Gifts From Belgium

How often a child, eyes closed, we went to travel in a magical and wonderful world of fairy tales. Now, as adults, sometimes really want to go back to that distant land of fantasy, with a head dive into the carefree thoughts, to dream and soar into the clouds. Get into the story in reality can be in the old country – Belgium. Wandering through the narrow streets of Belgian towns, you'll feel uncharted by the old houses and bridges, post more than one century. Here you to fully enjoy the old days of medieval castles and welcoming locals. In order to save all the beautiful moments spent in this country, you just need to get some useful gizmos and fun gift items. After all, surely you have not just made up a list of upcoming purchases, thinking about this fascinating trip.

But it's better to bring home from Belgium, which presents more than enjoy your family and friends? Yes, quite a difficult question, but let us together try to understand it. As everyone knows, Belgium is famous throughout the world for its chocolate and sweets. It is a haven for the sweet tooth. In every city you'll meet numerous trade stalls selling sweets with all sorts of fillings. It is worth noting that by buying a few pounds of these delicious sweets, you can give gifts to a large circle of your friends and family. Imagine how happy will your colleagues when you return from vacation with a beaming smile and a beautiful box of Belgian chocolate.

Scrum-fan T-shirt The First T-Shirt For The Scrum Fan Now Available

Scrum project management framework always spreads further. Hochheim, 30.10.2013 – is the trend of the application of agile project management approach with Scrum, internationally and in Germany to stop. More and more companies from the small developer, via the dedicated medium-sized companies to large corporations work become agile and Scrum. And although transparency is one of the most important principles of Scrum, the Scrum term not yet in the public is present. With the Scrum-fan shirt enthusiasts every Scrum, has no matter whether active members of Scrum teams, Scrum product owner or Scrum Master the opportunity, become publicly with the Scrum-fan shirt to Scrum confess like football fans with the emblems of your favorite teams do in many years. The Scrum-fan-shirt is the text “Scrum – high-performing Teams” on the front of a high-quality red T-Shirt with short sleeves, and one contains sympathy graphics.

The Scrum-fan-shirt is already with the idea of the Hessian consultant and Scrum inspired Manuel Marsch, WM-thank you-shirt collected 2006-first experiences in the textile production and marketing, and this continues now with the Scrum-fan shirt. The Scrum fan shirt is to order online on the Internet at. Special rates are possible for companies and consumers of greater quantities. Contact: ScrumFanShirt Manuel Marsch of Rudesheim str. 28 D-65239 high Home / Germany phone: 06146-839 506 fax: 06146-902-875 over the Scrum-fan-shirt-the Scrum-fan T-shirt is a designed in Germany and printed fashionable T-Shirt for fans and enthusiasts of agile project management frameworks “Scrum”.

It was developed in 2012 of Manuel Marsch and marketed by him in Germany. Manuel Marsch: Manuel Marsch, degree in business administration, is worked for several years as IT and business consultant independently in the Rhine-main area. He is an enthusiastic fan of agile project management for several years Scrum and certified Scrum Master (CSM), Scrum product owner (CSPO) and advises clients in the introduction of Scrum and applying Scrum projects. By the way it is since some years inventors for useful things of everyday life.

Distance Come

Do not cry in the distance, come and love me in your dreams so, a man who loves not speaking just whispers feelings to anyone who loves. Doing so wraps his mind in a cloud, a dream, a desire so diving into the sea where live still in search of love and soon you come, I feel you. It would fly between the reality of today wind and my sweet fantasy that the precise moment in which achieved that my sea and your sky gather and once together on the horizon receipt of each flight imagined beauty of your feeling, your words. With a kiss I return them in my bubble. Fix your view on lathe to them and scares you.

