We can affirm in way simpler than it would be a set of objects with the same characteristics, thus we will know to identify objects and to group them, of form to find its respective classrooms. In Unified Modeling Language (UML) in classroom diagram, a classroom is represented by a rectangle with three divisions, is they: The name of the classroom, its attributes and finally the methods. They see below in the Figura1 its representation: Figure 1 – Classroom Customers Because it is so important we find the classrooms for the development of a system? It is simple, therefore each classroom of the diagram represents a table of the data base, for this reason is so important to find. It also observes that to identify a classroom, we before need to identify its objects with similar characteristics. When analyzing a scene, we will be able to identify innumerable objects, however nor all object it will be useful for our diagram of classroom, this classification of the objects that we will use is called Abstraction. Abstraction is the form to concentrate only in the essential aspects of our scene. For the development of our diagram of classroom, we will need a scene any where we will carry through step by step until abstrairmos all the classrooms, from this point, will be able to effect the linkings and cardinalidade.

2.CENRIO You work for a development company as Analyst of Systems. The responsible one for the sector that you work, in a meeting, distributed tasks for each member of the team. Its task was to develop a classroom diagram so that the development of a new software is initiated. The company who contracted in them, desires to acquire certificate ISO 9001 in quality, however one of the repassed norms was that, she must be obligator to control the support order/service that are made by the customers.

Touch Screen Terminals

Touch screen or Touch Screen is a display that can detect the presence and location of a touch within the display area. The term generally refers to touch or contact to the display of the device by a finger or hand. Touch screens can also detect other passive objects, such as a pencil; However, if the perceived object is active, as with a stylus, touch screen time generally does not apply. The touchscreen has two main attributes: first, allows one interact with what is displayed directly on the screen, showing that more than indirectly with a mouse or touchpad; Secondly, allows one to do so without requiring any intermediate device, again, like a pencil that needs to be held in the hand. Touch screens or touch screen can be connected to computers, terminals or networks. A sensitive monitor to touch applied to a point of sale terminal optimizes the management of data capture and makes other elements Peripherals are dispensable, causing spaces to be used better. Also the touch screen technology offers solutions to the points of sale that help that processes are carried out quickly and efficiently.

A terminal equipped with tactile monitors tends to be an agile sale point, since user tends to get used to its handling and become quickly familiar with the tool. Similarly, compatible with existing applications with touchscreens. In addition, its appearance is more friendly, in their contacts, as well as its resolution since they tend not to accumulate heat, which makes it an attractive tool in use. Terminals with touch monitor tend to be used in the business of sale of food, beverages, bookstores, libraries and self-service in printing pictures as it is easier to use by a non-expert user and optimizes both spaces and the purchase transaction for sale. Another place where it is easy to find terminals Touch Screen is in cashiers Automatic, museums and amusement parks.

Mario World

For the time of the games of the Mario Bros, the technology seemed not to be able to advance more, therefore she was considered of tip. Exactly thus, although some limitations technological, it was possible to find solutions for the problems that had appeared. In the case of the Mario, it was difficult to create sprites (three-dimensional object graphical bi or that if move in a screen without leaving traces of its ticket of animation) for the hair of Mario, for example. Therefore, it uses a cap. Moreover, the avantajado nose and the great mustache of the personage had been the found alternatives, at the time, to hide its mouth that was not moved when it spoke.

The amount of pixels divided land into parcels by the personage also was a problem, what it limited the possibility of this effect. With passing of the years, the appearance of the personage was evolving, in accordance with the launching of new games of the Mario for Nintendo. In the game of Super name Mario World, the personage already possesss an improved appearance, in result of a bigger amount of pixels possible at the time. Moreover, so that it was possible to enxergar the movements of the arms of the Mario, them they needed to be a different color of its body. To decide the problem, the personage it gained overalls and a blue t-shirt red. Today, with the growth of the Internet, also, in what it says respect to the videogame games that, until little time, they were of exclusiveness of other medias, the games of the Mario can be had access in sites easily specialized. In them, games with the Mario in the different adventures, as much most classic are found, that all go to remember, as in modern adventures, where Mario walks of jet-ski, motion, or same, constraint space battles. An excellent chance of relembrar the personage who conquered as many admirers throughout the time.

Save Energy Implications

If you are thinking about buying a TV, it is likely that you are wondering what are the differences between LCD, LED and plasma TVs. Leaving aside these TVs offer better performance depending on the basis of their settings, each one of these TVs has a different requirement for energy for its operation. For those who are concerned about the environment and they are looking for a maintenance low carbon, having an LCD TV that doesn’t require tons of energy is a huge difference. He consumes energy within TVs HDTV is determined by three features: brightness, size of the screen and the technology that lies behind the TV. The brightness is an option for the user, so it can reduce it to low power consumption. In terms of the size of the screen, there is nothing to do, a 52 TV will obviously consume more energy than one of plasma’s 19. The size of the TV.

