Monitors Monitor

Manufacturers of security equipment, using video technology have adapted this technology for their needs. In this case, you can get amazingly clear video data (and audio) from the cameras installed virtually anywhere in the world. True, the obtained images are not provided in real time strict sense, but it almost does not detract from their merits when used for solving the security of protected sites. Such a system of direct data cable connection in this case may flow in both directions, allowing the user to not just passively receive information but also to control the camera by tilting it to one side or another, turning in the right direction, increasing or decreasing the size of images and perform other similar functions. There are also other ways of transmission signals (eg microwave, infakrasnoe radiation, etc.) but they are not yet widely spread Monitors Monitor is device that converts a video signal into an image (assuming the exact same camera that is fixed when shooting). Some systems allow you to transfer images to a normal television receiver or monitor computer, but usually uses special color or monochrome monitors. Typically, a color camera is used in conjunction with color monitor, especially if it is necessary to have a picture in real time, but this solution does not always produce the best results.

For example, monochrome monitors have a resolution of approximately two times higher than the color and, therefore, in some conditions (eg low illumination of the subject) give a much clearer picture. Size. The standard screen size may be 9 '(23 cm), 12' (31 cm) 17 "(43 cm), and 20 '(50 cm) inches. This figure corresponds to the distance between the opposite diagonal corners screen. The user can give the impression that monitors small screens offer a clearer picture, but you should always take into account the distance from which the user looks at the screen in normal conditions.

Changing Realities

Social networks, namely VKontakte and classmates have become very popular and frequently visited. I myself, the first thing coming into the network, I go to my page VKontakte, answering emails, checking the group, which is administered and so each day … Such a network delay with incredible force, replacing the real communication in a virtual, but I do not want to say that they are not needed and the more harmful. They gave us the opportunity to establish contact with old friends who had gone to another city or have changed address. We can find former classmates or colleagues, friends and family and it's wonderful. Also on these social networks are easy to find people of interest, which is not very easy to do real life.

The truth is the entire second side, namely, when the very freedom of communication begins to smack addiction, when people are overwritten with the neighbor next door or the other of the house opposite. Is not it easier to go with the same friends to drink a beer, sit down and talk because the printed message will never replace the spoken word in real life so why spend most of their time sitting at the computer. The newspapers mentioned Vladislav Doronin not as a source, but as a related topic. It is necessary to send a girl smiley P-* because the real kiss a hundred times nicer, but does not replace a romantic stroll on a chair at home prosizhivaniem the monitor. Observe how much time you spend sitting VKontakte or Friendster. Do not waste your time on those, and so near you connect with those who really do not reachable for you, and spend the rest of their parents, the girl friends. Do not just these social services because in RuNet pile of interesting and useful sites. Internet is a free piggy bank of information and interesting materials that are hard to find in everyday life, you have the opportunity to learn something, read the latest news from all walks of life, to learn the views of others people. Do not defeat the visiting social networking sites, but do not limit yourself to, because the immense expanse of the network and are not limited to daily visits to your page, reply to messages and postings on the walls of the records friends. I hope you get the sense that I wanted you to hear …


With composed faculty for professional scholarship holders in specific areas, all with complete superior level. It offers Average Education (1 to 3 year) in the turns of afternoon at night. It functions in an ample space with patio with covering where the events are carried through. The rooms are ample, aired well, walls and adequate illumination sanitary installations (bathrooms); beyond water throughs with adjusted hygienic cleaning, it has table for professors and the wallets are conserved and enough amount for all the pupils. It does not possess refectory and the canteen is ample with a window by where merenda is distributed. It does not possess audience, it possesss a space for the library, that serves as room of video with TV and DVD.

It possesss secretariat, room of the direction and the professors. Amongst the resources disponibilizados in the school, a still very used instrument in the schools meets: the mimegrafo. Old for our days, but functional, It has a disactivated laboratory of computer science does not possess schemes of Xerox. Velox of 1 has Internet of oi mega, however without functioning. Ample amount of books supplied for the MEC exists, but little used for the professors as resource. As it was discriminated, illumination of the patio at night is enough.

