Clocks and Watches

Clock – an indispensable accessory of modern man, which so often changes its appearance, are increasingly adding features that rely on the latest fashion. It is already difficult to surprise the most common round dial, but strange, too, decorated with stones and engraving. Nothing stands still, and with them a rapidly growing world of watches. People have become otherwise applies to hours, now they are an indication of your status. Man become more discriminating in choosing hours. What to say, if it is possible to meet a watch that displays the binary code. These watches specially for people addicted to computers.

At first view these watches are similar to conventional metal plates, which are inserted into holes colored diodes. Well, so if we talk about the unusual hours, we can not say a word also about those which provide a small needle. She comes from the case and gently poke in the skin of a person as many times as now, at this time. Such a clock clearly for madmen. Just a huge popular collapsible hours. Each arrow, as expected, is responsible for the hours, minutes or seconds. But they are not next, but on separate dials.

For each direction – his own. Yes to these hours will need time to get used to that. However, these instances with complex functions, of course, equipped with technically more sophisticated devices, such as a chronograph, thermometer, power reserve, and even map the night sky. Steep and watch unimaginable without the tourbillon with which precision is close to ideal, so and without such simple functions as a calendar. Conventional calendars display the date, days, months, moon phase, but also require constant adjustment. Annual sufficient to establish once a year. Also bring joy to the carrier clock can, and such features as a function of the reserve, moon phases, tachometer, Heart Rate Monitor, a calculator and, of course, nice-sounding repeater. For each person can pick up watches for all tastes, from classic Swiss watches ending trendy multifunction watch.

Domestic Policy

In this situation, the warning formulabamos allows us to Article 19.1 of Law 9 / 1983 of December 1, regulating the Andalusian Ombudsman notes that public authorities are obliged ea assistant, with an urgent priority basis, the Pueblo Andaluz Ombudsman in his investigations and inspeccionesu, just as Article 18.1 requires that een within fifteen days remitau. Formulating the Directorate General for Internal formal Notice that this lack of cooperation epodra be considered by the Ombudsman as hostile and numbing of their duties immediately making it public and stressing such qualification in its annual or special, where appropriate, Parliament of Andaluciau (Article 18.2). Likewise, the Organization and Functioning Regulations, Article 23.3 states that Elas attitudes that were declared as hostile or burdensome to the research work of the Ombudsman of Andalusia will be released publicly for it by inserting declarative resolution this attitude in the Official Gazette of the Parliament of Andaluciau.

Similarly, we consider it appropriate to transfer to the Minister of Interior, information on the proceedings in the complaint and on the situation created by the processing of the complaint file to take formal cognizance of it and adopts, as appropriate, measures to overcome the lack of collaboration that had been requested. Finally, we received the report of the Directorate General of Domestic Policy, as of November 26, 2007, we stated: First .- The Art 37.1.k of Law 2 / 2002 of November 11, Management Andalucia emergencies only powers granted to the Ministry of Interior to approve the Canine Rescue Unit of Prevention Services and Fire Fighting and Rescue in Andalusia, where no other legal or regulatory provision that permits to carry out the approval and recognition of a specific method for the formation of these units.

Land Code

Under the privatization (from Lat. Privatus – private) generally refers to the transfer of property under state or municipal property, property of individuals or groups in any lawful way. Privatization in the broadest sense is a "set of organizational and legal measures, mediating the restructuring of national economy through reducing government and expanding the private sector, including the alienation of the ownership of private objects belonging to the state or municipal ownership, the transfer of rights to individuals use, possession, disposition, management of those facilities, as well as the provision of concessions to private individuals to engage in certain activities and the development of natural resources. The main objective of privatization – Improving the efficiency of economic activities "1. It is in this sense definition of "privatization" is used in the Land Code and other acts of land legislation. In this case, it acts as a synonymous with the term "provision of land." However, for just remark, al Korneev, "rights arising as a result of land privatization in principle identical to the rights arising result of a simple purchase of land. However, the relationship itself for privatization, and privatization of land bases are constructed with special rules (Article 217 of the Civil Code) "2. These "special rules" are that Privatization, as a specific institution, according to the procedure stipulated by the laws on privatization of state and municipal property. In particular, in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law "On privatization of state and municipal property "of its rules apply only to relations arising from the alienation of land from state and municipal property, which are real property, including property complexes.

