The Concept Of Pain

Analysis of the concepts of pain since ancient times to the present day is given in a number of extensive reviews. Currently there is no universally accepted definition of pain. In our country the most widespread definition of pain given by Academician ii K et al (1976), where the pain is described as "integrative function of the body that mobilizes a variety of functional systems to protect the body from the effects could undermine the factors and includes components, such as consciousness, memory, motivation, emotion, autonomic, somatic and behavioral responses. " Some authors define pain as an unpleasant sensation. Thus, according to vn Stock (1988), for example, is described as any painful sensation in the head. jj Bonica (1985) defines acute pain as "a constellation of unpleasant sensory, emotional and spiritual experience and accurately related autonomous, physical and behavioral reactions induced by injury or acute illness.

" By analyzing the definition of pain given by various authors, Yu P (1985, 1986) distinguishes four main groups. The first group of scientists defines pain as an unpleasant feeling that is characterized by tissue damage or a threat. The second group defines pain as an affective state of the organism with the inclusion of emotional and vegetative reactions Still others define pain as a motivational state created by a form conduct aimed at eliminating the causes of pain. Finally, a number of scientists in the definition of pain emphasizes that it will mobilize the various functions of the organism to protect from damage. The clinic is regarded pain as an unpleasant sense of causing a patient pain of varying intensity – from unbearable to tolerable (VA Kurshev, 1984). Pain is a reflection of objective reality and indicates the presence of changes in peripheral and central nervous system. It is regarded as a consequence of the integrative functions of the body, because the nociceptive effects of mobilized consciousness, memory, motivation, emotion, somatic and behavioral responses. Pain as a psycho-physiological phenomenon, according to A. Waldman (1980), consists of emotional feelings and reactions in the form of motor-autonomic and humoral manifestations of identical stress reactions arising in adverse effects. In our opinion the same, the pain – this is a model, worked out the evolutionary process that occurs when you step on the body of nociceptive factors or weakening Pain system includes perceptual (awareness, perception of pain), autonomic, emotional, behavioral, motor, antinociceptive components and aims to protect the body from injury and pain management.

The Cancellation

I’ve been more than 30 minutes with this topic and see so far I’m starting. When I’m ready to take note of the requirements, this agent again asks me my data, address, etc. From one moment to another tells me; Mr. XX, it turns out that you are created in our system as person legal (company) and not as natural person, which is what we manage. This process another area of our company handles it. Please wait in the line for 2 to 3 minutes to be served by the business area. Like hell I created as a company?, then, in that moment of high effervescence and warmth, something of lucidity I still have and is when I definitely reconfirmo that everything is part of the business process called abuse process and softening of customers who believe that they can cancel their contract.

And I’m going for one hour in this process. Again 10 minutes listening to its magnificent messages and another agent (you can keep track of how many agents carry, I already lost count) I respond, with its bland greeting message and asks me what I need. Again to tell the whole story. Data asks me again, I questioned on the reasons for the cancellation, makes me feel guilty and a bad person trying to do this and finally and thankfully, gives me the instructions to do the cancellation. It turns out that everything that I have said by phone, from more than one month ago to all these agents with whom I have spoken, I play I write it in a letter and send it by Fax. But before, I have to wait in line (guess how many minutes. very well!, are already learning the) procedure), because I will give my application filing number and this has to be in the letter.

Bulletin Board

Entire marketing campaign requires planning: be well clear goal to then measure the results. Electronic newsletter should also reflect and support the objective of the business: must be able to clearly justify and defend the purpose behind each email that is sent to subscribers. There can be multiple calls to action in each electronic newsletter and must be effective and clear, but not stalkers or insistent. The bulletin is not a sales letter or a magazine, sales are made from the landing page and the colors and photos must be sober, sometimes a single image summarizes the entire message that we describe with words. Let us see what an e-newsletter should contain: must have a clear and recognizable business objective. It must support this business objective at 100%.

You must include multiple calls to action. The calls to action on the Bulletin Board must be clear, but not stalkers. You must have a design that is attractive to the eye and that appeals to the people. This design should be similar to your website, then there will be no cut-off, and the relationship between the two will be clear. A design according to the landing page. Illustrative and relating images to enhance the display of the reader.

It must be easy to navigate with short paragraphs, bullets and blanks. Content should provide value oriented properly to the purpose for which it is submitted and be fully relevant for the Subscriber, catch the reader and wrap it. It must promote two-way communication and build community with things such as surveys, consultations, links to discussion forums and ways of providing answers/communication with the editor. There must be a balance between the promotional and content in text (this also includes images), the rule is 60-40%. The bulletin must have an appropriate length to be read online, usually 2 or 3 pages. Include tools to capture readers, such as surveys, links to discussion forums and ways to provide answers or communication with editors. Be of manageable length to read online, between 2 and 3 printed sheets. If your newsletter is not captivating, people will hardly be motivated to read it. The sole purpose of a newsletter should be generating a conversation with the reader. An email is not made to sell, but to generate action that is to go to the landing page and then generate sales.

In Brazil

Currently, the program Society of the Information is being co-ordinated for the Ministry of Science and Tecnologia (MCT) responsible agency for the implementation of on activities to the development of the Telecommunications, the Internet and the politics of automation in the country. The objective of the Program Society of the Information is to integrate, to co-ordinate and to foment action for the use of information technologies and communication, of form to contribute for the social inclusion of all the Brazilians in the new society and, at the same time, to contribute so that the economy of the Country has conditions to compete in the global market. (TAKAHASHI, 2000, p.10) Currently, we pass for some alfabetizaes. We must lead in account that the educational formation does not limit to the domain of the reading and writing; the same one involves a diversity of cultural codes of the society and the economic and productive relations.

