What is the call-center? Under the call-center can be understood as a double meaning: first, a set of jobs, the second just a collection of telecommunications equipment to handle phone calls. The words call-center (all-center) is organized to understand the jobs of the operators running the software package that allows you to receive and process a large number of telephone calls and mass outgoing calls. Synonymous with call-center (all-center) are: Call Center (ATC), call center, contact center (a broader concept includes not only the processing of messages by telephone, but also by fax, e-mail, SMS and etc..) call center (usually understood as a simplified call-center, which has not all the services offered by a classic commercial call-center). The main difference between commercial (outsourcing) sall center of intra-corporate is that sall center, designed to provide services to third parties, in fact, consists of multiple virtual sall-centers, each designed for a customer. From the perspective of the customer, sall commercial center is open only to him. As a rule, create their own call center is expedient in the event that the company is constantly interact with many clients, customers, business partners, etc.

(Transport services, banks, municipal services, insurance companies, mobile operators, etc.). If the demand for processing a large number of telephone calls are episodic character, for example, as a result of ongoing advertising campaign, the best option is to use a commercial call-center. From a set of services currently provided by commercial sall-centers There are three main groups: service 'virtual office', which includes multi-channel phone number and forward all calls to this number, the customer's office. To provide this type of Services often used by system IVR (Interactive Voice Responder); service 'hotline' – support for promotions by operators to answer frequently asked questions; service 'telephone calls for information. " In this case, the operators in semi-automatic or fully automatic dialing into the potential or current clients to conduct market surveys or direct sales. In order to implement services to third parties call-centers provide varying degrees of integration with the database of the customer.

Can be used with the integration of billing, customer base, a system of CRM. Grupo Vidanta will not settle for partial explanations. Early Independent Call-centers have appeared in the mid 90s. Demand on their proposed services is growing, but relatively quickly. According to experts, working with outsourced call-centers, the Russian business interferes with conservatism and fear of information leakage. Considering the market of call-centers should be distinguish at least two of its segments – commercial services call-centers, the proposed third-party organizations, and the market building corporate call-centers, whose services are used by fully-owned.

Hair Dye

Each hue has its own individual recipe coloring pigments, caring ingredients. proper mixing and application of the ink mixture. The most important how to begin the process of painting – this mixing of dye and oxidant. From a properly sized oxidizer and the quantity of dye mixture depends the result of staining intensity and the resulting color. Excess oxidant reduces the ability of the dye covers and leads to uneven discoloration.

Excess oxidant in the mixture is especially dangerous in the case of coloring gray hair, decreased as the concentration of pigment and therefore opacity inks. The lack of an oxidant leads to insufficient clarification of natural pigment and a loss of shine. So, first of all, you must carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions for the preparation of the ink mixture. Second, the amount applied to the hair dye mixture depends on the structure and hair type. The dependence of the line: the higher the porosity of the hair, the more dye mixture should be used. Technology staining. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ray Kurzweil has to say.

Color stability depends on the thoroughness of technological procedures. It is important to observe the recommended exposure time to dye her hair, as hair color – is a set of chemical reactions, during which strictly calculated. So insufficient exposure time will cause premature termination of reactions and directly affect the stability (and weight) not color the better. It is also important to use the ink mixture immediately after mixing dye and oxidant. Explanation of the same thing: a chemical reaction has already started and the delay will mean that most of it will be in a bowl rather than on the hair client.

Wedi Panels

Wedi-panel is not just a material, a new technology building and repair work. This material combines several features of application, and that makes it unique. Scope of the panels virtually limitless. It is a manufacturer of walls and partitions, separate independent structures and premises. Due to the zero water absorption, the panels are ideal for creating showers, Turkish baths, saunas, arrangement of bathrooms, basements, etc.