The Ambient

In the year of 1993 for about 5.900 Ha. in 2004 (LOYAL BASTOS & IT HISSES, 2004). In function of this increase of demand for water in the region, the number of perforateed tubular wells in the region passed of 1.000 wells in the end of decade 70 for about 6.000 in year 2004, being about 70% these wells currently in activity (BASTOS LOYAL & IT HISSES, 2004). In last the 50 years the world-wide population passed of 2,5 billion people for 6,1 billion. They is esteem that up to 2050 the planet has between 9 and 11 billion inhabitants. With this population growth, the demand also grows for foods, for energy, mineral water and resources, also increasing the pollution and the ambient degradation. Currently the ratio of area cultivated for person fell of 0,24ha/pessoa in 1950 for 0,12ha/pessoa in 2000.

It is calculated that in 2050 the ratio will be of 0,08ha/pessoa. The agriculturvel land is each scarcer time and the biotechnology already proved not to be efficient in the increase of the productivity. The life started with the water and the lack of it can extinguishing in them. According to ONU, up to 2025, two billion and seven hundred million people go to suffer severely with the water lack. The man is the great water consumer candy, on average is used 200 liters of water/day/person, in approach numbers. One knows that the consumption of a family in the city is six times bigger that of another family in the field, however, the water consumption in agriculture is responsible for 70% of the world-wide total. A sanitary discharge is equivalent the twelve liters, and to wash an amount of clothes in the machine, the approach consumption is of 120 liters. One kilo of meat corresponds the 18,000 liters of water that had been supplied direct or indirectly to the animal that gave origin to it, until the meat to be ready for the consumption.


Some time ago, just a couple of years, many appeared on the lips of a manufacturer from China, as the Fly-Ying, what is a company operates. It was formed in 2006, taking place in the niche of modern high-tech and mobile phones. Products of this company today meets all the latest trends in wireless communications and mobile communications. In his Chinese phones they use most advanced technologies. Here fundamental especially popular models of this company. Fly-Ying F003 This phone is a matter of fact a copy of the famous brand Iphone, and has the ability to work with two active SIM cards, which of course, very necessary for those who prefer to use the services of two operators of mobile networks. The body of the device is made in the form factor of the iPhone and external dimensions are rather big connected with the presence of the touch screen (3.4 inches) to more than 260 000 tones and colors. All transactions on this screen may perform not only with the use of a stylus, but the banal – a finger, for this purpose all the icons are made in a few large size.

In this Chinese phone there TV-tuner SECAM, which is adapted to operate in Russia. And if you do not have time to view the transfer then it is possible to record and for later viewing at your leisure. This model is very promising and already won enough popularity. Another popular model is the Fly-Ying F006, it is also made in the form factor of the iPhone and also supports two SIM-cards, designed for smooth operation without recharging in active 3-4 hours talk time and 300 hours of standby time. Also, equipped with a touchscreen and a stylus through a special technology in general is not needed. It is possible to use the e-book reader, and install and play JAVA-games, including Air Combat.

This manufacturer is another interesting model of Fly-Ying F008. This apparatus, as well as two of its predecessor, it features the same touch-screen supports two SIM cards. Equipped built-in TV tuner SECAM, it implemented the function, and Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi (802.11b / g) and as a receiver and it is equipped with the standard battery Li-Ion 1000 mAh. Of the program elements, it also supports JAVA and it may be applications such as Opera, Jimm and the like. As assert the founder and director of the company, and in the future the company will strive to improve the quality and functionality of its products and to please all of the wider population. You just have to follow the the advent of its new products and quality of Chinese handsets.

New Labor Group

All of us at least once arranged for a new job, came to the new labor group. Everyone probably remembers how it was scary the first time to meet with colleagues. Fear was not aware, we are not able to reply to myself: 'What I am afraid? " Think about the time a person took on the job, so it fits onto position, so he liked the management. However, always worried about the question: 'All of a sudden will not accept collective?', 'How do I look, suddenly does not like me?' 'I can cope with the responsibilities?', 'Can be followed to dress differently? " And every time we went, and got acquainted with new work, and with a new team and, of course, with new leadership. But the fear of conflict remained.

