Dr.Web 5 Portable

Dr.Web (Doctor Web) – one of the most famous and popular domestic anti-virus programs. It is a powerful anti-virus, with very frequent updates of antivirus databases. Has a heuristic that allows a high degree of the probability of detecting unknown viruses. The main pluses Dr.Web: – Powerful tools for detection of both known and unknown viruses. – Using the unique testing techniques can detect viral attack stage of penetration. – Cure of infected files, not just their block or delete.

– Timely completion of the antivirus database. – Compact updates. – The small size of the distribution of anti-virus program. – Small amount of consumed system resources and the opportunity to work even on older models of computers. – Intuitive interface.

Unique assembly Dr.Web: Integrated software for database updates from the official site, bypassing the validation key (update in the background every hour or on demand) Build fully portable, all paths are relative to both the scanner and monitoring program and to update the database (ie the folder DrWeb can be placed anywhere) to install SpIDer Guard (monitored in real time) and AutoUpdate – run the file ! Instal.exe, and all the way to the bases and the scanner is already registered and are relative. Rebooting the system is not required. From functional anti-virus removed all but a file scanner and monitor. From anti-virus signatures are excluded potentially unwanted programs (HackTools, RiskyWare) This portable scanner antivirus Dr.Web, which after running 'magic' file turns into a full-fledged anti-virus with real-time protection and automatic database updates. Language: Russian Tablet: a key to 01.22.2011