Technology and Water Consumption

Of all the water consumed worldwide, 67% is used for agriculture and 19% for the industry. With this new method will replace a large percentage of industrial production and moved much of agriculture greenhouses. In addition, domestic water can be treated and recycled to nanoscale physical filters that can eliminate 100% of bacteria and viruses. Thus, water consumption would be reduced at least by 50%. The molecular nanotechnology will make computers less expensive and more powerful for medical research and could regulate the taking of drugs by continuous and intelligent administration of the dose. For transport, this science will achieve the use of vehicles with less weight thanks to nanomaterials, lighter than at present.

Computers and mobile phones could be affordable for the poorest people in the world. It could also lead built enough processing capacity to create voice interfaces for illiterate users. Nanotechnology facilitate digital connections worldwide, which would be a huge step towards redressing the digital divide. One of the main keys to understanding nanotechnology is which offers not only better quality products, but a manufacturing process that improves the current level of cost, pollution and space. However, there are only advantages. The enormous impact of nanotechnology may become a double-edged sword if mankind is not ready to face these major changes or prevented for the risks may involve: increased production of weapons and surveillance equipment due to its low cost, over- Cheap products can damage the environment, the possible proliferation of black markets who traffic young as nanofabricas products, etc. In addition, recent scientific studies have shown that components of nanotechnology as nanotubes could threaten human health.

The graphite sheets that are made could cause a cancer that affects the lungs, according to a report published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology. The company unknowingly assists a technological revolution that, if it meets expectations generated and can eliminate the risks of use, lifestyles will change in a radical way. Only a matter of time because as A computer Can Make copies of data files-Essentially as many copies as you want at little or no cost.pequeno lies the mystery and the mysterious man moves. Rocio Ruiz-Calero Journalist