DML SQL Databases

From the computer point of view, an object-oriented paradigm forces you to use a different logic when to raise a possible model solution; classes, inheritance, encapsulation, are just some of the basic concepts with which we shall familiarise ourselves if we wish to adopt this paradigm as our working tool, hoping that results to develop, store and retrieve data, among others, are positive, at least that is written in theory. The relational model is perhaps as greater complexity, reaching a proper normalization form and establish correct relationships and cardinality which allow us to have an efficient operation in our bdd. It is worth mentioning that there is currently a standard for the management of relational databases, the SQL standard. ste query language has come to give you one even greater this impact relational paradigm and model has made this the most widely used so far by all the developers. Each dbms has an own version of SQL but the essence of language is the same, and it still serves as a unique in its genre and still quite alive tool ahead. The oodb have not lagged behind and it has recently given know a tool equivalent to SQL, OQL which is not computationally complete, however, queries can invoke methods, and inversely the methods written in any programming language may include reference 5. With this language also come ODL and OML which are languages for defining and manipulating data respectively, both DDL and DML SQL equivalents.

Conclusion believe that object-oriented databases still does not have matured enough so they pose a first alternative solution, however the advantages offered are broad, and perhaps not too distant ever to pass to the head in terms of developing databases are concerned, however, the relational data models are still a very good option, even think of improvements to this paradigm that could in the future reaffirm it as the most widely used model of databases. 2 3 4 5 #capIII321 L.I. Othoniel Molina Mora Michoacan, Mexico.

Eduardo Miranda

-Researches about the subject to gain a greater understanding of what going to talk. -Turn off your computer – there are many distractions there that will make it impossible for what are not finished your article. -It begins to write all the ideas that come to your mind. Only plasma your ideas on paper, but you cannot edit it. Don’t worry if you have errors grammatical or if this messy; only focusing on write what comes to your mind (of course with the intention of creating a new article); the important thing is to dump everything into the role; And when I say everything, it is everything.

For example, if your thought is I don’t know what to write, well, simply write it, you’ll see an idea leads to another and your brain will begin to generate new ideas and not be able to stop writing. -Edit time: after you have made previous steps, reordered the paragraphs, corrects grammatical errors, erases prayers, then ask someone to read it and correct it according to your opinion. 2. The method of mental map: is one of the best methods that exist to stimulate your mind, creating ideas and translate them into an article, and create a general structure for your content. (I recommend using Freemind program, it is free). You can combine this method with the download of the brain to enhance your chances, what you do is create a general structure for your article and then use the Download method for each of the sub-items of your mind map.

3 – The third method is the talk, and consists simply of speak what you know about the topic. This is a quick and easy way to create content, all you have to do is choose a theme, beam search, read books, talk with people who have more knowledge, interviews, read relevant information on the internet and then only you speak of the subject while you record. Last thing that you must do is to transcribe the audio, you can get someone else who do this for you, that way to use that time to think or create your next article. Another way is that someone you interviewed or that your interview someone, either face to face or via skype, which is completely free. You only have to put in action and practice these methods; don’t forget that content is the King and without the your blog will be doomed to failure. A cordial greeting and Eduardo Miranda – Autor original article source

The People

As leader needs to inspire to his followers, for which it is not sufficient to inform; you need to share his heart: its dreams, their expectations and yearnings. To speak not only of arguments and data, but also of their perceptions, feelings and experiences, which includes no to share a vision, expectations about the future, but also only to express sincerely its fears and uncertainties about that future. The idea is to be authentic in the expression of its heart; real, without masks, screens nor stereotypes. People are thankful for the sincerity and the authenticity. To the people they do not like to feel manipulated, which is not in the long term, because people finish perceiving our duplicity like leader. Their followers need to be informed to give the best thing of himself and to acquire commitment. To people it does not like to give the best thing of himself in which it does not know. So that he speaks abiertamente than he worries to him, of that one and so he is fighting.

He speaks of his own experiences. It is important that their followers know which are their convictions, their beliefs and their values with respect to certain subjects. In other words, which are its position against the management, the vision of the organization, integrity, East etc. aspect of the communication is vital, because the people first accept and they are committed with leader and soon with the visions. The alignment is first with the leader and soon with the organization. The leader needs to include/understand that the people to his around want and need to know: Towards where goes the leader? Which is its trajectory? Me can east leader make arrive there? He will love to me throughout the trajectory? He is the leader sensitized about my needs? Which are their convictions and beliefs? What is nonnegotiable for the leader? The information and the shared knowledge eliminate the suppositions, the bad ones understood, the doubts and uncertainties and causes the alignment process.