The cavity of my words that you kiss van scattering in your bottles in each of the beautiful messages that suggest me your true love attempt to enter them, I’m sliding without being able to penetrate, you’re so great love is so pure that I encourage that my strength may not break that spell. Then from the bottom of the abyss of my sea notice your flight, sometimes closer to the Sun. I see how you away, I dazzle. In flapping road, allow between light and thus see the Moon, feel and be a homeowner. Pleases me to think of you and know you satisfied of your countless travel, accompanied by, surrounded by the most beautiful and lush birds and I realize, much appreciated decision that I see to my fish tank full of colors of thousands of fish, corals and many algae is as warm. I must admit that it is more than beautiful while sometimes still cloudy by the removed sand and that cold glass which prevents me from slide that separates me from you, still on the horizon makes me see stopped being fixedly abstracted by your flight self-absorbed, surrounded by rays that you accompany wonderful lights that penetrate my senses make me recognize your human divinity. Already, aware that you can not reach by the distance that separates us, your light I’ll take no overt sighs wishing that your flight is light, clean decisive, with thousand landings and takeoffs that live can breathe calmly, happy with the dream of the horizon, the firm caress love a flor de piel, perennial while you reached inside my sketch give you a sincere Kissfor your dream of yesterday and today most up-to-date, a caress because to uncover this dream, which I keep for now and forever with me, I do it under the veil of a cloud, in love with the moon. Samuel Akinin Levy original Autor and source of the article.

Originally Presented Gifts

On the 'nose' New Year, which means approaching time of delivery and receipt of gifts. Receiving gifts is always nice, so talk about it will not, but how to make a presentation gift fun and original – an interesting question about It we a bit of our article. So how did originally presented gifts: 1) Hello, Grandfather Frost! Way, quite frankly beaten, but by all the laws of the genre. Now there are many agencies to provide Santa Clauses are happy to drink with you a glass or two of the execution of your desires, and as evidence yavyat miracle – giving pre-specified and purchased a gift. Much more interesting 'to refresh' and proudly stating that road entered into an unequal battle with Santa Claus, and seized, as a reward, he has a bag with gifts))) Really need to prepare in advance a red bag. 2) Catching fish big and small. If you decide to collect guests New Year's Eve at home, I suggest to play the game 'Catching fish big and small.

" For the game will need: a set of children's 'Junior Angler' (two rods with magnets at the end of a rope and a set of fish with magnets in the mouth), water basin (can be any deep and large capacity). Each fish corresponds to a certain gift. Fish may be signed by the names of future owners of gifts, accommodation or any other variant of your choice. Task to catch the fish can complicate the offering before the start of 'fishing' to drink a glass of something, for which no fishing ))) 3) Good morning, dear guests! There is another version of the game. For this we need to be tree and any objects that you can hang it from cavity inside, items must be exactly as long as the gifts.

Cut by two sets of papers with one of every word on each. One instance, we glue to the gift, the second we put one in each subject. The player must stretched out to sing the song which will be used writing on paper the word, and then receives his gift. Method is good if your gifts are free and do not have a specific owner. Here are just a several options on how to deliver presents an original, well beyond the thing for your imagination.

Margaret Beckett

The House of Commons has 646 members each one of as he is elect representing a district. With this uninominal system the winner in each part remains yet. Thus in the elections of the 2005 laborismo he obtained a 35% of the votes in all the United Kingdom but it remained with 55% of the parliament, consequently can govern without making coalitions or concessions. Tony Blair abiertamente led to its party in the three consecutive elections that the laborismo won (1997, 2001 and 2005) and he arrived at the headquarters of his party in the 2004 after gaining his internal elections competing with two rivals (John Prescott and Margaret Beckett, who soon would serve to him in their cabinet). However Gordon Brown got to be leader of its party and after his country without no election mediates. Inside of the laborismo he managed to avoid that there is any process of internal voting because a series of clauses prevented that two parliamentarians of their left wing postulated themselves (and even after which both decided to be united in the candidacy of John McDonnell). Once Brown was crowned like leader of their then party 55% of the parliament that the laborismo controls gave unlimited power him so that he replaces to Blair. Brown, as well, took their position in a public event and not giving a speech before the nation, so she did what it Raul I castrate or any other American president, but in a meeting to doors closed with the queen, who was the one that trusted the position to him. Brown arrived at the British premierato the 27 from June from the 2007 and both main parties of opposition (preservative and liberal-democrats) asked to him that he called to elections, because the last ones had been realised more ago than two years (May 2005) and in these the population had voted by the laborismo led by Blair that promised to finish all their third mandate.

