What is the call-center? Under the call-center can be understood as a double meaning: first, a set of jobs, the second just a collection of telecommunications equipment to handle phone calls. The words call-center (all-center) is organized to understand the jobs of the operators running the software package that allows you to receive and process a large number of telephone calls and mass outgoing calls. Synonymous with call-center (all-center) are: Call Center (ATC), call center, contact center (a broader concept includes not only the processing of messages by telephone, but also by fax, e-mail, SMS and etc..) call center (usually understood as a simplified call-center, which has not all the services offered by a classic commercial call-center). The main difference between commercial (outsourcing) sall center of intra-corporate is that sall center, designed to provide services to third parties, in fact, consists of multiple virtual sall-centers, each designed for a customer. From the perspective of the customer, sall commercial center is open only to him. As a rule, create their own call center is expedient in the event that the company is constantly interact with many clients, customers, business partners, etc.

(Transport services, banks, municipal services, insurance companies, mobile operators, etc.). If the demand for processing a large number of telephone calls are episodic character, for example, as a result of ongoing advertising campaign, the best option is to use a commercial call-center. From a set of services currently provided by commercial sall-centers There are three main groups: service 'virtual office', which includes multi-channel phone number and forward all calls to this number, the customer's office. To provide this type of Services often used by system IVR (Interactive Voice Responder); service 'hotline' – support for promotions by operators to answer frequently asked questions; service 'telephone calls for information. " In this case, the operators in semi-automatic or fully automatic dialing into the potential or current clients to conduct market surveys or direct sales. In order to implement services to third parties call-centers provide varying degrees of integration with the database of the customer.

Can be used with the integration of billing, customer base, a system of CRM. Grupo Vidanta will not settle for partial explanations. Early Independent Call-centers have appeared in the mid 90s. Demand on their proposed services is growing, but relatively quickly. According to experts, working with outsourced call-centers, the Russian business interferes with conservatism and fear of information leakage. Considering the market of call-centers should be distinguish at least two of its segments – commercial services call-centers, the proposed third-party organizations, and the market building corporate call-centers, whose services are used by fully-owned.

Wedi Panels

Wedi-panel is not just a material, a new technology building and repair work. This material combines several features of application, and that makes it unique. Scope of the panels virtually limitless. It is a manufacturer of walls and partitions, separate independent structures and premises. Due to the zero water absorption, the panels are ideal for creating showers, Turkish baths, saunas, arrangement of bathrooms, basements, etc.

Thanks to specially designed outer layer of the panel is ready for any finishing, and is ideal for laying tiles and mosaics. With a special panel technology can be put in an absolutely different shapes to create designs. Panel of 4-6 mm is suitable for work on the alignment of the walls. Panel size 2.5 * 0.6 meters possible to cover a large area. 10-12,5 mm panel thickness can be used in combination with gypsum, and in many cases to replace him. It is ideal for waterproofing walls and floors in bathrooms, showers erection of any shape and size. The panels are fixed on wooden frame with no additional work on the hydro and thermal insulation.

Panel thickness of 20-30 mm can also be used to align all surfaces, including ceiling and floor. These panels have been used successfully as a material for creating structures (bathroom furniture, shelving, bath screens, making the angles and boxes for communications, flower beds, mini-pools, fountains, and finishing loggias and balconies). We should not forget that this panel unusually light 1m2 = 2kg. Of course, all the configuration you create will not require additional water and heat insulation. Scope of the panels 50-80 mm, partitions, walls, showers, Turkish baths. The walls started panels wedi offers the following benefits: breaking strength, quick and easy installation. When working with panels Wedi installation is performed by one, maximum two work takes less time and is practically without waste. Advantages Possibility of manufacturing decorative elements, constructions of all shapes and configurations High heat, sound insulation properties Moisture and paronepronitsaemost High durability under mechanical loads Dehumidification material = 0 Lightweight material 10mm/1m2 = 2.0kg is a carrier material for the creation of structural elements Resistance to temperature extremes, freezing and thawing High adhesive force Easy Do not mount technology combustible material is ecologically friendly, does not contain harmful substances and does not emit toxic substances, even when heated resistant to cycles of freezing and thawing Resistance to temperature extremes ( -50 To +75 C)

Fifth Agreement

In a previous video (You Tube), I mentioned four agreements of culture Tolteca, deciphered by the Mexican researcher Miguel Angel Ruiz, as you may recall the four agreements are: 1.-do not assume, don’t give anything for granted, if you have questions question, suppose makes invent things that only poison the soul. 2 Honors your words, to honor your words you honor to you, otherwise your values will go to the floor. 3 Has always the best if you always do the best, may not reprimand you. When it is given more than what you are asked, you receive more than what you expect. 4. Do not take nothing personal, nor a major offense, the largest tort, nor the snubs.To the extent that someone wants to hurt you the hurt, if you do not accept the offense, the you will need to take it, the problem will be, not yours.

