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It is required of a specialist to make changes and the components must be of the manufacturer of the computer. With a little practice and of experience the components can be changed, which can be bought in wholesalers or stores of computation. they have few faults that are covered by the guarantee of the manufacturer. The faults are more frequent, especially in the hard disk and therefore he is very recommendable to have endorsement of the data. they have guarantee, support and suitable technical service. A guarantee can be obtained on the components only and not on the system as a whole. With the additional problem of which if he does not find the technician that I arm the clone can even lose the parts or all the computer. A person who wants to buy a computer so that she has an excellent performance in Games, can use liquid coolers, ram memory, video cards or processors of high performance. On the other hand the confusion exists to buy a portable computer or one desktop, in this case the person must know clearly which are their needs and to make an analysis to generate a purchase decision, a most important when choosing computer is to know clearly that she wants in the future or near or distant with this computer, Can want to modify it, to from time to time update it for her optimum yield or on the contrary an equipment with characteristic outposts of a mark is what you need, because to future he thinks in buying a new equipment and not only changing it by parts. So without mattering that computer wants one approaches Compu Greiff that we will advise it to taste and give the tools him so that always this satisfying, we are its better ally in technology. Original author and source of the article.

Mobile Computing

The mobile Internet as part of range of mobile computing is strong on the rise. The time for mobile computing seems to be ripe: now it is not only possible to connect to the Internet using laptop and mobile technology UMTS, also the conditions for mobile Internet access are more suitable for the mass market. In contrast to the time three to four years ago, as the Internet of on the road was a very expensive fun and offered to only extremely slow data transfer rates can mobile Internet users today well-maintained UMTS networks and, due to the rapidly growing competition in mobile computing, an increasingly attractive fare structure with now more than benefit an affordable flat-rate offer. The UMTS flat rates in particular the provider are in base (uses the E-plus network) and Moobicent (uses the Vodafone D2 network) resurfaced. But this shows that both differences in the design of their offerings have. During base as a very strong brand much emphasis on communicating the life sense of flat-rate sets the product applied by RadiCens Moobicent as ultimate power flat and as a replacement for DSL fixed access arises. This has several reasons, where the network infrastructure represents an important decision criterion for the mobile Internet: while the network still does not have the data Turbo HSDPA has, with the UMTS again by a factor of up to 20 faster data ready, Vodafone for a long time with excellent values for network expansion and line quality can score. In this area Moobicent is winning so clearly.

Base counters the technical inferiority with the total argument of a lower price. About lower monthly fixed costs all those are addressed, not necessarily but still basically unlimited mobile would like to surf with broadband speed. Nevertheless, E-plus/base has announced as quickly as possible to upgrade its own network to HSDPA. This investment in the triple-digit million range are necessary, but the company thanks to the positive Business development should shoulder without any major problems. F. Fries

Fraunhofer Institute

YQ-it GmbH works with 10 other software providers in the next generation of cloud application Darmstadt, the yQ-it GmbH takes 10 April 2013 as another software provider most cloud computing for logistics part and networking in this way with other companies which are engaged in the development of cloud applications. The crux of the development group is the Exchange with other members experiences and ideas. It supports companies in the planning and implementation of logistical cloud projects. Years of experience and the latest research results of the Fraunhofer Institute in Dortmund create the basis for this. Managing Director Dieter Dasberg hopes to participate in the usergroup the opportunity to help shape the cloud standards of tomorrow according to their own ideas. Here, sure the Exchange with other developers of the group will open us new and interesting perspectives.

The Fraunhofer Institute provides the group under the keyword’ technology transfer semi-annual meeting access to research results. Technologies, moderated discussion forums and the certification of logistics software. Participating businesses can distinguish themselves through participation in Germany’s largest cloud computing research project in the logistics as innovative and future-oriented. YQ-it GmbH, we have gained a very innovative company for the usergroup, which already offers its own cloud enabled Web solution with the system SilvERP, forward Oliver Wolf, Cluster Manager of the Fraunhofer Innovation Cluster cloud computing for logistics. 10 Companies from the IT industry are in the group. These include”ita vero, LinogistiX and T-systems, in particular the modern architecture of the ERP solution was decisive for the inclusion of yQ-it GmbH in the network for the Fraunhofer Institute.

