Gifts Libra Libra – the sign of balance and balance. Often, it is – a thin man, always has the flavor and taste for art. Give a beautiful Libra! This aesthetic highly appreciate paintings, stylish furnishings, vintage sets. Classroom Fragrances – also have a Libra premium. Flower tip: asters, carnations, chrysanthemums, tiger lilies, roses – Libra come to the yard! Gifts Scorpio Scorpio – the mystical sign of the zodiac.

It is woven from the controversy. Find a way as to present usual gift in a symbolic world and its relationship to the basics of life – and he transformed in the eyes of Scorpio. Very strong sexual energy of Scorpio and its aggression quite allow him to give weapons and erotic toys. Flower tip: give Scorpio irises, lilies, white roses, daffodils and even cacti. Gifts Sagittarius Sagittarius is always looking for new and unusual things, his motto – "I am eager!". Road, wandering, searching, and travel – that's the theme for Gifts Sagittarius. Importantly, find out what's expressed his desire for novelty: in dayverstve, travel, or hitch … in collecting new hearts.

Flower tip: give Sagittarius carnations, gladioli, chrysanthemums, or phlox. Gifts Practical Capricorn Capricorn is guided by the motto "I use!" But at the same time, deep and secretive Capricorn loves all the mysterious, mystical: the esoteric stuff, ancient symbols, etc. Flower Note: give Capricorn gerbera and lilies, tulips, red carnations, gladioli and dahlias. Gifts Aquarius "I know" – the motto of incredible ingenuity and inventive Aquarius. Usually, Aquarians are very sociable, and their interests are very broad. Give him something new, hi-tech, are dragged by the imagination – and your gift will be the beginning of his next passion. " Computers, photography, music, sports – that's things like Aquarius. Flower tip: Aquarius will be happy to orchids, violets, tulips, daffodils, lilies and forget-me. Gifts Fish immersed in a mystical fish loves movies, music, reading – anything that allows her to indulge in solitary contemplation of the world, themselves and themselves in the world. "I believe" – the motto of Pisces. People with this sign is always instinctively religious, even if you do not go to church. Give them talismans, incense sticks, warm clothes or blankets. Flower note: carnation, gladiolus, peonies and chrysanthemums fish will be happy. But gerbera and tulip Pisces is better not to give. Well, now, after going through Wheel of the Year, you've learned a lot about the signs of the zodiac, and their preferences. We can only remind you that every person – is unique. And read the above for a good gift may not be enough. Each requires a special approach and sensitive attention. Difficult? Yes. But if you want to do really good gift, without attention to the man – can not do. Any doubts? You can always verify this assertion.


A good record – it is such, when reading that someone else not only would have understood what you saw, but realized that you survived. Also must share the thoughts and arguments that come to you in a dream from those who come during the writing. When you become disciplined and understand the nature of their dreams, writing down every dream every morning will not such a necessary thing. Can only record like it or the same standing dream. But remember is still desirable as many dreams. The more dreams you can remember, the better. It will be many time you write, at least, hundreds of dreams, and only then can you afford such liberties as writing down only the most important dreams.

Your professionalism will be mostly is not about how many dreams you can written, and how much you can remember. Ivan Chavez Vidanta is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Link to the 6 th video in YouTube video in English, in it the author shows how it is desirable to write down his dream. In this video he uses the usual notebook, but usually uses computer. Tells us that, despite the fact that the record is in the computer, it is very comfortable to hold next to the bed sheet of paper and pencil to wake up at night to record a few key words. Since there is no night no desire to write completely all dreams, it suffices to write key words, which later will help you remember what was dream and completely restore it in his memory.

Enough Now

But I want more. Or: I have a wonderful apartment, it is very cozy and comfortable, but I want to have a large private house. But never say: I have no money, I can not afford. Now, if I had so much money then, then I would have healed by now. All now you just will never be more money.

Or: I have a little horrible apartment and I can not it is, I want a big house. Only there will I be truly happy. At home, too, can not count. You should always be thankful for what you have now, but never give up more. If you do not appreciate what has already been received from the life and constantly demand more, life in the end to resist and say: Enough! You forever is not all happy. How much you do not give, it is not enough! If you are on the contrary, be thankful for life is what you have, it will be happy to give you even more.

