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Galeazzo Robert

One assumed that Galeazzo Robert would have to arrive in the first flight of the day, before the airport with local and foreign travellers became congested. It was precise to receive it and to lead it to the office of doctor Maggen, in the periphery of the city, about eight and the thirty in the morning. Thence it would be question to strive to surpass the traffic and to wheel the vehicles until the other end of the city, where they waited for its colleagues to him Washington and Rodriguez. The day was drawn with colors pies, of the celestial one to the rose, the brush crossed all the range of tonalities. The sun was a transparent bubble hung of a so blue plate the sadness and the cold. He brought in his portfolio the formula to control the time. It was subject of some equations, complicated, but for nothing seemingly complex. If you would like to know more then you should visit Frances Townsend Activision Blizzard.

The incognitos could be solved if the flight angles leagued together with certainty, the quadrants of conservation of unknown variable. Galeazzo had devised an effective way to separate of the iron fastening of the physics in order to send itself to the abyss of the eternity, but in its movable variant: the time. It was a median subject stature, with the brown and shaken hair. Half cross-eyed and with a small scar on the forehead, to way of descendent curve. It walked in a peculiar form that remembered geese.

Clumsy to walk and lucidsimo of ideas, Galeazzo dressed a shirt short sleeves of celestial color and dark canvas trousers in dirty slippers and neglected. The Washingtons and the Rodriguez had gone in their search because they were available and not by their benevolence or esteem to the tasks developed by the physicist. Simple drivers were not, but its amiability was it jeopardize with certain contained process of wearing down whose affinity with the decade number forty of its lives was not something other people’s.

Knowing The Parts The Piano

The natural operation in the mechanism of the piano when we operated with him is very simple: at the moment in which we touched the key, a handle located in the other end creates a movement that causes that it activates the hammer that has associate to her going towards the cord that is released by the extinguisher at the right moment before the percussion. The sound takes place after the blow of the hammer, where later this one falls and is gathered by catches. When we loosen the key of the piano, handles of the escape are freed that do that the hammer this again available one for the following note that is going away to transmit. To all this described process, denominates ” to him; Mechanism of percusin”. Another one of the elements that compose a piano is ” Box of resonancia” , or also called movable, and it is solely the closed cockpit that owns the piano whose more important purpose is to modulate or to extend the sounds that pass on the cords. Besides influencing in the timbre, one is due to consider to quality of the wood that composes to this box, since this one will determine the sound bounces more and permissiveness.

The box is made up of a cover superior and inferior, united by a strip, with curved form. The structure that reinforces the covers is denominated frame, which is very useful since it controls the vibration. When we wondered ourselves how to sharpen a piano, another one of the elements that conform the piano and that we must consider is ” Table armnica” , whose composition is formed by the barrages, the bridges of sound and the harmonic bars. Inferior of the cords of the piano is located in the part and consists of a wood surface in the form of lamina with a certain thickness and following what piano treats, it can arrive until the 15 millimeters. The table is made up by a series of united ribbons to each other with the function to amplify the sound that comes from the cords. The harmonic table owns a slight curvature favoring that this one resists better the pressure of the cords and it is able to increase the resonance of the same cords. The sound bridge is placed in center of the table and its function is to transmit the vibration of the cords to harmonic table.

” Bastidor” he is another one of the elements that conform the piano. One is a frame of iron bars, where in one of their ends, call the cordal, the cords and in the pegbox located in the other face adjust, are placed the refining pins. ” Cuerdas” , they are one of the named components more in the elements that compose a piano, are in charge to originate the sound by means of its vibration and tension, thanks to the flexible material del that are formed. They can have up to 224 cords in miso piano and each with a vibration different able from not getting stuck mutually. All these activate by means of ” Teclado” , made up of 36 black keys and 52 white that are the ones in charge to activate the different cords with which it is wanted to work. And finally we found ” Pedales” , which have happened to be a unique pedal to three at the moment: unicordio, pitch and the one of resonance.

