Human Rights

The use of technical means, especially technologies of the management of information and communication, ICT, by Governments in order to manipulate, control and in some cases persecute citizens, has occurred in Venezuela in recent years (political exclusion, control electoral lists) and begins to become an important current issue before the Government threat to begin to control the Internet and social networks. The mere fact that the Venezuelan Government has taken before the widespread protest of what is happening in Twitter, Facebook and other networks, importing from Cuba to a high-ranking specialist in repression in this matter, triggered alerts of all who have been students of the subject of the technologies of information in Venezuela for many years. So where can a Government arguing the defense of the State, violating human rights and privacy of citizens? This deviation in countries like ours, where there are still deeply presidential traits and trends historical authoritarian, makes citizenship rights of people even more vulnerable. If a State can under his power control to the smallest piece of information concerning its citizens, without respect for the laws and the Constitution, the rest of human rights will be seriously threatened. The Government of a country without strong institutions can use tools which in turn gives the technology to more efficiently violating human rights, contempt for the Constitution and the laws. The approach of that technical advances must increase the quality of life of people and increasing knowledge is incomplete commonplace. The thesis that sustenance in this Blog that I open today is that technical advances have a meaning only insofar and as soon as, in addition to improving the quality of life in society through its use, bring increased freedom and democracy within the framework of greater respect for human rights, and that any technical deviation due to their improper use, that involves a use contrary to these fundamental principles, must be prosecuted and convicted. Those who use their technical knowledge to twist the use of ICT s in favour of repression and political persecution of their fellow citizens are as guilty of violation to human rights as those serve them. Therefore it is necessary to possess mechanisms and springs citizens needed to be able to detect such deviations that human rights do vulnerable if technological means of information processing are used. This site is aimed at creating an awareness public about this serious problem which is a byproduct of the information age and globalization applied to our countries.

Telephone Conversations

In recent years, many firms offer information about your product or service on their websites. This information is designed for large volumes of visitors on the site. The user is coming to the site list goods and services, their description and to determine the choice to order. Despite the move technology forward, and development of the Internet, it is still the main method of buyer-seller communication is the phone. This means that the telemarketing, call centers will demand a very long time. At the time of the conversation with a customer call center operator becomes the main and sole representative of the company.

She hands him a representative function, and it creates in the mind of the consumer opinion about the company and ultimately affects the decision, whether to resort to its services. As in the course of conversation to form a positive emotional attitude to the client company and its services? To which he first drew attention, talking on the phone with a representative of the company? By the nature of the call center have to deal with these issues every day. The main task of the call Center – to form positive attitude of consumers to companies and their services, to stimulate sales growth and attract new customers. The first thing that attracts attention – there was no or spontaneous sympathy for the customer call center operator. It is perceived intuitively, and is formed in the first few seconds of conversation. Through personal contact between people feeling sympathy is called getting friendly momentum on several channels: In addition to the content of speech, the interlocutor, we draw attention to his appearance, bearing, gestures, facial expressions.

Arthur System

As my suit had flight support, I could group my staff and choose optimum place to transform into base, although to be in the Amazonian forest, or what it remained of it, in an area protected for the Brazilian Armed Forces, and we were the kilometers of distance of any port member of an expedition. We locate in them and we treat to install the perimetrais systems of security, each one wise person accurately what to make, Jack and Bem had installed loads and explosives in the outskirts of the place where we were, since we fix base of a cave inside, in the base of a waterfall, where we could prepare any defense, for any attack. I and Arthur place the cameras of monitoring and lasers of movement detention, while Erik syntonized the computers of its system of guard of the suit to catch all contact saw radio, and ordered all to syntonize for internal contact canal 1-0-1 1500 Mz. After to be installed and proteges, leaves the suit medicates where it was I placed and it in automatic way of attack, I removed everything that was important and I placed it the defense system together with, I maximized my suit of combat, I dressed and it. We obtain to make a system for captation of energy through force d? water, that falls in the cachoeira.depois of this, I ordered my staff to rest, since the operational standard of the Vampires and the night, and soon would go dusk. At night Of the Vampires the first night of the training was worse for all the other teams, the Vampires wanting the revenge for having lost one of its, attacked and destroyed half of the teams in a carnage total, had used to advantage the dark one of the night to activate the system of camouflage that gave origin to the name of the team, attacking of form to desorientar the enemy one by one, eliminating, of such skill to righten some of my men, so great the ferocity of the attacks, obtaining with this, to increase the panic and to diminish the estimates of survival of some.

