Alexander Menshikov

Company Fetish Production Company signed a contract with a European film companies, whose name remains a mystery. The film company interested in, and will finance the movie "Diary of a schizophrenic" director, whose is also known as Alexander Menshikov and owner of Fetish Production Company. According to preliminary data capture will begin spring of 2011, and the film to appear on large screens in cinemas in summer 2013. We specifically asked Alexander Menshikov, tell us a little about the movie especially for readers "MK" Alexander Menshikov: "I do not buy happiness. I buy from misfortune. Name of the film company will remain a secret until we settle all the details of the contract. But I think that in September 2010, the Company will hold a press conference Fetish and introduces all of his plans for the future and the plans we have grandiose.

And now I invite you to feel and see with your own eyes World Mental … Compuware gathered all the information. Film, I'm going to take – this is a film-Mirror. In the plot you see the reflection of my thoughts-Virus. The movie: Just about life, death, love! Storyline – moments of experiences of different people. Experience specific to each man. Experience life at the level of events, and at the level of severity of the internal state, dovodyaschego to madness. When more than feeling nothing left. Find a way to live on through extreme action. Lucas vandenberg may find this interesting as well. Acute senses – it is always extreme. Although the topic of psychological films already disclosed earlier.

Learn Electric Guitar

The real revolution was the emergence of courses to play the electric guitar in an electronic form with the use of multimedia such as videos, audio recordings and computer programs. Now the author of the material can combine together various educational technologies that can help the beginner guitarist quickly find and start the rapid development in the way of learning the game on his musical instrument. It is easy to imagine that the written comments, accompanied by images of scores and descriptive videos provide everything you need to make your play the electric guitar became more and more better. Of course, an important question remains the quality of the material and its proper structure, which, however, remains on the conscience of the authors of distance learning courses and editors of publishing houses. Another important aspect of is the question of the consistency of such training courses as compared to the classical model of education teacher and pupil. Of course, there is a category of people to whom until recently attributed themselves and I strongly which receive distance learning, a position which rejects the possibility of 'replacement' of living teacher computer. Let's try to solve this. Typically, proponents of such views give some arguments which I would like to question.

The first argument is the need for clarity, or put another way, 'playing the guitar it is necessary to show'. I agree with that, but such an argument could be applied to the 'paper' tutorial, but in electronic version is almost always there are a number of visual exercises and video clips of musical phrases, which are often filmed in close-up. What could be clearer? A second argument in their favor the opponents of such phenomena as tutorial game on electric opinion believe that living is better teacher explains. Here I want to say that every teacher alive, every time he is in any particular state of consciousness that is not always good. The teacher can simply forget something to explain or correct any error.

When you create a multimedia tutorial on electric guitar playing is nearly impossible, since there is self-control, and have control of the editors. The following is an argument about the lack of control teacher – pupil during distance learning. But we can not agree, as most authors create forums support and offer to send them your creations to parsing errors. The apparent advantage of the electronic tutorial is its price, which can be equivalent to several tens of minutes sessions with a tutor. Thus, in my view, electronic game tutorials on electric start up a real competition to tutoring classes. Of course, the choice of teaching methods is a private matter, but I think here there is something to think about a beginner guitarist.


Death metal is usually characterized by extreme hardness, intensity and speed of the music. Death metal is known for its uneven pace of change in music and in size, extremely fast and complex guitar playing, and double bass drum parts. Typically the use of blast-beat sound to add strength. Most groups use an undervalued and distorted guitar sound. Usually you have two guitars that simultaneously perform as lead and rhythm guitar. Used as understated and sometimes distorted bass guitar. Some groups, such as Septic Flesh, add sound synthesizer and other instruments. It is believed that all sub-genres of metal, death metal the most difficult for a musician in the physical plane.

In the early days of death metal was characterized by a simple compositional structure, and not rich melodies, but later in the development of style and in the process of merging with other musical genres, the music became more complex. At present, the bands playing death metal is often difficult to hear and to perform, and for the perception of the composition. In typical use of specific vocal men roar (growling), which often turns into obscure lyrics "bestial" growl. Learn more on the subject from Vida Vacations. To obtain such an effect, the singer's voice is often processed by a computer or harmonizer, but a special respect among musicians and singers are fans of the style, "roaring" without the use of aids.


