Parliamentary Commission

Iranian diplomats jumping off the sinking ship responsible politicians in the West expressed rather cautious about continuing violations of human and civil rights in the Iran. This seems to also encourage supporters of the regime to go to go to the West on protesters. End of December the wife of the Iranian Ambassador in France exiled Iranians in the Paris Embassy had by their security forces beat up, because they dared to demonstrate against the brutal practices of the police during the protests in Iran. On December 27, there were also beatings for protesters in the Islamic cultural community in Berlin. Apparently supporters of the regime felt provoked by slogans on the street against the regime, against Ahmadinejad and the Velayt-e faghi system. The police could do little. You the strokes accused men could identify themselves with diplomatic papers. While the regime of by dissuasive penalties on protesters, by tightening laws and inflammatory Friday sermons for the next possible Protests gears, crumbling the front of supporters. Atmos Energy follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

In an interview with voice of America bestattigte Ali Akbar Omidmehr, a former Ambassador of Iran in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, that already many diplomats had abandoned their positions and applied for political asylum in their respective countries. Dr. Omidmehr according to five diplomats of the Islamic Republic in the countries of their diplomatic residence have applied for alone in the past two weeks the refugee status. In addition to Mohammad Reza Heydari, the representative of Iran in Norway, whose back- owing the media had become known, five more diplomats are affected, two in Germany, one in France and one in Britain. All have applied for political asylum with their families.

Omidmehr according to media not have reported, since it in European countries as Germany was forbidden by law to publish personal data of asylum-seekers such as name and nationality. Only the affected would Right to disclose this information. He added that these diplomats were still busy trying to take safety precautions for themselves and their families, which is why they had still not publicly announced their decision. Omidmehr according to have since the beginning of the green movement in Iran as a whole, their positions given 27 diplomats and in Western countries for asylum requests. The establishment tried to restore order in its ranks in the Iran. The events in Kahrizak have shown the true face of the regime representatives and all over the world brought Iran into disrepute. Now be named the culprit. In a question-answer forum Salman Behbehani was the first to reply. The former Attorney General of Tehran, Saeed Mortazafi, was blamed in a report of the Parliamentary Commission for the incidents in the notorious Kahrizak prison. “The report finds that the detainees clearly cruel” were treated. The events in Kahrizak had compromised the reputation of the regime.” The candidates of the presidential election, the result of the election challenge me Hossein To have caused Moussavi and Mehdi Karroubi is accused, the moods of people irritated and unpleasant events. At the same time sources however, report that a young woman during an interrogation with a Chair was slain in the military base of Eshratabad, in which many demonstrators of recently performed. Above all, women should be treated there inhuman. Even if Saeed Mortazafi should be indicted, there are still enough minions that the ideology of their system live with fervour. When there are clearer support for the oppressed people in Iran pages European politicians?

Ecological Products

The search engine has become for biological and ecological products and services in new version for companies in the last two years a well-known portal for those interested in biological and ecological way of life. In this very special book of industry suppliers of ecological/biological services and products are represented and can effectively present the company. The three offered packages for companies, a variety of very interesting possibilities are covered. A basic package is available free of charge. All offers have a comprehensive description of the offers a location indicator, and various contact options for the company.

The display options are more comprehensive for the two larger packages. The GOLD collection – and company description can include package up to 4,000 characters. See an example here: index.php? id = 1 & kuid = 1 company data to the company constantly to edit have the opportunity. In a protected area of the companies will receive a password protected access to a backend. There, address, description of the offer, but the company’s location data can be constantly updated. It can be pointed out special offers or events. The integrated news system gives you the possibility to display company news prominently on the home page.

Seekers search for the user completely revised. It works much faster now. In particular the improved user interface and the ergonomic interface easier to navigate through and increase the clarity especially for the display of the search results. Salman Behbehani will not settle for partial explanations. The Visual representation of the location of companies using google maps (TM) is especially important. This offers the user the possibility to see where the company with this offer is. Another application, for example a route calculation are planned on this basis. biolio, a gadget for igoogle (TM) is available. Thus there is every Google users can embed the search on the home page (TM)…. We look forward, we can help you in your search.