For Castells (2000), the ability or inability of the societies to dominate the technology is capable to trace its destination, in this direction, the alfabetizao is constituted of the qualification of the individual in dealing with the different situations faced in daily involving the old ones and new technologies. Amongst the current challenges for the Technology of the Information in the national scene, it is important to detach the necessity of if to review the dimensions, politics, cultural, economic and social and the occured transformations in Brazil and the world from the decade of 1990, as well as, the current convergence for an inclusive society historical, in this panorama, we do not have to ignore the necessity of adaptation and development of technologies and methods that allow to the accessibility to the people with specific necessities and the relevance of the factor regionalism, this vision is shared by Marteleto (2002, p.102), for the writer, the information is not a process, substance or entity that must be analyzed separate of practical and the representations of citizens living and interacting in the society, inserted in determined cultural spaces and contexts, the activities of information as well as the adopted technologies, need adaptation to the necessities of the users, being that, still thus, incompatible information and technologies with the basic characteristics of determined social groups exist.

Leonardo Gallego

210 per hectare for the protection of the poppy fields, 2. 631 dollars each one for the safety of the runways, $10.50 per kilo to protect shipments of cocaine, 20 per cent of the value of the shipment for river transport of chemical precursors, 5. 263 dollars each for the protection of the flights of the international drug control, and $2. 631 each for the protection of national drug flights. Increasingly, without However, it receives payment of the FARC in cocaine. According to Nyholm, the tendency of the FARC to receive payment for cocaine has deepened the Organization’s participation in the drug business.

The huge revenues from the drug trade have enabled the Colombian guerrillas and paramilitary forces to be one of the best funds in the world. In the second half of the 1990s, members of the FARC and the ELN reportedly tripled as a result of income by drugs. Considering that the average income per capita in Colombia in 1995 was 1. $800, the average annual salary was the guerrillas, according to a news bulletin British, $65. 000. Although it seems unlikely that the average annual wage is the guerrillas near $65. 000 anywhere, there is no doubt that the Colombian guerrillas, at least, win double the pay of soldiers. According to Leonardo Gallego, Chief of the anti-drug police in Colombia, the guerrillas can his troops pay the equivalent of $300 to $400 per month, while professional soldiers in the army Colombian making a little more than $200 a month. Drug trafficking and the protection of the guerrillas have become primary source of financial support. The services carried out by the FARC for traffickers, Van de Velde says, include protection, smuggling and violence against Government pay, to earn money to continue its operations.Further explains: the FARC with drug trafficking operations are often coordinated to prevent the application of the local law and international interdiction.


In the level technician, the software engineering starts with a series of modeling tasks that take to the complete specification of the requirements and to the including representation of the project it software to be constructed. (PRESSMAN, 2006, p.4). The same author still affirms that software exceeded the hardware with the key for the success of many systems based on computer. Either the used computer to direct businesses, to control a product or to enable a system, software is a factor that it differentiates. Software can assume the following form: ‘ ‘ Software is: instructions (computer programs) ‘ ‘. In many of the times software is that it makes the difference in the competition of the existing companies in Brazil.

The use of computational resources comes throughout the years developing processes of education and learning, however Software can be applied to any situation where a set previously specified of procedural steps (that is, an algorithm will have been defined) notables exceptions to this rule they are the software of system specialist and normal software. (PRESSMAN 1995, p.22). In summary, the adoption of the techniques of Engineering of software was of basic importance for the development of the research, in view of that, the Analysis of requirements, the Structuralized Analysis and the Dictionary of Data assist the development of softwares. Analysis of Systems the analysis of systems is a process that it aims at to the communication enters the analysts of systems, with the purpose at great length to define the intention and the requirements of a software (tool or archetype). The requirements of a system aim at to get a set of characteristics that the system must possess to reach its final objective in the development of Software. FALBO (2002) alleges that, the analysis of systems is a process of knowledge transmission and, thus being, it involves three stages: Learning: to learn on the domain of the problem where the system will be inserted; Estruturao and representation of the requirements of the system: it consists of the modeling of system properly said; Validation of the requirements with the user.

Management Processes

Management process today is complicated by the fact that the external situation is not stable. Therefore, in the first place there is the need to maintain awareness of how employees – about the state of affairs of the company, and business leaders – about changes in work, including contractors. According to Natalia , designer of the company J-style (Organization of office space), currently the company did with the accents. Convenience and comfort prefer office efficiency in work. “Today many people are changing the existing system and are seated employees in open space, assuming that the total space of a beneficial effect on communication in the team, the staff always open to debate – she explains. – Earlier on any issue had to call or go to another room, Now, simply turn on the chair.

” Thus, in addition to facilitating the flow of information in open space reduces the time to perform certain operations. “In this technique a lot of planning advantages, especially in terms of leaders – adds architect Olga Anufrieva. – Lack of boundaries allows the mobile office environment and change the layout of seats, depending on need. ” But in fairness, it should be noted that this method is widely used in foreign offices, are still heavily take root in Russian companies. Even when the staff offered to move from an old and close premises spacious bright office, many remain dissatisfied. “Of course, any change in humans cause fear and anxiety – continues Olga Anufrieva. – Probably, but this Russian man hard to get used to the constant Control “.