Computer Screen Monitor

Computer work involves constant eye contact with the surface of the screen. Obviously, it is necessary to ultimately reduce the burden on the eye, in order to extend the safe time and not the main cause of fatigue sensory apparatus of man. Following the relatively simple rules, this effect can be achieved. To ensure good quality work, you need to choose the correct size of the monitor screen and its type. Surprisingly, and so many "not on the eyes" modern LD and plasma.

It is connected with the physiology of the eye, and should not try to overcome itself. Simply return to normal screen. In any case, when working with monitor equally increase the burden on eyes as a bright background light and total darkness. If the monitor is relatively light sources so that part of the screen or full screen "illuminates" it should in some way shut out natural light: blinds on the windows, thick curtains, shielding of the monitor and so on. At night, to make space for the monitor was slightly highlighted, and the reflected light – the specialists in ophthalmology ago already recommended backlight for TV. No less important is the very position of the screen relative to the eye working.

It is imperative that the center of the working field were right on the horizontal line of the eye or slightly below. If you have to work to lift up his eyes, eye muscles tense up unnecessarily, that quickly causes fatigue and reduces efficiency. The distance to the screen surface of the pupil should not be less than half a meter, but it is, as you know, depends on the size of the screen and the features of view. If possible, choose a font or image size should be favored increased – this reduces load on the eye, which, accordingly, increase the time-free with this type of screen.

Device Netping Cooler Board Received

JSC "Light Kommunikeyshn announces admission to its warehouse new board NetPing Cooler board, extends the functionality of devices and Uniping NetPing TS v2. Structurally NetPing Cooler board made as a separate module that connects to the device or UniPing NetPing TS v2 at by train. The board NetPing Cooler board control channels are low voltage loads, and the shrinkable tube for connection of additional sensors. The main purpose of payment – low-voltage control fans in the cooling systems. Special connectors on the motherboard allow you to connect to her standard "computer" coolers and manage their work remotely on a network Ethernet / Internet. In addition to the board, you can connect an external IR module transceiver / transmitter that will allow, for example, manage the work of the external air conditioner.

Just to NetPing Cooler board can be connected to temperature sensors, pressure and light sensors, dry contact. In the future we plan to expand number of types supported by the sensors. All this allows to create full-featured remote site presence at the core of the device with UniPing connected to it an expansion board NetPing Cooler board. This site will not only keep track environmental parameters at the point of installation, but also on the team include cooling fans or other climate control devices. Functionality NetPing Cooler board: – 4 channel control low-voltage fan (or any other devices with low voltage control circuits): 0 .. 20V, load current up to 2A – the ability to control fan speed (only for channels based on electronic switches) – control the actual speed The fan with the help of the fan sensor – connect up to 8 temperature sensors manufactured by Lightcom; – connect the digital image sensor of ambient light produced by Lightcom; – connect the digital pressure sensor manufactured by Lightcom; – to connect an external infrared transceiver module / transmitter manufactured by Lightcom; – connect up to 4 sensor dry contact. For more information you can call (495) 956-49-51 or visit the company -.

Security Through A Firewall

Almost everyone who deals with the computer, and it was only by surfing the Internet or playing with friends has ever heard of a firewall. But what is really behind it and how does a firewall your computer safe? To address this question, one must for most people once PRESS, how to connect to other computers, for example via the Internet, work at all. This is not just a line that is sometimes open when it is needed and otherwise does nothing. Quite the contrary! On a network connection, there is almost always a lot of traffic with the exchange of data. The computer such as regularly ask whether everything is still there or whether it has changed something in his environment.

Just as he responds to requests from elsewhere. And these questions are the problem. Maybe one or the other ever heard of the term Port. A network connection has many different access points. This only logical points called ports.

They are numbered and each port is designed for data transmission. Sun requests when browsing the Internet on port 80 are provided as an example. There are at any operating system port to which the computer responds and thus is susceptible. If you want to turn those questions would need to either reprogram the operating system (possible in very rare cases) or just switch to another system in between. Just such a system is a firewall. It blocks including inquiries on the ports that are considered unsafe. Testing can be the safety of their own PC’s with a firewall test that examines the various ports are open and whether they pose a danger.

Canine Carnival

His songs are an ironic and satirical version of today. 18 February Friday Pregon. 22: 00 h. Parque Santa Catalina. It is the Gala opening of the festivities.

A spectacle whose master of ceremonies will be on this occasion the journalist’s Juan Cruz Tenerife. The Act is preceded by a parade with all participants on a journey that animates the streets with batucada and Carnival rhythms. * Saturday 19 February – Correveydile. A crazy career of costumes that will be held in the Playa de Las Alcaravaneras from 17: 00 h – Final Murgas contest. 20: 30 h. Parque Santa Catalina. * Sunday February 20. Adult Comparsas contest.

19: 30 h. Parque Santa Catalina. February 25 Friday Gala election of the Queen. 21: 00 pm. Parque Santa Catalina. * Saturday, February 26 – competition of children’s parades. 19: 00 pm. Parque Santa Catalina. -Adult costume contest. 22: 30 h. Parque Santa Catalina. * Sunday February 27 – contest of children’s costumes. 11: 00 h. Parque Santa Catalina. -Election of the infant Queen gala. 19: 00 pm. Parque Santa Catalina. * Tuesday, March 1. Gala of election of the great lady, whose candidates are over 60 years old. 21: 00 pm. Parque Santa Catalina. * Wednesday 2 March. Preset Drag Queen. 21: 00 pm. Parque Santa Catalina. March 4 Friday Gala Drag Queen. 21: 00 h. Santa Catalina Park. * Saturday, March 5. Great ride. 17: 00 h. * Sunday, March 6. Canine Carnival. Contest pet disguised as from 12: 00 h in Parque Santa Catalina. * March 7 Monday. Horseback riding and children’s Festival. * 8 Of March Tuesday – Carnival in the Sun. Festive parade of groups from 12: 00 h. in the Playa de Las Canteras. -Body makeup contest. On this occasion the amazing costumes are painted on the models body. 21: 00 pm. Parque Santa Catalina. March 10 Thursday Carnival of integration. Endearing feature in which persons with special needs are the protagonists. 19: 00 pm. Parque Santa Catalina. March 11 Friday Wake of the sardine. Funny farewell ceremony of the celebrations. 21: 00 pm. Parque Santa Catalina. * Saturday, March 12. Burial of the sardine. Finally the sardine is placed on a barge and incinerated sea inside amid a Fireworks Castle. 19: 00 h. Las Canteras beach. Spend a few days wrapped Carnival of joy, music and dancing, surrounded by an atmosphere festive and enjoying the wonderful climate of the Canary Islands is a memorable experience that those who live it once makes the impossible to repeat it again. In we have prepared a sensational plan trip to the Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Organized with great detail for you to only have to worry of disguise. You can enjoy flight + 4 star hotel with full board + a place in our float to parade in the great cavalcade + private party. Whether with your group of friends, family or with new friends without a doubt you will do on the island, at we make it very easy to take you to the heart of the party. See details of our travel plan and let yourself go!