Secure facility, high yield or rapid availability: The customer’s needs in focus Munich, November 2009. Riester-rente, Rurup-rente, Acorn pension: Versicherungsmakler Wolfgang Ringlstetter extended the offer on its online platform information about private pensions. The offer of private pensions are as diverse as opaque”, says Wolfgang Ringlstetter. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Petra Diamonds. He works in the insurance industry since 1988 and is an independent, Government-approved insurance broker. While Riester pension, and Rurup-rente basically for everyone had thought.

“But what form individually really fits the State funding, which strongly depends on whether one blessed with many children or is self-employed or an employee”, so Ringlstetter. Basically, it was to be noted that, despite the financial crisis, a private, equity-based retirement was still reliable. Board of Trustees Denkwerk says Meinhard Miegel, future, in contrast to the statutory pension he would have Increase value of a more or less ordinary capital investment”. “And also the Consumer Council informed Bayern on their website: who wants to get a sufficient cushion for old age, cannot help but comes to an additional individual insurance.” Rahman declared: when choosing the right retirement we are guided by the personal desires and objectives of interested parties. “Secure facility, high yield or rapid availability: the customer determines what we are looking for.” Criterion of serious advice: statements on the capital requirements should be inflation – and abgabenbereinigt. For more information be on.

“Very important here: those who are interested in private pension plans, should recommendations off-the-rack rely on.” Press contact: Wolfgang Rahman Versicherungsmakler Weissenburger Platz 4 81667 Munchen Tel. (089) 44 71 87 70 fax (089) 44 11 82 52 mobile (0172) 89 16 59 9 E-Mail: Company presentation: As an insurance broker Wolfgang Ringlstetter has focused on providing bespoke private health insurance. Since 1988, the officially approved insurance broker advises its customers independently and without ties to insurance companies and financial service providers. On, a free insurance comparison provides information on the amount of any contribution in a private health insurance.