After all, you do not like whiners and losers. So that's life, too, they are not love and with great pleasure dealing with satisfied and happy people. So it's never too late to become one. For a more graphic example, consider Figure 1. Option A: Are you happy with your life, self-contained and complete. You live in the present moment, and your whole energy is concentrated here and now. Do you have a lot of goals. And you successfully move toward him. But while you are enjoying the present moment and not focus on your future.

Metaphysical Game Helps To Feel Relieved Osvobo

To begin the process of “debt relief”, you will need a notebook with a large number of pages. they should be as much as you need to make monthly payments on loans. Now on the far left column Write a title that corresponds to the largest payment. For example, if a payment on the loan for a house or apartment, if you write “Payment for housing.” Now, on the first line, immediately under the heading, indicate the amount of payments and encircle it. This will mean that this amount you must pay each month. After this, the third line, write off all the debts that are included in the category of “rents.” Next step: in the second column indicate the second- value of an article of monthly payments, in the third column – the third story, and so on. And across the columns across the page, type the following statement: “I sincerely want to keep their promises regarding all these financial obligations, and in some cases will even make money twice as much as you want.

” Every time you get a bill, contact your list and amend, if necessary, the minimum required amount of monthly payment. If the amount is not changed, leave all the same. When you first come through (or it is time to pay), corresponding to the far right column (it is a very small amount of money you must pay every month), pay the amount in at least two times greater than the minimum necessary.

Academy Of Happiness

Best is the enemy of the good! And yet, despite the fact that Socrates explained the kind we like, what is happiness, he indicated only the direction. Therefore, once again put in a word of Happiness! Indigenous obitalem special hospital is allowed, so I can talk about it. Especially since it's not hard to do and what I also said, Happiness – is when all the houses! Happiness – it's purely personal! For some it's a piece of bread to someone – a piece of the sky. For some it's success (money, power, position in society Glory ). For some it is – Love and it is clear to everyone.

And for someone to have been Health and Happiness for each individual may not be happiness, if you do not have Health. Well it's about global. So discuss what such Schate sort of like not for what, and so everything is clear – it is something absolutely positive. left to figure out something and how to achieve it. For some it is – smile of a child, for someone to mount a neighbor. The desert ran Sea. Creeps from the sands people with muzzy cry rushes to the sea: 'Water '. On the other side of the sea on the decrepit raft swim to the shore the other subject's skeletal and happily croaks: "Land!" But for full happiness is never enough rest! On the happiness of peoples and nations leaders and parliaments. The truth behind the money that same people, but everything is in order, all of the adult, all in intimate harmony.

Legal Research

But the owner of the means of production, the employer is a monopolist in the labor market of the enterprise. How can he not use it. Naturally, he enjoys it, exaggerating the cost of their labor through undervaluation of employees. So, just to primitive, open casket of capitalist exploitation. However, this follows from the simplicity of truth in the matter formation value of the goods of truth, searching for which humanity has spent more than two thousand years. On the formation of the value of goods on the dialectics of ordinary goods market equilibrium and the labor market, the essence of the private property can be read in the article "Dialectics of market equilibrium," Economics and Finance 20 (124), ed.

Foundation for Legal Research, 2006, and But perhaps the most important mistake of Marx was the denial of the presence in the community individual differences. Destroy the class contradictions and the individual will disappear – he said. This error in the first place, became the basis for the idealization of the proletarian class, within which there could be no contradictions, and for this reason can be trusted with a dictatorial form of management of society, without fear that the dictatorship of the proletariat can be reborn in the proletarian dictatorship of a handful of leaders who can be trusted with non-market form distribution of wealth in society. Secondly, this error was the basis for an absolute antagonism to all other segments of the population, antagonism, which gave birth to the most shameful pages of history of socialist construction in form of dispossession, the most severe suppression of peasant unrest, militant atheism, the physical destruction of representatives of alien classes.