Clutch Reliability

Even quite some time ago – actually a couple of decades ago – were available for cars that did very wealthy members of society. Today, they are really popular favorites and components large number of household members of society. In advanced countries, of course, the number of cars is almost the total number of inhabitants, we still have so far not untwisted, but the potential is obvious. However, any apparent that car – it is not solely a means of transportation, but in addition, and a range of difficulties. First of all – the spare parts. And to find the corresponding quite difficult: the number of manufacturers and retailers is significant, leading to difficulties with the selection. Because in situations requiring the bush damper or clutch, you may encounter with a noticeable difference in prices in the approach to the same products. Mark Wilson is open to suggestions. In principle, believe that one of the most significant problems – it is the task of choosing.

And the selection of vin in this sense – it special significance. Qualitative and current list, which will be found and shock absorbers Sachs or boge, and clutch kit you can actually be considered a rarity. And besides, no secret that in some cases, delivery of goods on the list can take a couple of weeks, but in an emergency situation needs to renovate a kind of timing is extremely unpleasant. However, often shocks on vases in 2107 can be found in warehouses and dealers directly in Kazan, where customers call, like how many faces are perceived more than a serious and responsible. It is because of greatly developed structures of dealer at the moment where motorists are able to have more opportunities to find the shortest periods of different types of shock absorbers, oil, shock absorbers. Because it is obvious that such a service center where the customer once got a high maintenance, would be for him and his friends more attractive. In the event that the same may be interested in the details and beauty salon Yekaterinburg, then there can be defined very significant professional level of this sector. Since there is no secret that repair shock resistant – the main condition for a long life car.

It is clear that the main tasks that appear to motorists, often formulated as spares or buy Korean cars. And while most of the time car owners want to apply the basic coordinates auto-repair shops and stores for delivery, who were members or acquaintances are recommended. According to Cross River, who has experience with these questions. It is obvious that without the quality work of even the highest quality parts in fact have worked for a short time. Not just because the majority of professional drivers are always informative and sometimes these companies, and certain artists in a particular industry, whether it be body repair, welding, or working the motor. They say that every a man who turns out to motorists, goes on as if the next level of consciousness. And this is actually true. The new scale of personal responsibility, the following scale problems to be solved, and in the shortest period of time. Machine, with the responsible attitude of the owner, can do the latter is really an adult, mature person. And it is extremely important.

Miscellaneous Equipment

Depending on what equipment will work for your service to service vehicles, the popularity of the company depends. Motorists prefer to repair their cars in car-care centers, where not only good prices and professional experts, and equipment and rabotasposobnoe for service centers, where they repaired the car. Car service equipment will provide everything from the quality of professional work done to volume customers, because it is – your income. Tire equipment. There are only two kinds of machines for tire: automatic and semiautomatic. In an automatic machine has only one drawback – it costs 20 percent more than semi-automatic. In recent years, motorists have to use wheels with tubeless tires.

On ordinary tire mounting stands with wheels is hard work. To work with such a wheel tire mounting equipment with a quick pump of tubeless tires. For example, the device companies 'FASEP'. Typically, such machines are equipped with this safety system, which strengthens the tire on a tire mounting stand. At a time when high-pressure air is supplied into the chamber, the active safety system prevents the tire fly off the device. Almost none of tire-repair shop does not go without a device for balancing. Accuracy of the machine is the speed of rotation Shaft – the higher it is, the more measurements per minute makes the stand. Add to your understanding with Dry Harbor Nursing Home. The speed of rotation of the shaft balancing devices are divided into high-speed – 400 rpm.

All equipment for engine testing is divided into 3 types: Conventional devices that display information on the work of some of the engine. Scanning devices that read the fault code, which defined the computer car. They have a big disadvantage – they are only suitable for certain management systems. In general, these devices are used in specialized repair shops. Devices 3-th type themselves determine the state of the motor car. By computing system docked network of different sensors, which may increase indefinitely. The equipment of this type is multi-diagnostic center from the company 'TECNOTEST VISA'. For successful performance modern service vehicle to the presence of complex devices, which always includes a slipway, in other words, stand for straightening vehicle bodies. It is necessary for different types of body repair (minor injuries from the body to change the shape of the frame the car), while providing considerable savings in your time.

