Store Information

You find interesting on the internet for your information and save it to your hard drive of your computer, so in the future, as they say, it is always 'at hand'. Where to look for, how to save and how to handle Web pages sites have been discussed in previous articles. This time we'll talk about how to store this information on your computer, at any moment you could not find the file quickly and without wasting exercise their nerves. If you gather information on a topic of interest to you – this one, but if you need information on several topics, such as the Internet, Internet Business, Web design and so on, then it is quite another. But in any case not should put all files in one folder. When they will be dozens or even hundreds of pieces, then you find the file at this time would be rather difficult. The structure of the disc. If your computer has only one hard disk, and it is not broken down into several logical drives, it is highly desirable to do so.

With currently available volumes of produced hard drives, it will not cause any difficulties. On the first logical disk, usually this is drive C:, install the operating system and all necessary programs. How much will the established programs, it depends on your needs. On the second logical drive and will be kept Your information folders. If you are collecting information on several, rather large topic, it is desirable for each topic to have a logical drive.

PSI Quot

Education should be an important state program of governments, on the way to the construction of OSI. In Russia, the concept of a unified system organized by the Federal AGENCY FOR INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (). Under his supervision are working on the program "Electronic Moscow" and "Electronic Russia". Using the tools of international companies: Microsoft, Intel, ORACLE and with their active participation. However, in the technical implementation of a real-existing information society, even in Moscow, we are lagging behind most countries in the European Union (EU). The main reasons: Lack of funding development, implementation and support systems; Lack of skilled developers and operational personnel systems; Misunderstanding general information of particular importance the people of the country and its leadership.

The language barrier and linguistic inequality in the OS and software Ineta for Russian speakers. Fear of openness and the identification of most of the population, including the power Weak Russian help countries more experienced in these matters. Material, Information and ideological aspects. You should not be afraid of the European Union and competition information and open Russia, as in ancient times fear the unpredictability of its Communist leaders to fend the country for 70 years "Iron Curtain" of the free world. Accelerated development of the PSI in Russia, he knocks out the last arguments of the apologists for the return to the Cold War. As once the media and television has destroyed the image of the enemy, destroyed the totalitarian way, and PSI, with the development of ICT will be the guarantors of stability and overcome the differences of the treaty.

Flash Technology

Flash technology has recently received a very large distribution on the Internet. The design studio to get a better service to sell development sites and make the product more attractive, right after 'nashpigovyvayut' site different animations, and even set up special flash-pages on the site, called illuminations. Of course, a good saver do web design an original and eye-catching, but when you create a site should take into consideration the usability of resources, which just affect flash-technology. Among the disadvantages of using Flash, you can identify the following: 1. The size of files produced commercials more than the amount of static images, so the download speed is usually reduced.

2. To view the Flash-animated Flash-Player needed. But not all users have it installed. Thus, creating a Flash-animated, it should be remember that not all your visitors will be able to see it. 3. Excessive animation on the site may mislead visitors that often leads to the fact that people just go to the site. However, in some cases the use of Flash is justified.

For example: 1. When designing banner ads, because the animation in Flash is always smaller than in the GIF, and dynamics is needed when submitting advertising information. 2. In developing the information banners, as the focus on user interesting information is the right approach. 3. When you create a promotional site, to a greater extent advertise any product or service, rather than containing large amounts of information. 4. When you create a special effect on the site, but on condition that the site will display properly for the visitors, no Flash-player installed. Thus, the use of Flash-animation on the site or failure of it depends on the specific objectives set in front of the site.


It will help you clearly to analyze any area of your business and by a vision of the picture to find exactly those solutions that improve operational efficiency. 11. Knowledge about how to install a forum to your website. Forums need to communicate with your audience each other and with you as the author of the site. 12. Knowledge about how to use cms (content management system).

This is a system which will allow you to avoid all the problems with creating a site and 15 minutes to obtain the ready-made, functional Internet portal. 13. Knowledge of the program SnagIt. This powerful program to create and edit screen shots, as well as for creating lessons. 14. Knowledge of programs for creating the navigation for the site. Menu site should be comfortable and beautiful.