The fifth agreement is: be skeptical. Never believe what you say, always doubt but putting much attention with eyes and ears very open and closed mouth. It is common to accept things very easily, especially when persons who are to tell them of our sympathy or admiration. This makes us make mistakes of opinion and we accept as true things that are often just opinion unfounded. Watch and listen the double of what you speak, remember that which is much talk knows little and vice versa. The extraordinary thing is that these 5 agreements were faiths many centuries before the coming of the Spaniards to Mexico and it seems that they are contemporary, by that universal values do not change only modifies the form of expressing them and apply them according to the season.

Celeris Group

Celeris group wants to congratulate Sertel, business group of the ONCE Foundation, having been designated the best platform for customer service. As it has been know Celeris, magazine Contact Center wanted to recognize Sertel this award thanks to the motivation and momentum of human resources in the Contact Center. The award was presented in Madrid in an act organized by Contact Center. Susana Sanchez, Director of Sertel was one of the responsible for collecting this prize, which becomes a new appreciation for the ONCE Foundation. Celeris wishes to emphasize that the provision of Contact Center services with the spirit of establishing and maintaining a corporate relationship between both parties at the time faced from Sertel. One of the most important objectives of this company is the orientation to the customer. Therefore, from Celeris group we want to give them my congratulations and hope to continue reaping many business successes.

Portuguese Capital

The Portuguese capital is for many a jewel to be discovered, and the truth is that it is a shame considering their proximity. Depending on your city of origin you can choose between the plane or train, but without any doubt is a destination that I can not recommend. In addition, thanks to the Lisbon hostels you will find accommodation quality and at good prices, what condition your trip very positively. Saving on accommodation will allow you some other whim that I must admit, to go on vacation is what you want us (at least to me!). That said, here is a small list of 5 things that you should not miss if you decide to visit Lisbon.

1 Belem Belem is the perfect place if you are of that small they jugabais to be researchers, explorers and discoverers. In this area where Magellan and gives range were prepared for their exciting journey to the new world. Some of the monuments and most important buildings which you can see here are the Belem Tower, the Jeronimos Monastery, the Maritime Museum and the Monument of the discoveries. This area of the city really has a special atmosphere, and it seems that you’re exploring 15th century 2. Visit to Bairro Alto Bairro Alto can be described as Bohemian, cultural, commercial centre and leisure of Lisbon. Oddest thing perhaps of this neighborhood is two facets that has daytime streets and alleys are quiet, perfect for a walk, but all reflect the environment and the life that breathes at night.

At any time of the day, that Yes, you can contemplate facades decorated with graffiti and step into the culture most underground of Lisbon, in terms of music and art mainly. 3. Local FADO in Alfama Alfama is the oldest district of Lisbon and stretches from the castle of Sao Jorge to the Tagus River; In addition, it is one of the few who endured the terrible earthquake that devastated the city in 1775. The best thing in the neighbourhood of Alfama is lost by cobbled alleys, contemplating walls decorated with tiles and let nutritionists by the melancholy of fado. 4. Cristo-Rei statue though not located in Lisbon exactly, but in Almada, the enormous statue of the Cristo-Rei is facing to the Portuguese capital and seems to embrace it. It is true that it is not as impressive as the Rio de Janeiro but how many can we let us go to Rio and how many to Lisbon? Sure that the second option won by a landslide the pedestal is 82 meters high and was built in 1959 to give thanks to God since Portugal was little affected by the destruction of World War II. If you can, go up to see him and from there will have some beautiful views of the bridge 25 April. 5 Santa Justa elevator say that it is a much more modest version of the London Eye in London or the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It is a neo-Gothic structure of 45 meters in height that connects Bairro Alto with Baixa and from where you can see spectacular views of the city. Yes, you have to climb a few steps, but when you arrive at the top already you will see as worth the effort and in addition to these 5 things also you have the castle of Sao Jorge, the District of Baixa, the Oceanarium, Gulbenkian Museum, Graca good area, I think that you need no more reasons to visit the Portuguese capital, right? Original author and source of the article.