Thanks to specially designed outer layer of the panel is ready for any finishing, and is ideal for laying tiles and mosaics. With a special panel technology can be put in an absolutely different shapes to create designs. Panel of 4-6 mm is suitable for work on the alignment of the walls. Panel size 2.5 * 0.6 meters possible to cover a large area. 10-12,5 mm panel thickness can be used in combination with gypsum, and in many cases to replace him. It is ideal for waterproofing walls and floors in bathrooms, showers erection of any shape and size. The panels are fixed on wooden frame with no additional work on the hydro and thermal insulation.

Panel thickness of 20-30 mm can also be used to align all surfaces, including ceiling and floor. These panels have been used successfully as a material for creating structures (bathroom furniture, shelving, bath screens, making the angles and boxes for communications, flower beds, mini-pools, fountains, and finishing loggias and balconies). We should not forget that this panel unusually light 1m2 = 2kg. Of course, all the configuration you create will not require additional water and heat insulation. Scope of the panels 50-80 mm, partitions, walls, showers, Turkish baths. The walls started panels wedi offers the following benefits: breaking strength, quick and easy installation. When working with panels Wedi installation is performed by one, maximum two work takes less time and is practically without waste. Advantages Possibility of manufacturing decorative elements, constructions of all shapes and configurations High heat, sound insulation properties Moisture and paronepronitsaemost High durability under mechanical loads Dehumidification material = 0 Lightweight material 10mm/1m2 = 2.0kg is a carrier material for the creation of structural elements Resistance to temperature extremes, freezing and thawing High adhesive force Easy Do not mount technology combustible material is ecologically friendly, does not contain harmful substances and does not emit toxic substances, even when heated resistant to cycles of freezing and thawing Resistance to temperature extremes ( -50 To +75 C)

Fifth Agreement

In a previous video (You Tube), I mentioned four agreements of culture Tolteca, deciphered by the Mexican researcher Miguel Angel Ruiz, as you may recall the four agreements are: 1.-do not assume, don’t give anything for granted, if you have questions question, suppose makes invent things that only poison the soul. 2 Honors your words, to honor your words you honor to you, otherwise your values will go to the floor. 3 Has always the best if you always do the best, may not reprimand you. When it is given more than what you are asked, you receive more than what you expect. 4. Do not take nothing personal, nor a major offense, the largest tort, nor the snubs.To the extent that someone wants to hurt you the hurt, if you do not accept the offense, the you will need to take it, the problem will be, not yours.

The fifth agreement is: be skeptical. Never believe what you say, always doubt but putting much attention with eyes and ears very open and closed mouth. It is common to accept things very easily, especially when persons who are to tell them of our sympathy or admiration. This makes us make mistakes of opinion and we accept as true things that are often just opinion unfounded. Watch and listen the double of what you speak, remember that which is much talk knows little and vice versa. The extraordinary thing is that these 5 agreements were faiths many centuries before the coming of the Spaniards to Mexico and it seems that they are contemporary, by that universal values do not change only modifies the form of expressing them and apply them according to the season.

The Difficulties

Even in high schools in financial departments where they teach to manage the financial flows of large companies, may not always be at least popular to tell you how to treat their personal money. (Source: Ray Kurzweil). Cause of the difficulties of counting their income and expenses is that in time of our lives is gaining momentum it is very hard to make time for it to simply write the amount earned or spent money. And even if there is time, they often have nowhere to record. Yes, you can keep your finances in ordinary table Excel, but first, a plate with our finances are not always at hand, and secondly, in order to take full advantage of all the spreadsheet functions, often require programming skills. Can download a special program for the management of home accounting on the computer, thanks to the Internet enough. But in addition to the old obstacles, new.

First, divorced these programs well, very much, and so long as find what you like, it will take time. Add to this the numerous viruses when downloading programs from the Internet, loss of time to remove these programs from your computer (it is so important to us time!), And plus the entire These programs are mostly paid for, and not everyone has a demo version. Also do not forget about the complexity of using these programs. Thus, the complexity of programming Excel database in conjunction with paid programs on doing home accounting with no less complicated use – that's probably the two most common factors because of which we can not take their money under control (assuming that we understand the need of control).