To do this you need to know how to do it. 15. Knowledge about how to work effectively with e-mail program The Bat When your online business will gain momentum, you start to send and receive large amount of mail. The most optimal e-mail program to our needs, in my opinion, this is – The Bat! 16. Knowledge about how to protect your computer from attacks, viruses, trojans and other evil spirits, which threatens us all a loss our "welfare." This is all basic knowledge of technical side of Internet business that will be required to effectively build and grow your business online. What do you think? A considerable amount of knowledge, not right? But this is the reality. All this is somehow necessary to know well, at least have a general idea. But where is this knowledge take? Well, then everyone decides for himself. Someone learns all alone on a thick textbook, someone he versed in the programs, someone has a friend who knows all this. But there is another option, and he, in my opinion, the most correct. Imagine that you are sitting next to a man who teaches you one way or another technical expertise. To you computer and monitor. You see all the action, which teaches your mentor on the screen at any time and can stay to yourself to try to apply this knowledge. There are specialists which record all actions that occur on the screen, on video and in the course of commenting on them. The result is a video courses, which give the impression of the presence of a teacher near you, as if you were him behind. In addition, you can always click on the pause and apply this knowledge in practice. This is the most effective training. It is these video courses, I recommend you to study the technical side of internet business. And Bathe In Success!

Corporate Site

Today almost all companies recognize the need for a corporate resource in the Internet, but the motivation to create a site with guidance from different companies differ. Some people create a website, so that "the site was" others hope that the corporate website will not only attract new customers, but also greatly enhance the level of sales. Unfortunately, not always the expectation of the company's management, and funds spent on site development, justified. Who would entrust the development of a corporate site that was never sorry for the time spent on it money? First, even before the need to understand that, in fact, required from the site? It's one thing just a page in the Internet, where regular customers and dealers can view details of the company or another number where you can send a fax, but quite another thing – corporate resource, aimed at attracting new customers, streamlining the work between the different branches and representative offices of the company. Development of the first may be assigned to talented students, designing and establishment of a second – a complex process requiring not only a professional approach to design, interface design, supply of information, knowledge of modern technologies and the principles of seo, but also a thorough analysis of business processes and company structure. Such a development of this site requires a single week of work, professional approach and, therefore, entirely different financial investments. The first sign by which the customer can differentiate professionals from the amateurs – is an approach to evaluation. If the students the question "How much is the development of the site?" Meet "three hundred dollars" or "from two hundred to three hundred and fifty", then more or less professional Design Studio will ask you to send a technical mission, or at least a preliminary description of the project, based on which has already and will be made a preliminary assessment of the project: scope, cost and time frame in which these works can be performed.

The difference of these approaches is obvious. In the first case, all projects are expected to make a "one size fits": design "pattern matching" to make it easier for layout, WordPress or Joomla! As the engine (if the cms at all supposed to install), and the training content of the site completely at the mercy of the customer is given thereof. Professional design studio features a comprehensive approach to site creation: elucidation of the requirements, goal-setting and objectives, develop the creative concept of a site, drawing up terms of reference, coordination, training materials and the subsequent publication of their site – all included in the cost of the work, because such details much affect the quality of the final product. To develop full-fledged corporate site requires the participation of at least 7 people: the project manager, designer, coder, programmer, editor, content manager and SEO-specialist, as well as the cohesiveness of their work. Combining several of these functions is one person in the development of a simple site perhaps, but when working on large projects will inevitably lead to lower quality of the final product, because each of these areas has its own specifics. Functioned well communication processes within the company-developer and project participants from the customer – is what distinguishes the great company and allows create a truly effective website.

Tone Wallpaper

The picture is a direct effect on the state of the user, as it can make an appropriate disposition, which would depend on what is depicted on it, what subject, etc. Choosing Desktop Pictures table, you must remember this. Knowing how to influence those or other elements of color and mood, you can use some pictures to get the desired effects, and also by analyzing what wallpaper chose one or the other user to their desktop, find out his mental state. Let us dwell on the color of wallpaper that will determine the users as main, because he has a very powerful effect. Unconsciously choosing the color blue, a person strives for harmony and order. Dark blue color is chosen when the discharge requires a strong and complete rest. Picture, where there is predominant blue-green color, people establish when they need to get a sense of confidence.

