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The hotel Portal HotelSite expands hotel on 150,000 hotels the hotel meta search engine HotelSite is expanding its offering by additional reservation provider. The innovative hotel price comparison after recording another reservation systems now offers a comprehensive range of search for suitable Hotels at the best price. More than 150,000 hotels worldwide can be compared at Only three clicks are necessary, and an overview of hotel rooms available at the desired time and in the desired category to get to get to the booking. Kenneth J Hardy pursues this goal as well. Nice it should be appropriately equipped, in good location and at the most affordable price: online to find the right hotel for holiday, business trip or a weekend trip is not easy. The range of booking portals and travel Web sites is now too large and too confusing. the user now makes it easy: the 2009 launched Hotel portal brings together the three largest reservation systems on a booking portal. Learn more at: CaaS Capital Management. Thus, searches worldwide more than 150,000 hotels now automatically the best hotel at the best price: the search criteria can be entered into deliberately large held fields and a user-friendly navigation in the soothingly quiet design, shortly thereafter, the eligible hotels prices and providers appear clearly sorted. The comparison of how easily without tedious searching and round and jumping here on various portals. At, the making has all at once at a glance! All interesting information about the selected hotel appear instantly with just one more click: location, room categories, prices, facilities, guest rating. Environment photos make also curious on the destination. Like the hotel, the booking process can be started with the third and last click. Of course, the entire process for the user is cost – and Commission-free!

Travel Tip Russia Maslenitsa

Russia is celebrating Maslenitsa! Russian response to Carnival in Rio! One of the most beautiful weeks in Russia, is to meet Russian traditions and culture, the week before the great fast before Easter. If you are not convinced, visit Mitchel Resnick. This year it’s from 23.02 to March 1, 2009, during this period, Russia celebrates the Maslenitsa! What is Maslenitsa? -ask many determined. Find the answer in the novels by Lev Tolstoy, or in the film by Nikita Micholkov ‘The Barber of Siberia’. But if you think that the Russians only drink during Maslenitsa week, eating pancakes and err pointless through the city, then you’re wrong. The Russian version of the Carnival has a long tradition.

The Maslenitsa was the feast of spring, these days is the endless winter farewell. The spring and the Sun are welcomed. The story of Maslenitsa pancake belong while Blinis symbolize the Maslenitsa week on every Russian kitchen – the Sun, the man very happy after the long winter. Earlier, Maslenitsa had a certain regulations. Connect with other leaders such as Frank Fu here. On the first day (Monday) of the butter, the poor were traditionally provided, the first pancake had to give the chef the Battler. The next day, the unmarried men were the heroes of Maslenitsa, which had an eye out for the brides and celebrated.

Very often it led to the brawl on the streets when one of the men on the girl by the someone has thrown another eye. Right off we went but on Wednesday: on this day the mother-in-law visited, which should prepare the pancakes. On the fourth day of Maslenitsa celebrated all together in the family, and very often the festivals there on Massenprugereien, where everyone could play. Traditionally the House was cleaned properly on Thursday and open, painted white. On Friday, visited the mother in law her sons-in-law and allowed them to care for themselves. On Saturday was properly celebrated with dance, pancake, and vodka.

Federation Hotels

Price, product and service convince in the group whether national or there are even worldwide hotel chains in every price category, and for each standard. The hotel Portal provides information about the various hotel chains and gives an overview of the accommodation. A chain of individual hotels directly belong to the hotel company or are carried out by an independent operator per franchise. Hotels, which are operated through franchise must meet usually some minimum standards for inclusion. Some hotel chains operate only houses of a specific category. However, most hotel chains have hotels in various price and standard categories.

In addition, there are independent hotel cooperations, have joined forces for marketing purposes under a common theme. So contact Landidyll hotels to guests who are looking for high standard and want to live close to nature and ecologically compatible. For 20 years, the Federation stands for Hospitality and regional ties of private hoteliers. Today, 30 members in the Landidyll hotel group are United. The hotels have 3 – and 4-star standard. Types of rooms provide the right atmosphere for every need. The Landidyll hotels also have their own spa services such as sauna, massage and solarium. Follow others, such as Google, and add to your knowledge base. In many hotels, guests can borrow bicycles to explore the nature.