The members of the network have the competitive advantage by participating in that very early new and advanced technologies to integrate into their applications. A result of the Fraunhofer Innovationclusters Cloud computing for logistics is it, logistics company graphically depict processes of business and program steps, which are necessary to decision and branch offices, as apps from the logitics mall, to be able to integrate an online platform in the sense of a virtual marketplace. These”apps”are provided by the development team of of members of the and offer the users a whole new degree of freedom in choosing their software solution. The term”process as a service is so the next generation of modular cloud applications. Modern billing systems such as “pay-per-use provide the user with only the actually claimed benefits in Bill. So, even small and medium-sized companies gain access to previously unaffordable premium products.

Computer Services

Computer services – this is the direction in IT services, which sooner or later have to address any user computer systems. Be it a home user who uses a personal computer or laptop for entertainment, learning, information retrieval, or business owner that uses a sophisticated computer system to build and accounting business processes, storage of the history of customer requests, storing the history document management, accounting and other zadach.Kompyuternaya system, like any other, requires a periodic routine maintenance and troubleshoot it crashes. However, maintenance of computers somewhat different from other service equipment. First and foremost by the fact that computer – a complex, integrated system of hardware and software systems, which includes many components, algorithms, their interaction, policy access, and data interfaces between them. That is why, the problem computer service, especially in the business sector, where performance of a computer network often depends on efficiency of enterprises, it is necessary to impose on professional engineers. Such specialists are a great experience with a variety of computer systems, along with extensive theoretical knowledge in the principles of processing, storage and communication, modern software and hardware, the principles of construction, operation and development of information sistem.Zadachi Computer Support can be divided into two large groups.

This routine maintenance tasks, audit, service support and resolve problems sboev.K problems on computers is planned maintenance audit IT system or enterprise software and hardware of a specific computer or laptop. Installing the operating system (often install Windows), choose an appropriate set of software. Identify vulnerabilities in the system of information security, computer hardware systems, software systems is a priority in setting IT system maintenance.

Computers Maintenance

It is very common to hear users complaining about the slowness of your computer or if your appliance is not working as it should, without thinking that the reason why it works well is because they have not done you the necessary cleaning and maintenance so that the computer is correct. Why is so important to the maintenance of the equipment especially in the offices. Maintenance of computers also encompasses cleaning tasks. But from here, alert to all those who want to do it at home with programs through the Internet that you’re staying alert because not all programs are effective and many of them are false and also include spyware that tear the information of your computer. Through a window that alerts the user that is finished cleaning, the fake program of cleaning process, is cheating and spying the contents of users. For this reason, should be careful with programs that are lower on the Internet and with the opinion of the same. We recommend that, before you start to clean your PC, you reports which are the guarantees of the program and experience in teams that each one. These are basic points lois for a good maintenance of computers..

SQL Computer

If you have a small or medium business and need advice from an expert on computer equipment and services, Siosa is the solution to your requests, and is that we are an organization with extensive experience in fix, repair, programming, use, configuration and maintenance of computer systems. We can enumerate and divide our Organization’s services in the following areas: consulting Area: Outsourcing or outsourcing of projects; sistemas-migraciones plans; consulting and security towards; call center. Area systems: maintenance of SMEs, installation and administration. Area development: ASP, SQL, XML, AJAX, database, web development by internet communications Area: analysis and consultancy of the network; communications and mail; networks. Networking and infrastructure: structure wiring and electronics networks all of our services are designed to ensure that computers in your business performance is optimal and does not pose a problem for you, and is that in the times that run, almost no organization can risk losing structure analysis, logistic and information (cloud computing), involving computers and internet in the business day to day, therefore we offer firewall sonicwall. During the past 27 years in Siosa we have put all our efforts in offering our numerous clients (Ibex 35 companies, public administrations, and more than 1500 SMEs) best Madrid computer support and maintenance services. Learn more about us and the services we offer through the website, telephone or by visiting our company’s technical maintenance of Madrid. Damien Street 43, 28036 91 350 23 36.


To date, the market for mobile phones are added all the favorable conditions for the company Apple. The share of the company's smartphone market, experts predict will continue to grow, and after only 4 years old may share their surpass the share of Nokia. Holds positions on Apple and Nokia will be swapped. The Finnish company will roll from its current 40% to only 20% already in 2013, part of the shares, including cell phones nokia will be sold through online stores, and Meanwhile, the Americans capture 33% market share. They catch up in sales of smartphones in 2011, each company will deliver this year to 77 million units.

The main reason why Nokia is losing its position is that it does not pay enough attention to the direction of smartphones. Nokia in this situation is the hostage of its own policy of low-cost handsets, the sale of which the company now derives its profits primarily. Most of these sales low-cost handsets are in the developing countries, where they are still in demand. In these countries, buy nokia mobile phone is possible through the Nokia online store, so that even cheaper low cost. Focusing in the production of low-cost and no-tech devices, respectively, is highly diverting resources from high-tech devices. Conversely, Apple focuses on devices that require the use of high technologies, namely smart phones.