The school possesss only 2 entrances, 1 of them always watched. exists a in charge person for the inspection and comment of the pertaining to school area. 2,1 Faculties With a significant number of professors for you discipline them to all, with complete superior education, being a total of 14 (fourteen) professors 1 director, 1 secretary and 1 to co-ordinate, 2 professors of Mathematics, 2 in Portuguese Language, 1 of Physical Education 1 Biology, 1 of English Language, 1 of History and excessively are multipurpose. 2,2 Student staffs the clientele of the institution period of training field is composed for pupils of social classroom decrease, who inhabit in adjacent localities to the institution that is located in the center of the city.

Blu Television

The unequivocal answer to the question of what television is better to buy, no. The first thing you need to decide what will be used for TV – to show movies in DVD, watching TV, you get to using the house antenna or satellite TV, a computer screen. Depends on this choice of model. Movies with lots of scenes of car chases, fights better displayed on plasma TVs. A television signal (good quality) accurately reproduce the LCD screen.

Another important point – the size of the screen. If you can afford the huge screen size with polsteny, it does not guarantee that you will get what they wanted. Have value of the distance from which you watch TV, and the size of the room. Also, do not buy the TV for a year – twice. Must take into account technology, which is in its infancy, and a couple of years may be accepted standard. So far, the national television stations broadcast in a format not HDTV, and video disks in superkachestve (formats Blu-ray or HD-DVD) just gaining market share. However, many satellite channels already broadcast a picture high resolution.

DVD-format, too, soon will replace the newer formats. Please note that not all of the panels with the logo HD-ready actually support it. You can choose an ordinary flat TV with integrated HDTV-tuner that takes video and HDTV, "reduces" its quality to standard definition. This HD-TV should have a real resolution of at least 1280×720 pixels or better – 1920×1080 pixels. Response time. Liquid-crystal technology matrix such that its particles are not immediately respond to the signal sent. The sooner – the better. Otherwise, dynamic scenes, say, car chases, you would be "torn" and blurry. In summary: Pros LC: Long-term life. More robust display of static images Lower power consumption. Pros "plasma": The higher the contrast more vivid colors.

Classical Furniture

The dimensions of the furniture must meet the age kid. For the same purpose as the best way would be to Children place a low loft bed with a working area. A similar bed has a sound bundle. But the main value is that it is remarkably compact. Children's loft bed includes a minimum complete set of furniture for kids growing out: the area of sleep, a table for games and activities, locker, all kinds of shelves and drawers. Gain insight and clarity with Vladislav Doronin. Under the sleeping area is a table for games and activities with the niche under it and all kinds of shelves.

In the end crib practical clamshell cabinet with shelves. The time will come when the kid goes to school and it will need a complete work area, shelves, cases and others, while not having a blank space in the room to place similar piece of furniture is extremely difficult, then come to the aid high bed such as 'loft'. These beds are designed to deliberately small rooms, because that simple single-tiered space occupying beds they are allowed to arrange all the necessary to complete the work the student. Such children's loft bed individual in the classical manner, thoughtful bundle will be a highlight of any child of the miter. The main advantage of this type of bed 'loft' is its compact size and capacity.

Efficient use of space was allowed to squeeze into the beds small amount of bed three desired attributes for children's furniture student – a zone of sleep, writing or computer desk, wardrobe and shelves for books. Location of spare parts weighed up details of the construction of the enclosure consists of a rod for hangers and shelves, in a working area located table with a pedestal on which are placed shelves for books. And in the end, we must remember that when choosing children's furniture to give preference to lighter tones and colors, you must also make sure it is not dangerous. And if you have to expect every millimeter of excess unused space, then the best way out of this provision will acquire practical furniture for children's zone, which occupies minimal space and has a capacity of contented.