Print Digital Photos

We all love to be photographed. And almost every family now have a digital camera. And, of course, every once Print your photos at the photo. Fill out an application for printing photos, the operator asked for certain you: "You are with or without borders?". Most likely, you answered: "No Fields". After all, you do not need white stripes on the edges. Write this article I encouraged one case, which, unfortunately, was not isolated. In such a situation caught many of my friends.

I've been doing computer graphics and, accordingly, I often have to print their work at the shop. This incident happened to me three years ago. I gave a print made my wedding invitation, which was written the text. Print had to be in the format 10×15 cm, of course, creating an invitation, I immediately asked for the required print size – 10×15 cm Arriving in photo studios and giving disk with photos to print from girl-operator, I heard the same question "you with or without borders?". Then I did not know what that means, explains: "You know, I've done framing, and my photos are already in a format 10×15 cm.

She: "?? I understand that the 10×15, so you with or without borders ???. Try again to explain to her the essence of my question, I came across an absolutely impenetrable wall of her question: "So you are with or without borders !!??. In the end, I still gave up and chose the "borderless". Naturally, the text prompts on the edges in the photographs had been cut off …

National Institute

– Place and moment in which the occupation of the drug has been realised: The apprehension of the drug in zones in which the drug traffic on small scale is habitual (zones of punteo, in expression of the STS of 3 of October of 1996 – RJ 19967810-) is considered by a repeated jurisprudence, like an indication of the will to deal very particularly, if the possessor of the drug does not allege the reasons from his displacement to this place, if the subject seems to show a clear predisposition to visit those places, or if the apprehension takes place when the subject goes towards that zone. Peculiarly the hour is a circumstance that also is considered to deduce the traffic will, instead of private consumption. Thus, if one is a small amount owned by a person who consumes the class of narcotic substance makes specific that she is had, when there are no other indications, will not be possible to affirm the destiny to the traffic. If we were with an amount of several grams, sometimes it will be able to be the doubt, with this unique indiciario data, and also would be necessary to suppose penal that its destiny is private consumption, therefore unpunished. However, the Jurisprudence has declared, that even in the cases that the carrier of the narcotic substance is consuming, will be considered destined to the traffic, when the quantity of the same exceeds the average storing of a consumer. The jurisprudence, when other indicative acts of the traffic do not exist, has taken care of the table of the National Institute of Toxicology of 18 of October of 2001. This table establishes the mean doses of consumption of the substances, indicating the T.S that a consumer usually provides itself with substance for about 5 days, reason why the possession that exceeds this amount is conceited that he is destined to the illicit traffic (STS 281/2003 of 1-10). The jurisprudence has demanded, on the other hand, that such amounts have to consider taking care of the pure substance. Therefore, the single possession immediately than amounts of drug that does not exceed the forecasts of consumption of up to 5 days, with general character, is atypical. In spite of it the SSTS are numerous that consider for the hashish that the amount has to surpass the limit of the 25 grs.

Spiral Dynamics

This model is comprehensive, inclusive, explanatory, human, spiritual. Referring to the Spiral Dynamics points whereas through eight General stadiums or memes, this serves to draw an evolutionary State of consciousness, holistic education aims to achieve levels seven and eight, go to the spiritual level, is liberate us from suffering. As we can see in the today requires a learning that will lead to the evolution of consciousness and a true spiritual nature as a basis for an integral education. Then the holistic education is education that humanity needs to overcome its social, economic, technological, political problems, moral and spiritual of the 21st century. It is based on the recognition of universal love and has three large stages of consciousness: prepersonal levels, the staff and the transpersonal. Humanity is universal consciousness through which the kosmos perceives himself.

Referring to the quality of education tells us that it has caused stagnation and crisis in education, has produced human beings with great knowledge, but with a great jobs for life that little pay for the development of intelligence is why education holistic must work towards an educational change of Fund towards a comprehensive learning that override scientific and religious dogmatism and bring us to the development of comprehensive and compassionate awareness. The basis of the quality of education found in the relation subject-object, which does not represent better education, but better manage traditional and old mechanistic paradigm of this subject-object relationship. Here the student is considered an object, it is a reduction of the subject to object, without conceiving the human being as a multi-dimensional subject. The model of educational quality leads to nihilism, the loss of sense, learn to read without understanding what is read, learn math without knowing applying them. Quality is the main computer in the model concept reductionist subject-object, while sujeto-sujeto holistic concept computer is integrity in the relationship.