It is ideal to capture the market. Will help this and a strategy guide that adheres to American companies is that some devices support the Apple sales of each other. Another advantage is that the software is suitable for their smart phones, and to the iPod. I must say that the cost of phones nokia dostatichno high. On the downside Nokia is the fact the slowness with which the company responds to changes in the market. A striking indicator of this slowness is that when the company responded to the emergence of the American market iPhone, this was done only a half years later, when there was the 5800 XpressMusic. The company is aware of its shortcomings and the fact that the strategy must adjust, if a company wants to occupy a worthy place in the market. So the company is actively seeking an energetic CEO, rumored proposal has already been done several heads of U.S. corporations.

Spanish Civil Postwar

a The author considers vocational writer, who in his own opinion should in humility cataloging fond of literature: narrative, poetry and opinion, as a self-taught. Name after which he himself has run alone for days, weeks, months and years. . . In the aforementioned literary career, and in the solitude of class and economics, unprivileged, continued clearing roads rocky, slippery and sometimes bumpy. .

. Although at the end of the day could be due to impassable trails that meander on fruitful paths and rest on the plain: roads full of earnestness, steadfastness and struggle, which seeks to improve and forge, and self-criticism corrected himself a WORKS: having literary author of several novels reflected in narrative: one set in rural citizenship Spanish Civil Postwar, another rural life as of Spanish political transition, one more in the outcome of a premature child orphans, received hospice and miseries of war. In addition to any other set in the current of urban teens and other teen contemporary times: seventies. To his credit there are other related novels evolution of the labor market, production and exploitation of multinationals: narrative. All of them finished or almost finished, some published on the Internet, and unpublished others.

We can also list a couple of booklets of poetry: poems and verses, with addition of eight case studies on major Spanish authors. In addition to several volumes of collected articles of opinion, own, published in various print media and digital electronics. In addition to some other novels in projection, trying on various subjects of fiction, citizenship of urban or rural, very advanced as far as literary-narrative structure is concerned.

Cloud Computing

As a result of the penetration of internet in the world and the availability of broadband, especially in developed countries, has been a three years a boom very large with software applications licensed under the On Demand model. There are many terms that the tech industry is using a similar concept. I think that what really achieve is to generate more confusion in the market. Basically this software usage model corresponds more to a service that a rental or leasing of software licenses. You hire a service that consists of having at their disposal the use of software and technology that supports it (servers, operational systems, data bases, etc.). CRM-specific disregards by the installation of new versions, of problems of system crashes, of staff of technical support and many other items associated with the operation and maintenance of internal information systems, in this case. Like any other model of use or licensing of software, it has its pros and cons.

This model On Demand, SaS (Software as a Services) or as they call it lately Cloud Computing or cloud computing, presents several disadvantages also, within which the most relevant are the fact that data are outside your organization, information is in the cloud and the processes of integration and customization are not as flexible as they can be in a traditional (with their servers operating modelsoftware, and data within your company). On Premise model refers to the traditional scheme of licensing and use of software, i.e. the company acquires licenses that give right to use the software, installed on your own servers, integrated with other systems (for example your CRM system, its e-mail system, its telephone plant) and keeps your data within its technology infrastructure. Like the On Demand model has its pros and cons cus. These depends on some key variables such as: security policy in the information that the company has.

Tilo Computer informed about the main results of computer games with explicit depiction of violence such as in shooters are always blamed for an increased propensity for violence among young people. A new study of the University of applied sciences North Western Switzerland in Basel claims that this direct connection cannot be established. Therefore, the consumption of computer games with explicit content does not automatically lead to increased violence. This relationship can only be established through the integration of external, social factors. As the Internet portal for online actions tells was determined also that a majority of the parents only insufficient knowledge about the computer games their children play exhibit and all 64 percent consider a possible ban in terms of new media rarely or never necessary. Especially for parents from socially weak families this behavior could be determined more frequently. You neglect the General media education as well as the specific need for talks when it comes to the daily Consumption of the media their children go. Following factors were identified as crucial for the impact of computer games and co.

on teenagers: parenting style in the parental home, forcing gender stereotypes, is a weak to strong existing tendency to depression, the relationship with others in the personal environment such as classmates, teachers and financial disadvantage. No mention of an acute danger to young people through violence represents computer games may be from scientific point of view. Rather, exposed young people from disadvantaged environments represent a risk group explicit media content. More information: presse.