The Researchers

When the pulse finishes, the particles the release of the absorbed energy as they return for the alignment with the magnetic force. This set free energy is the measure of magnetic resonance signal. The constant information of these signals then are converted through computer software into an image of one slice of the brain. The resultant image is different of a photograph or a ray-x, is a representation of contrasts between the different ones weaveeed on the basis of the density of prtons of hydrogen and of the nature of the fabric I contend prtons (Detre and Wang 2002; Gore 2003; Heuttel, Song, and McCarthy 2004, Kandel, Schwartz, 2000 and Jessell; Patz 2007). During an experiment FMRI, investigators had made sweepings of the brain, while the individual is does not exert the interest function, related as a rest brain. After that, they play a destined experiment to activate the specific cerebral functions of interest, repeated many times to catch changes in the signal during the activity. The researchers adjust to the data of a myriad of factors, including the time delay between the neuronal activity and the arrival of the sanguine suppliment for the area, the cardiac movements of the head, beatings and breath. As a fingerprint, each brain is only, therefore, in studies involving more than a person, the researchers had discovered true ' ' teia' ' in each image of the brain of each participant of the brain for a model, in order that the cerebral localizations can be compared between the individuals.

One software program tests if in specific localities of the brain they are activated during the experiment. The program of colorful images of a brain in rest, it has in some places of significant increase in the sanguine flow, detaching the nets of neurons. Neuroimagem Persuasion The Researchers had investigated the nature of the process of decision and persuasion.

Shared Hosting

VPS hosting how is different from shared hosting? There are many business owners who are currently moving to VPS (Virtual private server). Most of the companies in the world today have web pages, because it helps them to offer their products and services to a wider audience and get higher sales. There are mainly two types of servers you should know if you are planning to create a website: the shared servers and dedicated servers. However, with the new technology presented to you by virtual private servers (VPS), you can enjoy the benefits of these two servers at an excellent cost. The major benefits when using unVPS, the main benefit that you can enjoy is that all your private information can be maintained. You can use the server only, without having any other person who has access to him. This type of accommodation will also include a server private for the e-mail that is different to that offers shared hosting.

This It could protect the email account and would receive mails spam easily. The improvement in performance is another great advantage that you can enjoy with this type of server. All remedies would regulate so it does not use all of the memory and bandwidth with just a single server. You also have the privilege of transferring private server to larger or smaller servers whenever you wish. You would be able to maintain all the backup and then restore it when it seems convenient. Virtual private servers are different from shared servers the VPS is very different from shared servers. All the benefits that have been discussed previously are exclusively offered by this new technology.

Unlike a private server, it would also be able to customize the firewall settings. This would allow the user to use custom applications and also better protect your system against viruses and spyware. You would be able to add specialized codes, CSS, Java Script, HTML codes, etc. Depending on your needs, you can use Windows or Linux. The only thing that should be taken into account is the selection of the control panels. You can select between Plesk and cPanel. Both options are very popular and are used widely, since they are easy to handle and are reliable. When using Linux, cPanel works best, while Plesk works best with Windows. It is easier to manage and run virtual private servers to shared servers, which is one of the main benefits. Compared to shared web hosting, this new technology is easier to use and more reliable. You have total freedom to better manage their systems. A solution for web hosting of this type is very effective, even to stay, since it would be able to divide the server in a number of different servers, where each one can be used for different functions and applications at the same time. The VPS is very different from shared servers and offers a series of benefits that are not available on shared servers. offers you the best VPS (Virtual private server) to an optimal performance to develop your project on the Internet. Call now 01 800 632 1001. Source: Press release sent by israelpoblano.

Rutgers University

Tuna gardens with flowers are part of our world for years. Nevertheless, the flowers do not give food, fiber us for the clothes or any other element necessary to survive. So, Why we spent as much time seeding and taking care of gardens? A recent study that has carried out the Rutgers University, of the State of New Jersey, offers scientific tests envelope that the flowers provide joy to us, an important detail for our psychic state. The development of carried out it to the study Jeannette M. Haviland-Jones, Doctorate in investigation, that is an expert psychologist recognized internationally by its knowledge of the human behavior. Of the results most interesting than the Doctor observed was that " the people can handle their feelings and their moods of form heal and natural". These studies of 10 months have given like result the following conclusions.

the flowers immediately affect the happiness. the impact of the flowers has effects in the long term. the flowers help to communicate better with other people. In the so estresante world in that we lived, is interesting to know that if we bought a simple branch of flowers we can improve our mood and to have a form exceeds how to fight against the depression. And still more, the flowers that you buy for you will also make happy to others. Colcalas in a site of the house that has much movement, as the entrance or the kitchen. Doctor Haviland-Jones agrees, and says " The flowers give to feelings and positive emotions to all the people who enter the room.

