Margaret Beckett

The House of Commons has 646 members each one of as he is elect representing a district. With this uninominal system the winner in each part remains yet. Thus in the elections of the 2005 laborismo he obtained a 35% of the votes in all the United Kingdom but it remained with 55% of the parliament, consequently can govern without making coalitions or concessions. Tony Blair abiertamente led to its party in the three consecutive elections that the laborismo won (1997, 2001 and 2005) and he arrived at the headquarters of his party in the 2004 after gaining his internal elections competing with two rivals (John Prescott and Margaret Beckett, who soon would serve to him in their cabinet). However Gordon Brown got to be leader of its party and after his country without no election mediates. Inside of the laborismo he managed to avoid that there is any process of internal voting because a series of clauses prevented that two parliamentarians of their left wing postulated themselves (and even after which both decided to be united in the candidacy of John McDonnell). Once Brown was crowned like leader of their then party 55% of the parliament that the laborismo controls gave unlimited power him so that he replaces to Blair. Brown, as well, took their position in a public event and not giving a speech before the nation, so she did what it Raul I castrate or any other American president, but in a meeting to doors closed with the queen, who was the one that trusted the position to him. Brown arrived at the British premierato the 27 from June from the 2007 and both main parties of opposition (preservative and liberal-democrats) asked to him that he called to elections, because the last ones had been realised more ago than two years (May 2005) and in these the population had voted by the laborismo led by Blair that promised to finish all their third mandate.