Automatic Transmission

First I would like to say thank you for what you spend your time in reading this article, review, and I can assure all that is not in vain. The modern automatic transmission, it is absolutely the most difficult part of the machines today. Automatic transmission comprise a fur. systems, hydraulic systems, electrical systems and computer control, working together in harmony, the work of de facto automatic transmission is not noticeable until a crash. For many, automatic transmission, auto manufacturers is calculated that automatic transmission oil checked every 30,000 to 40,000 miles or 60000km. Still want to monitor constantly atf, automatic transmission failures are directly related to oil (atf). ATP deficit 100g, 100g excessive amount of oil will result in damage to automatic transmission. The oil in the box for automatic transmission.

There are two types of oils such as F and Dekstron or some other Mercron. Individual auto manufacturers, require a special. developed, ATF automatic transmission for new models. With the addition of oils and automatic transmission, be very prudent, so ATP is not the case is poured onto the hot parts of the engine. If this happens it can bring fast and furious car fire. The oil in the automatic transmission is transparent or reddish color, if it is in perfect, clean condition. When the fluid in your automatic transmission is dark red or dark black, then you probably need to correct immediately change the oil in automatic transmission. Make sure the correct level of atf automatic transmission.

Often, the rod control atf has no signs or heated in hot ATP. For most models machine competently inspect the oil level in the heated atf and institutions in the auto position (p). Each manufacturer has its own automatic transmission for recommendations RELEVANT atf. GM, in most cases uses Dexron, ford until 1983 Type F, for more later models use Mercon. Chrysler is using Toyota type sometimes, (not the correct fluid for Chrysler automatic transmission is the most common vmnoy damage.). Honda has its own formula, should learn the manual machines for use to determine how ATP fill in automatic transmission, on the dipstick and oil control is written in a flooded ATF automatic transmission. All types of oils should not be confused with each other. Look for parking place in time in order to find a spot. As I already said, many manufacturers require in order to check you Number of atf, if the vehicle is operated on level ground. Pull the bar the lookout and check the ATF on the color and smell. Modern automatic transmissions have shift gears quietly under light acceleration. The sooner you suspect damage the cheaper it repaired. Even if you know that you can not afford to repair yourself you should at least ask for advice in a hundred. Technicians can give you some tips on what to do or not do to prolong the life of automatic transmission while you can not afford to repair.

HTZ Parts

Now that the computer has become a common tool in almost all firms to replace the microfiche advent of modern information technology – electronic catalogs (e-catalogs.) Currently, they are usually recorded on compact discs (CD-ROM). These directories are easier to use, because the CD have a greater capacity, and changes and additions may be made by their receipt of an urgent dispatch via the Internet and make the necessary changes of databases. Domestic manufacturers of tractors, machines, engines and other equipment do not pay the printing and timely updating of the directory as much attention as the foreign firms, and only for distribution of updated directories consumers do not have dreamed of. Not let our manufacturers of machines and microfiche, and even more so – electronic versions of the parts catalog. Nature, as we know, abhors a vacuum. The company AVM Kharkiv, trading in spare parts for domestic tractors Faced with misunderstandings customers, repairers, suppliers and our own commodity researchers arising from the poor quality, obsolescence, and sometimes total lack of spare parts catalogs for the national Technology has found a solution.

The specialists have developed their own AVM Kharkiv technology to create interactive electronic, that is, working online, catalogs. Catalogues of parts and assembly units (Spare parts) tractors HTZ – the first product that arose on its basis. This – not just a set of data, but also a set of programs that offer to the user tremendous opportunities. The search system allows you to get information about details, group data for structural and functional features. The use of multimedia interactive directory greatly simplifies the selection of necessary details, including them in the specifications for orders, invoices or for other purposes by navigating directly to the drawings and specifications with the 'mouse' or a touch screen. You may not know part number needed spare parts, do not remember her name, but knowing what it looks like detail and where the car it is, it is easy to find everything you need for the correct order. If you know only about the name of the parts, then you will find the context.