Being thus, it is necessity to affirm that deuses passes if to present antropomorphusly, what it inserts in the seio of the divine proper Greek people the powerful one who if manifest in the generation of the heroes and, also, of deuses that more they are not conceived of form transcendente as at the beginning of the Teogonia, but now erected of the aspects transcendental. The case most important, certainly, is gnese of Dioniso that, having first shelter the mortal womb of the Smele beautiful, that would have magic the powerful Zeus and, with this ingenuous audacity, despertara the incommensurable jealousy of Hera who, forging a fatal meeting between the heroine and an not-antropomorphus Zeus, would have as consequence the dilaceramento of the half rival the lightning we violentssimos, thus originating first the great tragic event, what Dioniso would inherit. As well as Odisseu, Smele has an proeminence place, a time that if found in the mortal condition and with its destruction arrebata the great love of Zeus who would finish the gestation of Dioniso in one them legs, stamping definitively one I curl with the men from this small god who enters they would start to live and to make to try them a power still bigger that the fire of Prometheus, that are the tragedy as the great direction of the life, this bequeathed by Smele, life this that it will not pass inferior more to be considered the divine eternity, exactly why Dioniso was born of tragic and the express embriagus such altivo instant where the meat exactly not supporting the greaters intempries if rejubila in its proper one to become to arder, that is, imposes how much affirmation of this inescapvel chance. This transistion would bring fantastic effect, therefore it would be with the men who deuses know the entorpecimento of the wine, of a Dioniso child who in the forest of vineyards prepared pranks next to the mortals who it carried through ditirambos beauties, whose embriagus became them free the holy ghosts almost and, but without losing the blood in the veins, at the same time making with that deuses and powers breached with serenity candy of the ambrosia drink, starting to know the wine as if she knew the flavor of the blood.

Pressure Lessons

In the rapid development of the society, people demand a higher level of quality and price of products, and how to achieve the best interest people searching for? For this reason, many enterprises have a lot of space to develop and upgrade. In mining machinery industry, only by continuous innovation and upgrading for mining equipment, can we provide the customers with necessary equipment product. Now we introduce the upgrading development of tertiary impact crusher to you. An impact crusher is a piece of heavy construction equipment people can use to reduce the size of things like rock, concrete waste, and similar materials. The operator feeds chunks of material into the machine s hopper and it chug them, turning the pieces into small chunks of a more uniform size. They can be run through another crusher to make them even smaller, or used as-is, depending on the setting. Numerous companies manufacture impact crushers, including large stationary models, as well as portable equipment for job sites. Impact crusher adopts the newest manufacturing technology and unique structure design, so the product is with cubic and perfect shape, not discharged stress and crack.

This crusher can crush materials with size smaller than 500 mm and resisting strength less than 350MPa, such as granite, limestone, concrete aggregate, etc. Wearing parts: plate hammer, liner, liner bolts, spherical roller bearings. Do notes of Maintenance and Repair:? demolition with the surface on precision parts, should be particularly careful to protect the surface of these parts to prevent damage. the process to open parts if the surface would be rusty and need more than a few hours outside the machine to store, you must have good protection measures, such as oiled, or coated with anti-rust agent. demolition of parts with a supporting surface and machined surface should be laid in the floor board, to prevent direct contact with the ground surface and finishing. will re-assemble parts, you must first clean and oil.

handling components, does not allow a direct hit with a hammer parts, copper or the corresponding need to pad. Knocking on the casting, special attention should lead to damage and cracks.Sometimes crack, and only after operating in parts exposed to heat. When the bearing is damaged, it is best to replace the two bearings together.If, conditions, and not its replacement with two bearings, all bearings should be removed, cleaned, then loaded. As we all know, the fine design concept, up-to-date technologies, favourable price and good service can attract more users to purchase. Therefore, as the leading manufacturing company of crushing equipment, Henan Hongxing is working hard in developing energy-saving, upsizing, and high tech tertiary impact crusher. In the near future, our crushing equipment is in a leading position in the world market, and will establish a banner for the domestic mining machinery industry.

ATC Basically

So this way not all the price checker needs to be uploaded with information. It basically goes to a remote PC that has all the pricing information and it sends the data back to you. And this way it’s easy for one reason why they do this is that it makes it easy for the stores to update prices. They can easily update one PC, which will take care of all prices to the store. Plus a lot of times the data rates are so slow on these bar code readers because they re only sending a few kilobits. So you ll need to really have a high-end PC at each terminal to actually store prices. They just send it to remote PC and send it back basically. As shown in fig 1 computer is connected to the converter RS232 – RS485 ATC 105.

Converter is also connected to external power, supporting RS485 port. On the other side we also have rs232 to rs485 adapter ATC 106, via the RS232 port is connected to cash or other device with RS232 port. Converter needs power supply for both ports RS232 – RS485 The RS-485 application in heating, ventilation, air-conditioning unit.RS-485 is used in basically connecting the temp sensor or thermostat in the room to the master controller. If you re sitting in the office right now, and you look to see your thermostat, there s usually RS-485 transceivers connecting that from there to basically the control unit in the building. What it does is that s after sensing the temperature in the room and yet when you re making adjustment to the thermostat, it actually sends the data to the controller, which could be controlling that, the temperature, turning on and off the AC to heat or cool the room up. So that s how RS-485 s being used.