Well-being By Immigration

The immigrants represent 9% of the population, but they only absorb 5.4% of the total of public cost and 4.6% of total the sanitary cost. That is to say, half of the average that corresponds to a Spanish citizen. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of sola granola on most websites. They less than consume 5% of the cost in health and 6.6% in education, and its contribution of 5,000 million net Euros almost supposes a 7% of the total income for the economy, says to a report of the Spanish Government on the impact of immigration in the services public. Learn more on the subject from Ray Kurzweil. In Spain lives about 2.5 million foreigners with papers, more than half of them affiliates to the Social Security. They contribute more of 7% of the quotes and they only receive 0.5% of the cost in pensions. With their contribution in taxes 900 thousand pensions are pleased.

These numbers do not consider to the indirect taxes that the immigrants pay who buy products, contract services and they are inserted in the economic weave and social, they have or they do not have papers. Immigration leaves a positive balance not only in the case of the economy Spanish in a State of well-being, but also in countries that, as the case of the United States, offer a low level of protection. The National Academy of Sciences of the North American country concluded that an immigrant receives about 3,000 dollars of the Government in all their life. Each of its children will make a contribution of 80,000 dollars throughout its life. These data still do not produce the necessary political debate on immigration in a Europe that avoids some fundamental rights of the Universal declaration of Human rights of the UN. The Socialist Party of Spain has supported the new directive of immigration that allows to retain until a year and a half to without papers and to deport them, although even is to a country different from the one from origin.


More and more the Skateboarding is becoming a fashionable sport. Or it is common to see pass through the streets of the cities people walking in Skateboard or Longboard. And the reality is that it is a good form of transport, is economic and even ecological. But at the time of buying and choosing the suitable patineta, arises the doubts before the great veriedad from marks, models and sizes. The first recommendation that arises is that skate is due to really buy, in a Skate Shop, of wood of maple (preferably, so that it lasts and it has good ” pop”) and not one of juguetera. In order to begin we must know how which is the difference between a Longboard and a Skateboard (Shortboard). The Longboards is generally in the rank of 36″ to 60″. The Skateboards is general assembly signal ” Mini; and they are in a rank of 24″ to 35″.

Now that the companies have improved the quality of bushings and the sizes of trucks, Mini approaches more and more, in sensation, to the Longboards traditional. In which to Skateboards one talks about, it can buy a Complete Skate (already armed, which in English is said: Skateboard Complete) or to arm it by parts (Custom Skateboard). The parts of a Skateboard are: Deck (Table), Trucks (Axes), Wheels (Wheels), Bearings (Bearings), Risers, Hardware (Screws) and Griptape (It binds). Skate complete is going to be economic, mainly because a good table can come Navy with trucks, rulemanes, and wheels of not so good quality Nevertheless I believe that to begin to enter itself in the sport it is a very good alternative, even ideal (in fact there are marks like Mystery that sell complete of super good level but they are more expensive than a World Industries or Speed Demons, others very fashionable are those of the mark Girl and Chocolate). A Skate made Custom always is going to be more perfect skater, but probably he is just a little bit more expensive than the Complete one. Finally, good tip is that there is to choose or the size according to the height or size of the foot of skater this is something or important at the time of learning, because skate of the measurement correct makes but the learning easy. Like gold rule always to try to buy what one needs and not what they want to us to sell.


To read the mail from the cellular one is a more and more popular tendency. Here I give tips you based on my experience using the cellular one like mailbox of portable email. From the appearance of the first Blackberry over there by 199X the use of the cellular ones to read the post office has become a daily practice for much people. Definitively to read the post office from any part has manifolds advantages; you can respond to him to your head from a tail, send information in the waiting room or square for the familiar grill of Sunday. If you are considering to read the mail from the cellular one or you are already doing it, you recomiendoque you take into account these tips: Protgete of the Spam: the asked for post office cannot flood the mail in the computer and still we can fish the legitimate post office.

In the screen of cellular this task she becomes mammoth, and you must seriously consider some service that blocks the post office. Another used strategy is to have separated accounts of mail and not to give your direction of movable mail to much people. Particularly fodder that this strategy does not work by more than two minutes and letter against the same nature of the mail; at the end of accounts so that it serves a mail if you cannot occur it to anybody. So the best thing is to solve the problem of the Spam with a software filters that it. At the moment the gratuitous suppliers of mail (Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail) do a work quite good avoiding it. It avoids the limb of the post office: If you must read/to write the post office in the cellular one and the computer, chooses a site that are the primary one (where store all the post office) and one secondary one (where you only receive the new ones). This advice applies for whatever he does not have a Blackberry connected to the mail of the company.