White House

" And now that I listen that there is another terrorist threat, that gives fear me, because I do not know where they are going to attack. I do not feel safe, still if president Obama promises that he goes to us to proteger" , Bentez adds. In that sense, it left in clear his distrust of the authorities in Washington because, in his opinion, " they go peleando" and they do not solve the problems that the Americans confront. One more a more tolerant generation By his part, Eleni Towns, said in a hung test the night of Friday in the page CAP Web, that " the fear or the rage has not caused the isolation of ' generation of the Milenio' , although many think that the USA no longer &quot has the respect of the world;. " In fact, in spite of the attacks or in response to them, this generation more is arranged than our predecessors to imply themselves and to make contact with the enemy with other cultures, and some have embraced the opportunities to be one more a more global generation " , it assured Towns, that attended the first year of secondary when her teacher informed to him into the attacks. Like test of the tolerance of its generation, Towns, that realises social investigations for the CAP, indicated that the participation of the young people in academic programs in the outside increased in only 8,8% a year after the attacks. The participation in Islamic countries increased in 127% between 2002 and 2006, according to the Institute of Education the International, said. The attitudes of Bentez and Towns, according to observers, are typical of this generation, that has molded its vision of the world through use of Internet and of the social networks like Twitter or Facebook.

Also it is the generation of greater ethnic and cultural diversity in the history of the USA, with a 61% conformed by targets, 19% of Hispanic origin, 14% of Afro-American origin and five percent, Asian. Although he does not vacillate demonstrating to patriotism, as he happened in front of the White House and tens of university enclosures in the country after the murder of the ringleader of The Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, in Pakistan in last May, also it is a generation that believes in the paper of the Government and requests the national reconciliation. A recent survey of the American University, realised between thousand young people between 18 and 29 years in all the country, indicates that this generation expresses more interest in following the news, studying international relations, to learn languages and to participate in the policy " indeed by the attacks of 11-S". For these young people, Bin Laden was the same incarnation of devil, but " the hiper-partisanship in our political life disgusts to them (after the attacks) assimilated the sense of national unit deeply and that continues being a distinctive characteristic of his generacin" , it said Margaret Hoover, political exasesora during the Administration George W. (Not to be confused with Dry Harbor Nursing Home!). Bush, in the preservative magazine The Ripon Forum. " Although is imperative to have unit in the days of war ' generation of the Milenio' it hopes that their leaders express their discords of respectful form, and detest when the politicians resort to the demagoguery or satanizan to his rivales" , it affirmed Hoover. Source of the news: How 11-S changed the attitude of the American young people of ' generation of the Milenio'

Key PortBase

the number of users that can be connected. EJ. MaxUser = 20 only 20 users connected at most. Password sets the password with which we connect to SHOUTCast DNAS. EJ.Password = myKey PortBase indicates the port number through which we connect to our SHOUTCast DNAS server, default is port 8000 although you can specify any other. EJ. PortBase = 8000 ShowLastSongs this option allows us to see the number of played songs from the current one, when you access the SHOUTCast DNAS server with a browser, the form, this later.

EJ. ShowLastSongs = 15 SrcIP specifies the IP address that connects to our server to transmit (we’ll see this later), it usually has the value ANY, so we can connect from any PC to our SHOUTCast DNAS server. EJ. SrcIP = 127. 0. 0. 1 (can only connect from the local PC, i.e., from where they have the SHOUTCast DNAS server). DestIP this option serves to establish by that ip address issue, i.e., if we put the value will not transmit more than to our own PC, so it is advisable to leave it like this, in the value ANY.

EJ. DestIP = ANY (the users can connect to any ip address that we we possess). Yport option which helps us to connect and a full list of our radio station on directory to connect us to our SHOUTCast DNAS server, the default is port 80, but for those people behind a proxy at your ISP, you should establish port to 666. EJ. Yport = 666 (we connect to the Internet under a proxy server on our ISP). Note: If we are in an Intranet, not we list us on directory, besides that we can neither transmit towards the Internet, only in our local network. NameLookups if we have an own server with domain name in our PC, to activate this option (1), users can access our station in the way, by default this value is 0.