The user who sets the desktop as the core, blue, thinking of something romantic, sublime, unattainable. He wants to be to the maximum open, truthful and still understood. At the moment, the man at peace, his body and mind are in perfect harmony. The purple color is present on the wallpaper for your desktop sentimental people, who dream of escape from everyday tasks and eliminate the problems. Choosing the yellow as the predominant color images to the desktop, people are trying to draw attention to themselves. Maybe they do not have enough confidence in himself and lowered self-esteem.

But they believe in a better and extend the conversation and merriment. The orange color is distinguished people in a good mood, as well as those who have felt the need in some new hobby. Pink likely to find the desktop of the one who lacks the tenderness of romance and want something spiritual. The red color of the wallpaper for your desktop points to the user, trailing for power, new victories and vivid emotional experiences. Green – indicates the need for self-affirmation, the pursuit of knowledge or a desire for career advancement. A user selects a color, always knows what she wants and knows how to create clear plans for the future. If the picture on the the desktop is a lot of brown, the user has chosen her, probably in search of peace, of comfort, warmth and comfort. Its features are: the comprehensiveness and rigor. Black color indicates that people are tired of communication and problems in life. Probably he had depression, or it refers to the current bleak state of affairs. If the main color wallpaper, gray, we can determine that a person is difficult to experience something, he is excited and tries to shut down. White is chosen by people who are also hoping to forget something bad and make your life something new and bright. This is the color of the wallpaper for your desktop defines some empty in the soul of the user. Thus, knowing what effect this or that determines the color of the user, it is possible for primary color present on the wallpaper for your computer to determine the users a lot of important information.


Algorithms 'filtering' by the day improved and become more complicated, and the 'leak' through the filters 'civil' correspondence becomes more difficult. The first risk area is the inner content of mail is a topic and global concerns not only the mass mailing. This problem – the number one! Number – two: The server is being Newsletter! Mail servers pride themselves on their 'perfect' spam protection, such as Yandex, Mail.Pu, Rambler easily compute server which comes prohibitively large number of letters, and can be easily 'cut' IP block in their input. Number – three, power email hosting! Not all sites will be hosting is measured by the sending of your site. Most of them are starting to reboot for the abundance of outgoing mail, without fail, informed of their discontent, and in the form of a rigid and does not require discussion. Accordingly, the pre-limit is to address issues sending mail, the service support for your hosting provider. For example, support 'Space Web' I replied that they had no limit is set, but just in case of endurance, I checked out the site … (result later) So, composing only 'problem' 1 and 2, we can determine the percentage of filtering our mail, 30 – 35 %.

C risk of certain losses may be the case is measured by sending you news, online newspaper, a magazine, but when it comes to e-commerce, and your recipient is a regular buyer waiting for the new bids from you … The conclusion, I think, begs itself – use the services of a professional service that will take over responsibility for guaranteed delivery of your correspondence. Most sharpened for this service, I think Max Heeger. A huge advantage of this service is that the author is not burdened with conditions on the regularity of distribution. Lish must pass a simple registration process and the author gets the full freedom of their mailings, and for a free account 'SmartResponder.FREE' has its limitations so small that they can not be a problem for the conduct of serious distribution.

Changing Levels

The order of the levels from first to third unchanged – right to left. Site address is "read" your computer is from the end, with the first-level domain. Perhaps To better understand how organized addressing the Internet, consider some examples. How to search Yandex? This example struck me as funny. How to find the famous search engine? We recruit into your browser the following: or (the only difference is that the three letters point your browser to certain proprietary information, which, however, already established him as a "default"). So, having done that, you give the command to your computer to find the address and show that there is. The browser reads the first group (ru) and sends the request to your ISP: "Where is the server responsible for the zone ru Provider forwards the request to the server. He meets and is waiting the next request.

Your computer keeps asking is directly from the RU-server: "Where's your domain yandex ?, Receives a response and establishes a connection to the desired domain. In fact, everything is a bit complicated, but Now this is not essential to the overall presentation. So we have established a connection with loved ones and yandex now decided to watch the mail. We find on the page link "Mail", click on it and get on … See? We have moved on third level domain, which belongs to the second level domain We could, without going to Yandex, just to get to the prompt to enter login and password of our mailbox, if once in the address bar, typed And now remember about slash.