In the service and trade organizations electronic interactive catalogs greatly accelerated and facilitated the work with a huge assortment of parts and components for all makes of domestic tractors, machines and engines. The use of online catalogs takes problem of erroneous orders, increases efficiency – faster training specifications, reducing the number of errors. An important advantage of e-catalogs is to attract energetic young people, appreciating modern means of labor. E-Catalogues allows you to quickly train new personnel. On the development of an online catalog takes 10 minutes, and then people can have their own understanding of the device components and assemblies, accustomed to learning details on the appearance of dozens of times faster than with traditional paper-based training on directories. For more information, please visit

Toyota Repair

SRT 'YauzMotors' produces all kinds of service work. Toyota Repair consists of a planned science technical services, computer diagnostics, as well as enamel paint and body repair of any complexity. Car Service carried out on the newest technical equipment, adhering strictly to the concepts and methods designated by the plant. Spare parts are selected for the virtual directory. This is a guarantee of reliability in the repair as soon as time. Car repairs in the firm confirms that there appreciate your confidence and your time.

Auto Service Toyota offers journal entries early in the vehicle service station, as well as their reception at the park for further recovery. And while you're waiting for testing, maintenance or repair, vym will be invited to a cozy cafe and recreation room in the service. The company concerned convenience potential visitors. Modern cars the Japanese manufacturer of electronics equipment level is comparable to many electronic computers recently. In the case of funktstonirovanii elektroniki injury occurs, the machine can stand up at any time, but it's not a problem as this car service interruption is ready to provide all necessary.

When do you need repairs, but the car will not be able to to travel, it is proposed the appropriate technique. It is worth noting that there are all sorts of damage. The heart of the technical means is the power unit. The accuracy depends on site customization long-term use of motor control and comfort. Therefore, we suggest that the timely holding of holistic testing the engine and its follow-up to address any problems found and repair Toyota Motor and adjustment systems. Many repair services have advanced technological system that allows many types of power plant repair, from minor adjustment to the action serious reconstruction of large motor vehicles. In many services there is a necessary tool for the diagnosis and base vosstanovlleniya engine cars. After testing and recovery engine is held precise adjustment of all its constituent parts. If you need to restore the engines can be equipped with high-quality spare parts firm known suppliers.

Gas Injectors

Further, natural gas goes to the rack of special gas injectors, which inject the problem portion of the fuel metered directly into the intake manifold. … By the way, the most complex and critical part of installation of LPG equipment is exactly the right sidebar of inlet gas nozzle into the intake manifold. To do this on my "Safari" took to dismantle the air supply, throttle and petrol injectors. At the same time workers' Milan Strip, "the whole thing and cleaned. Continue: mounting the mechanical part, the mechanics have begun to connect the wiring harness all elements of the executive of the gas system. This was necessary to In order to operate a computer to a gas fuel supply, and register all necessary data. It works like this: analyzing a map of petrol injection, computerized brain sends signals to the gas nozzle.

That is to gas engine works the same way as gasoline. Important: because the machine I use is called, as directed, and designed it to extreme conditions, computer unit has been decided to put in a salon to maximize its protection against external influences. Also in the salon brought the button to switch fuels (petrol, gas). Then the whole thing for a long time were tested by connecting to a laptop: the perfect fuel card taken out, exposed idle time and switch between the fuels produce. This went on for two days. At the end of the "gas works" had to make a sleeping bag.