The space becomes more cosy and creates a worthy atmosphere of compartir". You want to improve the state of spirit of your clients and employees? It places flowers in the lobby and the zones used by all, hazlo also in the room of rest, cafeteria or rooms of meetings. You will benefit when having a place of more beautiful work and will see a pile of smiles in your office. Definitively she is one of the best forms exceeds how to fight against the depression. It improves the moral and you will also increase the productivity, the purchase of flowers it can suppose many benefits! If you want to see as I could leave my depression and reach a natural balance, you only must click here. Original author and source of the article.

News Of The Ipad 2 Apple

At the moment is only an advertisement, full of mystery and a lot of rumors that shuffled different Hardware configurations, some exaggerating their skills, and others by casting overboard some illusions that your users require, although the truth is that nothing is confirmed, or even its date of release. Some sites sets out that the long-awaited iPad 2 would be coming late this month, while others, more cautious, pointing towards no more beyond the end of the first quarter of 2011, something that covers more possibilities and does not risk too much, although the truth is that some features found in common in various sources, and we provide it below. The screen of iPad 2 apparently will keep its dimensions, but will work on giving a quality four times greater than that of its predecessor, by what we would be talking about 2048 x 1536 pixels, if moved them to the 9.7 inches of the current screen, would give a density of 264 DPI, something that is inconsistent with the Apple officials, who had promised that it would exceed 300 DPI versions (something that apparently not yet reached) this would also be accompanied by a Hardware technology logically higher, possibly using a dual core processor, and maybe compatible with the OpenGL graphics acceleration, which could open the doors to a wide range of applications for iPad among which could be found any other game. Various sources is that the processor that will equip will be dual-core, being or of a new generation of unprocesador A5, or a new A8, which would take the name SGX543MP2y would be faster to the processor of the current version of the iPad, elSGX535, something that has caught the attention of many application developers, who will seek to deliver the highest possible performance taking advantage of this new technology.

Replacement Processor

What to do: Check whether the connected socket and power cords, including, without an uninterruptible power supply (if available), verify the switch behind the system unit (at PSU). If this fails, the system unit is defective. In the process of diagnosis is determined exactly which components of the system unit must be repaired or replaced. Name of components The cost of repair parts, rub. The cost of buying new component parts, rub. Savings on repair Recommendations Rub. % Motherboard 300-900 2000-4500> 1100-4200> 55-93 repair, except for complex cases (eg, replacing the "main>> Chipset board or processor socket) psu 300-800 600-3500> 300-3200> 50-91 repair power supplies, valued at more than 500-650 rubles. Optical drive 100-700 800-1500> 100-1400> 15-93 Replacement and repair is appropriate only for small mechanical defects Video 400-1000 1600 -15,000> 600-14600> 40-97 Repairs, except with the replacement of the graphics processor hard drive 250-600 1600-6000> 1000-5750> 62-95 Repair for damage control board, or replacing ram 200-700 350-2000> 350-1800> 50-90 Replacement Processor 100-1000 1500 -8500> 500-8400> 33-98 Replacement, repair only restoration of "feet>> cpu Thus, the savings from repairing the system unit as compared to buying a new can reach 15 to 98%.

Problem: The system unit is activated on-screen image appears, but it is either disappears or freezes>>. What to do: This is probably a software fault system unit. In this case, it is recommended to see a specialist who can correctly restore your system unit and customize it to suit your needs. It is also desirable to conduct a thorough diagnosis of the system unit. Possible operation cost of the works, now. Duration of work Recommendations Setting up the operating system and applications Programs 100-500 0,5-2 hours with incorrect or slow work to reinstall the operating system 300-1200 1-2 hours If you can not restore your operating system, sometimes by changing the component parts of the system block or general slowing of the system Search and disinfection 400-500 1-4 hours If incorrect, slow work, lockups or reboots while running Finally a few tips from the experts of Alpha-zeon: For stable work and save your information install antivirus software with virus definition updates. Make regular backups of your information.

Do not store sensitive information in a single copy, especially on diskettes and flash nositelyah.Raz six months to do cleaning / purging of the system unit. This will help prevent overheating of the components of the system unit and can significantly extend the life sistemy.Esli when using your computer can hear background noise, visible smoke or smell burning, you should immediately turn off the computer and turn to spetsialistu. Alfa-zeon more than six years engaged in repair and servicing of computer equipment. During this time, we became a partner major manufacturers of computer and office equipment, an authorized service center for 12 manufacturers, including World leaders of it – a market like Dell, Canon, Kyocera, Ricoh, whose confidence in us is the result of the quality of employees. Based on the current economic environment, we aim to help companies and reduce the cost of computing technique. In many cases, repairs will help you reduce this expenditure, saving 15 to 98% cash.