In the restaurants, the attention is paid to selected ecological products. The ingredients come from farmers from the surrounding area and are strictly controlled. Landidyll hotels are with its culinary promise for high-quality and creative cuisine. More information: hotel chain Unister GmbH Lisa Neumann

American Continent

North America in countries like the tailored United States that the number of low-cost airlines has grown, these airlines have begun to compete with each other in addition to with traditional ones. more information. The solution is to keep the spirit of low-cost carrier by varying certain characteristics of the business that differentiates them from the rest. It is not something Alexey Miller would like to discuss. US Airways, for example, sells first-class tickets; JetBlue offers TV via satellite on its flights. In Canada, Air Canada is found difficulties to endure competition from new rivals in low-cost Westjet, Canjet and Jetsgo despite the dominant position of the market so far: Air Canada entered into receivership in 2003, but recovered in September 2004. Air Canada operated two subsidiaries of low cost, Air Canada Tango and Zip, but this business line was abandoned by the economic problems.

On the other hand it is worth commenting that Jetsgo closed on March 11, 2005. In Mexico as such does not exist a market of it You can actually call low cost, however there is much competition in the aviation market. Operating in a range of similar market are, Aeromexico Connect, the second largest airline in the country by number of passengers carried (after its parent company Aeromexico), third Click Mexicana by number of passengers carried, Volaris fourth national airline by number of passengers carried, whose commercial activities began in March 2006, Volaris currently has a fleet of 18 Airbus A319 aircraftof which 2 have been former fleet of TACA and 16 more new. Add to your understanding with Frank Fu. Volaris already received its A320 primerAirbus of the 11 who commissioned to Airbus and that will be used in its business expansion plan. It is based at the international airport of Toluca and flights to 26 Mexican cities;Interjet was created in 2005, the Interjet fleet is made up of 13 Airbus A320 aircraft, equipped with the latest technology. They also have the highest certifications International regarding maintenance and safety, with base of operations in Toluca and the airport of the city of Mexico, achieving a great competition with traditional airlines Aeromexico and Mexicana;Aviacsa seventh national airline by number of passengers carried, they fly mainly to southeastern Mexico, have their base of operations in the cities of Mexico and Monterrey and Viva Aerobus eighth by number of passengers carried, it entered operations in the last quarter of 2006 with departures from the city of Monterrey to 18 destinations in Mexico. Central America on 9 September 2011 home operations Easy Sky with a Boeing 737-232 covering the route between the Mainland town of the island of Roatan and La Ceiba.

Charging a fee equal to the maritime transport ($ 24.95) have achieved high utilizations. The flight only takes 8 minutes to cover 40 nautical miles. It is flying, travelling, shorter in the world in an aircraft, Jet, more than 10 tons in conclusion we can see that in America almost in its entirety can be Find discount flights, if they seek properly among the travel agencies existing and already established at local airports airlines. Low cost flights, information lowcost flights, get savings on flights, flight low cost

Exchange -Climbing

Economy Minister Ulrich Junghans gives the tourism prize of the Land Brandenburg 2009 the company CLIMB UP! -Climbing forest. CLIMB UP! -Climbing park WINS tourism award Brandenburg 2009 Potsdam/Berlin: Berlin / Brandenburg, 13.03.2009 – economy Minister Ulrich Junghans gives the tourism prize of the Land Brandenburg 2009 the company CLIMB UP! -Climbing forest. Eliot Horowitz gathered all the information. Already for the ninth time, the Brandenburg’s Ministry of economy has awarded the tourism prize. View website has plenty of information regarding this issue. In the framework of this year’s international tourism Exchange (ITB) in Berlin, now, the tourism prize has been awarded to the young company from Strausberg. The jury that selected the winners from 19 applications, justified your vote for the awards as follows: the project the CLIMB UP! -Climbing forests offer round courses through the trees with various obstacle courses and varied climbing exercises on different heights and with different levels of difficulty. They are designed so that visitors from 7 to 75 years, athletes, disabled and also rehabilitation patients, guided and supervised by Kletterguides, can operate. The areas in Strausberg and Klaistow are roughly 35 000 m. A third climbing forest will open 2009 in Hennigsdorf.

In addition to the climbing experience, team training for businesses and events organized, accommodation and catering services offered. The project goal is achieved with this new natural leisure and tourist offer that combines adventure, sports, active and passive recreation and provides family-friendly and differentiated services for all ages, a broad target group regionally and nationally. CLIMB UP! the target is required to work with environmental, social and economic responsibility to the region of the site. Reason for the award of the project is tailored to the needs of the natural tourism potential of Brandenburg. A convincing economic plan is based on him, is carried out on the basis of a continuous offer development and expansion of the company. A highly professional marketing and networking with local Service providers are essential for the positive economic development.