South America

Imagine them with supernatural gifts, back to primitive man a god or simply bring forward the stadium. Similarly if you give him a number of powers. Would initiate later than proposed. Most of the authors attempt to generalize to primitive man, which does not take into account such an animal is developing in different ways. Since not all animals had the same environmental conditions and environment, example: in Egypt could make the conference an element useful, which had not been so useful in South America. Especially if we consider that our lands have an amazing thicket.

Some places that were much more spacious, enabling its inhabitants to develop a series of techniques and knowledge. Already out of sheer necessity, by chance, or gift from God. Meanwhile, other places much more dense jungles, forests and other surrounded by a large number of rivers and water did, that these animals remain more attached to nature. And do not try to modify it the same way, simply adapted to the conditions they offer the latter. However, the most primitive man forced to form individual imaginary, was the principle of necessity inherent in self-preservation. Since the first men, they supplied only their needs.

Perhaps some of them spent more on high and low places. And with regard to the temperature of these environments are developing their bodies. One of the most successful steps that could development of primitive man, was finding self-preservation in droves. Chances are that at some point felt cornered and on the verge of extinction.

Mr Christian Kanschur Chausseestrasse

Laser engraving: Invitations, folder title and more refine a visually appealing business facilities (for example, business cards or presentation folders) is very important for many companies. Finally counts above all the first impression such products. With laser engraving companies, self-employed and freelancers can perfectly upgrade their facilities and score so definitely at their customers. The expert for laser engraving and laser, presents various products and services on his Web page A great advantage of the laser engraving is high quality invitations, folder title and much more via laser engraving that is already fine structures already engrave and grey cardboard with a thickness of a point on the surface of thick paper. Logos, fonts, and even entire city maps can be represented this impressive and detailed.

The selection of products that can be refined using the laser engraving is very versatile. Business cards are also available, how Book titles, gift packaging, tickets or invitations. Designing graphical structures and pattern are in the paper single-stage milled or engraved. This implementation very filigree pattern, inserting is guaranteed of writings and specific security features for labels. The same applies to logo and title engravings as well as granular elements. Laser engraving products are not suitable for private purposes only businessmen take advantage of the versatile laser engraving services. At, also private people can purchase their own personal items and make a great pleasure not only himself, but also relatives, friends and acquaintances.

This applies in particular to special occasions such as Christmas, birthday or wedding. Customers who are not quite sure which paper or which technology best the desired product fit, may order a sample portfolio. In addition, you can quickly and easily determine the cost per calculator is. Ask about special The team answered quickly and reliably design wishes. Related links on the topic of laser engraving: contact: Palegra in the engraver workshop & printing company Kanschur GbR Senzig Web: mail: laser palegra.

Leaders and Strategies

This it is an essential aspect in the effectiveness of the leader: its strategic sense at the time of solving problems. The idea is to anticipate the problems and that they surprise the leader they do not corner like a scared animalito, which reduces capacity to him of effective answer. The leaders need to be proactive and to learn to identify the potential problems and to even anticipate their resolution before they appear the problems. Otherwise, they will be moored to a management of crisis, that acts reactively taking care of what firemen the fires that appear, with a style to lead of firemen, extinguishing fires where they arise; but without getting to solve the causes origin of the problems, but fighting against the symptoms. On the matter Joel Barrer comments: the success of the management, resides in the capacity to lead a suitable strategic reconnaissance, which is obtained rejecting the attitude to make decisions like a reaction to present problems to dedicate to the anticipation of future problems.

Thus the leader needs to analyze: If he is proactive, the change can mean an opportunity, but he is reactive, the change can become a tremendous threat. I want dejarte three suggestions end: The leaders need to work the habit of the action, which is in opposition to deferring the decision making. To the problems it is necessary to leave to him to the step, because they are not going away to fix single. The leader needs to develop his capacity to solve problems. It remembers that a decision is not so while it are not expressed in action. It separates the problems of the people, mainly when you are in a committee of problem analysis.

The idea is to attack the problems and not the people, which does not solve them, besides generating conflicts. You do not decide in the heat of the moment the important decisions. If it is possible, tomato a prudential time to analyze the situation and to see the possible options. The leaders are responsible to solve the problems of the organization.


