Computer Services

Computer services – this is the direction in IT services, which sooner or later have to address any user computer systems. Be it a home user who uses a personal computer or laptop for entertainment, learning, information retrieval, or business owner that uses a sophisticated computer system to build and accounting business processes, storage of the history of customer requests, storing the history document management, accounting and other zadach.Kompyuternaya system, like any other, requires a periodic routine maintenance and troubleshoot it crashes. However, maintenance of computers somewhat different from other service equipment. First and foremost by the fact that computer – a complex, integrated system of hardware and software systems, which includes many components, algorithms, their interaction, policy access, and data interfaces between them. That is why, the problem computer service, especially in the business sector, where performance of a computer network often depends on efficiency of enterprises, it is necessary to impose on professional engineers. Such specialists are a great experience with a variety of computer systems, along with extensive theoretical knowledge in the principles of processing, storage and communication, modern software and hardware, the principles of construction, operation and development of information sistem.Zadachi Computer Support can be divided into two large groups.

This routine maintenance tasks, audit, service support and resolve problems sboev.K problems on computers is planned maintenance audit IT system or enterprise software and hardware of a specific computer or laptop. Installing the operating system (often install Windows), choose an appropriate set of software. Identify vulnerabilities in the system of information security, computer hardware systems, software systems is a priority in setting IT system maintenance.

Computers Maintenance

It is very common to hear users complaining about the slowness of your computer or if your appliance is not working as it should, without thinking that the reason why it works well is because they have not done you the necessary cleaning and maintenance so that the computer is correct. Why is so important to the maintenance of the equipment especially in the offices. Maintenance of computers also encompasses cleaning tasks. But from here, alert to all those who want to do it at home with programs through the Internet that you’re staying alert because not all programs are effective and many of them are false and also include spyware that tear the information of your computer. Through a window that alerts the user that is finished cleaning, the fake program of cleaning process, is cheating and spying the contents of users. For this reason, should be careful with programs that are lower on the Internet and with the opinion of the same. We recommend that, before you start to clean your PC, you reports which are the guarantees of the program and experience in teams that each one. These are basic points lois for a good maintenance of computers..

SQL Computer

If you have a small or medium business and need advice from an expert on computer equipment and services, Siosa is the solution to your requests, and is that we are an organization with extensive experience in fix, repair, programming, use, configuration and maintenance of computer systems. We can enumerate and divide our Organization’s services in the following areas: consulting Area: Outsourcing or outsourcing of projects; sistemas-migraciones plans; consulting and security towards; call center. Area systems: maintenance of SMEs, installation and administration. Area development: ASP, SQL, XML, AJAX, database, web development by internet communications Area: analysis and consultancy of the network; communications and mail; networks. Networking and infrastructure: structure wiring and electronics networks all of our services are designed to ensure that computers in your business performance is optimal and does not pose a problem for you, and is that in the times that run, almost no organization can risk losing structure analysis, logistic and information (cloud computing), involving computers and internet in the business day to day, therefore we offer firewall sonicwall. During the past 27 years in Siosa we have put all our efforts in offering our numerous clients (Ibex 35 companies, public administrations, and more than 1500 SMEs) best Madrid computer support and maintenance services. Learn more about us and the services we offer through the website, telephone or by visiting our company’s technical maintenance of Madrid. Damien Street 43, 28036 91 350 23 36.


To date, the market for mobile phones are added all the favorable conditions for the company Apple. The share of the company's smartphone market, experts predict will continue to grow, and after only 4 years old may share their surpass the share of Nokia. Holds positions on Apple and Nokia will be swapped. The Finnish company will roll from its current 40% to only 20% already in 2013, part of the shares, including cell phones nokia will be sold through online stores, and Meanwhile, the Americans capture 33% market share. They catch up in sales of smartphones in 2011, each company will deliver this year to 77 million units.

The main reason why Nokia is losing its position is that it does not pay enough attention to the direction of smartphones. Nokia in this situation is the hostage of its own policy of low-cost handsets, the sale of which the company now derives its profits primarily. Most of these sales low-cost handsets are in the developing countries, where they are still in demand. In these countries, buy nokia mobile phone is possible through the Nokia online store, so that even cheaper low cost. Focusing in the production of low-cost and no-tech devices, respectively, is highly diverting resources from high-tech devices. Conversely, Apple focuses on devices that require the use of high technologies, namely smart phones.

It is ideal to capture the market. Will help this and a strategy guide that adheres to American companies is that some devices support the Apple sales of each other. Another advantage is that the software is suitable for their smart phones, and to the iPod. I must say that the cost of phones nokia dostatichno high. On the downside Nokia is the fact the slowness with which the company responds to changes in the market. A striking indicator of this slowness is that when the company responded to the emergence of the American market iPhone, this was done only a half years later, when there was the 5800 XpressMusic. The company is aware of its shortcomings and the fact that the strategy must adjust, if a company wants to occupy a worthy place in the market. So the company is actively seeking an energetic CEO, rumored proposal has already been done several heads of U.S. corporations.