How could painlessly join the new team? How to find a solution to the conflict if it is already overdue? Eyes 'brand new' Here are a few stories in which many things in common: a long time looking for work. Finally, we found, as she was, the same But I do not accept. Ignoring, yelling, trying to put the blame on me, their work does not help when asking questions. Complain about my leadership, expose me guilty, in case of failure of the plan. I survived the head. I snapped back to his attacks, because can no longer tolerate. And they start from the beginning, I started to work. He did not even let me go to the hospital.

Martin Luther King Jr

This industrial revolution has improved the quality of life of the world in an unthinkable way and thanks to this will incredibly better. We already see that thanks to the robotic industry, the intelligent use of raw much less achieves less waste each time, to greater with an expenditure of energy efficiency. Single, fully electric car is waiting for the latest generation of new batteries that are already around the corner. For the first time in the history of energy consumption is almost stagnant and with a tendency to revert to the low. Years ago that the oil companies do not incorporate new factories of gasoline production, because they detect that the current wastage may not continue. The economic rearrangement in which we are, makes that today working from home more, we are giving rise to consequences globally.

In industrial production see for example: Japan, Taiwan and many other countries, that small family institutions, through the use of machines computerized produce many components for large companies. I see a world where the tedious tasks and require much effort will be in the hands of robots with sophisticated artificial intelligence. The world is already better by a more stabilized population growth, with health in the way of pursuing more natural and less the medical chemical invasions that we poison and still undergo that today, because today we are also caring more for the environment, even recently China is giving great contributions in that regard. The world has already changed, and go how, beginning to see around you, it is easy to notice it unless you live isolated in the mountain. It understands well what is duplication, takes this optimistic message of your glass half-full, for others they do this yourself and turn to others and the beaker is filled with truth completely. Each of us must be more proactive, with everyone’s help, we can reach a State of maturity and population balance in which resources are recycled more, do our homes more efficient. Remember that the history of each one of us will be marked within a virtual social networks, leaves a good legacy, sowing even your son you eat of that fruit and thinks that you already eat one another planted, as I was saying Martin Luther King Jr.

If knew that I’m going to die tomorrow, plant a tree today only remains us a very important task for a much more beautiful worldtranscendental, and therefore work transcends beyond any border, religion, custom or policy and they are enforcing human rights beyond any pretext. Do not allow the abuse of anyone anywhere under any circumstances, ever, never. Although one person could make a change, is everyone’s responsibility and task let our voice heard, maybe you’re that person, you could well be as the transistor, so duplicate you. Martin Luther King Jr. said that the hottest place in hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict.

Free French Foras

However, the fall of the biggest democracy if not only gave for the fast onslaughts of the enemy, but also to the lack of preparation of the allies, who used of tactics of the First War and had a lesser number of airplanes. General Charles de Gaulle exiled itself in England and formed the FFL (Free French Foras) so that its friends could resist. With about 500 a thousand men, through messages he saw radio, had started to study the enemy stops later informing to the allies on its probable strategies of attack. 1.4 The UNEXPECTED BRITISH VICTORY After the fast and easy victory against the Frenchmen, Hitler was turned against Great-Britain. Real Air Force) and the Luftwaffe.

Although the Germans will be in advantage how much to the number of airplanes, they were not prepared with strategical bombers, armament weighed, adjusted shield, beyond the disadvantage how much to the supplying, since they fought in English airs, with this intended to destroy aviation to facilitate the invasion for land. The commander-in-chief of the Luftwaffe, Hermann Gring, did not obtain to destroy the forces of the RAF, the highest technology of war of the time if he made gift in this battle. The British already counted on an advanced system of radars allowed that them to know with precision where they were the German aircraft and thus had had advantages on the enemy. Exactly thus, in September of> 1940, London was bombed many of its old constructions, as historical churches and monuments, had been destroyed, as well as the plants of aircraft. However, the RAF resisted bravely. The London firemen fought against the flames of the city and the civilians crowded the stations of subway in an attempt of if to protect, the suburbs of the city drastically had been attacked and many civilians had lost its lives. In little more than three months of battle, Great-Britain lost about 900 airplanes and Germany, 1.700.

Java Media Framework

What is Java Media Framework? Ela Java Media Framework (or JMF), which in Spanish translates as “Work Environment Java Media” is an extension of Java that allows the programming of multimedia tasks in this programming language. Problem with Java Media Framework: Because Linux systems are relatively quite different. It has created an extension to JMF for each platform. The problem that this article seeks to resolve their installation on the Linux operating system Ubuntu. Which is a bit complicated but not impossible. We have created a tutorial with several ways to install the Java Media Framework (JMF) in Ubuntu Linux, which can be viewed at the following website: Here you will find a forum dedicated to OOP.