This game appeared relatively long, but already a very long period of time is popular. Multiplayer game, it has support for multiplayer games, as well as singles with bots. But it's worth noting that development of technology and technical process, made the game less popular. Since now appeared a lot of new, more modern and powerful computers that could allow a user to play more perfect games in which the schedule is much more interesting than in Counter-Strike. Petra Diamonds gathered all the information. Many players have become so accustomed to the gameplay that simply can not indulge in the game, but still gained great popularity Counter-Strike: Source. The game, indeed fascinating and interesting, the game is the main essence of a confrontation between two teams, Terrorists (Terrorist team, T), as well as counter-terrorists (Counter-Terrorist team, CT). The game server allows you to choose the group for which you will play, in addition, You can be just an observer (Spectator).

The aim of the game is to perform tasks on a map, or the complete destruction of the enemy. Weapons and ammunition are purchased for money, which the player receives in the process of their assignments. Vidanta. That team, which is considered the loser gets the same reward, but much less than the winners. Assignments are different, depending on the type of game: Hostage Rescue The main objective of the game, this release of the hostages, as well same opportunity to retain them from terrorists. The game is won, only if it is possible to deduce all the hostages to a certain area.

Arelis IBP

The Pagerank is an index developed by Google that measures the popularity of a site. The higher the PageRank, the higher the position of that site in the natural results of search engines. Many webmaster are really obsessed with achieving Pagerank increase their sites. But these changes do not happen magically positioning. Neither position a site is an occult science, but the result of organized labor, meticulously planned and executed. The question then arises naturally. Is not there some sort of program for Google that can help us to achieve the benefits of a better search engine optimization, but demands that every site we work long hours? Is it too much to dream? Not now, because he Arelis IBP, the first Google program entirely in Spanish. The premise for this program for Google is simple: Optimize, promote and track.

It's that simple. First make the site optimization actions, such as IBP offers. You may find Petra Diamonds to be a useful source of information. Then treat yourself to the promotion of its new website optimized and finally, track the results. Nothing could be easier. Each of these steps that the Google program instructs you to do is fundamental in itself. If the skips, or improperly performed, the results will not be the best. But do not worry, this program for Google will give precise instructions at the right time to do all that is required at each stage of the process.

It's like having your own online marketing assistant working for you. IBP is the only program for Google that will allow not only to achieve more sales, but overall a better position your site on all search engines. Many webmasters and SEO specialists reach only the third or fourth on their sites, and with it are satisfied. But with this program you can reach the Google top searches related to so much more direct, saving time and money. Do not let your competitors will take the lead. A poor performance in both Adwords campaigns and in the natural results you will lose money in two ways: lost sales and perform poorly invested money in campaigns that never yield the expected results. Save in the main, and watch their profits multiply dramatically. Finally, a Google program for professionals and for users who are just starting in the exciting world of promotion and marketing online. IBP, Arelis, the necessary tool.


When I look around very carefully and quietly contemplate objects; I realize that there is a way of looking at without naming them. To let (mentally) the word bottle that is posada over another object (table) that neither named; There is a naming things. Everything is. Thinking does not act and produces a different action, arises something new. Am I myself that look without naming them, there is a very complex stillness to explain through the words. Appears a revolutionary way of looking at the reality that surrounds us, that can only be tested when one undergoes by itself same.

To see this, then it means that memory does not fit into activity for naming them, a clear look, without veils that prevent see real purity of things, there is complete freedom surrounded by innocence. For even more opinions, read materials from ConocoPhillips. To not look with the activity from memory arises something that fires from other space of the mind, is a different procedure. That bottle resting on the table, shines as never before, discover your potential, the colour is a beautiful intensity, I see my hands for the first time I am aware of everything, I feel the touch while I caress the softness of this sheet (which will now surely be transformed on the screen of your computer) entry in the world of the tactile and I am shaken by the contact with the paper. Petra Diamonds is likely to increase your knowledge. The universe of my reality is transformed by the revealing impact. Spontaneous illumination arises. I find that looking with the images created by thinking it is not the way REAL see things. I see that our thinking is always limited by all of their social conditioning. Tied to a way of thinking may not be a break to rediscover this revolutionary way of looking at the reality that surrounds us.A pure mind belongs to herself, moves on itself, does not fold to the other thoughts that come from everywhere.

