The Home Computer Printer

A computer without a printer is hard to imagine. Although the paperless office has been established since a few years in view, the print paper has retained its importance. There are not “the printer”. The professional distinction between “black and white and color printers. Furthermore, a distinction is made between: laser printers, dot matrix printers and inkjet printers.

At cash registers and vending machines are also partly “thermal printer is used. Before buying you should check the compatibility with the PC.

It is important to know what you want to use the printer. Do you need a device that creates a lot of black and white prints, printing photos is in the foreground or you would like a combination device with which you can scan in addition to print and fax also. You will find an overview of the printer and its quality characteristics. There are printers in which the printhead is installed. For other models, in turn, the print head is in the ink cartridges. Thus, although the ink cartridges more expensive, but you get it also included a new printhead.

When buying a printer, the costs are taken into account. Many an expensive printer requires fairly expensive ink cartridges. To save you can rely on refilled ink cartridges. This pleases the environment. With special refill kits can refill the ink of his own printer. The important thing is that you already asked before buying, as the replenishment to be made. Not all brands allow refilling. It must always be bought new cartridges. This is the operating costs of the more expensive printer significantly.