Vol Acid

The study of the verification of the acid recrystallized pcrico was carried through through the digital device of the fusing point aiming at to determine the pureness degree. It is important to point out that it had a reduction of impurities in crystals, not being able to affirm that the reached result was considered a pure substance. Word-key: Point of fusing. pcrico Pureza.cido ABSTRACT The study of verification of recrystallized picric acid was performed using digital melting point you determines the degree of purity. Importantly, there was reduction of impurities in the crystals and can not say that the result achieved was considered pure substance. (Not to be confused with LEGO Papert Professor!). Keywords: Point of fusing. Pureness.

Picric cid 1.INTRODUO the point of fusing of a crystalline solid is the temperature band in which the solid starts if to become liquid under the atmospheric pressure. If in a organic composition sample it will have presence of miscible or partially miscible impurities, the difference enters the first formation of the liquid and formation of the total fusing increases sufficiently, being that in the fusing point it goes to initiate with a temperature low. Already when the substance is pure a point of fusing with the lesser interval of 0,5C is had. Obs: A composition presents high degree of pureness when its point of fusing is clear-cut. Objective: Purificar and to evaluate the degree of pureness of the acid pcrico through comparisons of the point of fusing gotten with the one of literature. 2.PARTE EXPERIMENTAL USED MATERIALS REACTING USED – digital Device of fusing point.

– Acid recrystallized pcrico – Plated – Acid pcrico before the recrystallization – Cotton – Alcohol – Spatula With the aid of a spatula left small amount of the sample of acid recrystallized pcrico, placing enters two plated of previously clean glass with a humidified ball of cotton in alcohol. After that it was led to the digital device T): 18,1C Variation of the heating in the device of RECRYSTALLIZED 10C/min ACID PCRICO Temperature of fusing: 119,6C final Temperature of fusing: 122,3C Variation of the temperature of fusing ( T): 2,7C Variation of the heating in the device of 15C/min, when reaching 115C was diminished this variation for 5C/min.> 4.DISCUSSO In the practical one of recrystallization of the acid pcrico the same had reduction of impurities in comparison before the recrystallization, being detected through the reading of the device of fusing point. Exactly having reduction of impurities a pure substance was not considered, therefore so that it is pure it would have that to present a variation of inferior fusing of 0,5C and the band of 2,7 reached variation was of C. 5.CONCLUSO In accordance with the results gotten in comparison with what literature presents in relation to the point of fusing of the acid pcrico, can be affirmed that the acid one total was not purificado, and for this, it is necessary to repeat the process of purificao for some times.

Indians Religion

These signals are of all the times and all the places, equally accessible to all the men, great and small, wise and ignorant. Europeans, Indians, Africans, savages. If he had a religion on the land it are of which alone he had perpetual penalties, and that in some part of the world only mortal one was not convinced this evidences, the God of this religion would be most iniquitous and cruelest of tiranos.' ' (Rousseau). ' ' All religion holds ethics and all ethics discharge in a religion, in the same measure where the ethics if guide for the direction of transcendente of the life human being (Cato). ' ' It is necessary to surpass the limited errneas and many times ethics definitions and to consider ethics of the conscience and the freedom in place of the ethics of the law and the obligation.

With this it can be said that science is part of the search of transcendente that it is common to others as many cultural activities: art, music, literature. One sees that the church is not and it cannot be other people’s to the scientific activity. It does not fear the scientific progress, she stimulates but it, the honor and she favors the best use of the same in benefit of the humanity. All conquest of science constitutes a bigger possibility of approach between the two terms: God and the Man. He does not have scientific advance that he is above of ethos cultural and social e, fortiori, all ethics must say to the totality of the existence human being; therefore, also science and its conquests particularly the technological ones. The ethics stimulate the scientists in its arduous mission, especially at genius moments. Sciences construct its to know from the experiment and the ethics, as articulated speech of the religious moral, makes its way drinking in the well of the Revelation.