Needed for the manufacture of locker 18 mm sheet of plywood, piano hinge, a leaf 50 mm foam and leather (the latter, incidentally, is of good quality in Khabarovsk was not, so we had to carry on request). And then, voila, I pray to love and favor! Summary So far, the gas "safari" was About 600 kilometers of bad and very bad roads. We had skidded on Khekhtsir, making way for choir, shaking on the way to Sukpai. However, no fuel, no traction is not much different from gasoline characteristics vpryskovogo TB42: car confidently went to a lower gear, stretched on the winch, accelerated to 140 km on the highway. While lying, a herd – sometimes turning off the gas computer, which indicates dying by flashing control button. But this problem went away: the processor was heated, for it was located directly under a jet cabin heater at the foot of the passenger. It was moved to a cooler place. And so, while some positive emotions. Filling in 12.50 and cruising range of 1,000 miles, no smell of gas, even the rustling of the engine and excellent traction. "Scuba Diver" more like. He has a new life. Alexander KULGIN.

Domestic Snowmobile

Let's face it: domestic snowmobile "Buran", "Taiga" and "Lynx" – an excellent machine. After reading a stack of literature on repair and having at hand shop with spare parts for domestic snowmobile can be driven for a long time and happily ever after. A crash happened in the woods, they can be repaired directly a log, not caring to damage some cunning electronic chip or break a rare piece plastic. But what about the residents, who can not spend all his time in the garage, not versed in the repair and travels on weekends to go fishing? Of course, the modest purchase of service snowmobile imported good reliability. One of these machines – a popular snowmobile Arctic Cat Bearcat 570, car, which became a bestseller in Russia. This snowmobile – one of the most popular models in our country.

Dealers almost always have all the consumables for these machines, they are simple and inexpensive to maintain, and reviews on Arctic Cat Bearcat 570 from Russian snegohodchikov one of the most positive. And plus everything – it is not as expensive for beginners at the time. And for the person looking after the "Taiga," an inexpensive and reliable foreign cars – a very suitable option. But about all in order. Arctic Cat Bearcat 570 has a two-stroke engine, volume 565 "cubes" with the capacity of 62.6 horsepower.

Cooling system – air. Weight – 300 lbs. The first thing that will please the owner of this newfound raschudesnoy machine – excellent thrust and low fuel consumption: depending on the speed and load it ranges from 15 to 25 liters per 100 kilometers.

City Taxi-Mobile

Mobile version of the taxi company "Mobile City". " Results and evaluation. Studio innovative solutions for the mobile Internet, "Mobile Kitchen" and the taxi company "Mobile City summed subtotal of the project to create and promote your mobile site. In late 2009, specifically for the taxi, "Mobile City" project was developed, which in addition to the development of the mobile site, included the concept of promotion of this product with a description of all possible channels of communication with potential and existing clients, "Mobile City". This project included the following steps: Develop a full-featured mobile site taxi company based management platform, mobile sites WapUltima company "Mobile Kitchen Integration with existing mobile website services offered to clients of the company "City-Mobil" at the moment start of the project (eg, SMS-support orders) inclusion of a mobile site to existing advertising media company, "Mobile City" (advertising on the website of the company, the inclusion of automatic redirection users to the mobile version) the use of additional features offered by the company's mobile site (java-application development, an incentive promotions using the mobile site) A pilot project launched by the year 02/24/2010, included the promotion of a mobile site to site, the launch campaign, offering customers a discount when you order discount taksia a mobile version of site in the city and taxi to the airport, as well as accommodation address in the mobile site inoformatsionnom sms-message. At the end of three months of the year 24.05.2010 was performed data analysis on the progress of the project on which summed up the intermediate results. Reported data about the project "Mobile Web taxi company" for the period from 02/24/2010 to 05/24/2010 was I. Visitor statistics – 5710 unique users visited the mobile version of site – 12,955 views had been committed – a monthly audience growth of nearly 20% II. Converting visitors into orders – was committed 957 orders through the mobile version of the site – conversion ratio of visitors to orders of more than 17% "Our company always strives to use in their work all the newest and innovation, offering customers a convenient and modern service, so the partnership with "Mobile Kitchen", which has created for us a mobile version of Internet site, is a reflection of the policies of the company. We hope that this project will develop in the future, offering more new services to our customers ", – said General Director of" City-Mobil. "