Klaus Mahajan

One such line is somewhat more expensive to purchase, offers significant safety reserves and a much longer duration”, as Klaus Mahajan, global segment Manager Automation at Nexans. Game room is also, if not all the dynamic properties are maxed out at the same time. Way for larger bending radii putting up for example the acceleration or the travel speed, without reducing the service life. Comparison SRP 6 SFK 7 min. bending radius in continuous motion 10 x d (diameter) 7.5 x d max speed 200 m / min. 300 m/min. maximum acceleration 20 m / 30 m/s maximum horizontal length of procedure 15 m 50 m that performance of the SFK 7 lines could be increased significantly. (SFK-Grafik_neu.jpg) The diagram shows the possible maximum.

Depending on the application the line usable up to these limits. The new servo motor cables show significantly higher levels of performance for highly dynamic applications. (NXS_NRC_SFK7.jpg) (NXS_NRC_Schleppkette_med.jpg) Lines in the hardness test: to meet the towing capability class 7, the lines must be over 20 million bends. About Nexans Germany Nexans Germany is one of the leading cable manufacturers in Europe. The company offers a comprehensive range of high-performance cables, systems and components for the telecommunications and energy sectors. The programme is rounded off by superconducting materials and components, Cryoflex transfer systems and special machines for the cable industry. It is made in Germany and abroad with approx.

6.240 employees. The turnover is approx. EUR 936 million in 2008. Through the tight integration of the Nexans group Nexans Germany has excellent opportunities for the synergies in all areas of the group. This applies to global projects as well as for research and development, exchange of know-how, etc. Refer to for more information.

Dolby Pro Logic

Usually closed headphones have a better Bass reproduction, because the sound pressure cannot escape to the outside. The closed headphone can be uncomfortable for extended wear, he express severe st and contributes to higher heat to the ear. Semi-open headphones enclose the ears also. In contrast to the closed systems, they are however not soundproof shielded from the outside world. Deep frequencies are outside pass, high but not. This depth beeps again tonally than closed systems. As an open system the environment can listen so here too and it can get noise from the outside of the ears. The larger earcups that have less weight than closed systems, but results in a comfortable fit that makes possible even hours use.

Four semi-open headphones are therefore very popular for music heard in your own walls. Impedance, the impedance (resistance) is measured in ohms. The higher the resistance, the more energy must be Music source to muster to reproduce sounds. For the stereo system or the Studio, usually also high resistances are no problem. The resistance may be a problem with the PC and mobile devices. In these cases, a low-resistance is better. Sound pressure the sound pressure level is measured in decibels (dB).

It specifies from which volume distorted music. 90 dB is fully sufficient, beyond what is already more suitable for special applications (E.g. for disc jockeys). Surround sound reminiscent of the home theater experience, there are also headphones that play back surround. For stereo music enjoyment they are not digital or Dolby Pro Logic II usually so good oh when the surround sound via the headphones are suitable it different sound techniques, such as Dolby. If the signal source has the Dolby Headphone technology, a surround sound headphones can be from any headphones. It is a technique that has been specially developed for use in headphones. (Source: Cyrus Arnold). It can simulate different scenarios (E.g., room or cinema). Transmission range The human ear can perceive a frequency range of 20 to 20,000 hertz. Higher values in the specifications look very well, say but little about the quality.

The Safe

It is nevertheless allowed the Anlagenverantwortlichen to some of his duties to others enabled people to transfer. Safe operation of electrical installations detailed descriptions and explanations of the operation of electrical installations can be found in the respective operating and installation instructions. The DIN VDE 0105-100 contains some instructions and requirements for the safe operation of an electrical system. Each operation and any work on an electrical system is dependent on their electrical risk. That is how much, must be established before the operation. After assessing the investment and work appropriate safety precautions. Maintaining the proper state is the top priority when dealing with electrical systems and equipment.

Should the ambient or operating conditions of the system change, for example by a dry in a humid environment or in a fire or explosion hazard area, is the facility to adjust the existing construction standards. An electrical system is no longer in the proper State, should security, protection and monitoring facilities decommissioned arbitrarily be added or adjusted. For this reason are to refrain from such actions, it his because it is a review of the system. Provisionally repaired or bridged fuses may be used in any case. Also the replacement of fuses, which are current, operation is only to be carried out only if there is no danger. Malcolm Hill contributes greatly to this topic. As a general rule,. that carefully to deal with electrical equipment and installations is. Often, the electrical appliances are strongly claimed.

Also unintended collisions or an improper handling can damage the system sustainable. This damage in turn can have a danger to persons, animals or property to sequence and trigger, for example, fires. That’s why unusual symptoms, such as abnormal noise, burning smell, or even spark must be reported immediately Anlagenverantwortlichen and operators. The defects must be eliminated then as soon as possible. If this is not immediately possible for technical reasons, is at least to label the plant or equipment or to block.