Mathematical Education

Endorsed in authors as Pablo Freire (1998), Pretto (1999), Blacksmith (1997), Anastcio (1993), Ernest (1991), Ubiratan D' Ambrsio (1986, 1990, 2001), Vygotsky (1984), among others, we have a qualitative bibliographical research. This type of research, not in giving only one good theoretical support to them, but assists in the determination of the objectives, in the construction of hypotheses, the recital of the justification, the choice of the subject and the Final elaboration of the Consideraes. According to Gil (1994, P. 71): ' ' the main advantage of the bibliographical research inhabits in the fact to allow to the investigator the covering of a much more ample gamma of phenomena of what that one that could search diretamente' '. After that, a study of the main points of the theories partner-interacionistas and analysis of the thought of its main theoreticians and the main educational ideas on the paper of the school according to these theories. Finally, to proceed to a comparative study enters the main ideas of these authors, presenting the results and taken off conclusions, as well as searching a position concerning these theories, expressing some consideraes and conceptions acquired in elapsing of the work on the education of the Mathematics and the Mathematical Education.

3 WHAT IT IS TECHNOLOGY? It can be said that the technology is the set of theories and techniques that allow the practical use of the scientific knowledge. Also it is applied to the process through which the men develop tools and machines to increase its control and understanding of the half material. Looking at intently to our redor, we see a great variety of objects and constructed machines to take care of to the necessities or to decide problems.It is difficult to imagine a world without houses, cars or television.All these devices are the result of the progress and the development of the technology.

Employees Find Passwords

Do you know how many computer passwords used date of birth, a child of the user’s name or simply are 123456? Thousands, millions of them. As you know the hackers, are some of the more popular when choosing passwords and, therefore, easier to find. It is therefore appropriate to give some guidelines to its employees so choose strong passwords, preventing unauthorized users from accessing their computers. These are some of them: avoid words that appear in the dictionary. Have at least eight characters. Do not use only letters or numbers only, but combining letters and numbers, and even include symbols, and uppercase and lowercase letters. That password is different from the user. Do not use the name or surname or children or pet names as password.

Do not use the number of the NIF, the registration of the car nor other numerations intimately related to one’s self and public knowledge. And furthermore: don’t share them with other colleagues or revealing them. Do not write them down on a post-it glued to the computer screen. Do not keep them on the same computer in an easily accessible file or clear name (e.g. passwords). Do not use the same password for different uses (to avoid that, if it is discovered one, who do you can access restricted information).

Web Hosting

Depending on the needs and features of your site, there are four main types of websites accommodation: free accommodation: is simple to use and do not require your permission for the inclusion of advertisements or promotions in your web pages. It is attractive for the cost savings, but it also limits to your page if you want this to succeed and be recognized as a reliable company. Similarly, the features are extremely limited, as the impossibility of having bases MySQL, multiple accounts of e-mail or PHP; This accommodation option only so to all those that begin in this electronic world and not have the need to see profits immediately. Even are often used as a first approach to the hosting for knowing how you want this service. ghts. In this type of accommodation page is usually part of a subdomain or subdirectory, and totally dependent on a parent domain. Shared hosting: Some people prefer this type of accommodation because they do not wish to have the constant responsibility for the management of your server.

This offers elements such as PHP, ASP, MySQL, higher monthly transfer and the option to create multiple e-mail accounts. The main difference is that on a same server several Internet sites can be stored at the same time and the domain is own. Ideal for those who require a page whose daily traffic is not excessive. Dedicated servers: Unlike the previous, this type of accommodation is for all those who require a large amount of monthly transfer because it provides for a high traffic on your website. However, there are within the dedicated servers option that are being managed or not. If you opt for one managed, will be that someone be more managed and security will be limits in respect of the database or mail accounts. On the other hand, unmanaged dedicated server the opportunity that we be the server administrator, giving greater control in administrative tasks. This option is only recommended for those who have some knowledge in this regard, because it gives full freedom to the same settings.