The Mathematics

We will sanction so great mathematical evolution correlation the prime numbers, we see as the work of the mathematics in our daily one is efficient, to it we will know the security that the criptografia provides in them can now, terms each time more the certainty of that we are with our money kept in ‘ ‘ seven chaves’ ‘. However, exists some threat, against this fabulosa form of criptografia? Perhaps yes, something that the technology promises bringing in them in the future; the calls quantum computers. According to site of the Wikipedia, quantum Computer ‘ ‘ it is a device that executes calculations making direct use of properties of the quantum mechanics, such as overlapping and interface.. They are sufficiently different computers of the classic computers, these computers will have an advantage of the classic computers in question to decide problems of a form much more efficient, and much more fast, where the classic computers would take much time to decide them. This due to its unit of information qubit, which works of a different form, to understand this form let us see what it says the site Wikipedia.

A classic computer has a done memory of bits. Each bit keeps one ‘ ‘ 1’ ‘ or one ‘ ‘ 0’ ‘ of information. A quantum computer keeps a set of qubits. One qubit can contain one ‘ ‘ 1’ ‘ , one ‘ ‘ 0’ ‘ or an overlapping of these. In others words, can contain one in such a way ‘ ‘ 1’ ‘ as one ‘ ‘ 0’ ‘ at the same time.

The Principle

For this, a series of techniques is used and many others appear with passing of the time. In the computation the method most common involves the concept of keys; which is called keys of criptogrficas. Which if deals with a set of bits that has as base an algorithm that has the capacity to codify and to descodificar information. If somebody receives a message and to use of a different key of that it emitted the message, then will be impossible this receiver to have access to the content of the message that was sent to it. Thus, in case that somebody that possesss a computer, which, some people if they possess constantly as, for example, relative and friends, this user will be able to save its archives, to criptografar adding it a password and it will only be able to have access to the information of this archive, therefore he is sufficiently useful and pleasant the criptografia also in simple things that are part of our daily one. In the principle, when the criptogrficos methods had started to appear, they were used the criptografia with only one algorithm, what it would not be useful to keep sigilosas the information which these people were criptografando. We go to imagine that certain Joozinho had that to send a message to the Maria, and let us say that Joozinho criptografou this message, however Joozinho already had at another ordered moment some message for the Luluzinha, and also had criptografado this message for the Luluzinha with the same algorithm, imagines now that Luluzinha also wants the message that Joozinho sent to the Maria, and says that it obtains the message, then, it will use, of the password that Joozinho sent for it, and also would be easy to unmask this criptografia. Therefore, the new cryptographers needed to extend the number of algorithms to get success in this new discovery.

The Manifesto

From a done of each workmanship, if triangular summary the ideas of each author and if to analyze the joined results it was arrived the following problem: How the transdisciplinaridade can contribute for the ressignificao of the human being after-modern from the conception of the cited authors? The Manifesto of the Transdisciplinaridade, of Basarab Nicolescu approaches the importance of two revolutions in century XX: quantum and computer science. For the author, the revolution computer science could make the human being to change its vision in relation to the nature, but unhappyly, the desire of if autodestruir and destroying what it surrounds to it are well bigger. In the Education in Sciences, Mrio Osrio Marques considers the education as an interlocution to know, that is, in a conservation dialectic/transformation, not in simple exchange of information, but in the search of shared agreement. In the Transdisciplinaridade book: The close Nature of the scientific education, Bernardes Joo of the Rock Son et al. they speak on a transdisciplinaridade that exceed the dimensions epistemolgica, psychological, didactic, religious politics and. In these circumstances one searched to understand the quarrel in complementary perspectives of the related authors how much to the excellent aspects of the transdisciplinaridade in the critical one to the cientificismo. A clarity in its intentions when making was perceived boarding in the direction of to try to develop one practical one to transdisciplinar, in view of the problematic theoreticians, epistemolgicas that appear in after-modernity as the departamentalizao knowing of them. Finally, after analysis of the three workmanships, some consideraes had been made resultant of the triangulation arriving itself it a methodology that can be used in all the educational area, called to transdisciplinar..

