Print Digital Photos

We all love to be photographed. And almost every family now have a digital camera. And, of course, every once Print your photos at the photo. Fill out an application for printing photos, the operator asked for certain you: "You are with or without borders?". Most likely, you answered: "No Fields". After all, you do not need white stripes on the edges. Write this article I encouraged one case, which, unfortunately, was not isolated. In such a situation caught many of my friends.

I've been doing computer graphics and, accordingly, I often have to print their work at the shop. This incident happened to me three years ago. I gave a print made my wedding invitation, which was written the text. Print had to be in the format 10×15 cm, of course, creating an invitation, I immediately asked for the required print size – 10×15 cm Arriving in photo studios and giving disk with photos to print from girl-operator, I heard the same question "you with or without borders?". Then I did not know what that means, explains: "You know, I've done framing, and my photos are already in a format 10×15 cm.

She: "?? I understand that the 10×15, so you with or without borders ???. Try again to explain to her the essence of my question, I came across an absolutely impenetrable wall of her question: "So you are with or without borders !!??. In the end, I still gave up and chose the "borderless". Naturally, the text prompts on the edges in the photographs had been cut off …