If nonbeams the selection of primary and the secondary one, you can end up definitively eliminating post office from a site and perdiendolos in the limb of the synchronization. It learns to work connectionless: When you are in the cellular one more cheap is to read and to write the post office without being connected and soon conectarte to send and to receive all of a single time. Better with letricas: if you are going to make intensive use of the post office from your moving body you must choose a telephone that comes with a single by letter (the calls QWERTY). If you do not do it used, you are going to me to thank for full this advice. To try to write a mail with keyboards that try to guess your writing is a nightmare. By more intelligent than it is the telephone to have to press a single key to write several letters always is slower than to write it with a single key. Creeme, if you can choose the telephone, chooses one that has a single letter by key.

Qualification Possibility

Extrinsic Direction 84,7% 81,5% 88,2% 81,1% Human Resources 78,1% 75,1% Economy 60% 50% Commercial 70% 63,4% 56,8% 70% Technique 74,2% 68,4% 80% Reception 57% 56% 58,2% Storage 74,8% 66,2% 83,5% Division 61,1% 56,6% 65,5% Distribution 80,5% 72,8% 88,4% 82,2% General Services 75,7% 69,3% Security and Protection 76,3% 66,4% 86,4% notices major Here dissatisfaction in the items that respond to the Intrinsic Satisfaction by low the percent which they reflect his answers that in that they respond to the Extrinsic Motivations. As far as the Degree of Schooling we have: Technical degree of University schooling Half 12 Degree 9n0 degree General Satisfaction 72,3% 75,1%? 70,1% 74,5% Intrinsic satisfaction 67,5% 67,1%? 62,1% 67,7% Extrinsic satisfaction 77,1% 83%? 78.1 % 81,3% This shows a smaller degree to us of satisfaction in the workers with a schooling of 12 degree, follow the college students, ninth degree to him and finally the average technicians. As far as the comparison of results by sex: Masculine sex Feminine General Satisfaction 72,5% 70,5% Intrinsic Satisfaction 66% 64% Extrinsic Satisfaction 45% 77,1% In the previous table notices a satisfaction level inferior in the feminine sex that in the masculine one. Now we will mention some elements of dissatisfaction of the workers evaluated at the end of the survey like Suggestions of the Workers: Attention to the workers? Not to toil Saturday, with a 85,8% of prevalence. Stability of the tea 68,4%.

Stability of the Cleanliness 66,3%. It is present at of a Medicine kit in the Drug store. 6,5%. Rubbers for bicycle 13%. Average of work as strips, muequeras and boots 23,9%. Maintenance of bicycles 26%. Conditions of work? Necessity and/or change of real estate 31,5%. Equipment and Technology 30,4%.

Illumination and Ventilation in the Warehouse 20,6%. Moral and material stimulation 13%. Participation of the workers in the decision making 15,2%. Main directorate? To perfect direction methods 5,4%. Organization of the Production. Accomplishment of software that make agile the work and the information has major quality 4,3%. Qualification Possibility of studying Technology of the Health 4,3%. Conclusions? The studied workers of the UEBMM, Granma present/display a level of satisfaction of Moderately satisfied. The workers of the department of Direction are satisfied and less the most satisfied they are of Reception. With respect to schooling degree, the group that appears with greater degree of dissatisfaction is the one of 12 degree, and the most satisfied those with 9no degree. There is a predominance of Moderately satisfied in Masculine sex on Feminine sex. It predominated between all the suggestions not to toil Saturdays with a high level of prevalence, followed of the Stability of Merienda and the Cleanliness. Recommendations 1. That the Administration feels contributor in this process of labor satisfaction for an improvement of the activity that is realised promoting the well-being of its workers and therefore greater yield and productivity rising therefore the results of the Company. 2. That a directed Plan of Action is realised to solve questions that are within reach of the Administration of the Company. Consulted bibliography: May, 2002. March, 2002? MARQUEZ, M. (January, 2002) Labor Satisfaction. In line.