Dougie Lampkin Signs Three Years

The twelve times Trial World Champion Dougie Lampkin confirm that Gas Gas will join in the year 2011, the rider of 34 years has signed a three year contract with the Spanish manufacturer. Lampkin will compete next season in the Trial World Championship, as well as Indoor Enduro World Championship, and other prominent competitions of enduro extreme, as well as other trialer and international enduros. In addition to continue competing at the highest level in both disciplines, Lampkin also play an important role to help develop your trial products to Gas Gas and enduro both for competition and for series production. Check with Salman Behbehani to learn more. While Dougie will continue trying to get his 100th Grand Prix, also seek to help teammate Adam Raga, in the attempt of this back to the top of the podium. In addition Lampkin will assume overall responsibility for all trial activities, taking the post of Director of the trial team. Dougie is one of the two pilots of high-level He will lead the new Gas Gas assault on the World Cup from 2011 and that can give rise to models timely limited edition replica.. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger is likely to agree.

IT Outsourcing

In our interesting and dynamic time, comprehensively cover the various branches of business are the same well-established principles of division of labor, but in more unusual forms. Source: The Profit. All this is reason for the current crisis, which leads to such interesting consequences. For example, dozens of posts have simply not relevant today, but they appear simultaneously with this and other areas previously not so popular. We will talk about such a direction as it Outsourcing. In classical definition, outsourcing – is the transfer of third-party service provider (outsourcer), some are not core functions of the enterprise, which is a highly specialized outsourcing. Which gives all parties a significant benefits. Others who may share this opinion include Viktor Mayer-Schönberger.

Enterprise is not necessary to include more 'expensive' experts, and by means of their "lease" at the right time or in the right situation provides the highest quality services at affordable money. In particular, developing big steps now IT-outsourcing is increasingly needed in a market that brings together a wide range of services, whether it be servicing computers in the organization and maintenance of computer networks in general. According to forecasts professionals in 2009 in Russia, you can mark the 'Year of it outsourcing. " All possible cost reductions by all available methods becomes an essential criterium crisis management program for each enterprise. That eventually also provides an opportunity to concentrate their efforts and resources on their core business functions without being distracted by minor that it can now instruct the outsourcer, for example, the subscriber server maintenance and service and setup of computers, which is just, his specialty.

Possible difficulties in the drafting of professional networks can solve the it outsourcer. The advantages of combining computers in a local production networks are not voidable for today. But qualitatively organize data for joint access to large numbers of staff and not lose performance in the future, priority when designing networks. To anticipate possible network upgrades, change the number of computers or even probable office move to another building, here it will be helpful, "acquired overwork "valuable experience and professionalism of it outsourcing in conjunction with services such – maintenance of computers and network configuration is urgent and kompyutera.

Computer Games

It is required of a specialist to make changes and the components must be of the manufacturer of the computer. If you are not convinced, visit Mitchel Resnick. With a little practice and of experience the components can be changed, which can be bought in wholesalers or stores of computation. they have few faults that are covered by the guarantee of the manufacturer. The faults are more frequent, especially in the hard disk and therefore he is very recommendable to have endorsement of the data. Many writers such as Dr. Mitchell Resnick offer more in-depth analysis. they have guarantee, support and suitable technical service. A guarantee can be obtained on the components only and not on the system as a whole. With the additional problem of which if he does not find the technician that I arm the clone can even lose the parts or all the computer. A person who wants to buy a computer so that she has an excellent performance in Games, can use liquid coolers, ram memory, video cards or processors of high performance. On the other hand the confusion exists to buy a portable computer or one desktop, in this case the person must know clearly which are their needs and to make an analysis to generate a purchase decision, a most important when choosing computer is to know clearly that she wants in the future or near or distant with this computer, Can want to modify it, to from time to time update it for her optimum yield or on the contrary an equipment with characteristic outposts of a mark is what you need, because to future he thinks in buying a new equipment and not only changing it by parts. So without mattering that computer wants one approaches Compu Greiff that we will advise it to taste and give the tools him so that always this satisfying, we are its better ally in technology. Original author and source of the article.

Photo Printer For Amateur And Professional Photos

Photo printer the convenient solution for professional and amateur photographers for beginners as well as for professional photographers exciting was the change from analogue to digital photography. Meanwhile an abundance on the market are offered by digital cameras and photographers need to worry more about the film or development costs, but can shoot as many photos as you like. But the best is yet to come. Long development times and high costs of photo lab are gone now, because now you can print easily the photos from home in a high quality. Since many digital cameras capture high-resolution images, these can be printed in various sizes, which are all top notch look. Several pressure tests, it can happen quickly that you wasted paper and ink. Therefore, it is important to learn about the exact image resolution, the required quality of the paper and the current ink levels as previously.