Elaine Berdon

All administrative tasks include also the billing of used services. Just as quickly, the expansion and scaling this performance is possible. A comprehensive cloud-readiness analysis can qualify a cloud implementation potential and quantify. informed directly: why are there in the area of cloud computing so many differing opinions and views? Elaine Berdon: Cloud is on everyone’s lips, and any Web-enabled application is suddenly cloud-ready. The publications highlight especially the part that is visible to the user. Professor of Internet Governance helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. To come this far, the companies must however perform enormous internal structural adjustment. Cloud is being discussed from a different point of view: How can IT resources are organised in a way that the cloud requirements multitenancy, allocation models and security aspects to the new business model? This view little interest to the end user in turn.

A discussion is only possible in the long term, if it is a common definition of the cloud model to own and determines which Layer of the cloud layers model and which deployment model, such as public, private, or hybrid cloud, is based. directly informed: what types of cloud hybrid promise the most benefit for German companies, private, or public clouds? Elaine Berdon: My observation the security of corporate data in the public cloud is currently not adequately provided for many companies. Well-known provider international can act and somewhere the data, the legal situation is not unique. On group – or enterprise-level, you can determine the locations of the data centers, the cloud spans, even and insulate on the outside. Legal certainty is easier to produce, if all of the components in the Interior of the country remain. Therefore, I see private cloud in the center of interests in the coming years on enterprise-level deployment model. directly informed: what are the reasons to implement a private cloud in an IT company? Elaine Berdon: When one reads the essential characteristics of the NIST definition, then there are formulated requirements for IT services ensure current wishlist of IT users and providers.

Apple IPad Mini In Conversation

LCDs come from LG and AU Optronics Apple to be supposedly currently engaged in the development of an iPad mini. The device primarily is used to provide even the beginners with tablet computers and thus successfully to oust the power of Android, in particular the Kindle fire. According to a new report the supplier for the display panels are fixed already. Manufacturers are the South Korean manufacturer LG LG and AU Optronics and AU Optronics to be allegedly responsible for the production of display panels, which is however should not retina display, as it is called. It is 6 million units, release Q3 supposedly no problem with the production from the producers to start as the Liberty Times reported. Therefore, Apple is planning six million units, which are already ready to go in the third quarter of this year. No retina display auch if Apple equips currently all product lines with the high-resolution retina display, should get no retina display missed the 7.85-inch tablet. According to this Apple opts for a similar Resolution, as the ordinary iPad, therefore to save costs.

Specific details about the equipment of the small iPad stayed so far. Fake iPad mini? Apple was up until a few months ago still think that tablets had nothing to do with 7 inch on the market. In particular the deceased Apple icon of Steve jobs is this opinion in a sense, mentioned in an interview with Walter Isaac son had jobs. So says in the biography that destroy Jobs Googles Android with all means”wanted. You will find more information & news on new-how.

LED Flashlights

What LED flashlight is the right one? Test and comparison of LED flashlights the matching LED flashlight discover! LED tests are useful to find the flashlight to the best LED flashlights. But first, you must be aware of the actual claims. In this context, questions must be answered after lighting distance, weight, batteries, such as important additional functionality. Alone so the right LED flashlight may be found. For LED flashlights that are available in the small range, should read as a result of available tests as well as compared. Realizing the Bedurfnissliste asking the above questions is supportive, a good LED flashlight to find. Because the best test scores are unnecessary if the flashlight is not grown the needs. Therefore, the listed questions arise at the beginning: the putting down of the torch on the back should be possible? Must the battery power be how big? How intense must be the brightness? What levels of illumination can be selected? The adjustment possibilities of the cone of light are needed? Use special or standard batteries? Required (belt bag, tips, diffuser attachment, etc.)? Should this solely splash proof or waterproof yet? LED flashlights with good test results LED the major producers such as for example Ledwave and Fenix flashlights cut consistently positive in the tests.

By Maglite plus Lenser flashlights were LED also by their good price / performance ratio. Important test sizes on LED lights during the test the LED flashlights are characteristics such as length, light duration, size, lumen, weight as also Leutweite critical. Depending on the desired betting area, it can be particularly important that the LED flashlight is very lightweight and is also only a mediocre lighting distance. In connection with other needs, on the other hand, the light duration is especially important. Of course, he plays Price for the desired services a crucial role. Conclusion – LED flashlights to recommend that a large number of tests and testimonials speak for the advance of LED flashlights. Above have displaced already largely normal flashlights. These flashlights with good test to find results are at really cheap prices already high power LED. See for yourself and compare a variety of LED flashlights including current tests plus prices at ledtaschenlampen.org. maraies