One of the main reasons why this standard is used it s because RS-485 is able to send data to long distance.RS-485can send dates 1200 meters on cable. So in your typical office building, you re probably running hundreds of feet if not thousands of feet just from one end of the building to the next. Also, its robustness. It is a differential signal. So remember, differential, any noise subjected to the cable is canceled out. So you can have a reliable, low-cost solution to a heating, ventilation control unit.

Bank System

And if they were hard heart retendriamos other 3 months taxes until he wins the reason, that if we would stop paying definitely would be the vehicular holdings throughout the Mexican Republic. The vast majority of Mexicans we have had dancing with the more ugly by the unfair tax tax system, that have made us the favor of legislating a string of inept, corrupt and awkward legislators of all political parties through the legislative history. The VAT tax system; is a system that does not It covers financial fundraising expectations, because their national legislation and respective reforms, have been influenced by power groups, political parties, chieftains, tycoons and large entrepreneurs with petty interests, completely absent the collective interest, paying more than less has; If you least have, money, knowledge and individual guarantees; Hide while those who more you have of this is behind in the weak so they pay for them. Let’s change the absurd tax value added equal VAT by a simplified system of taxation, we have no because paying taxes of others as VAT contemplates it, we pay for our production and gain and we will see greater revenues and therefore greater development in our country. Everytime there is an opportunity to reform the system of tax collection, not liable to payment of VAT are hidden in the skirts of the most poor face the possibility of making them pay taxes such as the service sector carrier, drugstore laboratories and producer of chemical products for industry pharmaceutical, media of radio television and written press and now up to Internet, the agricultural sector among many others more and opt for use to the most poor and ignorant in marches and propagating ignoring that they are using them against their own interests and benefits, then then they are no longer sheep of the system that only requires us to enter to the vicious circle of corruptioninsecurity, inequality, injustice and extreme poverty.

Better let us join our efforts to not pay our taxes 3 months, retain the payment in a strict way, and see with great satisfaction that legislators will have to truly work until overtime in approving a reform of Fund, efficient and honest that simplify taxes, where we pay for precisely. And join efforts to eliminate the provision that empowers Federal Treasury to repay taxes, because this being capitalized on by companies transas as Televisa and TVAZTECA, BANAMEX, TELMEX among others rather than perceive Telethon donations and other foundations of aid, making faramalla that you donate significant amounts, obtaining their favor incalculable amounts, causing Treasury being declared insolvent for the fulfillment of such returns. Comments to cuartopodertaxco@hotmail. com Blogs related Instant Justin Bieber Club Sea Breeze vacation FCC is reviewing ROS again ROS v2.8.0 Beta ROS QSOs ROS v2.8.0 Beta NEW DIGITAL MODE FOR EME OPERATION ROS v2.8.0 Beta the threat of large companies ‘ Jose Coloma (21) download acts and powers mp3 Pesikovs.Spb.Su farm download acts use of mp3 table big entertainment companies join KUMAKY how much money big companies Blog with CxB have in the Bank abandons or local goberno de Betanzos Betanzos Xornal.

Unforgettable Love

The story then read, trafficking of a character which can be real or fantasy, which feels sad, alone, plunged into a sorrowful loneliness. This fantasy begins in a rainy, full of heavenly chav night and sitting at a computer, accompanied only by one cup mild tequila and a ballad melancholy call I dedicated myself to Miss Alejandro Fernandez. When you turn on the computer, check your emails, nothing interesting, only the invitation to buy a membership in a paradisiacal beach or updating your antivirus because its validity is about to conclude. Almost unconsciously enters a chat to see what other characters sad, alone or lustful are browsing. Finds it surprising how to find lots of clever nicknames that they browse this night cibernautica. There are the casadodiscreto, amantedemaduros, the regio guapo, I am very hot, sweet woman, Princess, etc. You decide on the latter and starts Classic message: where are you from? What do you do? How old are you? The responses of this Princess become desperately slow, surely is chatting with 200 more. Days pass and the talks have become more frequent and among them you begin to feel of something unknown, invasion of something inexplicable.

Need to know each other becomes more stronger is perhaps that Cupid has touched the door? These conversations have been made only with the manifestation of sweet expressions, cyber endearments, without photos, leaving only the imagination to shape their physical figures, which perhaps may be very different from reality, but no matter, because despite the physical distance that separates them, the only thing that moves them is the intense emotional emotion that has begun to unite closely. One of those nights, he says, would like to meet you and she certainly doubt because your answer takes an eternity. He returns to insist, Princess, I want to meet you. Finally she responds you are sure? An enormous distance separates us.