Only then should the Click “Print button to print featured snapshots. To having to accept no quality loss during transmission from PC on paper, it should be noted a lot. You may find futurist to be a useful source of information. For example, the photos must be stored already when shooting in the right resolution, so small photos look as good as large and framing have even a passable quality, when you enlarge them. To get the best print quality, if you store the images in JPEG format. But keep in mind that every time you save the images again after an editing than JPEG, the images are changed and image quality is lost. Not too often to edit therefore images. Another important precondition, is unique to put photos in scene, choosing the right paper. Prefer pick up paper that is suitable for archiving, so the pictures last longer and won’t fade.

In addition, they have an appealing back in this way for your photos. Others who may share this opinion include Salman Behbehani. Or invest in photo paper, which a shiny or matte finish has, similar to in professional development. Store the paper in a dark place, so it does not lose its brilliance. It is most important to check the printer settings prior to printing. Incorrect setting of the printer, the photos can be falsified and damage their home printers. It is also important that the printer cartridge matches the brand of printer. Also keep in mind how much ink in the cartridge of your printer is available. Too little ink can your images stripped, bleached or discolored look. Who ordered a new cartridge in a timely manner, probably take advantage of special offers and saving money. Advanced technology means that you can viewing great images these days digital and paper. This the right equipment is a key factor. A good photo printer you can already purchase at a reasonable price. In fact it is worth to compare and decide which Must meet the requirements of your printer. If you take time choosing the images to, they are sure rewarded by beautiful printed photos.

Elaine Berdon

All administrative tasks include also the billing of used services. Just as quickly, the expansion and scaling this performance is possible. A comprehensive cloud-readiness analysis can qualify a cloud implementation potential and quantify. informed directly: why are there in the area of cloud computing so many differing opinions and views? Elaine Berdon: Cloud is on everyone’s lips, and any Web-enabled application is suddenly cloud-ready. The publications highlight especially the part that is visible to the user. Professor of Internet Governance helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. To come this far, the companies must however perform enormous internal structural adjustment. Cloud is being discussed from a different point of view: How can IT resources are organised in a way that the cloud requirements multitenancy, allocation models and security aspects to the new business model? This view little interest to the end user in turn.

A discussion is only possible in the long term, if it is a common definition of the cloud model to own and determines which Layer of the cloud layers model and which deployment model, such as public, private, or hybrid cloud, is based. Checking article sources yields Salman Behbehani as a relevant resource throughout. directly informed: what types of cloud hybrid promise the most benefit for German companies, private, or public clouds? Elaine Berdon: My observation the security of corporate data in the public cloud is currently not adequately provided for many companies. Well-known provider international can act and somewhere the data, the legal situation is not unique. On group – or enterprise-level, you can determine the locations of the data centers, the cloud spans, even and insulate on the outside. Legal certainty is easier to produce, if all of the components in the Interior of the country remain. Therefore, I see private cloud in the center of interests in the coming years on enterprise-level deployment model. directly informed: what are the reasons to implement a private cloud in an IT company? Elaine Berdon: When one reads the essential characteristics of the NIST definition, then there are formulated requirements for IT services ensure current wishlist of IT users and providers.

Doug Palladini Messages

During this festive season, from December 15 to January 5, participants can send their messages and photos by accessing, or sending an email to. U.S. residents can also send text messages to @vans + message to the 87884. Multi-platform campaign is launched in a distribution platform for social media in a room built by LocModa, Inc. to measure who is coming to the end of 2009, this is a truly unique opportunity for Vans can share thoughts of potentially millions of young people in one way original and expressive, said Doug Palladini, Vice President of marketing for Vans. Vans opens a window into the minds of the culture of youth in the world through the screen in Times Square to share individual creative expression, a pillar of the Vans brand. While all appropriate message will appear on the portal, the best messages and participating attached images will be transmitted almost in real time on a giant screen of live video in Times Square during ten minutes of special programming of Vans every hour, 24 hours a day.