If they going to pass a tube into something bigger TV, probably you to experience an increase in invoice of electricity due to the larger size of your TV. The bigger the TV more energy consumes, so keep in mind this sort of thing in mind is essential if you are worried about energy consumption. A 52 TV consumes approximately three times more than a 32 model. Technology the technology used to display the image is also a key factor in the energy consumption. Plasma TVs are large consumers of electricity, so you are not a good alternative for those power consumption concerns that. In fact, the study of consumes between various models of plasma and LCD made for three years, shows that plasma TVs consume up to three times longer than LCD TVs.

Although the technology behind plasma TVs have better power consumption, the arrival of LED LCD TVs has made LCD technology a more efficient energy consumption. The reason why plasma TVs consume as much energy is because each pixel within the television has its own light source. As you might imagine, providing power to each small light source makes you consume much more to provide energy for a group of pixels that are capable of replicates the same image without having each of them having its own light source. LCD TVs that use a technology-based LED, instead of black fluorescent light, are all way more efficient energy consumption. The vast majority of HD TVs include options for reducing the consumed black light or even total elimination, depending on the user settings. Although these TVs are energy-the most efficient in comparison with all the TVs on the market, the savings that are made each year is around $20. Disney the Lion King 3D Debuts next Christmas download 300 pictures of Pamela Anderson in high quality all victims of the earthquake in Japan receive lamps LED Panasonic

Mobile Phone Radiation

Imagine that a person faces the constant wearing of a mobile phone in the pocket of pants. Others believe that while talking on the phone's head is irradiated as well as if it were to stick to a running microwave. Studies that examined the influence of mobile phone radiation on the body, give very conflicting results. Some organizations claim that the phones can not cause cancer. And some believe that the use phone for ten years can cause brain tumors and salivary glands, as well as serious psychological problems.

In high-risk are children, whose brain is still developing. American Communications Commission, FCC, assures us that all new phones have the level of SAR (Specific absorption rate) – not more than 1.6 W / kg. For Europe, an indicator of the power absorbed by the body while using the phone is 2 W / kg. In Russia, the use own system – in watts per square centimeter. EWG has recently stated that the FCC improperly testing the phones, given their impact only on the head and not the whole body. Moreover, the organization noted that the safe the radiation level established for the phone, only 2.5 times less than the level of radiation, which causes abnormalities in animal behavior. Whatever it was, but there are some simple ways to protect against radio waves, emitted by mobile phone.

1.Obraschayte attention to the signal level. If it's one or two "sticks", say less. Phone to "dokrichatsya" to the base station, it is necessary to raise the level of radiation, which is also faster consumes the charge of battery.

Velasco Carretero

Here’s a brief glossary of terms about processes. FUNCTION-aggregation of activities that are geared towards a common goal of business. ACTIVITY-combination of people, technology, raw and methods which produces a product or service. Activities describe what the company does: shape that uses its time and resources to achieve their goals. Activities consume resources (acquired externally or from other departments) while the goods or services consume activities. Its main function is to convert these resources into results. Input. the specific event that starts the execution of an activity.

The two main types of events are temporary event and the external event. A temporary event occurs regularly. An external event occurs outside of the activity. Output-the product or results of an activity. Measurement of activity.-quantitative measurement of activity unit. It may be an input, an output or a physical indicator of an activity. TASK-work item that breaks down one activity, i.e., how is carried out that activity.

Process of activity-orderly arrangement of tasks that operate under a set of procedures in order to achieve an output of the activity. BUSINESS process-orderly provision of activities that operate under a set of procedures in order to achieve a specific goal. The analysis of a business process determines the interdependence between activities. The activities are related because a specific fact starts the first activity of the process, which in turn, through the output (output) that produces launches activity subsequent and so on. The procedure, therefore, is to determine the sequence of activities following the flow of information transaction physical product or performed an activity service to another. When the inputs and outputs of the individual activities are connected among themselves, emerges a business process. MANAGEMENT based on activities and processes-is a management model which aims to allow permanently the performance and control costs in, and through, the different functional areas.

Immunity Mobile Phones

At that time virtually everyone who develops software antvirusnye focused interest on the security question for mobile devices such as such as nokia china developments here being both Belarusian and foreign companies the market there are devices such as anti-virus program F-secure and others. In almost every case it is the decision on the basis of cross-platform, running under Symbian and Windows Mobile. Unusual operating systems, for example Linux, are not sponsored by capital corporations because of the strong prevalence of no cell variants based on this operating basis. However, it is likely with a lengthy extension for web tablet WiMAX Sprint in the U.S. who use it Linux, location This market area will change. It must be noted that the characteristics of these programs are very commonplace. First, you need to raise more functionality build constructions. If a few years ago, sort of software consisted of primitive parser code and, perhaps, the monitor, which is in the Wind, for today, not counting the full protivovirusnika with the prospect of healing infected by a mobile Antivirus include a Brand Mauer, filter apparatus spam for SMS-ca and encrypt the information accessible through a password to the system (much more serious performance tuning, and robust algorithm for comparison with ordinary abilities OS). The data on cell unit at the request of the client is able to effectively test the internal memory, SD card or phone completely eliminating the virus program. Secondly, mobile antivirusniki allow you to view files and archives email.