Computer Overheating In Homes

So how to use a computer (Internet, for example) in a joint bedroom is not always convenient. Without hesitation Walter Bettinger explained all about the problem. And the sound of a computer and an extra, even a desktop, the light can interfere sleep in the bedroom to another person. Sometimes the room can be used as guest room. Read more from Salman Behbehani to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Although, if the case only in the evening using a computer, then use the laptop in another room, for example, in a hall or kitchen, can solve this problem. Then we have to take care of the presence of telephone jacks in these areas as the wireless connection (Wi-Fi) is recognized by many doctors as not safe for health. In short, many study seem to matter is not mandatory. When it comes to mean, then on one family of the couple and their two children home from 3 separate rooms and one room (you through), we can assume full, optimal. Smaller rooms – will be cramped, and more – we must look opportunities. Do I need a separate room under the boiler room? Under the rules of the gasification housing, boiler room should be an area of not less than 6 m 2 (at the height of the room 2.5 m), the possibility of ventilation, in a word – the whole komnata. whether such a facility in today's conditions? Today, wall-hung gas boilers are installed, for example, indoor kitchen, an excellent job the task of heating homes and private homes supply hot vodoy.Edinstvennoe condition for the effective operation of wall-mounted gas boiler – it is an uninterrupted supply of electricity, especially true during Heating sezona.Iz experience: so far in Russian cities and villages of uninterrupted supply of electricity to private houses, at the very least, .No, perhaps in places where, it remains relevant problem, then the energy-dependent gas (wall or floor), the boiler is better not to install.

Property Management

Occasionally, some criteria are not met, such as: lack of "intelligent office", a little less professional property management, planning, there may be a very effective and large number of offices without windows; less stringent space requirements of the building, less developed infrastructure (for example, may lack the restaurant) and less than convenient location, less quality and convenient system of central air conditioning and ventilation (Typically two-pipe system ventilation and air conditioning system or the Pre-cooling the air) is not sufficiently effective and rational layout, less well-known and experienced landlord and maintenance services; perhaps the lack of underground parking, but overland parking is required. Class B offices – it's business centers class A, after 5-7 years of operation, or houses, after a full refurbishment and renovation. Rarely to this class include new developments of the last 10-15 years, and reconstructed the administrative and industrial buildings of the Soviet time. In this case, it is this class office buildings in the market is more demanding, because on the one hand, the differences between offices klassa'B + ',' B 'from Class A offices, not of a fundamental nature, but on the other hand, the cost to tenants is cheaper. Office Class B is characterized by: a good location (office buildings located within the Third Trans-tailor the ring), the availability of major highways and subway, nice view from the window; legal documentation of ownership and operation of the building is completely framed and correctly and building management is carried out by use of the building (mostly Russian companies) or directly by the owner of the building, the appearance of the building looks quite respectable, but Unlike Class A has exquisite architecture, decoration of premises of entrance (lobby, elevator lobbies) is produced at a high level, but "modest" than in office buildings, Class A; free or corridor-cabinet planning, modern standard finish offices (in the finishing materials used are good) and there is a ventilation system with pre-cooled air, you can use the split-conditioning systems; fiber-optic communications service known telecommunications providers; hour security, modern security system, parking is usually only land, infrastructure: a cafeteria / dining for staff services in the central reception hall first floor and other services to satisfy domestic needs. Offices of class – it's mostly Soviet-era building construction (research institutes, factories, etc) disused for office. Offices of the class, usually characterized by the following characteristics: they have a different location, usually located in residential areas of the city, the distance from the subway is often 03/02 bus stops; facade not prezentabelen and often require cosmetic repairs; legal documentation of ownership and operation of buildings are usually framed properly, although there are problems with legal documents; corridor-cabinet system planning. For such buildings is abundant in the walls and corridors. Internal finishing is performed mainly by the rent-General; air conditioning is absent or there may be a split-systems, telecommunications – telephone, Internet access, often use the services of commercial telephone service providers and unknown providers telecommunications US-meadow; civilized parking often unavailable. Usually – a spontaneous complete lack of parking or parking. Hour security, building management is carried out directly by the owner; possible power failures, poor infrastructure (dining services, etc.), in some cases the infrastructure is absent.