Spanish Civil Postwar

a The author considers vocational writer, who in his own opinion should in humility cataloging fond of literature: narrative, poetry and opinion, as a self-taught. Name after which he himself has run alone for days, weeks, months and years. . . In the aforementioned literary career, and in the solitude of class and economics, unprivileged, continued clearing roads rocky, slippery and sometimes bumpy. .

. Although at the end of the day could be due to impassable trails that meander on fruitful paths and rest on the plain: roads full of earnestness, steadfastness and struggle, which seeks to improve and forge, and self-criticism corrected himself a WORKS: having literary author of several novels reflected in narrative: one set in rural citizenship Spanish Civil Postwar, another rural life as of Spanish political transition, one more in the outcome of a premature child orphans, received hospice and miseries of war. In addition to any other set in the current of urban teens and other teen contemporary times: seventies. To his credit there are other related novels evolution of the labor market, production and exploitation of multinationals: narrative. All of them finished or almost finished, some published on the Internet, and unpublished others.

We can also list a couple of booklets of poetry: poems and verses, with addition of eight case studies on major Spanish authors. In addition to several volumes of collected articles of opinion, own, published in various print media and digital electronics. In addition to some other novels in projection, trying on various subjects of fiction, citizenship of urban or rural, very advanced as far as literary-narrative structure is concerned.

Cloud Computing

As a result of the penetration of internet in the world and the availability of broadband, especially in developed countries, has been a three years a boom very large with software applications licensed under the On Demand model. There are many terms that the tech industry is using a similar concept. I think that what really achieve is to generate more confusion in the market. Basically this software usage model corresponds more to a service that a rental or leasing of software licenses. You hire a service that consists of having at their disposal the use of software and technology that supports it (servers, operational systems, data bases, etc.). CRM-specific disregards by the installation of new versions, of problems of system crashes, of staff of technical support and many other items associated with the operation and maintenance of internal information systems, in this case. Like any other model of use or licensing of software, it has its pros and cons.

This model On Demand, SaS (Software as a Services) or as they call it lately Cloud Computing or cloud computing, presents several disadvantages also, within which the most relevant are the fact that data are outside your organization, information is in the cloud and the processes of integration and customization are not as flexible as they can be in a traditional (with their servers operating modelsoftware, and data within your company). On Premise model refers to the traditional scheme of licensing and use of software, i.e. the company acquires licenses that give right to use the software, installed on your own servers, integrated with other systems (for example your CRM system, its e-mail system, its telephone plant) and keeps your data within its technology infrastructure. Like the On Demand model has its pros and cons cus. These depends on some key variables such as: security policy in the information that the company has.

Hardware Companies

This is a relatively new term in Internet, computing in the cloud (cloud computing), is not another thing that programs and computing services distributed via the internet, this service by any user, companies or individuals, have access to applications available in the internet cloud. It was originally intended for companies, Amazon began in 2006 by launching its EC2 programme and although service payment access to other applications and developments, the fact is that all internet users have benefited with the arrival of this new service on the network. Institutions, agencies and companies, have the possibility of renting spaces in virtual servers to store there internal and private data, and up, you can host your own applications and programs. This way they get one lower cost, and as providers are giant corporations, nor should worry about the maintenance of the server or the inconvenience out of service produced with little effective hosting. On the issue of companies, agencies and institutions, obtained with this service many advantages so that if you have a business I suggest you reports more on the subject.

An excellent service that you can begin to investigate is Google Apps, and see all the possibilities that it offers, which are excellent and more. Corporate email, calendars, documents, internal chat, web sites, suite Office (Office suite), contact management, control panel private, and, basically storing data on Google’s servers, along with many other things that the employer knows to distinguish. Every day are more companies that leverage the technological platform of Google and get excellent service both computing and Messaging. You have option of payment service, or free service obviously lower resource capacity. SOME advantages and its utilization: Considerable reduction of costs, does not require neither Hardware nor less Software management systems do not time loss of information there are reliability and security of Google updates automatic and permanent system optimized to work on computer access from anywhere, company, Office, your home, a cyber cafe, or wherever.

I really suggest that you explore all the features, applications and possibilities of this system which, for now, keeping costs very low and accessible for any such company is an SME, as medium-sized or large. You can also access similar services offered by other companies as: Microsoft Azure and many Eyeos assert that these new technologies will help enormously to firms doing business. But although it has been called the natural evolution of the Internet also has its detractors. The famous American programmer Richard Stallman, actually an authority in the matter, criticized cloud computing considering that everyone should run their processes in your hardware and with its own free software and anything else was a trap. Finally: Finally, there you see are for everyone, more than opinions in favor or against, I think that, like everything else, one must draw their own conclusions but based on his own experience. But I believe that a fact exists very revealing and demonstrative confirms that new technologies bring progress and growth, and is that, for some reason more than two million companies are currently using only Google Apps, not counting all the other companies that provide the same service. Well, something to investigate, but more than anything to join your company. A lot of luck!!