To do this, open the tab 'Brushes' from the menu 'Window', which has eight tabs located on the left, each of which is designed to change a particular setting the brush. 1. installation of hand designed to select the type of brush. 2. Tip Shape allows you to change the size and other parameters.

– Parameter size changes by moving the slider or entering values in the field. – Stiffness parameters used to define the degree of feathering the edges of the print. Changes as well as the size of brushes, with by moving the slider or by entering the desired values into the appropriate field. The greater the stiffness, the more distinct edge has the imprint. (This option is available only for brush round or elliptical shape).

– Parameter interval is included if you put the same name . It is designed to create between the elements in a stroke intervals. Changed by moving the slider. The greater the interval, the more the gaps between elimentami. – Two fields and a scheme designed length changes in the shape brushes photoshop, this move manipulator (point) in the scheme, or enter a value in the form field, the greater the entered value, the closer the tip shape to the original (for the original, this parameter is equal to 100%). The slope of the change by turning the arrow on the diagram or enter a value in the Angle. – With the eighth version adds two new elimenta by flags reflect reflect X and Y, are intended to mirror image imprint of the axes X and Y. 3. dynamics of shape is designed to adjust the dynamic parameters of a print, such as: fluctuations in the size, the minimum diameter, the angle of oscillation, vibration and other forms, purpose of which is usually more intuitive to the possibility of changing the dynamics of the brush from the list control in which mode is selected the corresponding dynamic parameter. In the retire parameter does not vary in the transition mode – varies smoothly, with the rate of change of the parameter is set in a nearby window. Modes of Pen Pressure, pen tilt and Stylus Wheel designed to work with Paint brush on textured canvas or paper. To select a pattern used as a brush, open the list of ready-made designs in the top section. Just tab has the following settings: scale, depth, mode, and the parameters a minimum depth and the depth of oscillation becomes available after you select each texture imprint 6. Dual brushes in contrast to the usual brush apply two strokes per pap. 7. Color dynamics has the following settings: vibration foreground and background, variations of hue, saturation and brightness and clarity 8. Other speakers have the following configuration items parameters: the fluctuations of the opacity and the amount of paint as you can see Photoshop allows you to not only create but also the flexibility to customize the tools to keep them in separate files and transferred to another computer. Through such opportunity to significantly work as professional designers and novice fans of Photoshop.

Roos Freizeitanlagen Celebrates Aquanale

Since successfully on the market – Roos freizeitanlagen celebrates 40 years at the aquanale in this year committed the company Roos freizeitanlagen its 40th anniversary and used also the aquanale in Cologne after the bsw-info days, to thank loyal customers and longstanding business partners personally for good relations. Since 1973 the name Roos quality and Know-How in the field stands for solar pool heating and swimming pool construction. “Company founder Franz Roos was highly satisfied after the exhibition closes: it’s a great coincidence that two major industry events take place in our anniversary year”. In addition to personal Exchange, especially the solar pool heater was solar-rapid”in the focus of the trade fair. Over 30 years ago, the company ushered in the energy revolution and was far ahead with a solar absorber for pool heating his time. The absorber provides 100% free heat, without electricity, oil or gas. A top of the line was built through continuous development, which today across the globe is distributed.

Sales Manager Kai Maurer explained that he had at the aquanale 2013 many promising contacts: our visitors especially convinced that the absorber is particularly long-lasting. This protects the distributor from annoying complaints in the middle of the season”, so Mason. The solar-rapid absorption is through the special plastic used also care medium resistant to water and for rodents, such as E.g. Martens, not attractive. Thanks to the modular system, it can almost any existing surface to adapt. The special design ensures that the absorber is particularly easy to install and must not be glued to the roof. Nevertheless, he is wind – and storm-resistant. The self-builders solar pool heating by Roos is also perfectly suited for, because the mounting is easy.

The patented connection system, also the combination of absorber and swimming-pool circuit is fast and cleanly done. Whether roof, Pergola, fence, wall or lawn – the solar-rapid heating can be mounted anywhere, where sunshine falls. So can the Swim in permanently free heated water no longer oppose. This protects the environment and wallet.