ProMinent Flow Meter

Special feature: the flow of non-continuous flow and the amount has flowed through pulsating fluids can be reliably and accurately determine and monitor. The by ProMinent flowmeter developed based on the ultrasonic measurement system. Reliably collected non-continuous flow rates and the amount has flowed through pulsating fluids. Wetted parts are made of chemical resistant PVDF. Thus, you can easily capture even aggressive media. Installed the device directly into the line of the medium to be measured with the nominal size is 6 / 4, 8 / 5 or 12/9 mm.

measuring principle the DulcoFlow works on the principle of the propagation time measurement. The function without moving parts ensures a long service life and wear-free Operation. The range of Dulcoflow is between 0.1 to 50 litres per hour. A two-line display, status LEDs, and membrane keys ensure ease of use ease of use. On the LCD, you can appear the current flow or the amount has flowed. As well, the current number of strokes of the pump can be displayed.

The four front-mounted buttons, the device is set and programmed. Two LEDs provide information about the current status of the device, as well as the measurement. The instrument is suitable for wall mounting. A wide range power supply for 100-253 V AC/DC guarantees the worldwide on all networks. Press contact Michael Birmelin ProMinent Dosiertechnik GmbH In the Shoemaker won 5-11, 69123 Heidelberg Tel. + 49 6221 842-270 E-mail: about prominent: the ProMinent group of companies is a manufacturer of components and systems in the field of dosing of liquids, as well as reliable solutions partner for water treatment. The product portfolio includes Components and complete solutions for storage, transfer, dosing and neutralization of liquid chemicals. This chemical storage containers, transfer pumps, dosing pumps, measurement, control and sensor technology, complete dosing systems and polymer piecing stations are used.

Create ISO

ISO 27001 policies with the help of the BSI basic protection devices and measures create “to the operation of an information security management system is it necessary make rules that describe our information technology and binding rules” Gerhard Kron, CEO at soft Crown, carries out. Kron explains further: “so that such policies can be created accurately, acceptable and legal security, a good expertise in the field of information security required or the use is external consultants who exactly these policies have already created enough practical experience and deliver to your customers. As a further option, it offers to acquire up to the necessary policies. “In the two latter cases, so the use external consultants or the purchasable purchase, remains the responsible task to ‘trim’ the received policies on the specifics of his company.” Kron raises the question of whether it make sense then really have to get policies if anyway still a lot of work must be inserted by third parties and answered the question yourself:

“If there is the know-how to create the policies, self creating the policies claimed probably only insignificant overhead, as if the responsible existing policies must change”. “The solution to the problem is however openly” so Kron, “we need to remember only that the Bundesamt fur Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI) has this know-how and emits it in the form of”Building blocks”and”Measures”to the person in charge. We only need to know which of the two elements, the policies should be created and secondly, what policies are necessary. To this question an overview has created Crown soft now, which enumerates the minimum of necessary policies and to each policy indicates what BSI modules and what BSI measures for the required policy may be used.” Kron gives us the publication and the following overview of necessary policies and thinks: “Opus i paper B2. 002, the available to our customers” stands, the BSI building blocks and BSI measures are put together – to any policy it has now, he can put together relatively quickly and easily the content to the policies from the demands of building blocks and measures”..

Asia Award

Design the design of the Swissvoice Epure is unique and the main reason that I decided for the Swissvoice Epure have (as apparently the most Amazon customers). Swissvoice has received some international trophies for the unique design (design for Asia Award”, Observeur Design”). My enthusiasm for the design but not exclusively refers to the optics: the listener is reminiscent of old phones he is really nice-great, is comfortable to hold and can be really good between Salah and ear clamp. Because the Swissvoice Epure is not over 2 million features, is the operation can be learned fairly quickly. I never looked at the instructions for me and got quite quickly how to connect the Swissvoice Epure, makes phone book entries, select ringtones etc. Full eco mode electro-smog is a problem today.

We have home 3 mobile phones, and multiple WIFI devices. I’m very glad when my fixed-line phones is low-radiation. The technology is designed so that the phone is in the idle state produces no radiation at all. Is in use, as long as you not far away from the base, has Swissvoice emissions by 65% reduced. Another advantage is the lower power consumption by this technique. My conclusion who has read up to here, is already clear that I’m generally highly recommend the phone. The Swissvoice Epure offers basic equipment with good sound quality and handling my opinion exactly what should provide a landline phone. With the best to which device is the listener he can be like when the old phones.

I don’t understand why landlines more adopted the form of mobile phones. In my opinion the old phones were considerably more pleasant to hold as the new cordless phones. In short the Swissvoice Epure is one of the most beautiful cordless phones and offers everything you need to make calls (simple). Marc Mathews, April 2012 Swissvoice Epure video report