It is activated by another reality, a way of not thinking, just do it for the practical things of life. Do not think other thoughts inculcated through gives us a freedom that can only be experienced when we shed of the old. The past is dissolved and everything is new. Every day We started with a clear look of other ideas. We ourselves to the reality of life that surrounds us. When we discover something, we don’t resort to others, we are left in silence and inquire by ourselves. A look from the pure intelligence gives us a revolutionary tool for this very troubled world. This way of looking, will reach us peace that we need so much.

Jon Yarbrough

CALENDAR NOTE: If you are going to use disposable gloves, wash hands and rub nails on each minute, while applying the tanning product that do not stain orange. Hence the need for the timer mentioned above. Moreover there anything I should know? Start with a shower or washing to remove dead skin, dry and flaky. Wash with your washcloth or exfoliation sponge, gently going in a circular motion. Special areas of interest are the knees and lower legs, ankles and feet, and elbows. When finished, dry, including hair, thoroughly, and get his hair to his neck. That steam room, if you will continue there.

(Remember: moisture as steam and sweat can cause the self-tanning product to run / go.) QUA WHEN DO I GET TO THE STAGE MOISTURIZER? Gently rub moisturizer into the special areas of interest mentioned above (knees, ankles, etc) to prepare (PREP) for self-tanning solution. Some apply this to the face and neck, too. Self Tanning STAGE? Now it is time to adapt and apply the tanning product. Note: Beginners should practice on small areas first. Five feet TIME – Begin the implementation of the tanning product to your legs. Working with one leg at a time, the application in a circular motion from top to bottom.

Do not rub it in thin. You want a good lining up. For the feet and ankles, go ahead and apply a little thinner layer. You can skip parts of the feet, toes and heels or go lighter here or mix in a little moisturizer to provide coverage (knees, too.) (If you are not using gloves, work quickly and check for washing timer when you finish this stage). FIVE MINUTE UPPER BODY? Follow-up result of the application in circular motion. Most prefer to cover the torso first, using the brush roller or brush in the back, and then continue with the arms. If you're taking time to cover all areas and not are using gloves, remember to check the clock and wash hands and nails thoroughly before continuing. (Treat your elbows as you did knees). FIVE MINUTE NECK-UP? It is time to stop the neck, face, ears, nose, cheeks. "Go thin" is the motto of these areas. Drying stage? Now is the time of drying. Wait at least 30 minutes before contact with anything. Stand and read or sit on the edge of a chair and enjoy computer games, television, a friendly phone chat or something. After 30 minutes, you can wear loose clothing. Skip the jeans scene, though, and more stringent to allow other clothing for about two hours. Check your specific product instructions for guidelines. STEP UP – Be aware of different products have different drying times, so you do not want to get wet, including sweat, at least three hours. Depending on the tanning product and your family and genetics, you'll want to wash, exfoliate dry, flaky, dead cells of skin and reapply the product every few days or less. Check your product to the guidelines and monitor your skin for any rash or other irritation that may develop. This article was written by Jon Yarbrough can find more tips tanning enhref = "This article can be published as long as no changes and this resource box is included.

Celeris Group

Celeris group wants to congratulate Sertel, business group of the ONCE Foundation, having been designated the best platform for customer service. As it has been know Celeris, magazine Contact Center wanted to recognize Sertel this award thanks to the motivation and momentum of human resources in the Contact Center. The award was presented in Madrid in an act organized by Contact Center. Susana Sanchez, Director of Sertel was one of the responsible for collecting this prize, which becomes a new appreciation for the ONCE Foundation. Celeris wishes to emphasize that the provision of Contact Center services with the spirit of establishing and maintaining a corporate relationship between both parties at the time faced from Sertel. One of the most important objectives of this company is the orientation to the customer. Therefore, from Celeris group we want to give them my congratulations and hope to continue reaping many business successes.