Aids, facilities, and everything you need to enter this wonderful world. Installation Tutorial: Installation: There are two ways (or at least I know only two, any other is welcome) to jump-start this Framework, the 1st I turned to me and yet it is the most widespread, by the more reason why I decided to post about this. In the two forms the initial steps are identical, so speak to the joint process and at the end of what distinguishes the two methods of installation: Common Process: 1. Download the JMF (obviously the Linux version) from here. 2.

Place the downloaded file in your home folder. 3. Open a terminal and type: sh-2_1_1e jmf-linux-i586. bin 4. Write YES to all questions and presto, you have a folder called JMF-2. 1. 1e in your home folder. Method 1: 5. Open a terminal and type the following commands (this gives high needed environment variables): export JMFHOME = / home/tu_usuario/JMF-2. 1. 1e export CLASSPATH = $ JMFHOME / lib / jmf. jar:. : $ (CLASSPATH) export LD_LIBRARY_PATH = $ JMFHOME / lib: $ (LD_LIBRARY_PATH) 6. Done. Check the following to see if your installation was successful (the optimal result should read: All Java Build – Native Libraries Found. If your installation was not successful you can try in 2nd method. Before doing so equals the three variables environment prior to anything (ie, for example, export JMFHOME =). Method 2: 5. Open a terminal and type: sudo nautilus 6. Go to your folder / usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/jre/lib/ext and within it copy the files. jar containing your wallet / home/tu_usuario/JMF-2. 1. 1e/lib. 7. Go to your folder / usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/jre/lib/i386 and within it copy the files. so that contains your folder / home/tu_usuario/JMF-2. 1. 1e/lib. 8. Restart your Ubuntu system. 9. Done. Check the following to see if your installation was successful (the optimal result should read: All Java Build – Native Libraries Found. NOTE: In some computers may have problems running the file, so that we can write the following in our terminal: sudo sed -is/tail +309 / tail-n +309 / g jmf-2_1_1e-linux-i586. bin files to mp3 to work, you must install the JMF MP3 Plugin. What you do is download it from website Sun (the link is at the top), unzip and copy the jar file mp3plugin. jar to / usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/jre/lib/ext. There are versions in which Ubuntu does not run the JMF, so I think this is a portable library called jmf-2_1_1e-alljava. zip, which is available for download from the same page as JMF for Linux. We just have to copy. jar that contains the file. zip and copy the / usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/jre/lib/ext. blogspot. com /

Social Strata

The tarot is present in the history of mankind since more than five thousand years. Throughout all civilizations it has positioned itself as a practice carried out by representatives of all social strata. From the nobility to the most humble peasants, all flocked to the reading of the Tarot cards as a way of entering in which provided them the target. In the dawn, who carried out the tarot reading were more exalted characters of local worship: the witch or the high priest was who was in charge of such a noble task. And who demonstrate talent for reading, soon saw their guaranteed social ascent. Something very similar was happening in European courts of antiquity. Who show tarotista conditions almost immediately became part of the Court and its role in the life of Nations was not a minor. Many battles and wars have been fought by Council of the Tarot readers of shift who advised the leaders on actions that would alter the face of the Earth forever.

Today, new technologies make that the circulation of the Tarot is more accessible than ever. With only open your trusted internet page, it is possible to access an interface that gives us the possibility to make multiple runs of the tarot, much to respond to specific questions, to know what holds us more long-term fate. The comfort is amazing, because it is now possible to carry the query where the person is present instead of having to go to the doctor’s Office. If it is even possible to receive the message of the arcana in mobile, wherever we are. This is what the internet brings closer us to the ancestral wisdom of the tarot. However it is necessary to clarify that, although it is extremely easy to perform a roll, without having to create an account or enter personal details, neither we into temptation resort cards too often, because the message may be confusing or contradictory. Once the arcana are pronounced, it is necessary to get to the idea that this is the message you have for us, whether we like it or not, it tell us in person the Tarot reader, or exit on the screen of the computer. The reading of the letters is an ancient ritual that should not be taken lightly, although access to it is possible for anyone.