The family currently KFL 2 linear array: this is an extremely active malenkiyKFL2065 + KFL2012BA (popular mobile line array in a case with crystal clean sound that passes without distortion originality vote) and passive set KFL2080 + KFL3015B (used both indoors and outdoors, mobile). Scope of outdoor stadiums and large venues to clubs, discos and theaters. Included KFL2065 (Mid-Hi) + KFL2012BA (Bass) as standard uses four satellites (Mid-Hi) and one (Bass). KFL2012BA can be used as passive or active. It is integrated amplifier module and a DSP processor with functions: five band EQ, input control, limiter, delay, crossover, phase corrector, and an input for computer control and adjustment of a linear array. Applied to the structure KFL2012VA 'sandwich' (back to back), 12 'of the dynamics and characteristics hull design in combination with one of the best amplifier modules provide well-defined bass with good acoustic pressure.

KFL2012VA is one of the best developments in this class acoustics. In KFL2065 used specially designed for your 6.5-inch, 12 ohm speakers and 44 mm driver with horn. Since the set of four KFL2065 has a resistance 6 ohms, its efficiency is higher than the 8 ohms due to more favorable conditions for of the amplifier module. Linear array KFL2080 (Mid-Hi) + KFL3015B (Bass) as standard, four satellites (Mid-Hi) and one (Bass). In KFL2080 uses two 8-inch speaker cones with carbon in a symmetrical V-shaped hull and a horn with Driver 44 mm. In KFL3015B installed: three 15-inch speaker, left and right – balanced and the third cone is directed forward.

Film Industry

For most citizens, beloved thing on a Sunday or holiday, is considered to be watching movies. Today's film industry seeks to periodically bring in delight us with your colorful film screenings. That films, outside of which is now almost inconceivable to imagine today the existing civilization, ready to move us in a variety of age, unknown and marvelous worlds, move to a magical atmosphere forming, so unbelievable positive impressions and thoughts. We all live just in a period when the cinema to see his beloved only to our leisure activity time. And when your window of cold and cold, or dull skies and drizzling rain outside the window, then we can with absolute comfort and coziness to choose a very appropriate and a warm place at home and watch movies online Novelties. For this we absolutely do not need flash or CD discs, all that is important – is the availability of high-speed Internet and home computer.

If you tend to hesitate in choosing films, and hoped to be able to consult only the seller, or as companion, which already watching this film in cinema center, the unlimited resources of the Internet opened to you certainly new opportunities. Visit our website, all movie fans will get a chance to see the current New movies and watch quietly adorable movie. When you want to increase my beloved collection of home movies vending novelty, you can at any time submitted to the web site to download the movie. Quiet and peaceful family night You can always add the latest romantic intrigue, and cheered the company to lure families into the unknown sphere of fantasy. If you're a colorful, interesting and subtle sensations, on our website you always will discover that you enjoy.

Amazing accident, heart adventure, puzzles, entertaining journey into the latest unknown sphere, contrary to the whole real and valid, colorful emotional circumstances, trade secrets and intriguing test, the whole spectrum is present in our news. Relax in your home cinema center, animation, thrillers, crime stories, fantasy, westerns, action, romance, Horror tales and epics, musicals, adventures, heart stories, operas, tragedies will enable you to disengage from everyday troubles and fill the cheerful memorable and intense experiences. On a similar website you can always download a movie or to shake up all the new movies. Choose pick up the mood, get sick, take direct participation in the phenomena of things happening! Relax together with us!

Designing Management

Is taken into account, that before the development, effective operation of firms in increasingly competitive markets, due to globalization and the growing demands of customers, the quality management has become an essential pillar of any new business strategy. Long-term, only companies which are able to resolve the apparent dilemma between the high quality of its products and cost reduction will succeed, regardless of the sector and the size of the company. This explains the importance of techniques, models and principles of management of the quality in the company. To analyze the national reality, taking into account the barriers faced, as well as the behavior of SMEs, particularly in relation to the management of quality, wherein, leaves much saying its lack of applicability, in addition to lack culture of quality, management of it systems, as well as the ignorance of the fundamentals and tools that favor him. Hence, that the program sets its objectives in favour of the development of the quality management which allow participants: Know how to advise firms and organizations according to models of business excellence Know what are the standards and certification of national and international quality in relation to the quality Designing and implementing TQM programs both for the company in its entirety as to certain areas. Using statistical techniques and analysis of common data in the context of the quality management. Assess the possibilities of application of multiple techniques and methodologies that are used in the world of quality.

Develop an overall view of what it means to manage a company with total quality. Know diagnosis on the situation of the external and internal quality. The program provides all the basics on which rests the quality management and considers that the an organization’s success should be the result of implementing and maintaining a management system oriented to the customer, from the definition of systems and processes that result: clearly comprehensible, manageable, and that can be improved.