Greeks Krypts

Some people try to make these number in addition, however, with very high numbers, them hardly they obtain success in its attempts, therefore the numbers are very gigantic as, for example, (2193 – 1). The prime factors of this number are: p = 13.821.503; q = 61.654.440.233.248.340.616.559; r = 14.732.265.321.145.317.331.353.282.383. Which the multiplication: p x q x r = (2193-1) As we can perceive this number alone could be gotten by a computer, imagines now, that somebody tries to obtain this result for fatorao, this person would die to try to discover this number and never would go to obtain to arrive at this result. A normal computer to make calculations and to try to break a criptografia of a number type 10130 would lead about 50 years effecting its fatorao. But before we go to try to understand what it is Criptografia.

CRIPTOGRAFIA In the past, the governing of its countries were used of medias to command its armies, where its messages would be sufficiently important and if it fell in wrong hands could cause a great damage, therefore the same ones possuam precious secrets, the respect who knows of a plan of attack, or same a weakness in the enemy army, therefore they knew that this form of communication would have more to be a form insurance, therefore, it would be a threat for the governing, from appeared the idea there to mask the messages through codes and ciphers, so that only that one that went to receive the message, knew what it was written, thus appeared ours criptografia. Remembering that, since then, the decipherers are there fighting intensely it only stops to be breaking these codes. The Criptografia word comes of the union of two words Greeks Krypts and Grphein, which Krypts means ' ' oculto' ' ' ' envolto' ' Grphein means ' ' escrever' ' ; soon, according to Emerson Elecrim: One is about a set of concepts and techniques that it aims at to codify a form information that the sender and the receiver only can have access it, preventing that an intruder obtains to interpret it.


3.9.ANLISES PHYSICAL OF SAMPLES Without attribution specifies to the metallic and not-metallic deposits, more common carried through physical analyses are the petrography of the ore, the determination of the density, tests of pureness, water cohesion, abrasion, impermeability, absorption, porosity, brightness, permeability, chemical attack etc. The polishing sections and thin blades are prepared are directed the laboratory of chemical analyses for determination by means of not-destructive analytical methods. 3.10.ANLISES CHEMICAL OF SAMPLES In the water samples, the determination of ctions can be made by spectrometry of atomic absorption or emission, with plasma source and, of nions, for ionic chromatography. In the samples of sediments, ground, products of alteration, rock and ore, the determination can be made by espectrofotometria of atomic absorption, spectrometry of fluorescence of rays-x, induced plasma spectrometry amongst others. For the not-destructive analytical methods, determination can be made by electronic microscopy of sweepings (MEV) and spectrometry of reflectance. 3.11.ENSAIOS OF IMPROVEMENT OF the ORE is carried through with the objective to appraise products that to characterize the feasibility technique of the industrial exploitation of the useful mineral substance of the mineral research. Proven the existence of technology in the market for the attainment of the mineral products through the accomplishment of these assays of improvement of the ore, the jazimento passes of deposit for mineral deposit.

Of this form, mineral substance of the metallic ore deposits marries requires its proper technology; the respective assays of improvement and metallurgy of the ore. Most common they are the test of britagem, classification, milling, concentration, leaching, filtering, leaching, casting, purificao and/or treatment of I reject. In the not-metallic deposits, that enclose the bitumen, coal-of-rock, ceramic, material materials for civil construction, covering, cement, seasonings, evaporitos, precious and semiprecious rocks etc., are distinguished the ornamental rocks whose more common assays are of unfolding of blocks, opening, burnishing and/or rectification. 4.ESTUDOS OF ECONOMIC VIABILITY a mining project can be developed in three distinct phases, classified according to time where this phase occurs and the precision degree.