A good record – it is such, when reading that someone else not only would have understood what you saw, but realized that you survived. Also must share the thoughts and arguments that come to you in a dream from those who come during the writing. When you become disciplined and understand the nature of their dreams, writing down every dream every morning will not such a necessary thing. Can only record like it or the same standing dream. But remember is still desirable as many dreams. The more dreams you can remember, the better. It will be many time you write, at least, hundreds of dreams, and only then can you afford such liberties as writing down only the most important dreams.

Your professionalism will be mostly is not about how many dreams you can written, and how much you can remember. Ivan Chavez Vidanta is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Link to the 6 th video in YouTube video in English, in it the author shows how it is desirable to write down his dream. In this video he uses the usual notebook, but usually uses computer. Tells us that, despite the fact that the record is in the computer, it is very comfortable to hold next to the bed sheet of paper and pencil to wake up at night to record a few key words. Since there is no night no desire to write completely all dreams, it suffices to write key words, which later will help you remember what was dream and completely restore it in his memory.