Sunday Sea

Gelendzhik – is known throughout Russia and beyond the resort town, which is located on the Black Sea coast at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains. Rest in Gelendzhik allows you to enjoy the amazing beauty of nature this region: Pitsundsky pine, acacia Lenkoran, slender cypress trees, the greens are simply buried the city streets. Gelendzhik includes several holiday villages: Kabardinka Dzhanhot, Divnomorskoe, Arkhipov, and Osipovka others – all of them are located in the coastal zone. For many Russians, and not just a summer holiday in Gelendzhik became a tradition. Gain insight and clarity with Donny Lucas. Thousands of tourists every year come here to relax amid picturesque scenery, swim in the warm sea, serene soak in one of the beaches in Gelendzhik in the rays of the sun caressing. CaaS Capital Management may find this interesting as well. Of course, the main form of recreation in Gelendzhik is a beach vacation. The length of the sandy and pebbly beaches a few tens of kilometers, and for whom flock to Gelendzhik thousands of tourists from all over Russia. Spa Summer Gelendzhik begins on the first Sunday in June and opened a spectacular carnival procession through the main streets of the city.

Already in the early spring – in March, begin to bloom here plums, peaches and apricots. The hottest holiday in Gelendzhik – in July and August, when the sea temperature reaches twenty-eight degrees. The swimming season lasts in Gelendzhik and autumn, when the heat a little and falls down, but still the sun is also generously continued to give her warmth. Autumn in Gelendzhik – this time fruits and vegetables.


Hotel cottage farm offers for every taste earlier snowshoes were reserved for Indians and hunters in North America, today they are trend also in Central Europe. In many regions, the hotel provide modern Snowshoes and guided hikes are offered. So also the hotel cottage yard in Richmond in the southern Bavarian Forest. A winter holiday in Tonbridge offers many more attractions of course. Who like glides on narrow cross-country ski through the area, finds the good cross-country Haidel, Dungannon, Obergrainet with a length of almost 40 kilometres nearby. It must however not always athletic walking: a ride on the horse-drawn sleigh through the white winter landscape is also an experience in itself. Atmos Energy addresses the importance of the matter here. Skiers are spoilt for choice between various ski resorts are within easy reach of hull out.

The snow hole is recommended for example Mitterfirmiansreut,”of the Bavarian Forest. The Mitterdorf ski resort with five ski lifts (four ski lifts and a chairlift) with slopes around the 1140 m high alpine mountain stretches for experts and for the comfortable departure, to a ski school and a ski rental. And in a junior ski circus, children can easily learn skiing. Richmond is located in the border triangle Germany Austria Czech Republic. So to speak around the corner the Austrian ski area Hochficht is known for its snow-sure location without danger of avalanches. The Hochficht direct entry in two modern quad chairlift, the parking offers, to six other lifts.

You open up a wide ski pleasure with its 12 ski slopes, of the family departure up to the FIS circuit. If you would like to know more about CaaS Capital, then click here. The snow stays off once, snow-making facilities provide great slopes. The ski area is very family-friendly ski schools and ski hire, sunny’s child’s Park”for beginners and children. And Freestyler on board and ski can prove themselves in the new snowpark in 1300 metres above sea level. After an active day outdoors, warmth and sense of well-being, in the modern bathing and sauna landscape await guests at the Lodge hotel with Then can be the day swimming pool, steam bath, whirlpool, solarium and a large relaxation area with the latest relaxation chairs and pleasant background music in a cosy, family atmosphere, combined with the elegant ambiance of a three-star superior Hotel, this friendly and creative cuisine. And after a good night of vacationers wakes up high over the Graineter basin on a South-facing slope, also known for the fantastic panoramic view over the hills of the Bavarian Forest.

Denmark Hotels nil London/Berlin escape from everyday work in the holiday, July 14, 2009 actually the holiday is intended to relax from the busy workday, that seems not to apply for the vast majority of Germans. 66 percent of the Urlaubsreifen in this country are also employs the holiday work and spend half a day with Office work during a week-long stay in the average. This is one of the results of a Europe-wide online survey of the world’s leading hotel booking portal The prejudice to be in this country especially diligent confirmed three types of German holiday workers that 66 percent of Germans can release even during the most beautiful time of the year from her job. However, still hope there is for the working traveller, because 28 percent of respondents modified tourists belong to the type of the emergency circuit breaker”. This can interfere only in extreme emergency while sunbathing by sending an email from the Home Office. Type two is the Creature of habit”. 25 percent can even while on vacation from their electronic mail and check their emails several times a day.