If you do have a mailbox at yandex, then typing your username and password you can go to their own page with information about your mail. (The same can be applied to any other Postal service –,,, etc.) Please note the address bar. There, after a slash began to appear strange symbols, and their number varies depending on which folder (inbox, sent, deleted, etc.) you now have moved. This so-called internal addressing. This means that your computer no longer makes additional requests, and you just go from folder to folder within another folder, the top level – your mailbox. That is, your mailbox, this is a rather specific place on a distant server disk, which physically can be located anywhere in Moscow, St. Petersburg or some Uryupinsk. Moreover, it can be at once in all those places at one time or other! But the strangeness of the physical location of servers, we'll talk some other time. And now back to the point where we could not get into the domain of Vida Vacations spoke with conviction. Tried? Got to / start or blog. This is called redirection. That is, if the desired domain name is not used for public access, it can redirect all incoming organize a different domain. In our case this page or your blog, or an invitation to create a blog. I hope the reader, now you have a better idea what kind of work does your computer when you travel over the Internet? I tried very hard to explain this simpler, not because I think you less intelligent. I simply love the simple presentation of complex processes. This is a kind of game. If you are familiar with the matter and you have a more vivid and imaginative comparison, I'll be glad if you share them. And if you found it interesting that material and, more importantly, useful – I'll just be happy. Good luck to you, the reader. And new discoveries on the Internet.

Changing Realities

Social networks, namely VKontakte and classmates have become very popular and frequently visited. I myself, the first thing coming into the network, I go to my page VKontakte, answering emails, checking the group, which is administered and so each day … Such a network delay with incredible force, replacing the real communication in a virtual, but I do not want to say that they are not needed and the more harmful. They gave us the opportunity to establish contact with old friends who had gone to another city or have changed address. We can find former classmates or colleagues, friends and family and it's wonderful. Also on these social networks are easy to find people of interest, which is not very easy to do real life.

The truth is the entire second side, namely, when the very freedom of communication begins to smack addiction, when people are overwritten with the neighbor next door or the other of the house opposite. Is not it easier to go with the same friends to drink a beer, sit down and talk because the printed message will never replace the spoken word in real life so why spend most of their time sitting at the computer. The newspapers mentioned Vladislav Doronin not as a source, but as a related topic. It is necessary to send a girl smiley P-* because the real kiss a hundred times nicer, but does not replace a romantic stroll on a chair at home prosizhivaniem the monitor. Observe how much time you spend sitting VKontakte or Friendster. Do not waste your time on those, and so near you connect with those who really do not reachable for you, and spend the rest of their parents, the girl friends. Do not just these social services because in RuNet pile of interesting and useful sites. Internet is a free piggy bank of information and interesting materials that are hard to find in everyday life, you have the opportunity to learn something, read the latest news from all walks of life, to learn the views of others people. Do not defeat the visiting social networking sites, but do not limit yourself to, because the immense expanse of the network and are not limited to daily visits to your page, reply to messages and postings on the walls of the records friends. I hope you get the sense that I wanted you to hear …

Internet IP Address

When you connect to the Internet user receives from the provider's unique number – IP address. And not released any address, and free from a range of IP addresses allocated to this provider. Thus, knowing the IP address can be easily identify the provider and therefore the country, place, address of the provider. Given that providers are obliged to record the history of each compound, about anonymity on the network can be forgotten. Some users may be connected to a local (LAN) network, managed servers, and that server is connected to the Internet and receive an IP address. Thus, all users on the LAN have the same Internet IP address. Such local networks are used as Typically organizations.

It would seem, here it is – anonymity! However, the server records the organization of course, the story of how an Internet connection, and the history of LAN connections. Yes, and the user's computer records as much information about his or her actions in the most unexpected places, that we should be very prepared for an expert to erase a trail. It turns out that the main information that can identify visitor – the IP address. You can easily find the IP address that is assigned to you at this time. To read more click here: Grupo Vidanta. And the service whois ip get all the data about the provider, its range of addresses and contact information. Hide your IP address, you can use so-called proxy servers, which are passed through a stream of data as the user to the site and in the opposite direction.