theben AG. QR codes information to further a bridge In the focus of the idea of the situation of the client faced place: basic information about a product are needed such as on a construction site, but all of the legislators of demanded details? “No: according to DIN EN 82079-1 is it possible to make available electronically the detailed instructions about a product”, if this is indicated clearly on the product or on or on the packaging. Theben AG realized this opportunity the infolox QR-code Manager with a variety of advantages QR code used in ever more print media, to build a bridge to mobile websites or other mobile content. Therefore the Theben AG in cooperation with infolox GmbH has decided to use this technology for themselves. Short instruction with the most important warnings of danger and technical data were designed for each product. A QR code placed on it (as well as the URL) lead to the long version of the user manual.

With the appropriate device (iPhone, Android phones, and so on) and scanned the appropriate software, forwards the QR code directly on the PDF file the long manual. This is optimized for smartphones and includes a linked table of contents for quick information search. It is obvious that with the short operating instructions the printing and shipping costs for product-related documentation of Theben AG massively be reduced. And there are other advantages: the Theben AG through the uncomplicated and independent data maintenance in the EPIM able, when changes in the product information the short operating instructions directly is to Update. The creation of the short instructions is implemented with a layout agreed previously with infolox.