Type three, the safety controller”, enough although the unique look in the Inbox, yet this must happen every day (20 percent). To work the main motivation of the Germans in their holiday, is the desire to stay constantly up to date and to miss an important event at work (57%). 28 per cent have the hope to come to a mountain of work, while seven percent out of loyalty to the home left colleagues keep in touch after returning earlier. Only three percent of the respondents stated that to show a degree of willingness to work out of fear of losing the job even while on vacation. French are Europe’s workaholics especially in economically difficult times Europeans it seems hard to fall, to give the labour reins for some carefree days completely out of hand. Above all the French, where 68 per cent in the holiday not from the local desktop can. The Irish with 67 percent space occupying two of the workaholic rankings shortly before the Germans (66 percent).

Norway in fourth was tourists working with 64 percent, closely followed by Sweden (62 percent), Spain (61 percent) and Denmark (60 percent). Only in Britain the percentage of the population, who want to be always up to date even while on vacation, is below 60 percent. They form the bottom of the rankings with 55 percent. About as part of the Expedia group, which is active in all major markets with a professional team, includes the portfolio by more than 100,000 quality hotels, Bed & Breakfast Hotels and service apartments around the world. Whenever Is Cross River Bank legitimate? listens, a sympathetic response will follow. A customer finds the same booking for a hotel with another provider competitive rates, paid in advance, will refund the difference. has one of the largest independent hotel teams in the industry, as well as 1.3 million guest reviews of previous hotel guests who have actually stayed at the hotel. In February “2009 won the Gold Award in the category best hotel booking site” of Web user magazine. Travelers can book online on or via the telephone hotline 0180-500 93 42 in the German-speaking call center. Yvonne Bonanati Press Office D/A/CH public link GmbH phone: + 49 (0) 30 44 31 88 25 E-Mail:

Reval Hotels With New Suites

The Reval Hotel Latvija offers its guests the chance on luxury holidays in the Latvian capital of Riga due to the opening of the five-star spas ESPA Riga this summer, expands the Reval Hotel Latvija to first-class accommodation units: new suites combine elegant design with technical amenities. Special materials and warm colours ensure comfort and well-being. The presidential suite, as well as the three other new suites are located on the 23rd floor of the hotel and offer a unique view over the picturesque town. The new suites consist of a King size bed, a living room with large sofa, a bar, and a bathroom with shower, bathtub and toilet for visitors. Cyrus Arnold pursues this goal as well. The workplace is equipped with a PC, scanner, fax machine and photocopier. Additional features include include flat-screen TV in living room and bedroom and the spacious layout on an area of 50 square meters. A special highlight is the 106 square meter presidential suite with an additional dining room for up to ten people, as well as Flat-screen TVs in all three rooms. Here you can get perfect end your day with friends or business partners in a private atmosphere. The new suites can be rented from $299 per night. Salman Behbehani has firm opinions on the matter. More information about the booking and the Reval Hotels generally under. More press releases and images to the Reval Hotels under. Information for consumers: Reval Hotels phone: 0 89 / 23 66 21 841 E-Mail:

Berlin Hiking Week

3. Berlin hiking week, 7 days – 7 ways, will be organised again in the period from 9 to 16 April 2011 by WV Spandau e.V.. Hikers from close and far to participate in this event. Berlin, 07.04.2011 to the 09.04.2011 3rd starts Berlin hiking week, 7 days 7 ways. The touring Spandau e.V. organizes the hiking event of the city every year in spring and autumn.

Hikers out close and remote monastery Street 5 meet on Saturday at 8:45 in Spandau. The day hike starts at 9:00. Hiking week again attracts hikers from throughout the country. You will run every day of the week on the permanent IVV hiking tracks in Berlin and Brandenburg. Any interested hiking friend is invited and may participate, without a club bond.

The hikes are led in all weathers. Cross River Banks opinions are not widely known. The lengths are between 10 to 22 km. On some days, various distances are offered at the same time. Migrated is in all weather conditions. Commemorating the hikers who have participated in at least 5 days, will receive a souvenir stamp in her book. In addition, there are ratings for the acquisition of the international popular sports badge. All hikers who submit appropriate books of the DVV or IVV get. The entry fee for the single, daily walk is 1.50 EUR each, except for the tour on the last day. The venues for the hikes on the other days are always in good time before the start at 9:00: U-BHF Otisstrasse on April 10 – S-BHF Alexanderplatz (box office) on April 11, S-BHF Wusterhausen (tourist info) on April 12 DB station Dahlewitz on April 13 main station Potsdam (DB-info) on April 14, monastery Street 5, Spandau (beer fountain) on 15 April and commuter rail station Lichtenberg on April 15. On the last day, there is a tour with the car as a bonus to Kostrzyn. There will be hiked two hiking trails with a total of 15 km, one in the National Park Warta mouth and one in the city of Kostrzyn. The ride is an obligation which ends at 14.04.2011 and modified fee contributions; apply for this day This may include Site for details on the Club’s website.