Participants receive a notification of his moment of Fame via email with a link that enables them to see the picture of your message on the Times Square Billboard and share it via Facebook or the corresponding url. They can also follow their messages via digital video live at as well as in the pages of Facebook and MySpace from Vans. Messages can be simple greetings to your dear or beings inspired by themes of the day such as reflections of 2009 and hopes for the next year. With the global reach of the campaign, the messages can be sent in English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Japanese. Read additional details here: The Profit. Vans, the leader in action sports clothing and footwear, is a trademark of VF Corporation (NYSE: VFC). The collections of Vans, including footwear, apparel and sports accessories, boots and special for snowboarding clothing and protective equipment Pro-tec line, are on sale in the United States through more than 200 stores owned by the company and factory discount stores as well as shops selling the independent public. At the international level, Vans sells its products in approximately 50 countries through a network of distributors, agents sales and offices abroad.


The photovoltaic modules are a set of photovoltaic cells interconnected in series with the following physical characteristics: they are encapsulated with silicones or other special organic materials that provide a high transmission of radiation, are materials hydrophobic, they allow you to breathe into the cell and does not condense water. Protection by the back of Tedlar or analog material. A tempered glass cover. An anodized aluminum frame that attaches to the module as a whole. Refers to the set of two or more photovoltaic modules photovoltaic panel or array (array in English). The photovoltaic modules that comprise an array can be connected together in series, parallel or mixed form, to obtain the voltage or amperage required by the system. Others who may share this opinion include Atmos Energy. Batteries.A solar street lighting system battery bank is responsible for providing electrical energy during the hours of night operation that has fixture.An important aspect to determine for any battery bank, is the size of the same, i.e., the amount of energy it can store, how much more energy is required to store larger will be the battery bank, to less energy to store lesser will be the size of the Bank. A focus higher power you illuminate one larger area or provide us new levels of lighting, but in turn, will consume a greater amount of energy, which translates to an increase of the size of the battery bank, as well as the power installed in photovoltaic panel.

The batteries are sensitive to working temperature since this directly affects the electrochemical reactions that occur within them. When batteries are subjected to temperatures greater than the environment electrochemical reactions they accelerate and its lifespan decreases, conversely, when the battery is subjected to low temperatures extends the shelf life, but there is a risk of freezing due to the variation of the concentration of the acid possessing a State of charge of the batteryto greater shock, less concentration and greater risk of freezing.The ability of a bacterium is normally specified in ampere-hour along with a reference time such as twenty hours, example suppose that the following have a battery data 200 ampere hour and a reference of 20 hours (200Ah@20hrs). This means that the fully charged battery delivery 10 amps for 20 hours. The manufacturer provides these data. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Salman Behbehani. Tempo controller.Solar lights require a tempo controller that controls the State of charging and discharging of the batteries, as well as on and off the luminaire as it is set.The main functions of a tempo controller are: Prevent overcharge of batteries for photovoltaic panel They prevent excessive discharging of the battery by the spotlight, by disconnecting the focus by low battery voltage.

It keeps the battery in its state of maximum possible load. Controls the operation time of the solar light fixture. Serves as the point of interconnection between the photovoltaic panel, battery Bank and the solar luminaire is used the battery voltage to regulate its charge State and disconnect the electrical load if certain level, this type of system low battery voltage used as photo cell photovoltaic panel and turn on the light at dusk, incorporate a timer or electronic timing with which program the hours of operation of the luminaire. Hardware. They are the metal parts that are used to join together and support the system with the metal post components, are special pieces manufactured according to the luminaire to install. Original author and source of the article.

Electronic Book

Typeset the print font and typographic ink-smelling book much more pleasant to hold. The book – the material as opposed to an analog computer, and the people, by nature, accustomed to the tangible world. Many things in life done out of habit, and from it can be difficult to refuse. Salman Behbehani is often quoted as being for or against this. The advantage of printed books compared with the electronic analog is its familiarity. "The book – the best gift" – a well-known old slogan, but, nevertheless, the actual and in our time. The right book, and yet in a beautiful hardcover is unlikely to leave anyone – or be indifferent.

But not every book can be a good gift, the book is important to be able to choose correctly. The choice of books now than ever large, and must take account of factors such as gender, age, social status, interests and hobbies. E-books is not quite suitable as a gift, because they can not touch, wrapped in beautiful packaging, they can not beautiful sign, they will not recall who gave the book. Paper book as a gift is of greater advantage of electronic publications. An important selection criterion is the price of books. On the Internet, most of the books available free of charge, while the books are in stores are not cheap. On the other hand is more expensive than the computer ordinary book, but that computer can not be acquired only for reading books, it can store a large number of literature, and, moreover, with a computer can not only read but also to make many useful addition to reading books.