How does a computer from the inside actually looks? Mohrendorf, 25 April 2013 who wants to work in the IT industry, needs a cool, fun to fiddle around and last but not least a real technology weakness. A dream job typical of boys so? That girl, too, with PC, Internet and co. know how to, have the participants of the girls’ day 2013 when Allen proved. The day of action took place this year for the tenth time in the Mohrendorfer software company. The inner workings of a computer is a world unto itself: colorful cable connect the various places. On the hard disk are chips of different sizes a seemingly random pattern bundled you could hardly to have everyday technology. And anyway was to feel nothing, as it was for the participants at Allen, once apart – and again to assemble a computer from reservations.

The girl to the task were equipped with screwdriver and support by IT professionals. Twelve students at the age of eleven to sixteen sniffed at the girl future day this year not only in the inside of a PC but also behind the scenes of the software company. The imbus AG specializes in software quality assurance and software testing and in this area is one of the leading service providers in Germany. The students met with the various departments of the group headquarters in Mohrendorf and informed themselves about the training opportunities. imbus offers three different professional training in the field of Informatics: specialist with application development are involved in programming and development. They test existing software and improve it. Specializing in system integration, in turn, involves the planning and configuration of IT systems. They are according to the respective requirements set up, operated and managed.

Newly added as a third computer science education a combination of computer science and commercial sector is in Allen since this year the IT system salesman. In addition to their training, all complete Computer science trainees at imbus training and certification to the ISTQB certified Tester, the internationally standardized qualification for software testers. Currently, a total of 13 apprentices at the five German sites by Allen to computer scientists can be trained. Their job prospects are good: imbus has to set the goal, as far as possible to take over all after the end of their apprenticeships in a solid working relationship. And also recent graduates/students are asked for in Allen. After studying successfully completed IT, you can as a junior software tester /-in enter. Whether at the graduate job or the training courses: are girls and women among the candidates in the distinct minority. For the participants of this year’s girls’ day has become the image of the pure man Professional computer scientist in any case overtaken: some could well imagine to work in IT. Learn more about the career opportunities at Allen see career /.

Specific Objective Plastic

The plastics, when they are changedded into residues, can be valued, of form to be able to again come to be useful. The plastic recycling is a process of product quality, that is, of the quality of the residues for the systems of selective collections.

The conversion of the plastic residues in small grains that can be reused in the production of other products these plastic residues for stages, such as triturao, laudering, drying and granulation, the plastics if divide in two important categories, represent in surround 20% of the total consumed in the country, are the termosfixos and the thermoplastic ones. One of the durable materials most useful and known by the man is the plastic being the used material more in the modern world, but facing severe you criticize of impact in the environment. Through it, we protect our foods and the storage of the same ones, we brush teeth with it, the cooling ones in plastic bottles, computers, cellular, plumbing, in summary this in all the place, does not obtain to imagine the life without it. Being consumed frightfully in millions of tons, most this being sent for sanitary aterros and to another part simply play is, poluindo sources, the rivers and until the seas, (OLIVER, 2007). Through these plastic, ambientalistas data a movement was formed anti- alleges that we can live without it, but still is esteem that a million of birds dies and one hundred a thousand mammals per year, for will eat or be imprisoned in plastic objects. Also on the health human being it foresees that a used product in the plastic containers in the microwaves, call (BPA) this causing clutters in the women, as endometriosis, cysts in the ovrios, fibrides and cancer, on the Tereftalato Polyethylene, that is, to liberate di (2-etilhexil) ftalato that cause cancer in the human beings.. .


To do this you must define the time frame for which his company evaluates this type of investment. Typically in software, an investment products of this type it should be analyzed within a framework of 3 to 5 years. You should identify all costs or investments associated with the software in both models and be able to do a comparison of financial type on how much it costs comparatively each solution. Here consider all factors involved in the operation of an information system and enhance them in the analysis period. No.2: Projected project cash flow. A theme is to identify how much it costs the system in its entirety. Another is to identify how investment will be implemented in time. That’s why a very important variable is to know which is the availability of financial resources in time and what are the preferences of the enterprise in this regard at the level of management and finance to compare both models.

The model On Premise demands greater investments in the short term (although funding mechanisms can be used). The On Demand model, is usually more distributed at the level of spending. No. 3: investment policies and management of assets of the company. As part of the policies of financial administration owned by any company, is the way as the Administration wishes to be handled and accounted for the Organization’s assets. Under the model On Premise, usually software licenses are managed as an asset (except in cases in which it makes use of financial services such as Leasing, this also depends on the legislation in each country) and in the On Demand model, handles the service of software as an expense. They are two different schemes from the accounting point of view and it is important to be present are the policies of the company in this regard in order to assess which procurement scheme is more favorable.