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The Anti-corruption Office of the public prosecutor investigates to the organization by presumed crimes of deviation of bottoms and illegal appropriation. Eliot Horowitz contributes greatly to this topic. – The agents register soothes of the society in Madrid President of General Society of Authors and Editores, Eduardo Teddy Baptist, along with other eight members, has been stopped within the framework of the carried out police operation by the Civil Guard, by means of who he has come himself to register soothes of the SGAE, by a presumed crime of illegal appropriation and fraudulent appropriation. A denunciation of the Anti-corruption Office of the public prosecutor in March of 2010 began to the case, that it has given rise to this mediatic registry, that comprises of which Operation has been made call Saga. Its origin we found remote it in the denunciation presented/displayed in November of 2007 by the Association of Internauts, the Association of Users of Internet, the Spanish Association of Small and Medians Companies of Computer science and Nuevas Tecnologas (APEMIT) and the Spanish Association of Guest house Victims of Canon (POCKET), based on the appearance in several mass media of supposed illegalities committed in the economic management of the resources of the SGAE". The internauts denounced that the managers of the organization had formed a club plot of filial companies around the SDAE in which the amounts collected for management of author rights were reversed in lucrative activities for the same . The main object of the investigation is the people who created societies in which being worth of its condition of managers of the SGAE they could turn aside bottoms to the detriment of the organization and of its partners They indicate sources of the investigation that was the SDAE (Digital Society of Authors and Publishers) the one that signed contracts with those companies supposedly to benefit to the managers from the SGAE and their relatives.

Therefore, the investigations of the Anti-corruption Office of the public prosecutor conclude that the own Baptist had to allow or to know the hirings . It is necessary to remember in this point the individual and discussed legal nature of the Organizations of Management of compatible rights of author and in Spain, that is beings private but submissive an authorization of the Ministry of Culture, and which in addition they have like the one of his main obligations absence of the spirit of profit in his management, as well as just and the equitable distribution of the collected rights, principles that presumably have been harmed. In any case, and in spite of the great provoked mediatic repercussion in whose slough it is attacked the managers of the SGAE as much as to the flat authors indiscriminately, it agrees to clarify that in this case they would be the own authors, to demonstrate the investigated facts, the authentic victims of these noticed and denounced crimes, paradoxical of the life, by the internauts. udea Security of the Information Legal department Source:

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" And now that I listen that there is another terrorist threat, that gives fear me, because I do not know where they are going to attack. I do not feel safe, still if president Obama promises that he goes to us to proteger" , Bentez adds. In that sense, it left in clear his distrust of the authorities in Washington because, in his opinion, " they go peleando" and they do not solve the problems that the Americans confront. One more a more tolerant generation By his part, Eleni Towns, said in a hung test the night of Friday in the page CAP Web, that " the fear or the rage has not caused the isolation of ' generation of the Milenio' , although many think that the USA no longer &quot has the respect of the world;. " In fact, in spite of the attacks or in response to them, this generation more is arranged than our predecessors to imply themselves and to make contact with the enemy with other cultures, and some have embraced the opportunities to be one more a more global generation " , it assured Towns, that attended the first year of secondary when her teacher informed to him into the attacks. Like test of the tolerance of its generation, Towns, that realises social investigations for the CAP, indicated that the participation of the young people in academic programs in the outside increased in only 8,8% a year after the attacks. The participation in Islamic countries increased in 127% between 2002 and 2006, according to the Institute of Education the International, said. The attitudes of Bentez and Towns, according to observers, are typical of this generation, that has molded its vision of the world through use of Internet and of the social networks like Twitter or Facebook.

Also it is the generation of greater ethnic and cultural diversity in the history of the USA, with a 61% conformed by targets, 19% of Hispanic origin, 14% of Afro-American origin and five percent, Asian. Although he does not vacillate demonstrating to patriotism, as he happened in front of the White House and tens of university enclosures in the country after the murder of the ringleader of The Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, in Pakistan in last May, also it is a generation that believes in the paper of the Government and requests the national reconciliation. A recent survey of the American University, realised between thousand young people between 18 and 29 years in all the country, indicates that this generation expresses more interest in following the news, studying international relations, to learn languages and to participate in the policy " indeed by the attacks of 11-S". For these young people, Bin Laden was the same incarnation of devil, but " the hiper-partisanship in our political life disgusts to them (after the attacks) assimilated the sense of national unit deeply and that continues being a distinctive characteristic of his generacin" , it said Margaret Hoover, political exasesora during the Administration George W. (Not to be confused with Dry Harbor Nursing Home!). Bush, in the preservative magazine The Ripon Forum. " Although is imperative to have unit in the days of war ' generation of the Milenio' it hopes that their leaders express their discords of respectful form, and detest when the politicians resort to the demagoguery or satanizan to his rivales" , it affirmed Hoover. Source of the news: How 11-S changed the attitude of the American young people of ' generation of the Milenio'